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The Development of Personal Power of the Light Warrior

Personal power helps you activate the Light Warrior Armor.  Personal power is simply an attitude you develop.  You make a decision to have an attitude of weakness or strength. Your personal power gives you the focus and energy to use the armor to carry out your intentions. Your power programs your subconsciousness mind to accept the Armor as an extension of your physical body.

You know the Divine Spirt has power and the Divine Spirit is within you as your Christ self  so you have power to. If you don’t own your Divine power you are not going to be able to maintaining your Armor.  When you are sucked into the old thoughts and emotions you need to realize that your Christ Self has your power and this power can be tapped into. Your Christ Self 's power allows you to have self-discipline.  Owning your Christ Self's power is what lets the conscious mind program control the your subconsciousness so it doesn't't block your Armor with fear or doubt.   Edgar Cayce said” There is no force in the universe more powerful than your will or power.

How to claim your power

You claim your Divine  power by accepting it every morning. You have to decree you have it.  Edgar Cayce says it is important to develop positive anger that is not directed at other people or yourself but at the dark force that is trying to push you down. The idea is to channel this power constructively. As Jesus said “Satan get behind me". You need to have real emotion behind Divine power.

When you say decrees for your Power you must have real emotions behind them or they won’t work. As soon as you mean business the subconscious will become your servant. You have to make it serve you, not ask it to serve you. God is not going to control your subconscious totally. We will get help from the Christ, Archangel Michael, and the Blue Lightning Angels  every morning get up and claim your power and commit yourself to become the master of your life. You must realize the power that is available to you.


I decree I am a Light Warrior . I am 100% invulnerable to other people’s and astral beings negative energy. This negative energy slides off of me like water off a ducks back.


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