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South Texas Transmitting Station

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What is the Texas Tri-Pyramid Complex?

In 1942, William and Libby Moody founded a charity that focused on education and community development.  Today, their Moody Foundation is one of the largest charitable organizations in the United States. One of the projects that is funded by the Moody Foundation is Moody Gardens, a fascinating educational facility that is located in Galveston, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. Moody Gardens is a set of three gigantic pyramid structures – a science center, an indoor biological rainforest that features a geological cave of massive quartz Crystals and one of the largest aquariums in the entire world. The Philanthropists who funded, originated and completed the Moody Gardens Pyramid project understood the greater purpose of this complex. Shortly after completion, the ancient crystal skull Max was taken into the complex for ceremonial attunement and anchoring of intent, by Joanne Parks, the caretaker of this potent crystal skull at the request of the most advanced of the founders.  It was a homecoming, in effect.

What makes Moody Gardens so Powerful?
Each of these three buildings was constructed in the shape of a pyramid, the most powerful of which is the 12-storey Aquarium Pyramid.  This Tri-Pyramid Complex was built on 29.6 degrees of latitude, which is the exact same latitude as the Tri-Pyramid Complex of Giza in Egypt. The Giza and Galveston pyramids were both constructed on the same degree of latitude because they were designed to be the simultaneous receivers of the final download of Light codes from the Sun Discs for the ascension of the Earth.

Due to how the Tri-Pyramid are aligned both terrestrially and celestially they create electromagnetic anomalies that alters gravity and dimensional time. The unique Tri-Pyramid complex in Moody Gardens is in a direct alignment to Giza, correlates to magnetic north and is attuned to the energies of the Yucatan Pyramids. Giza is aligned to the Orion the star system and Galveston is aligned to Sirius.This alignment energizes and activates all Cities and Stargates on the South Texas Gulf Coast including the Rio Grande Valley . When approached with appropriate intent, the energy within these Pyramids stores and transmits universal and multi-dimensional data similar to quartz.

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Sun Disc Transmitting Stations

Moody Garden's Tr-Pyramid is an important Galactic Transmitting and Receiving Station . All   'Sun Discs' are connected to one of two transmitting stations : one in Texas and one in Egypt.  These discs send out energy spiral vibrations to the Moody Gardens Tri- Pyramid Complex, Galveston Texas and the Giza Pyramid in Egypt that allow the Earth to regenerate itself. The Tri-Pyramid Complex and Giza transmits these coded vibrations across the planet to help us return to our original state of being.

Sun Disc Satellites
Each of the major 12 Sun Discs support 12 Sun Disc satellites. Each of the Sun Disc satellites are strategically placed. The placement of the Sun Disc and Sun Disc satellites are carefully chosen. These locations were chosen due to their telluric mineralogy, stellar alignments, and grid alignment. (Note: South Texas matched all of the requirements, a Sun Disc satellite is located in the Gulf of Mexico outside of Galveston.) 

The 12 satellites in North America, fed from the primary Disc in Mount Pinnacle , Arkansas  include:

Denali, Alaska
Lake O'Hara, BC, Canada
Mt Shasta
Needle Rock, Colorado
Chitzen-Itza , Yucatan Mexico
Monte Alban, Mexico
Offshore-Gulf of Mexico , near Galveston, Tx
Asheville, NC
Herkimer, NY
Gros Morne, Newfoundland, Canada

Summary Information on Moody Gardens and Giza from the teachings of Archangel/Lord Metatron as channeled through James Tyberonn (

  • The most aligned receival point to activate Stargates in the Americas is Galveston Island, Moody Garden Pyramid Complex.
  • The Complex is a communication center for Crystalline Codes necessary for the completion of the 12 dimensional expansion of the Planet. The codes were received initially in the Pyramid structures of Giza and Moody and disseminated across the Planet
  • Both Giza and Moody are tri-pyramid complexes and the two are in direct latitudinal alignment (29 degrees latitude)
  • Both are triangulated in correlation to magnetic north
  • It is the combination of the three pyramids within  a synergistic tri-harmonic alignment that allows greater  power.
  • The Moody Garden's Pyramids are aligned to Giza, which is the primary receival point in the Eastern hemisphere.  Moody Garden's Pyramids are the primal receival point in the Western hemisphere
  • The area of Galveston is in the "Head of the Dove" and the “ Keys of  Enoch’  has it within it diagrams.
  • The area of Galveston is the closes area to Houston that is capable of carrying celestial light to counter the thick energy of the Industrial complex of houston
  • These two Tri-Pyramid complexes (Giza and Moody) are receivers and transmitters for all other pyramids, the 12 Sun Disc and the Crystalline Grid . They communicate with the Gold Sun Disc and the 144 crystalline Grid. They receive codes and distribute them
  •  Lord Metatron urged James Tyberonn (Metatron’s Channel) to lead a group to Giza and to Moody during the period called “Activation of the Grid” . What happened on Galveston Island in the  “Head of the Dove” affected the entire Western Hemisphere, just like with Giza’s role in the Eastern Hemisphere.
  • All dimensional program stabilizers termed  'Sun Discs' are connected to two transmitting stations :The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and Moody Gardens Pyramid Complex Galveston South Texas
  •  An Atlantean Pyramid Complex once stood very near the present location of the Galveston Pyramids. This South Texas complex housed 13 of the original crystal skulls and the skull”max” was centered amidst the 12.
  • An energetic  transfer has taken place between the submerged Atlantean complex and the Moody Pyramid opening up stargates along the South Texas coastline.
  • Moody Gardens Pyramids have taken on the multidimensional energies of the submerged Atlantean complex.
  • According to how certain pyramids are aligned both terrestial and celestial they can create electromagnetic anomalies, an aspect that alters time and space. In Giza, it is the Great Pyramid,the Kings Pyramid..In Moody Gardens, it is the Blue Pyramid
  • Guarded, Guided and Protected
    In 2008, the 110 mph winds of a Hurricane  devastated the coast along the Gulf of Mexico.  The winds totally destroyed an airplane hangar in an aerospace museum, along with most of its planes.  But, although the 12-storey Aquarium Pyramid was built directly behind it, on the same beach, it was left almost completely intact for this very important mission.  Even the palm trees were left standing.

