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10th Dimensional Self

Most frequently I call in my Master Soul or 1Oth dimensional self. The tenth dimension is the vertical axis that aligns the previous nine dimensions. It is the shaman's world tree, the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and the axis that is running through all nine dimensions. This is where a person’s consciousness is simultaneously aware in all nine dimensions of your higher selves equally.  Basically all dimensions 1 through 9 are separate,  distinct and represent a specific aspect of your self.  However in the 10th dimension you have the ability to connect to all of the lower aspects of self (1-9) all at the same time. It is the Master Soul as it can override any negative decision made by a lower self to bring it back in line with the Divine Plan. It has the Power to Intervene.  For example, some aspect of your multi-dimensional self may have “gone astray" and has gotten involved with Dark Forces.  They may set off in directions that is not in the best interests of your other selves. The Master Soul can order the dimensional selve to get back on the Path, whether they like it or not.

When you give a decree to bring in your Master Soul you are empowering it with the permission to override the free will of the other Higher Selves and bring them into alignment with the Divine Plan called the Great Work. At this level,  you can contact all of the other aspects of self . Your Master Soul can organize and align them to a single intention. No other dimensional self below the 10th has this amount of power.


  • Brings you into alignment with Higher Self Energies
  • Links to all aspects of yourself from the fifth up to the 10th dimension
  • Multi-dimensional linkup runs sacred fire from the higher dimensions down your tube of light into your body and aura and is the key to bringing your higher consciousness into your body 
  • Balances your Chakras


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