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The Valley Potrals to Other Dimensions
Richard Coon and professional geologist and renowned Channeler James Tyberonn suggest that the Gulf Coast Region is teeming with Stargates and Vortexes that connect to other dimensions and parallel realities. Vibrational Energy played a vital role in opening Stargates across the Valley. Many Stargates are programmed NOT to become fully active until the Planet has reached a certain stage in it's Spiritual Evolution Process . This stage was reached in South Texas when a Higher Intelligence coming into the Ocean from the Bermuda Triangle area created a vibrational wave field across the Americas called the "Return of the Dove" . This vibrational wave field formed the pattern of a Dove over the land. East Cameron County is located in what has been called  the "Head of the Dove". This area was a sacred energy Atlantean  Temple Complex used by the Atlantean “Brotherhood of Light” (Scientist/Priest Sect)  to maintain the Crystalline Grid. It is believed that their technology is still activate under the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the Rio Grande Valley Resacas and the Bay. This explains some of the strange sonic booms that can be heard coming from the Texas Gulf of Mexico Waters. This higher intelligence in the Bermuda Triangle is activating these Ancient Atlantean Centers within the "Head of the Dove" along the South Texas Gulf Coastline, Mexico and Cental America . 

What Opened the Valley Stargates?

During the Final Blood Moon on September 27, 2015 all these South Texas, Mexico and Central American newly awakened Atlantean and Lemurian Temples within the "Head of the Dove" were connected vertically and horizontally. This event formed one South Texas-Mexico-Central America energetic current of Mahatma White Gold Fohat Fire Energy . This is called the "Head of the Dove Power Shift". A new energetic current was formed by this power shift called the Head of the Dove Leyline. This leyline runs from Lake Titicaca, Peru  to Tikal  Ruins, Guatemala  to Palenque,  Mexico to the East Cameron County in Rio Grande Valley,Texas  and ends at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas.

Fohat energy running through the leyline has opened Stargates along its path from South Texas to Central America. Transmissions and Meditations conducted within one of these Stargate allows you to draw in Multi-Dimensional energies from other dimensions, other universes or the current great cosmic fire that flows around and through the Ancient Atlantean and Lemurian Temples.  Because of these Stargates the Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy, Christ Centered ET's, Archangels and Ascended Masters can now communicate directly with you, take you through activations, give you healings and meditations to do, or just send you love. This close contact is possible because they have a direct communication channel. In the past individuals would have to spend long hours learning how to open up higher chakras and projecting their energy bodies into an etheric Ascension Seat. Ascended Masters had only limited abilities to manifest directly on to the 3rd dimensional Plane.  Stargates allow your spiritual guides to focus light and higher energies directly into your everyday consciousness  to help you awaken and to make the transition into a new earth cycle smother and easier. Higher dimensions are now merging into 3rd dimensional reality in a blink of the eye.

Cameron County Stargates

The Head of the Dove Leyline has created at least 3 dimensional portals along the Texas Gulf Coastline in East Cameron County:

  1. Land adjacent to the Lighthouse in Port Isabel, Texas, 
  2. Land adjacent to Lower Laguna Madre Bay in Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge
  3. Land adjacent to the Resaca de los Cuates in Bayview off,   San Ramon Rd. across from the San Ramon Wind Turbine Farm in Bayview.Church of the Divine Spirit  is located within the Bayview Stargate. 

The South Texas Stargates are directly interfaced with Sirius. In other words, you have a DSL line for fast and easy communication with the Ascended Masters headquarters,  "The White Lodge"  located on Sirius. Furthermore the Valley Stargates are aligned with a newly awakened  Atlantean Research Facility that was used for DNA Recalibration.  The mission of the facility was to modify and created new DNA blueprints for species on this planet and new planets. For example, if a planet's inhabitants were not doing well they are taken to the Temple Complex so their original 8 cell blueprint could be upgraded. We now call this mutation ...Darwin’s evolution.   The Awakening has allowed Stargates to connect individuals directly with the Facility and draw in Multi-Dimensional energies that activate the  Star Codes for awakening latent DNA.

