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What is Ascension and Awakening?

Difference between Awakening and Ascension: Many people confuse "Ascension"  with "Awakening".  It is hard to distinguish these two because they go together.  When you begin the process of awakening, you also begin the process of ascension.  Likewise when you start the process of ascension, you also begin to wake up. The two go together, however they are different. So what's the difference? Michael Sharp defines these two process as:

Awakening is the process of returning to full consciousness of your spiritual self. When you awaken, your mind expands to allow more spiritual knowledge to be taken in. When you awaken, your body clears negative emotions and fear stored from past lives. During this stage your body and mind becomes "purified" of fear and negativity.  As this happens, your "view" of things changes dramatically.  Awakening is very easy to do. How long will it take? This depends entirely on you and your comfort level with the higher consciousness. Everyone's process of awakening is slightly different. The awakening process can be halted at any time, usually as the result of disorientation, fear, and/or lack of understanding.  Awakening can also be accelerated through intent. Simply say "I wish to awaken as fast as possible" and your process will accelerate. You can also ask for help with the process by simply asking your guides, your angels, the universe, or God for assistance

 So, what is Ascension?  There is only one symptom of Ascension: an increase in your ability to manifest in the world. You are the creator of your world. You become aware that there is a direct correspondence between what is in your consciousness and what you find in the world. You realize energy follows thought or as above in consciousness,  so below in matter .When you are cut off from our full spiritual power,  you can't manifest or create at full efficiency. So, "things" happened in your life at a relatively slow pace. However now, as the planet ascends (and as you ascend along with it), the rate you manifest will change. You will have a more direct influence over the physical world. You become  more powerful and as that happens, "things" start occurring at an faster rate around you.

What kind of things Happen during Ascension ? This depends on the state of your consciousness. If your consciousness is focused on fear, you'll find these fears manifesting around you faster and faster. If you're consciousness is all dark and confused, you'll find the world becoming more confusing all the time. If you're consciousness is full of hatred and spite, you'll find yourself hurting others more often and with greater force. This is just the beginning. As the ascension proceeds, as "the shift" happens, manifestation will continue to accelerate. Very soon creating in this world will be very easy and quick.  It won't take much effort at all. The most important ascension symptom is our Co-Creation Power.

At this time you will feel an acceleration of time. If your on the negative side you will feel a sense of chaos in your life or the life of those around you. It is important to get control of your consciousness and this involves not only purging any negative emotions, fear, or heavy heart blackness that you might be carrying around deep inside you, but also  getting rid of any erroneous notions you have about life and the universe. These notions can influence how you manifest your world. If you believe God is vengeful and judgmental, or that your government is out to get you under this new ascending energy, you just might manifest these very conditions. And if you ask me, you really want to avoid that. With a few million people thinking the same way, it could get very nasty .

The Divine Plan & ET's

During the Ascension process we receive help from highly evolved ET civilizations, that help us as much as possible in our spiritual development. Because of this, our vibration is being raised to a level that is suitable for a life in the higher dimensions. This help wasn't planned, but was initiated halfway through the last century, when the extraterrestrials just like Mother Earth herself were shocked by the speed with which mankind was destroying the planet. Especially the dropping of two nuclear bombs on Japan by the Americans, which sent a shock wave through the entire Milky Way. Also the plundering, polluting and wrecking of the planet through warfare, oil recovery and industrialisation, left deep marks on Gaia.

The living being that is our planet, realised that without help she might not even make it to Ascension. She sent out a call for help that was heard by the Divine Spirit. Then the Divine Spirit made a universal call, through all dimensions, to help us. This call was responded to en masse, since the helping of another being is regarded as the highest good in the universe.

A plan was devised that would respect the Law of Non-Interference as much as possible. The plan consisted of, among other things, the sending of light to the Earth from many places in space, and the reincarnating of pure souls (without karma) into our population. These souls are very responsive to the light, and they could subsequently spread that light further among the people. At the word "light" you shouldn't think about spotlights, but about love and knowledge. Because only a civilization that respects these values, can make the jump to a higher dimension.

The Galactic Federation is guiding this process behind the scenes. They're the guarantee that everything will take place within the planned timeframe. Most people have no idea what the Galactic Federation is doing to protect us against the  plans that the Dark Brotherhood had, and have, for mankind. They're keeping the oxygen level in our air up to the mark, preventing nuclear attacks and wars , cleaning up radioactive fall-out, eliminating (chemical) pollution, chemtrails and diseases and minimizing the effects from natural disasters - man made or not, etc.


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