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Stage 10: Enhanced Spiritual Preception(ESP)

This Re-Wiring Conference Call  brings in and opens a "Light Packet of Knowledge" that awakens your "Inner Messiah" with the  ability of Claircognizance (Clear Knowing) .   The gift of  ‘clear knowing’ is  spontaneous factual knowledge and information that does not turn up as a result of logical deduction, reasoning, or direct observation using the normal senses. Instead, the person perceives sudden, spontaneous flashes of insight. They unexpectedly know certain facts, or they have an instant understanding regarding a question or a pressing life situation.  The information basically arrives like a clear message directly delivered to the Individual’s conscious mind, without any preceding logic, thought process, or reasoning. At times it also produces baffling insights, deep inherent wisdom, and even inspired ideas and solutions to complex problems. 

Your Inner Messiah is composed of Fohat(Holy Spirit) Consciousness therefore it is an actual being that has a will and mind of its own. You will be activating and anchoring the Inner Messiah with gift of Clear Knowing with the Fire Letter Mantra,"Hey Yod Yod" and by visualizing the Fire Letters shown below:


Meaning: Prophecy and intuition to transform consciousness

Fire Letter Mantra:Yod Yod Hey

What is a Light Packet?
The etheric Light Packets come in the Language of Light format (symbols, fire letters, geometric shapes, colors, ancient alphabets).  This information is programmed into your mental body and encased in vibrational membranes which allows access to the information only when you are resonating at that level of consciousness.  The Light Packets of Knowledge have the power to push you into the next stage of evolution.

This Conference Call  brings in the Light Packet for your "Inner Messiah' with the gift of  ‘clear knowing". However during other Conference Calls you may bring in other Light Packets that can awakened similar enhanced preception gifts.  Below is a list of some of more the common gifts you can ask for in a Conference Call:

  • Clairvoyance: The ability to perceive events without physically being present to discern them.
  • Retrocognition: The gift to be able to see far back into the past.
  • Mediumship: The ability to interact with the spiritual realm and communicate with individuals who have since passed on.
  • Precognition: The gift of foreseeing the future.
  • Clairaudience: The ability to obtain information and message via psychic hearing.
  • Clairsentience: The gift of being able to perceive other people’s emotions through heightened intuition.
  • Clairalience: The ability to obtain a psychic reading purely through the sense of smell.
  • Telepathy: The gift of being able to read other people’s minds and perceive what they’re truly thinking and feeling.
  • Clairgustance: A paranormal gift that allows you to taste something without ever actually putting it in your mouth.

Not only can you receive abilities during a Conference Call but you can request light packets on any subject from the Universal Archives. Below are some examples of Conference Call Decrees for Light Packet of Knowledge:

  • I decree the light packets of information are activated and anchored within me from the  codes from: Nag Hammadi,  the Dead Sea Scrolls, and information from the Golden Book of Melchizedek on the Inner lane.
  • I decree th light packets of information be activated and anchored from Alice Bailey Books, Theosophy Society or the Tibetan Foundation, 
  • I decree the Light Packets of the Torah, Melchizedek Scripture and Kabbalah be activated and anchored with me
  • I decree the Light Packets from the Keys of Enoch be activated and anchored within me .

When you open up a light packet you download the vibration into your consciousness thereby allowing you to understand and demonstrate this knowledge in your daily life as divine dispensation from the Holy Spirit. Its like reading an entire book with only your Right Brain. You absorb the information entirely through your right brain rather than left. .

How to Open a Light Packet?
Opening a Light Packet is similar to installing a Computer Software Program.  The Crystalline Grid stores the Light Packets with information and programs to be used to upgrade your 4 body system.  The  Light Packets are  stored in its Universal Data Bank. As noted earlier the Light Packets can be download into your consciousness to help you manifest higher dimensional qualities, gifts and powers.  Higher dimensional abilities have been programmed into the Grid centuries ago by the Christ, Melchizedek, Metatron, Archangel Michael, Ascended Masters, Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, and the Arcturians.  

