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Book excerpt of Hidden Mysteries
by Joshua David Stone on Walk-Ins:

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Walk Ins --- Walk-ins are soul extensions, or personalities, who take over the body of an adult human being who has chosen to leave his or her physical body. Djwahl Khul has told me that this is an occurrence that has not been very common in the history of this planet. However, it has been occurring much more frequently recently because of the amazing shift this planet is going through as it moves into the new age. Djwahl said there are as many as one million walk-ins on the planet at this time.

It is important to explain that this process is usually governed by and controlled at the soul level. The soul extension, or personality, who is walking out of the body usually has no conscious awareness of the procedure. It is usually the soul who has made the decision, although in some rare instances the personality has requested it.

In the most cases the new walk-in who takes over the body has no conscious awareness of the change, either. The transition period can take anywhere from three months to six years to transpire. It is usually very disconcerting to the walk-out's emotional body because there is a process of sharing the physical body with the other entity for a period of time, and, in mot cases, the walk-out is not conscious of what is occurring.

Entities of all levels and states of consciousness can be walk-ins and it is not limited to sixth-dimensional beings, according to the information I have received from Djwhal Khul. The walk-in will come into the new physical body only, of course, if the walk-out has agreed to it on a soul level.

The second important ingredient is that the souls, or higher selves, and the spirit guides of the walk-in and the walk-out feel that the physical vehicles is strong enough and the emotional vehicle stable enough for the process to work effectively. Such a transfer is very much like a major surgery on an etheric level. Teams of spirit guides help help in the transfer. It is a very delicate procedure.

It is very important to point out the difference between a walk-in and a possession: a possession is a forced entry into a person's auric field that can cause the entity living in that body to be booted out. [...] Most possessions, however, do not result in the exiting entity's being booted out of its body. This is very rare and thinging to be fearful about if you have a spiritual belief and any sense of your own personal power, and as long you are not a drug addict or an alcoholic.

The concept of a walk-in is sometimes hard for people to believe. If you think about it, everyone is a walk-in in the sense that everyone walk into a baby's body. The only difference is that the walk-in moves into an adult body rather than an infant body.  

A walk-in gets to skip the whole childhood phase, which at first glance sounds pretty good. Djwahl has told me, however, that being a walk-in is no piece of cake. It is traumatic to the entity who is coming in as well as to the entity who is walking out. The walk-in is, in a sense, taking on some of the karma of the walk-out - both the karma in the physical vehicle and all the brain memories of the walk-out remain with the new walk-in. Part of the responsibility of the new walk-in is to balance and clear the personal karma that was left behind by the entity that has left. In most cases the entity that leaves had been very depressed and suicidal or had just had a major accident. A new entity walk in to a preexisting complex of marriage, children, and friends. Because the brain memories are left by the walk-out in the physical structure of the brain, the walk-in is able to function in such a way that the wife or husband and family might not realize they are not dealing with the same entity. They will in most cases notice a big change, but they will attribute it to a change in attitude, not a change in entities.

Since walk-ins are not consciously aware, in almost all cases, that they are walk-ins, because they have all the brain memories of the walk-out, they are disoriented for a time, but they also feel that they are where they belong.

Djwahl told me that the ascended masters are not usually involved in this process. It is more the soul and spirit guides and the soul extension who make such a decision. Once the exchange has taken place, walk-ins live normal lives. The motivation to be of service to the planet will depend on their levels of spiritual evolvement.

If you think about it, the concept of walk-ins is rather expedient, for if an entity wants to leave the physical body, it is a shame to waste that physical vehicle if someone else could use it for spiritual growth. However, it takes a very bold soul and soul extension to make this choice, for it is not an easy or glamorous path to take. This period of history on Planet Earth is such exciting time in a spiritual sense that many entities are willing to take on the karma and risk in order to be a part of the action. Physical bodies of all kinds are at a premium during this period of time.

The actual moment of exchange usually occurs during sleep. A person who is contemplating suicide might consider being a walk-out as a better alternative of it truly is his time to leave his body.

I want to emphasize that walk-ins are not ascended masters. They are soul extensions who are still on the karmic wheel of rebirth at varying level of initiation and spiritual awareness. Lord Maitreya, who came into Jesus's body at the baptism, would not be called a walk-in. The esoteric term for this process in which two entities, in a sense, share the same body is "overshadowing".

At some later date a walk-in might being to remember that he or she is a walk-in. The can be an emotionally traumatic experience. Walking in can be additionally difficult because the transfer has often taken place during a serious illness, or near-death experience of the walk-out. A walk-out is really donating his physical body to another soul to use instead of letting it die of natural causes or destroying it through suicide.

In the transition period during the changeover there are also, very often, physical health problems as well as emotional problems. Very often, on subconscious levels, there is a kind of ego battle that is taking place between walk-in and walk-out. The soul, or higher self, is conscious of the process, but since the personality in embodiment is not conscious of what is going on, it can be extremely confusing and a very wrenching process. The entire fiber of the soul must be completely removed every cell of the physical body and four-body system and replaced with the soul fiber of the incoming entity. It can be likened to having major heart surgery.

After going through an adjustment period the walk-in will literally begin a new life. Walk-ins tend to be of a highly evolved nature, although there are exceptions to this. Walk-ins usually don't awaken to the fact that they are walk-ins unless a spiritual teacher tells them of it, which does happen and which is happening with greater and greater frequency. What also helps in the adjustment process is the fact that the entity had had a long time to prepare for this event on the inner plane.

When the actual changeover takes place, it occurs during a one-night period whole the physical body is sleeping. The soul, the spirit guides, and the specialized spirit guide team of walk-in and walk-out experts perform the metaphysical operation of slipping one soul extension out of the physical body and slipping the new one in.

It is only in the past two or three decades that the phenomenon of walk-ins has really expanded. Previous to that it was much rarer occurrence. Djwahl has told me that this increase in walk-ins will continue for the next twenty to thirty years and then will begin to taper off again and become less common.


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