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Stage 3: Give Decree

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After you have defined the purpose or problem area and selected a Fire Letter Mantra, the next step is to make it into a Decree. During the Conference Call with your Spiritual Guidance Team you will give two Decrees. The first Decree will  "Open the Conference Call " and the second Decree will "State the Purpose" for the Conference.

What is a Decree? 

It’s when you decree to the Universe/Source/God/dess/Higher Power what you want to create in your life. Notice I said, “decree”, not “ask”. Asking for what you want is ok, but decreeing an intention is more powerful and effective. When you’re asking, you are assuming that you are not part of the equation of getting what you want. In contrast, when you decree the intention, you are  saying, “This is going to be happening.”  By decreeing you are take the power creating the kind of life you want.    Below is a complex decree for opening the angelic and star family network.

Things to Remember When Giving Decrees

Emotion: Decrees work best when they are combined with feelings of the heart. We need to get into our heart center when we send out our intentions. Love is what makes the decree process work. The major  force for manifesting what we want is the " Love Force". The stronger the love force within a person the stronger the power of manifestation.

Belief: Past research shows that placebo can have a powerful effect. Just believing in the "power of decree" can make all the difference in manifesting outcomes. Keep firmly fixed in your mind the desired outcome and do not let doubt or thoughts of failure creep into your thought processes. If your trying to help someone, both of you should share the same  beliefs in the power of Intention.

Timing: Past research on mind-over-matter  (that is psychokinetic)  found that the most effective time is during increased geomagnetic activity. Find out what level of geomagnetic energy is in your area by looking at these websites. For the forecast of the day you plan to carry out the intention see, . All geomagnetic activity is measured on a K index, with 0 being the most quiet and 9 the most turbulent. The higher the k the better. In a prefect world, intentions should be sent on days with a 5k or higher index.  Days lower than 3 k index will get little help from the geomagnetic activity.

Be Specific: Specific decrees seem to work best--the more detailed, the better. Your decree should cover: who, what, where, and  when. Specify exactly what you want, but not how your going to get it. Do not specify a source of supply in the material world for what you want. What appears to be the most obvious material source may not, in fact be the right one

If you’re decreeing an intention in regards to money, saying, “I decree  that I will get some money,” is not as effective as “I decree that I am receiving X amount of money through my work, by the end of the month.” It’s good to have a time frame, to be specific about numbers, and mention how it will be coming to you. The Universe works more quickly on decrees  that are clear.

Use active words. Instead of saying, “I will have”, for instance, say, “I have”. 

Never say what you DON’T want.

Take action. If you’ve decreed that you have your dream job, but you don’t do the some work to make it sending out resumes, etc., your decree may not  manifest (at least, not as quickly as you’d like it to). Take small steps towards your goal, and leave the rest to the Universe!

After decreeing, allow and trust. If, after decreeing, it doesn't manifested the next day, don't worry . Some intentions may manifest quickly, others take some time. How much time? The Universe has it’s own time clock. But, suffice to say that when it comes, it is perfect timing!

Things to remember when writing our decrees for the Transmission:

  • Our thoughts create our experiences
  • Saying our decrees out loud focuses our thoughts
  • There is power in the spoken word
  • Positive thoughts bring positive experiences
  • Negative thoughts bring undesired experiences
  • It's important to trust and know that the things that we decree are coming to us because doubt will interfere with the manifestation of our positive intentions
  • We always ask that in order for our decrees to come to us, they must serve the highest and best good for the Universe and the highest and best good for ourselves and others
  • Clarity is important
  • We eliminate such words as trying, hoping, wanting, to be, and not
  • We say things in a positive way: for example, instead of I decree that I am not afraid anymore, we say I decree that I am courageous
  • We don't name sicknesses in our decree 
  • We always end our decrees with our seven favorite words - So be it and so it is
Decree to Open Spiritual Communication Open

The Trsnmitter to open up the communication channel or telephone line to your Spiritual Guide Team called a Conference Call. Since the Conference Call involves other Beings they need to agree to participate. This is done by stating your intention to Open the Conference Call in a Decree format. In the Decree you should ask for the Conference Call to be opened and for you to:

  • be directly connect to the Angelic and Star Family Network and your SGT
  • have a clear channel for guidance and healing, 
  • have Divine Protection,
  • have a perfect understanding of received messages 

Below is a good example of a Open Conference Call Decree:

I decree by the Authority of Vau (0range)  Hey(violet) Vau (orange)

I open the Sirius Stargate

By the Power of Hey Zain Yod 

I connect to the Angelic and Starbeing Communication Network
In the name of the Christ within me,
Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey,

my connection with the Multi-Dimensional Universe is now open and active.  I open up a Conference Call with my angelic, stellar and galactic Spiritual Guidance Team.

I now activate my ability and birth right  to open a clear channel for Spiritual Healing and Guidance.  I allow this energy to flow into my four body system (mental, spiritual, emotional and physical) .
Christ Consciousness is now the base for all the messages I receive and send. All the messages that I receive and send are clear, precise, uplifting and helpful. 

The energy of Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey, the Christ within me, intervenes for me, and transmuting any signs, visions or intuitive hunches that I receive so that they are easy for me to recognize and are given in such a way that they are unmistakable to me. This energy transmutes all my thoughts, words and deeds so that they serve the highest and best good of the Universe, my Higher Self and the World with and around me.

Purpose for Conference Call

The second Decree you will give to a Statement of Purpose. A Conference Call is about talking with your Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT) and asking them for help in solving your problem.  Conference calls can be arranged for many problems and issues. Some Conference Calls are not about discussing a problem or issue. Instead it is about receiving a special gift, quality or ability. For example you may ask the Archangel Gabriel for the Gift of Prophecy to keep you informed of future events. Click on the Links below to see some of the most frequent Conference Calls:

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Conference Calls for dealing with the grief of the death of a loved one

Conference Calls for improving love relationships or meeting soul mate

Conference Calls for improving channeling abilities

Quote for Today

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”. -Buddha



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