You connect to this Crystalline Grid in order to open Light Packets by visualization, decree and intoning the Fire Letter Mantra,"Hey Resh Chet" , while visualizing the three Fire Letters below:

Meaning: Divine umbilical cord to the Crystalline Grid to remove spiritual darkness
Fire Letter Mantra: ← Chet Resh Hey ←

The Crystalline Grid lies under the Earth surface and links the Earth Chakras and the Crystals in the Earth. Where this Grid crosses are major stargates, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect the Inner Earth and Earth to:

  • Other Dimensional Worlds
  • Stars and Planets in the Galaxy
  • Solar System and Beyond

The Ancients were aware of this and constructed Pyramids, Temples, Standing Stones, Stone Circles creating Stargates for beings to travel from other worlds.

Unity Grid carries Code to Open Light Packets
Before the Light Packets can be opened they need to be activated by a code. The Unity Grid stores the Activation Code that raises your Vibration allowing you to activate and anchor the Light Packet Program into your Consciousness.  The Unity Grid surrounds the Earth and carries the Code for activating Light Packets stored in the Crystalline Grid.  Activation Codes helps you to raise your vibrational frequency to the level that allows you to receive and absorb the Light Packet.  

The Unity Grid's ability to raise a person's vibration is why it is often used during meditation sessions to connect 'Lightworkers' around the planet or whenever you call in a Guide or connect to the Christ, Ascended Masters or the Angelic Host.  The Grid raises your frequency so you can communicate to another person's Higher Self for the resolution of conflict or to assistance in healing themselves.  It links everyone's Higher Self together. This is important because once a person's Higher Self receives the energy it can be downloaded to them on the lower planes.

You connect to Unity Grid by decree, visualization and intoning the Fire Letters Mantra: "Yod Resh Tav". Below are the three Fire Letters you visualize to connect:
Fire Letter Mantra: ← Tav Resh Yod ←
Meaning: Become a partner with the Light to create abundance

Pyramid of Light
One common method for activating and opening up a Light Packet  is with a Pyramid of Light. The Pyramid of Light brings in and stores the Activation Code and the Light Packet.  The Pyramid downloads the Activation Code and the Light Packet from the Two Grids. The Pyramid then uses the energy from the Activation Code to generate an Alignment Cocoon around you that raises your frequency to match the Light  Packet.   After your frequency is aligned with the Light Packet, the Alignment Cocoon activates the Light Packet  and ethereally surrounds your entire body and aura with the Light Packet frequencies of the Inner Messiah. This allows you to manifest your Inner Messiah that opens your ability of Clear Knowing.

What you need to do
You will active and anchor the Light Packet for Clear Knowing in 4 Steps:
Step 1: Recite Decree
Step 2: Create Pyramid of Light to download Light Packet and Activation Codes 
Step 3: Create Cocoon to run Light Packet and to create Inner Messiah


Step 1: Recite Decree

Recite Decree: 

By the Authority of Hey Yod Yod

in the Name of the Christ within me, Yod-Hey-Shin-Vau-Hey,

I decree the Light Packet of the Inner Messiah is now activated and anchored within me from the Unity Grid and Crystalline Grid.  I now regularly perceive sudden, spontaneous flashes of insight. Everyday I will know certain facts, or have an instant understanding regarding a question or a pressing life situation.   At times this ability will produced a deep inherent wisdom of the Divine Plan, that allows me to fully understand Mother Earth's messages.  Just like the geese know when to fly South and the salmon know when to swim up stream, I will know what to do when the time of Ascension comes. My Inner Messiah will tell me and I will understand and take action. Each time I use this Conference Call , I will awaken to another level of consciousness of my Inner Messiah

Step 2: Create Pyramid for Grid Transfer Process

Create Pyramid
After you recite the Decree you will create a Pyramid of Light. Then you will transfer and anchor the vibration seed pattern of the Light Packet from the Crystalline Grid and Activation Code from the Unity Grid into the Pyramid's energy system.

Energy Flow Pattern

  • Imagine yourself sitting or standing inside a body size four sided 3D Pyramid with the top of the pyramid at the level of the  Stellar Chakra, 12 inches above the top of your head. This chakra links your Pyramid into multi-dimensional planes.
  • The base of the Pyramid sits on the Earth and the Pyramid may be one color or multi-colored. What color is it for you?