Special Grid Energy of the Magic Valley

One of the reason for Stargates opening in the Valley is due its special Earth Grid Energy. The Planetary Grid is the energetic lattice that covers our planet. The grid reflects and amplifies our ascending levels of consciousness. Visualize the grid as a geodesic sphere, of pentagons and triangles, sparkling as a faceted, brilliant diamond. The concept of planetary grids is not a new one. Plato theorized the concept as did the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Hopi Indians. In a sense, the grid is a template, the Windows' program', that allows all life to accelerate in the diamond light format that is used for the ascension. The Grid, is 'Windows 2020', and indeed, it is quite necessary for our ascension. 

The Earth Grid is a bit like the Force in Star Wars. There are certain energy power spots located on the Grid. These energy spots are sites where the earth releases an extra energy boost. The Valley Stargates are fed by a 5 Powerful Earth Grid Energies:

  1.  Mega Vortex called the 7th Planetary Gateway for World Inner Balance and Androgyny.
  2. Head of the Dove Leyline
  3. Return of the Dove vibrational wave field coming from the Bermuda Triangle.
  4. Golden Sun Disc frequencies transmitted by Moody Gardens Tri-Pyramid Complex in Galveston, Texas
  5. Energy tornadoes created from Wind Turbines Farm creating a protective dome over Stargate 

The convergence of the 5 Vibrational Wave Fields has created a unique sacred geometry within the area called Metatronic Cube. This energy field contains all the sacred geometric codes:  the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. The Metatronic Cube can take negative multi-dimensional energy that would have an imbalancing effect on the Earth Grid and immediately make a counter balancing adjustment that will maintain perfect symmetry.  This softens any negative energy that is streaming into the Planet from other dimensions. 

In addition, it has the effect of quickening  'higher' thought manifestation for group meditations or transmissions conducted in the Stargate area. Higher thoughts are transformed into the geometric cube vector and immediate healing and transformation can occur here. Likewise negative thoughts are laid dormant within this field. This ability to negate negative energy is because negative energy has a dense vibrational frequency that lacks the appropriate geometric frequency to achieve a reaction within the Vector, so it remains dormant. Metatronic Cube creates a zero point...a place that is neutral, above positive, above negative, a place of complete Neutrality.

This energy allows an individual to remain within a higher frequency wave field without auric depletion. For the past three decades, individuals have been called to experience and align to power-sites of higher dimensional energy across the planet.  However, after a few days of downloading the energy, they have an overwhelming feeling that it is ‘time to go’. This is due to a high vibrational frequency that cannot be stabilized into the human aura.  However, within the Metatronic Cube the aura not only stabilizes the energy but continually recharges despite the vibrational differential aspect. This is due to the unique overlay of sacred geometry. Plus, the Metatronic Cube has allowed Archangel Michael to anchor and sustain his personal energy in the surrounding geographic area and allows for individuals to have a clearer channel to Archangel Michael.  

This extra concentration of Cosmic Fohat energy has caused a host of bizarre occurrences including mysterious live stock mutilations, glowing orbs floating over the Gulf waters  and sightings of “Thunderbirds ‘ or flying Pterosaur dinosaurs.  After 2012 local experts claim an increase in UFO sightings in the Rio Grande Valley  area.  Numerous individuals have reported seeing UFO’s flying in and out of the South Texas Gulf Waters. Mysteries flashing beams of light have been reported coming from under the waters of fresh water lakes called Resaca’s . These flashing beacons of light appear to be guiding or communicating with something in the sky over the Gulf waters. Just across the Rio Grande River massive UFO sightings have been reported by Mexican Air Force Pilots. Unexplained stories are endless. This unusual energy in the Valley is because it is located directly in a Mega Vortex. Click on Links below to find out more on strange events in South Texas

