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Dream weavers

A Reiki Shaman is sometime referred to as a Dreamweaver.  By speaking aloud, the Shaman causes a chemical reaction in the client’s body. Your subconscious listens to the spoken words better than thoughts. By listening to this meditation you can create success and well-being for yourself.

The key element in spiritual healing is programming.  In fact, did you know that the most dysfunctional behavior is the result of inappropriate programming. And that 80% of all illnesses are psychosomatic and can be healed with Dreamweaving or self-talk.

Dreamweaving bypasses the critical, conscious mind and deals with the emotional, subconscious mind. Everything you hear, see, smell, read, touch, taste or experience (such as an amusement park or exciting movie) is stored in the mind. Your mind doesn’t forget, but rather blocks and stores it. (For example, I never forget a person’s face, but I always have trouble remembering a person’s name).  Any memory can be accessed through Dreamweaving and used in a positive for healing or goal programming.

It is our belief that there is not a single, well-adjusted person who cannot use this Dreamweave for positive changes in his or herself.  Your body is familiar with the Alpha Sate. You experience this state of mind when you eat, watch a boring TV show or daydream. Dream weaving is easy.

How do I know Dream weaving is working?

  1. Relaxation of Body and Mind. You should feel terrific, or at least well rested after the session.
  2. Narrow focus of attention. During the session you shouldn’t be worrying if the cookies in the oven are going to burn, what your kid is up to or if you remembered to pay the electric bill. Take care of these concerns before you begin a Dreamweaving session.
  3. Reduced awareness of external environment and everyday concerns.  During the session you should be concentrating on doing the work in the Dreamweave. Things of the outside world should drift away.

You should notice the effects of this session in your conscious, everyday life. You should be more reassured, relaxed and able to handle stress better. If this is not happening … take another session and we will add more positive affirmations.

Dreamweaver Induction
I want you to take three deep breaths. That’s right.  Three very deep breaths. (Pause and give yourself time to take three deep breaths)  Good. Now I want you to stretch. Yes stretch every muscle. (Pause, giving yourself time to stretch).

Now, close your eyes. That’s right, let your eyelids drift down gently, and relax those muscles around the eyes. Feel your forehead relaxing. Feel yourself beginning to relax…yes…you are letting yourself relax. Relax those muscles around the eyes. Let yourself feel loose and limp. Safe and secure.

I would like you to envision a large and beautiful white snowflake at the top of your head. See it hanging there, this beautiful snowflake.  It gently sparkles in the air, filled with the white light of the Universe. It is a big snowflake, turning slowly, revolving easily, very big, yet light as a feather. This is beautiful snowflake stands for cosmic wholeness.   See the snowflake; watch it glisten in the light.  Good.

Now this snowflake is going to travel down through your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. As it travels down through your body, it is going to relax you more and more. It will bring the cosmic wholeness into your body. It will relax every muscle in your body. It will enable you to touch the oneness of the universal spirit.

So, just begin to relax as this snowflake   enters the top of your head. Feel it’s light travel down past your forehead… your eyes and ears… relaxing all the muscles around your eyes… down past your nose and your mouth… surrounding your teeth. 

Loose and limp… safe and secure… feel the relaxation filter down through your body. Just relax, and begin to notice how very comfortable you feel. You are supported, so you can just let go and relax. Inhale and exhale. Feel the lovely snowflake travel down your neck… down into your upper arms and your lower arms… your wrists and your fingers.  Feel your muscles relax.

You can be aware of normal sounds around you. These sounds are unimportant, discard them; whatever you hear from now on will only help to relax you.

 As you exhale, release any tension, any stress from any part of your body, mind and spirit; just let that stress go. Feel this beautiful snowflake travel down your back… down your chest and stomach. Loose and limp. Safe and secure. Just feel any stressful thoughts rushing through your mind, feel them begin to wind down… wind down… wind down, and relax.

 As you relax, you are becoming more and more aware of the presence of universal love, and you are aware that the Divine Spirit has sent guardians to protect and comfort you. Feel the light and healings of your celestial guardians as they touch you as the white light of the snowflake travels into your upper legs, into your knees and calves. Relax and let go. Let go and feel the universal healing all around you. Just feel your body drifting… floating… down deeper… down deeper… down deeper into total relaxation.

Let your muscles go, relaxing more and more. Down…down… down… the snowflake now moves down into your ankles, your heels, your arches and your toes. Safe and secure… loose and limp. And now the light moves out of the bottom of your feet.

Visualize the snowflake once again in front of you. I want you to take hold of the snowflake, like you would a balloon. It is surprisingly sturdy. This snowflake ball is going to allow you to drift down, deeper and deeper ….into deeper levels of your mind.  So take hold of it now, yes that’s right.

 Now it begins to float downward, and so do you. I’m going to count backwards from 10 to 1, as you imagine yourself floating down to your sacred space, one level at a time. Just drift down and relax even deeper. Ten…relax even deeper. Nine…down, down, down, deeper, deeper, and deeper. Eight…down, down, down. Seven. Deeper, deeper. Six…down, down, down.  Five…deeper, deeper, and deeper. Four ... down, down. Three …deeper, deeper. Two… One…deeper. Deeper, Just let go and relax.

And now imagine you are in a peaceful and special place; a place that is just for you. You can come here anytime you like, whether you are tired, or if you just want to relax, if you feel ill, or if you want to improve yourself. This is your special place. The place that is made just for you. You can feel this special place. Allow the peace of the Universe to flow through you. Positive feelings grow within you; a sense of well-being surrounds you. In your mind’s eye, I’d like you to look up to the sky now. That’s right …looking up and sees the beautiful baby blue sky. The sky has a few clouds in it, they are puffy and white. These puffy white clouds now move together to form your name. See your name in the sky now, see your name, and (pause)

 Good. Now a bit of wind comes and blows away your name. It is all gone. ..All gone, let it go…all gone, that’s right.

Deepening Suggestions (Repeat Twice)

In a moment I am going to count backwards from ten to one. In your mind’s eyes see a path.   Along the path you walk will be primal ice and fire. On your right …will be fire, but it will not burn you… nor will you feel heat. On your left will be ice… but you will not feel cold. You will walk down the path of manifestation, the unity of fire and ice.

As you walk down the path, you will feel your body relax, more and more… feel yourself just drift down… down with each number, and relax even deeper…drifting down now at the number ten.

 Relax even deeper, past number nine.  Deeper, deeper down, down…

Eight. Deeper and deeper…seven… deeper and deeper.

 Six…down, down, down, just let go;

Five …down, down, down;

Four… deeper and deeper;

 Three…down, down;

 Two…deeper and deeper; down, down;

 One... deeper, deeper… relaxed.


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