Transfer Light Packet from Crystalline Grid

  • Focus on the Base of the Pyramid. Imagine Rays of Light generating from the Base of the Pyramid. See these Rays like the roots of a Tree ...pushing and weaving through the ground to securely connect to the Crystalline Grid.  When you feel your firmly connected, recite:

    By the Authority of  Hey Resh Chet, I am transferring the Light Packet for the "Inner Messiah (IM)"  from the Crystalline Grid
  • Now start the transfer process by focusing on the Base of the Pyramid while visualizing a spiraling stream of White Gold energy embedded with symbols, mathematical formulas, magical letters, geometric shapes,  and colored lights of the Light Packet coming up from the Crystalline Grid through the Roots that connect to the Pyramid Base.
  • Inhale, drawing the White Gold energy up from the Grid into the Roots and then flowing up thru the layers of the Earth to enter the Base of the Pyramid, then up the four Sides to the Top of the Pyramid. 
  • In your mind's eye see the entire Pyramid lighting up with White Gold energy that is generating the frequency of the Inner Messiah Light Packet

Transfer Activation Code from the Unity Grid
After you have anchored in the Light Packet frequency,  you need to transfer and anchor the Activation Code from Unity Grid into the Pyramid's energy system.

Energy Flow

  • Now imagine rays of light streaming out from the Top(apex)  of your Pyramid.... see these rays of light are ilke the Branches of a Tree ...pushing and weaving up to the sky and then traveling upward to connect with the Sparkling Diamond Unity Grid that surrounds the Earth. When you feel you are firmly connected recite:

    By the Authority of  Yod Resh Tav" I am transferring the Activation Code for the Light Packet for the "Inner Messiah(IM)"  from the Unity Grid I am now a partner with the Light
  • Once again, start the transfer process by focusing on the Apex of the Pyramid while visualizing a spiraling stream of White Gold energy embedded with symbols, mathematical formulas, magical letters, geometric shapes, and colored lights of the Activation Code coming down from the Unity Grid through your Branches that connect to the Pyramid Apex.
  • This energy is flowing down into the apex of the Pyramid, down it's 4 Sides and into the Base.  Once again see the entire outline of the Pyramid lighting up even brighter than before with White Gold Light. The Pyramid's energy system now contains the vibrational seed pattern for both the Activation Code and the Light Packet. 
Step 3: Create Cocoon to run IM Program

The Pyramid of Light now contains the Light Packet with it's Activation Code.  Now you are going to create a Cocoon with energy from the Pyramid you are standing in. The cocoon will activate and anchor in the Light Packet into your energy system.  The Light Packet will create your Inner Messiah (IM) with the ability of "Clear Knowing"

  • Imagine the Pyramid you are standing in starts to beam out rays of white gold fire towards your body.
  • Using your breath, intention and imagination draw this white gold fire energy out from the top, sides and base  of the Pyramid towards your body and forming a Cocoon of White Gold Fire around you. 
  • See the Cocoon forming over the top of your head under the bottom of your feet...spreading out 12 body lengths to completely enfold your aura in an energy Cocoon of White Gold Fire  .
  • To see if you are Cocoon is working think:
    Cocoon Lights on…
    Cocoon 10% Light Boost please (Cocoon grows Brighter)
    Cocoon Lights off.(Cocoon Lights Dim)
  • With your breathe, intention and imagination, inhale and bring in part of the Cocoon into your etheric body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. Anchoring all the knowledge from the Light Packet of Clear Knowing into your energy bodies.
  • Now pull part of the Cocoon into your physical body.  Let the Cocoon's energy form a vortex inside of you along your hara line (central energy path way through your body)
  • See the vortex spin in a clockwise direction around the Hara line anchoring all the positive energy from the Inner Messiah of the Light Packet into your body.  It is anchoring all physical, mental and emotional states of mind and emotions that supports your Inner Messiah with the gift of Clear Knowing .
  • You can feel your body tightening and a slight pressure against your skin as the vortex firmly pushes and anchors the energy of the Inner Messiah from the light packet further into your physical body.
  • Now let the vortex push outside your physical body and rejoin the Cocoon that is spinning around you physical body.
  • As the Vortex merges with the Cocoon, the Cocoon starts to spin faster and faster. Maintain your awareness of your intention to merge with your Inner Messiah as the Cocoon to spin faster and faster.

