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House Clearing

Housing Clearing

Does Your Home or Business need a Spiritual Cleaning?
If your answer is "YES" to any of these questions your home or business may be in need of a cleansing

  1. Have you noticed any unusual smells such as flowers, sulfur, perfume, foul odors?
  2. Have you heard any unusual noises such as unaccounted for footsteps,knocks or banging?
  3. Have you heard any unaccounted for voices such as whispering, yelling, crying or speaking?
  4. Have objects moved on thief own?
  5. Have you experienced any uncommon cold or hot spots in any room in your house?
  6. Have your pets acted strangely as if they have seen a presence that was not there?
  7. Have you had uncommon problems with electrical sources such as flickering off and on of lights, doorbells or kitchen appliances?
  8. Has there been any uncommon and unexplained plumbing leaks?
  9. Have family members or guests had trouble sleeping, frequent nightmares or any unexplained physical attacks, which have left "marks" on their body?

Feeling depressed lately? Is there a consistent cycle of arguing in your home or work place? Is there an unseen tension in the air? Are you stuck in a rut? Are your children acting out? Do you feel unmotivated? Frustrated? Are you feeling haunted by old memories that just won't go away? Angry and just not sure what to do with it or why? If you said yes to any of these things, then it's time to Clean House!! 

 Things you can do before you contact us

Ok, this is not a lesson in home economics where I'm going to explain to you the usefulness and applications of window cleaner, furniture polish and a vacuum cleaner, However, the type of cleansing I am going to explain is just as important. There are many reasons to cleanse, clear and recharge the energy in your home just as there are just as many ways to do it. 

To begin with, the home or office has the ability to capture and hold low vibration and/or negative energy. Negative energy manifests through low vibration thoughts and ideas and is expressed mentally, physically or verbally. Anger, sadness, resentment, fights and arguments, bad thoughts or memories of events or people, hateful or harsh words spoken, etc in the home or office place can gather in the corner and collect dust, grow mold and become a biohazard. Ok, so maybe that explanation is a little over the edge, but this type of energy when trapped can cause discomfort, disharmony, arguments, illnesses, physical symptoms, mental symptoms, emotional symptoms, etc. Once this energy is trapped in this way, all which live or work within this space can be affected by it, creating an endless cycle that continually emits and regenerates this negative energy. 

Buying a new house? Moving into a new office space? Houses and buildings inherit energy from previous occupants so it's always a good idea to cleanse the home or building of unwanted energy before even moving the first piece of furniture in. 

So, how do we cleanse this energy? Our first goal is to get rid of the old, stale negative energy, clear it, kick it out the door and replace it with good, clean clear loving happy energy. You can do this yourself, which I'm going to fully explain here, or you can request it done by a professional. The technique I am going to describe here will sort out the atmosphere where bad things have happened or where people simply haven't cleared out their junk for a long time, you know, the ole packrat syndrome. It will work wonders in homes that have become cluttered, clogged up, tired, sad and where the people in them are bored, tired, angry, depressed, frustrated or simply just can't think straight. 

I offer a few techniques here for energy clearing only. This does not cover entity/ghost clearing as I feel this takes knowledge and experience and should be done by or with a professional. If you are having problems with an entity/ghost please seek professional help.

Basic Method for Space and Energy Clearing 

This is the simplest method of space and energy clearing. If this is a new house, begin by making sure that there are no items left behind by the previous owners that you do not wish to keep. If there are such items, move them out to the trash or dispose of them before beginning your clearing. 

If this is a house you have been living in for a while, begin by throwing away anything that is broken, damaged, that is not used, that you have uneasy feelings about, anything related to a sad or bad memory or has a negative feeling to it. If items are broken that you wish to hang on to then make the attempt to get them fixed.  

You'll then want to clean, dust, vacuum, sweep etc. the area to give it a nice clean feeling. After doing this, make a note of the number of rooms in the house, including the garage, the basement, each bathroom, laundry room, etc.  

You'll next want to decide if you want to cleanse each room with a candle, flowers or salt. Candles represent enlightenment and will clean out the atmosphere. Flowers represent new growth and will liven up the atmosphere. Salt will remove negativity and place your own imprint.  The salt can be placed in a bowl in the middle of the rooms or it can be placed around the perimeter of each room, which ever way feels best to you. You may feel one room needs one of these things, another room 2 of these things and another room 3 of these things. Go with your intuition on this and use as many items as you like.

As you move through each room, write down on a piece of paper the first impression you get for each room and what you feel it needs. Gather your supplies and place them in each room as feels appropriate to you. Determine a specified amount of time you are going to leave them there i.e. 30 minutes. Once that time is up, discard all items used for the clearing. Do not keep any of these items for future use. Throw the candles away, flush the salt or bury it outside, if you put it in the trash, be sure and move the trash out of the house and to the garbage area. 

