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Some Spiritual Guides For Attunement
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Higher Self is your Over-Soul is always in your SGT team. This is a higher consciousness version of you because it resides at a higher plane of consciousness. Your Higher Self can easily move throughout the spirit realms because it is not physical but astral.  Your Higher Self is your source of guidance until you progress to the level of the Monad. Your Higher Self remains the same throughout all of your incarnations. Your goal is to completely merge your Higher Self into your body so that you can embody & be it's wisdom & connection to source.
Monad is an even higher version of you than your higher self. Also known as the I AM Presence your Monad resides on the Monadic Plane of existence. Joshua David Stone describes it as your Original Divine Spark of God. It is is much closer to the God than your higher self. By tapping into your Monad you are able to bring the light of Source into your body at a much higher & purer level. You are able to connect with the Divine Plan.

Power Animal You are born with 9 animals that teach you and gives you insights into your life's mission.  Two of those animals are permanent and never leave you; they are our primary totems — sometimes called Power Animals. We intuitively know these animals because we are attracted to them throughout our lives. You may have had dreams about your power animal  If a power animal leaves and one does not come to take its place the individual is considered, by the shaman, to be disempowered and therefore vulnerable to illness and bad luck.

They are not necessarily exotic animals, but can be anything from the animal, sea creatures, insect, bird or reptile families. They may be mystical creatures such as Dragons, Griffons, or Unicorns. Plants and trees can serve as plant spirit guides. Domesticated animals are generally not considered power animals because they already in service to human beings.  It is possible to have a domesticated animal, but it is more likely to have a wild untamed animal serve in the capacity of a power animal.

One power animal walks on the left to guard and guide the feminine side of our energies; the other walks on our right to guard and guide the masculine characteristics. Those born with a female totem on the right and a male totem on the left are born with a special kind of energy balance and usually have very important Spirit work

Each power animal that you have increases your power so that illnesses or negative energy cannot enter your body.  The spirit also lends you the wisdom of its kind.  A hawk spirit will give you hawk wisdom, and lend you some of the attributes of hawk. . Your power animal will help you with any issue just be open to the gifts that they  may be sharing with you.  If you are looking for a book on power animals Animal Speak by Ted Andrews is very popular.  A popular website:

Your Power Animal is your best friend and it is important to show love and appreciation. Sometimes we do not value animals or the gifts that they add to our life and the world around us.  In Stargate meditations, the power animal is essential, for a the power animal connects man back into his "Force of One" of Unity Consciousness . This is the Consciousness that he had before he got thrown out of the garden . 

DEVAS “The word “Deva” is Sanskrit, meaning the “shining ones,” often referenced to the Angelic Realm. Devas are a hierarchical order of Intelligences that oversee almost every aspect of creation. They exist in a separate dimensions that is connected with us but not part of our own dimension . They interact and have an  energetic impact with us every day.  They are responsible for creating and maintaining the DNA blueprints for all natural life,  forces, forms, laws and processes including solar, planetary and interplanetary. Nothing can exist in this world of form without the direct supervision of a Deva and a Devic plan behind it.

The Devic Realm is organized like a large corporation with people operating within their own specialties. The The office of  "Overlighting Deva"  over sees a given “team” .  There are thousands Devas that work with different forms of healing and would all collectively be known as the “Healing Devas.” The Healing Devas are divide into teams by their specialities and overseen by the  Overlighting Devas of specific forms of healing like the Overlighting Deva of Psychotherapy, Massage, or Reiki.

Nature Spirits Everyone is assigned at least two nature spirits at Birth. A Body Elemental and a Spiritual Elemental (Fire,water,air,wind, storm or earth).  Nature Spirits are “cousins” to the Angelic realms and are part of the Devic Kingdom.   Nature Spirits are the Devic beings that work closest to the physical plane. The Devas create the blueprint or the plan and the Nature Spirits take the plan and put it into action. The Devas provide the order and vitality.  Nature Spirits are the workers and caretakers of form on this plane of existence.
Historically many cultures have been aware of these beings. Some other names that Nature Spirits are known by include: elves, fairies, undines, salamanders, gnomes, sylphs, fauns, trolls, and elementals. Nature Spirits tend to be very regionally based. The Nature Spirits that live and work in Los Angeles are not the same ones that live and work in Vancouver. The head Nature Spirit and guardian of that dimension is named Pan, The Overlighting Deva of the Nature Kingdom. The name Pan is from the Greek word pan meaning “all, everything, or all encompassing.

PAN  is the traditional name for the Overseeing Spirit of the entire nature spirit level. Machaelle Wright calls Pan the "CEO" of the nature spirit level. This group creates and implements all of the blueprints for form. It also insures the integrity of the process of maintaining this original devic blueprint. Pan aligns all physical elements of any healing process that might occur in a session to the devic healing blueprint.

Guardian Angel  will be with you always, assisting with healing and providing guidance when asked. The more you seek contact with your guardian angel the more you feel your angel’s presence. This attunement is special because it gives you your own guardian angel that you can call upon. It can help remove negative blocks and thoughts that ­form around those who are blocked from receiving angelic guidance.

Angels and Archangels (Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel, Chamuel, Jophiel and Gabriel) and their associated Rays. Each Archangel has the ability to help with healing and broadening awareness on unique levels. This attunement  helps to  remove negative blocks and thoughts that are ­formed around those who are blocked from receiving angelic guidance.

