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Alignment: Flaming Sword

The Transmission of “The Flashing Sword” is among one of the most common exercises known to Qabalists. It is commonly used for learning the basics of the Tree of Life and for releasing and grounding  the “Secret Fire” or Kundalini in each of us.

The Flashing Sword represents the descent of Divine energy during the act of creation. After this event  the energy begins to rise back again, to the Divine and is called “The Rising Serpent”. These two exercises are symbolic of the entire creative process and are well known to hermetic students.

When we visualize this process of creation, we become the creator and created. The Lightning Flash of creation runs through us and transmutes our energy field. When this energy returns to the Divine, are vibrational seed pattern is lifted slightly higher on the Path of Return. During this process our psychic centers, related to the spheres on the Tree, are awakened and brought into harmony with each other, and we become the Adam Kadmon, or Original Human, before the so-called “Fall”.


  • Visualize a Fiery Triangle pointing Downward located above your head. See it radiating and growing brighter, hotter, and more intense with each breath.
  • Imagine a ray of fire like a lightening flash,  coming down from it piercing the top of your head, or crown area called Kether.  Feel the ray enter into the center of your head filling it with brilliant, intense fire. Intone the name of God:
    Eheieh (A-huh-yah)
  • Move the ray of fire over to the right temple, filling the entire right side of your skull, brain, and face with holy fire. This is Chokmah . Intone the name of God:
    Jah (yah)
  • After a minute, see the ray of fire moving over to the left temple, filling it with fire. Meditate on this for a minute or two. This is  Binah . Intone the name of God:
    Jehovah Elohim (yah-ho-vah-a-lo-hem)
  • Now visualize these three brilliant spheres of light, the crown, left temple, and right temple, connected by three rays of fire from their center points, forming a triangle, with a brilliant point of light in their center. Let grow and fuse into a single sphere of brilliant light.
  • Let this energy move into your throat. This is Daath.
    Yod Hey Vau Hey Elohim (El-oh-heem)
  • Let this ray of fire move now pass down to your right  shoulder. This is Chesed.   Intone the name of God:
    El (ehl)
  • After a minute or so, let the ray of fire move over to your left shoulder. This is Geburah. Intone the name of God:
    Elohim Gibor(A-lo-hem-gih-bor)
  • Then, to your heart area. This is Tiphareth. Intone the name of God:
    Jehavah Aloah va Daath (yah-ho-vah-a-lo-ah-vuh-dahth)
  • After a minute or so, to your right hip.This is Netzach.  Intone the name of God:
    Jehovah Tzabaoth (yah-ho-vah-tzah-bah-Oth)
  • The ray of fire continues move across to your left hip. This is Hod. Intone the name of God:
    Elohim Tzabaoth (eh-lo-hem-tzah-bah-oth)
  •  Then move the ray of fire to your pubic bone. This is Yesod. Intone the name of God:
    Shaddai El Chai (shah-di-ehl-ki)
  • Then down into your feet. This is Malkuth. Intone the name of God.
    Adonai ha Aretz (ah-do-ni-hah-ah-rehtz)
  • Imagine the energy continuing into the ground . And below your feet is a triangle pointing upward.
  • Let the energy descend into this upward pointing triangle.
  • Hold it in the triangle for a moment  and feel this energy from the Heaven above connected to the Earth.

Each sphere should be brilliant, bright, warm, and vibrant. The lines connecting them should be a brilliant bluish-white color, with sharp, clear edges.


  • Feel the energy wanting to rise from the upward pointing triangle.  Like a giant snake it slowly rises up from the  triangle moving into the bottom of your feet. Malkuth. It circles the soles of your feet, than rises up to your groin area, Yesod.
  • Let the energy circle around your groin, moving slowly to the left hip-Hod. It circles the left hip and moves across the body to the right hip- Netzach.
  • Then it  moves upward to the center of the chest and circles around Tiphareth covering the  \solar plexus and the heart. 
  • Then moves upward circling the left shoulder- Geburah
  • It moves across the body and circles the right shoulder- Chesed
  • It moves upward to the throat- circling Daath
  • Now let the energy  move up to the left  side of the head-Binah -circles the left side of your brain and moves to the right side of your brain -circling Chokmah
  • It moves upward circling around your crown chakra- Kether.
  • Then it continues up to the upward pointing triangle above your head
  • Feel the intense heat, as you bring the serpent up through each sphere.  The serpent is bring in Mother Earth energy of power, protection, and wisdom.
  • You have now done the Lightening Flash and the Serpent's path.
  • Now picture that downward pointing  triangle floating above your head-this is the energy of Heaven
  • Now picture the upward pointing triangle at your feet, this is the energy of the Mother Earth
  • Now, from above, pull the downward pointing triangle down into the top of your head...through your head, throat and into the center of your chest.
  • So now in the center of your chest you are visualizing a downward pointing triangle.
  • Now focus on the upward pointed tringle below your feet and pull it up through your feet, legs, groin, abdomen and up into the center of the chest, at  Tiphareth.
  • The two triangles interlock and join. You now have the upward pointed triangle of the Earth, joining with the downward pointing  triangle of the Heavens. It is inside your chest and forms a six pointed star uniting Earth and Heaven.
  • Feel the energy of Heaven and Earth combined in your heart chakra and let it radiant out into the world.
  • Try to keep this image as you go on with your day.
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