  • The Cocoon will use the Light Packet programing to create your ability of Clear Knowing manifesting as your Inner Messiah.  You do this by by intoning,  "Yod Zain Lamed"  Letters and visualizing the Fire Letters:

    Fire Mantra ← Lamed Zayin Yod ←
    Meaning: Personal transformation to achieve inner messiah

    Recite Decree:
    I decree the energy Cocoon manifests into my IM with the consciousness of Fohat Holy Fire using the Light Packet of Clear Knowing .  Let the cocoon transfor into this Being. Let this being come and stand in front of me inside the Pyramid of Light. Yod Zayin Lamed

  • Start to intone:
    Yod Zayin Lamed , Inner Messiah, 

    Let the intoning become faster and faster.  The faster you intone the mantra,  the faster the speed of the Cocoon.
  • Continue to intone and spin the Cocoon until you feel your body area has been totally infused and anchored with the energy of your Inner Messiah.
  • The Cocoon stops spinning and it is slowly transmforming into a shining body of light. The Cocoon has completely disappeared but in its place is wonderful being of love and light that is moving  towards you until it   is standing directly in fornt of you. 
  • Tell the Inner Messiah that you wish to merge with it to become One, so there is no longer a sense of two personalities... only a single consciousness. Ask the Inner Messiah to work with you to accomplished this merging and blending process and to let this process begin now. 
  • Extend your hands with you’re palms facing away from your body and invite it to connect with you palm to palm.
  • Allow the energy from the palms of the IM to enter the palms of your hands, while you continously intone "Yod Zain Lamed" .  Give this energy a color. Just choose a color that feels right at this time . 
  • Feel this energy flowing through your hands, up your arms and flowing into your body. Let the energy fill you up from head to toe.
  • Let the enrgy shoot out the top of your head forming a  bubble of Light around your body and filling your aura with keys and codes for activating and anchoring the IM within your energy system.
  • Feel a smooth stream of IM energy running up the front of your body and out your Crown Chakra. Feel the IM  releasing the holy fire  to bring in the wisdom of clear knowing .
  • As the IM energy moves up through your body it is being absorbed into your every cells in your body. Recoding them, re-structuring them . Feel your body feeling lighter and light.. vibrating faster and faster...lighter and lighter...faster and faster until every part of your body is glowing and  radiating the IM ligjt and love within every cell.
  • Run this fire energy with the new IM frequency  through your system several times to get into a comfortable rhythm. Circulate the energies through your system until you intuitively feel you have opened and absorbed all the keys, codes and information of the IM . You should feel a change in your vibration, lighter or faster or slower, more peaceful. It doesn't matter how it changes or how big the change is. This will be unigue for each person.
  • This takes two to five miutes. When you sense the enrgy is running through your entire body , ask your Inner Messiah if it has a name you can call it. Listen, if no name is given in about a minute  go on to the next step.
  • Drop the hand connection with the IM and ask it to merge with you.  At this point you should feel a wave or surge of energy moving from in front of you through your body to your back. You may feel more expansive, light, peaceful, joyful, filled with love, or just a general sense of wellbeing. 
  • Feel waves of I M energy forming a suction that is acting like a vacuum pulling you and it together. Feel the IM moving into the front of your body. Feel the two of you in the same physical body. Slowly feel the IM megeing into you blending with your energy. 
  • Let the energy flow through your body. If there is any area of body not blending, just relax  and breathe into the area.  
  • Now visualize the energy of the IM flowing up into your third eye forming Triangle at your third eye chakra. The Fire Letters shown below are written across the Triangle 
  • Imagine this Triangle as the same color as the IM energy that is now running through your body. However the energy of the Triangle is intensified and electrified   See this electric energy pulsing along the edges of the Triangle and in the three Fire Letters inside.
  • The Third Eye Triangle is now fully activated and charged with IM Energy. The Electrified Third Eye Triangle allows you to be open to the Inner Messah for inspiration, communication, and heighten perception and so on. 