Archangel Michael helps you with Courage, Strength and Protection. He carries the flaming blue Sword of Truth and will cut away any old ties, cords or misalignment energies that are holding you back. Ask for his help in any situation where you feel that you need to develop more willpower, initiative, strength and focus or where you feel in need of protection - whether physical or psychic. Chakra: Throat

Archangel Gabriel helps to increase your intuition and psychic abilities, dream consciousness, work with omens, strengthens emotional health. Chakra: Sacred Chakra

Archangel Raphael helps you with Healing, Creativity, Truth and Vision. This Archangel  brings you help with any healing work and for help to dissolve the negative blockages which cause illness. He will also help you to develop Vision and Inner Knowing. Heart Chakra

Archangel Uriel helps to give you  security and stability on earth plane. Helps dissolve financial issues, job issues. Chakra Root

Archangel Jophiel  helps you overcome fear, ignorance, and false pride, can help you to find personal power, to counsel you how to defeat negative thoughts and feelings, to give you inner clarity and wisdom. Chakra Solar Plexus.

Archangel Zadkiel is the Archangel of the Violet Ray of mercy and compassion towards yourself and others, helping us let go of judgements and resentment, and of personal transformation. Archangel Zadkiel transform our hurt, frustration, anger about our interactions/relationship into a higher vibration. He brings us into a better place with it. Archangel Zadkiel attunement helps you to forgive yourself and others. Chakra 7th (violet)

Archangel Chamuel helps you strengthen a parent-child relationship or in times when you lost someone close through death or separation, your heart is blocked with depression, hopelessness and despair. Chamuel helps us to find our twin soul/The Soul Mate or other lost objects.

Unicorns  are seventh dimensional beings of light who help us connect to Christ Consciousness. Many lightworkers have a unicorn guide who is working with them at this time. Their horns represent the connect of the of the Holy Spirit with the third eye They help us to remove the seven veils of illusion from our third eye to bring about enlightenment.

Dolphins are master healers and keepers of Lost Chord. They are highly evolved Multi-dimensional beings who live in the Force of One. Their role is similar to that of the angelic kingdom. They are here to watch over us, to help us and support us, and to guide us on our Divine Nature remembrance to radiant wholeness. The dolphins provides the unconditional love and safety. They help us  balance, align, cleanse and re-attune your chakras so you will hold a higher vibration and release any blockages in the chakra system.

Ascended Master El Morya gives you confidence and courage to act, strengthens self confidence by abolishing fears, helps overcomes fears through trust.

Ascended Master Serapis Bey helps with self-discipline, connecting to the Seraphim, healing, healers, ascension flame, white & platinum flame of purification, Ancient Egypt. Base Chakra

Ascended Master Hilarion strengthens your connection with your higher self, understanding divine plan and your mission in it. Third Eye Chakra

Mary Magdalene helps to develop unconditional love, finding your own truth & path, trusting in God, opening your  heart & mind to the divine feminine, and connecting to her retreat in the astral plane above Rosslyn Chapel.

Acended Master Lady Nada helps you to feel accepted, love yourself oneself,  transmutation and purification with the violet flame, ceremony, ritual, celebration, justice, defender of the oppressed, helps to develop your intuition, telepathy & wisdom. Heart Chakra

Quan Yin / Kwan Yin/Tara helps you to develop unconditional love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, divine feminine, transmuting karma through grace, mercy & love, healing, expansion, divine wisdom, illuminating your path & purpose, balancing your masculine & feminine energies, accelerated ascension. Heart and Crown Chakra

Jesus Christ helps us to develop Unconditional love, Christ Consciousness, connecting to Ancient Wisdom, understanding your path & your part in the divine plan, pure love, wisdom, healing, synthesis (bringing together) of all paths & religions under one divine Creator. Throat Chakra

Ascended Master Kuthumi helps you to connect with the earth, grounded, realistic, patient, stability gives us earth wisdom to make friends with the earth, discernment, alchemy, aligning your bodies, 'getting your house in order', kundalini, awakening, helps you on your ascension path, helps those who take on the pains of others as their own.

Saint Germain helps us to detach, let go of negative things that hold us, makes us aware of inner beliefs, patterns of behavior and entanglements,  violet flame of transmutation,  works with the lords of karma, master of alchemy, turning your life into spiritual gold, transmuting the old energies into newer & higher ways of being, mysticism, magic, healing through sacred geometry.

Ascended Master Lady Portia helps us to be Balanced, One of the lords of karma, balances mercy & judgement, balances heart & head, opens the heart centre to help you love yourself & others, releases energies & patterns of judgement from the ego level, grace, karma releasing, often karma can be released if you just ask. Heart Chakra

Djwal Khul Solar plexus chakra, gemstone: dioptase, moldavite. Accepting your own strength.The Tibetan', is spiritual guide to all lightworkers, he teaches us about compassion, service to humanity; he teaches us esoteric secrets about the cosmos & fills our minds with divine wisdom.

Buddha carries the Christ Consciousness , he brings us enlightenment & shows us the way by his example.

Lord Melchizedek helps us to carry the Christ Consciousness & anchors it within our bodies, connects us to sacred geometry, higher healing, oneness: the earth, humanity, the plant, animal, mineral, bird kingdoms are all one unit.

The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being who is the manu of the incoming seventh root race, destined to embody in South America as a soul pattern of freedom on the violet ray. The great Divine Director has merged his consciousness with the cosmic cycles of God's divine plan for untold universes. In the Hindu tradition, he is known as the elephant-God Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, who is son of Shiva and Parvati and brother of Kartikeya. He serves on the Karmic Board and on the twelve o'clock line of the solar hierarchies. His causal body surrounds the entire planet in a giant blue sphere through which the delivery of the judgment shall pass. The Great Divine Director maintains a retreat known as the Cave of Light in India. He is also known as the Master R for his retreat and association with Saint Germain and the House of Rakoczy in Eastern Europe) When you call upon the Great Divine Director, you receive a fresh understanding of divine direction for your life. This master will help you to know your divine plan, especially when you invoke the violet flame of freedom in his name



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