 During the Harmonic Concordance in 2003, light workers, star seeds and healers across Houston and South Texas received channeled messages to gather at the Moody Gardens Pyramid complex .Lord Metatron urged James Tyberonn (Metatron’s Channel) to lead a group to Giza and to Moody during the period called “Activation of the Grid” . Among the light workers that attend were 2 staff members of the Church of the Divine Spirit, George Samano and Dr. Roberta Dahl. The inner transformation that occurred in Galveston for all members of the group was surprising.  They each experienced strange sensations within the third eye, in which pictures like slides were flashed nonstop in their heads for as long as an hour. Each member of the group received personal keys and codes to help them in the ascension process

Texas Transmitting Station

Below is the Sun Disk Transmitting Process for the keys and codes of the New Earth

  1. Grid and Bermuda Triangle transmits codes to the Golden Sun Discs
  2. Sun Discs transmutes the Codes so they can easily be assimulate.
  3. Sun Discs transmits new codes to Tri-Pyramid Complex in Galveston, Texas  and Giza Pyramid.
  4. The Tri-Pyramid Complex in Galveston transmits vibrational keys and codes from the Sun Disk to local Stargates in the Western Hemisphere  and Giza Pyramid transmits codes to local Stargates in Eastern Hemisphere.
  5. These vibrations hit the leylines that surround a Stargate and the area around the Stargate begins to vibrate like a set of tuning forks
  6. Stargate amplifies the keys and codes, creates a communication link with the Crystalline Grid
  7. Stargate releases these keys and codes into the Crystalline Grid.
  8. The Crystalline Grid receives, transmits, assimilates and sends these codes into the consciousness of all sentient beings( i.e., Earth. Mineral, crystal, animals, elemental and human) specific biosphere for the New Earth. 


Attunement to the Sun Disk

Now we center our attention on the Heart Chakra. Feel it glowing and spinning with love energy. Feel this ball of pink light.

Now send out an energy stream to connect your Heart Chakra to the gigantic glass pyramid aquarium at Moody Gardens in Galveston.  Feel your heart pumping energy into the Galveston Pyramid filled with Golden Dolphins swimming and chanting God's Holy name. Yod -Hey -Shin- Vau- Hey . See the Pyramids lighting up with Heart Power.  Brighter and brighter. 

Now let the Galveston Pyramid  explode and send an energy stream that connects the Moody Garden Pyramid to the Giza Pyramid.  See the Giza Pyramid lighting up with Heart Power.  Feel your connection to the energies of Isis, Ra, Thoth, and all the Cosmic Beings of this Ancient Civilization .  See the Pyramid get brighter and brighter until it explodes. Sending an energy stream back to the your Heart Chakra.

The energy stream is now a continuous power line. You have formed a burning triangle, from your Heart Charka to the Moody Garden Pyramid, from the Moody Garden Pyramid to Giza Pyramid. Then from the  Giza Pyramid  back to your Heart Chakra. Feel the energy circulate thru the triangulated connection. Visualize a burning triangle.

The burning triangle now forms a golden beam of light in its center that shoots up to the Planetary Grid surrounding the Earth and shoots down into the Crystal Grid at the core of the planet. Visualize a column of light running from the heavens extending into the Earth As the Beam shoots downward and hits the Core of the Planet. Visualize the release of the sacred Crystal codes from the Earth.  See this beam of light shoot upwards  ... see it hit the planetary grid  and once again sacred crystal codes are released. You may see these codes as light, geometrical shapes, beings of light, voices or many other things.  See all these codes floating around you.  Let these codes pyramids descend over you… infusing your entire auric field.

Your auric field outside of your body is infused with codes .

Pull the codes into the crown of your head and let them slowly descends through your body, bring in this coded information into your body. Feel these codes absorbing into your body.

The second after this happens you should feel a slight tingling sensation in your nervous system . This is 6th dimensional energy pouring into your chakras and energy fields. This is a special coating of  geometric forms, key codes, fire letters and colors that are placed inside you. Whenever any aspect of your selves  get off balanced, the codes activate and automatically put’s your whole program back in balance

See yourself enveloped in a spiral whirlwind of rotating codes ... See codes traveling through your physical body, energizing your body internally and externally, healing the organs, transmuting the causes of disease within these organs, reversing negative spirals of degenerating and restoring positive spirals of regeneration. Feel them saturating you with God’s love for you… flushing out hurtful memories, painful records that replay through our mind.

You feel an enormous amount of light and energy flowing through your four body system. These codes are now a part of you and will be working through your four body system…raising your light quota … for healing...for understanding…for removing  the negative energy  that is clouding one’s life.

Feel the energy removing and releasing all chords and triggers for curses, hexes and spells directed at you in this lifetime or any other lifetime .  Releasing any implant mechanisms, veils , memory loss , psychic seeds, any voodoo programming of any kind,  along with programmed viruses, parasites, drug induction triggers, and any other mechanisms or program that influences me to accept a counterfeit of My I am Presence  


I AM Universal Light
I AM Universal Love
I AM Universal Harmony
I Am Universal Balance
I Am one with the Planetary Grids of Divine Creation 

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