Archangel Michael & Stargates
  Archangel Michael & Stargates

 Archangel Michael oversees all of the Stargate areas of Head of the Dove including South Texas, Mexico and parts of Central America. In the Dead Sea Scrolls Michael emerges as the 'Prince of Light' fighting a war against the Sons of Darkness in which he leads the angelic battle against the legion of the fallen angel, Belial. Most recently, in 1950, Pope Pius XII declared Michael to be the patron of all policemen.  Some time ago, it is believed, Archangel Michael was placed in charge of the Crystalline Grid .  Michael now wears the title of “ The Keeper of the Secrets of the Relations between Heaven and Earth”. Archangel Michael works closely with Archangel Uriel and Elohim Astrea to maintain the Return of the Dove vibrational seed pattern. 

The Archangel Uriel is one of the seven Archangels that stand at the throne of the Divine Spirit and one of the four major Archangels that serve humanity. Uriel rules the mental plane, our thoughts and ideas, creativity, insights, judgment, magic, alchemy, astrology, universal consciousness, divine order, the distribution of power, the cosmic universal flow and the Earth's environment. Uriel is humanity's link to the spiritual realms and he guides the individuals on how to find their inner power to help each individual shift into higher realms of consciousness

Elohim Astrea 's mission is to wield the cosmic circle and sword of blue flame  in order to free the individuals from all that opposes the fulfillment of the divine plan. Astrea personifies the Hindu concept of Kali, “the demon-slayer.” She has the ability to protect an individual from negative energies, implanets and the influence of the Black Lodge    on our thinking patterns and behavior.

Michael, Uriel and Astrea are now functioning as inter-dimensional messengers of energies, both up and down, the Head of the Dove geographic area. In the “up” direction, they gather all Lightworkers intentions, aspirations, wishes and prayers from Stargates and deliver them to the appropriate beings in the higher planes. In the “down” direction, they send beneficial, higher dimensional energies to Lightworkers in this area byway of Transmissions.

  Connection to the Nature Spirits

The Valley Stargate are all located on water. This has an an effect on the elemental that maintain these waterways. The Water Devas and the Crystalline Dolphins are directing, powerful fohat energy from the Stargates into the Bay, Gulf and Resaca waters.  Green and Violet  fire energy is being channeled into these waters that make it easier to connect with the Nature Kingdom.  If you meditate or do a Transmission by these Waters, you can easily make contact with inner-terrestrial and inner earth beings that reside in the Deva dimension, such as dragons, unicorns, elves and faeries.

Click to Learn about the Dolphin Connection

  Hpw to Open a Valley Stargate

Selenite, Danburite, Herkimer Quartz, Herderite, Moldavite, Labraborite, Lemurian Seed Crystals, Green Obsidian and crystal skulls are the  go-to stone for light-workers and energy healers opening a Valley Stargate.Listen below are some high vibration crystral that will help you connect to your spirit guide at a Stargate :


Blue lace agate
Lemurian Seed Crystals
Blue Kyanite
Herkimer Diamond
Labradorite Crystral
Raibow Flourute
Chlorite Phantom Crystals

These specific stones are of a very high frequency... so they may assist you to raise your vibration. This raising of your vibration allows you to make contact with beings from other dimensions and also spirits in the higher realms. Using them in any way will aid you, and having them on your body is extremely beneficial.

It is a personal choice whether to wear them as crystal jewelry or keep tumble stones on you in a pouch. There are specific stones that are effective for physical healing, mental healing and others for emotional healing.

Stargates are energized by holding Selenite and one of the high vibrational crystals while doing a Transmission that includes intoning and visualizing a three Fire Letters combination of the name of God:

Open Portal  to Return to when you where first created - time travel "back to the future"

← Vav Hey Vav ←

Since Archangel Michael oversees the Valley Stargates you need to also intone and visualize the name of God that invokes him.

Power of Archangel Michael & lovingkindness

← Aleph Nun Nun ←


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