Special note: You may opt to want to leave live flowers in a room. If you choose to do this, then do not use them to clear the energy, use the candles or salt and once the rooms are clear of negative energy, bring the flowers in to represent new growth and to keep the atmosphere clear.

Clearing Space Ritual  

This method takes a little more concentration, time and energy than the basic method. 

Preparing to space clear takes some focus. You'll need to focus your mind on what your aim is and confirm your intentions.   For this ritual, you'll need incense or herbs such as sage or a sage smudge stick, and a prayer or affirmation. You may use something like: "I bless this house with the energy of love and light" or "I banish all negative energy from this home and I bless this house with the energy of love and light" or whatever feels best to you. You may recite a prayer, or make up any affirmation that resonates with you. 

Next light your incense, preferably one that has properties for removing negative energy such as Nag Champa, or your sage/smudge stick.  As the smoke begins to rise from the incense/sage begin moving the incense or sage over your body starting at the top of the head, letting the smoke swirl around you. Move down the front of your body letting yourself be surrounded in the smoke. When you get down to the bottom of your legs, lift each foot and allow the smoke to swirl under the sole of each foot. Start back at the top of the head and now go down your back all the way down. The point here is to let the smoke touch or accumulate around every part of your body.  

Once this is done, you'll now move to the first corner closest to the right side of the front door. Allow the smoke to rise and fill this corner of the room as you motion and direct the smoke with your hand. This is simply done by waving your hand through the smoke up and out from the incense/sage. As you are doing this, recite your affirmation or prayer over and over. Then, begin moving to the right, letting the smoke move up the wall and along the wall down to the next corner.  Do this in every corner, on every wall, over every doorway and window and in every room of the house. (Yes even the basement and the garage). Be sure and move the sage over, around and under furniture, as these things can hold energy as well. 

You should work your way in this clockwise motion until you end up back at the front door. Once you come back to the front door, open the door, and with a sweeping motion of your hand and arm, sweep the energy out the front door stating, " all negative energy Be Gone!".  Now shut the front door.  End this ritual by smudging your entire body one more time.

Clearing Space with Reiki 

If you are attuned to Reiki, you can add Reiki to any of the methods listed here or use it by itself. To use Reiki for clearing, you must be a Level II or higher.  For this ritual it is optional whether you use incense or sage, however, the following method can be well implemented with the Clearing Ritual.  You'll begin once again at the right corner closest to the front door. Begin by drawing the mental/emotional symbol in the air in the corner while repeating the symbols name to yourself or out loud three times. Next place the distant symbol and then the power symbol in the same manner; repeating each name of the symbol out loud three times as you draw it. Move to the next corner to your right and repeat this method. Repeat this method over any windows and doors and move through the house doing this to every room and every corner of each room. You're going to start at the right corner closest to front door until you end up at the front door. Place the symbols in the same manner over the front door. 

If you are a Reiki Master, you would begin this process by using the Usui Master Symbol first, then the mental/emotional symbol, then the distant symbol and then the power symbol.

Keeping the Home Free of Negativity  

Once the energy is clear in your home, you can easily keep the home free of negativity by any of the following methods: 

1)     Placing crystals and gemstones throughout the house.

2)     Placing a crystal or gemstone in every corner of every room.

3)     Misting the home with Holy Water.

4)     Burning candles.

5)     Burning incense.

6)     Smudging with sage.

7)     Burning essential oils or herbs in a simmering pot.

8)     Boiling herbs or essential oils on the stove.

9)     Add fresh flowers in vases throughout your house.

10)  Chanting or saying affirmations or prayers

I'd first like to point out here that this procedure is simply for negative and stale energy removal and a house blessing. This procedure is not for ghost or entity removal, for those services please call a professional.  

The release of negative entities is a very intricate process and  should not be attempted by a person who has no knowledge of how to properly banish energy. The Church of the Divine Spirit has qualified professionals that are highly knowledgeable  of  the Paranormal and Metaphysics. They can work with you to determine the best course of action in ridding the negative entity from your home or office. Our clients have the assurance of knowing that our counselor have over 50 years of combined experience in the  metaphysical arts and practices

Benefits of Cleansing

Businesses, which have been cleansed have reported an increase in profits. Homeowners with no luck in selling their homes have reported that after a cleansing their homes sold.

Bless your New Home or Office.

When purchasing or renting a new home or office our counselors highly recommend a professional blessing to release any negative energy that might be present


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