For a Desired Quality, Mental or Emotional Problem:

  • Focus an the Electrified Triangle in your Third Eye. Let Triangle radiate with the color of Holy Fire that corresponds to the ability of clear knowing. 
  • Now place your intention for this new ability in the Electrified Triangle in your Third Eye. Visualize your intention as if it is already happened. In your mind's eye see yourself getting waves of insight allowing you to solve  diffcult problems that exist in your life. See yourself recieving spontaneous ideas that you use to improve problems. It can be a problem in your job or in your emtional relationships.  You may see yourself receiving  warnings from other dimensions that allows you to aviod dangerous situations or people that might harm you physical, enotionalkly or financilaly.    Visualize the outcome of this new ability in detail: time, place, color, smell, action and more. Just like a mental movie. See these images appear inside the Thrid Eye Triangle.
  • The Triangle is pulsating with the vibration of your intention and sending beams of holy fire energy up into your Crown chakra and the Pinael Gland. See both the Crown chakra and Pinael Gland light up in a ball of holy fire. The balls of light are absorbed into the Crown Chakra and Pineal Gland.
  • See the Three Fire Letters writter over it the Crown Chakra and Pineal Gland  writtern over the Pineal Gland
    wriitern over the Crown Chakra.
Ending Conference Call

When your Conference Call is complete, ask to be placed in a protective and healing Crystalline Cocoon for the next 24 hours while you are integrating the experience. This Cocoon will naturally dissipate when you feel complete. Close the activation by sending energy down to Mother Earth thru the soles of your feet to ground yourself.

Is it Working?

After the Conference Call is over keep this letter combination

in your mind for a few days. It is also advised to draw this letter combination directly on the skin, on the inner side of your left wrist. These are visualization tools, can be used in your daily life to help you to strongly connect to the light packet with your right brain.To charge up your IM visualize the Three Fire Letters written over your pineal gland and see the Triangle with the three fire letter inside the Triangle covering your  third. 

Watch for signs of the Light Packet working. Sometimes we only recognize our enhanced claircognizance in hindsight. We’ve all said, “I knew that was going to happen,” or some variation on that theme. Start to notice in the small details of your life when you know what someone is going to say, or what the movie ending will be, or when you know you shouldn’t go on that date. The more you listen, the more you will see your Light Packet in action. Watch for these signs of your Light Packet Working

  • to know things consistently without any evidence whatsoever.
  • correct when it comes to predictions about future events or insights into intentions or the truth of a situation or person .
  • receive messages in the form of random ideas or solutions
  • entered a situation with gut knowledge of the outcome.
  • knowing the results of a test or exam, having a feeling about a friend’s health, or predicting a major life event for someone are all
  • sudden unrelated thought or idea.
  • sudden recognition of a fact or a flash of insight.
  • you pose a question, and hours or days later, the answer pops into your awareness.
  • a nagging, persistent thought.
  • as a solution to a problem.
  • knowing, without doubt, the unfolding of a future event.
  • you are guided to find mislaid items.
  • you know you have to leave the freeway right now, or that you should avoid your usual route home.
  • as a connection to the psychic realm: receiving clear messages for yourself and others.
  • to look at a person and simply receive information about them and just know about them from the first glance. This can especially come in the form of a warning. When gazing upon someone for the first time, we occasionally get a very strong first reading on them like, "this person is sleazy", "I can't trust this person", or "this person is downright dangerous".
  •  have an absolute sixth sense about many religious or metaphysical things. They may know without a doubt that they have angels and guides around them (they do) and that they are on a spiritual path. They may know that to invoke Christ is real beyond a doubt and that God is in charge of this creation, and all creation. They just know, and no one can convince them different.
  • knowledge from past life experience, you may remember how to build a boat from a past life.


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