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Optimized Process
Optimized Process

Loreenergy healing circlee

first surrday every month; 31o garrison drave san benito tx, 78586 11 am to 200 plebeplease rsvp call 233 16 29 texas Dr.robyn dahl 

11;00 am to

We come together in friendship with the earnest desire to help each other to learn a new way to heal ourselves and manifest thicreate a world events and hat supports you. Our intention and drcree must serve the highest and best good of the universe, as wel as the highest and best good of our sels and pthers

We say our intention every day and meet together with likeminded friends in a manifestation and healing circle twice a month  first and fourth Saturday this is all that needs to be done to start getting everything we desire to complete our divine plan if it’s for our highest goodof ourselseves and others and the univiverse  we must be willing to take some timeout of our busy routine to consciously work for self healing and creating a world that supports you.

Key points

Our thoughts create our world our thoughts create our experience our thoughts are creating everything

every thought you have is ready to manifest the more attention we give it  the faster it moves into reality.

This is the way things work we learn toconsciosly learn to control our thoughts with the help ofmorphic thought form  of uspernatural power of love and light.

Gratitude is what makes the intention process work

 When we express our  gratitude to the force of love and light saying thank you we apprecte this connection and we know we can call on it any time and will always help us we all state what we are gratfull for. And get into the energy  Intention pross For example we say our decrees and intention first thing in the morning and call in our spiritusl guidance team for help and protection  then a couple of hours later allowing ourselves to dwell on the power of love and light on all sorts of of other thoughts that are connecting to the god force of light and love.

Push out  negative doubts and fears thartwill interfere with your manifestion keep watch over  your thoughts rebuke the negative thoughts and take back your power envision and only positive out comes

Our intention and drcree must serve the highest and best good of the universe, as wel as the highest and best good of our sels and pthers

We don’t dwell on the dramas. We transmute them  by going to the positivepower of love and light we see  the positive of every issue and decree exactly  how we desire for things to turn out by practicing a short time everyday you will see  very soon and spontsneouly  your intention will come ture.

To close the circle  we stand up  and everone pams of  hhand  faced to center of circle sending love and light from hear down arms out palms to the center of circle and make an announcement  to call upon our spiritusl guides, angels and helprs to make these attentions manifest we take all these intention made here to night to  the light and love in a pillae of whiye light we Crete  right here in the center of the circle envision  a pillar oflight  going  up yhourgh the roof  this house into the heavens aove for as far as we can imgine and now we see it gothrough the floor beneath us  connecting us to the crystalline gride in the heart of mother eath and see it expanding out. Ppast the wall of the building across the street across this land we give thanks  to all of our spiritusl guides incluing Jesus holy spirit father god, mother mary and your personal guides we give thanks that you joined us today and we ask that our intentions return to us in great mesure if they serve the  highrdt goodof the universe, ourselves and all others so be it make it so

We pick a sound that is comfortable hum om aum when we tone we  keep it going for three or for minutes so we have formed a oneness with the force of love and light. Stand quietly to feel the energy

what is an energy healing circleA energy healing circle or exchange, is a gathering of energy healers and believers of energy healing who participate  in group energy healing session we meet the first saturday of the month 11 to 2 once a month with like mined friends cost love donation only expiance 5  5 tpyes of energy treatments healing crysal, reiki, vibrational,chistain,galactic, shanic, vibrationalincliding  tuning forks, tibetean signg signing bowls, christain hebrew healingand abundance  mantras from rabbi in isrel

 cost love donation only

he recipients ultimately break into small groups and take turns lying down on massage tables. Or sitting  in chairs  Multiple practitioners gather around each recipient and place their hands o over them and around the outside of  thier gtheir body  , no touch  they may use healing crystal to make their energy stonger. Healers will be rotating to make==ibg sure all attendees receive a similar amount of attention.

wAt can I expect from a group energy session?

Many have felt like they are being held in a gentle healing positive energy force, stagnant energy clearing away, and/or see light and experience subtle sensations in their body. Each session will begin with a short grouning,relaxing and protect meditation,  call in your sppirtual guiance team some people call in jesus, holy spirit father god.rchangels love light peace, mother earth, unity grid, cystalline grid, mother mary abimal totems sngles an other saints  and then each person will receive multiple energy treatments using the five healing methods listed below

how to work with your spiritual guidance team

how to make a conference call fir help

What is energy \circle, and why is it useful?

The premise behind an energy circle is simple: A certified reiki master or energy practitioner will gather a group of energy healers to assemble (either virtually or in person) around somebody or something who is in need of positive energy. It can be a person who is recovering from trauma or injury, a philanthropic cause, or a social issue.

Collective consciousness is powerful, and when multiple people direct their energies toward one focus or goal, the results can be astounding.

 energy circles have been done for a for a friend who has cancer living in another state  When we gathered virtually, I asked people to send light energy toward her and , say prayers and blessings, or visualize her surrounded by healing light., My friend with cancer  continually reports more feelings of peace, calm, and happiness after the circle. Doctors say one vital signs have returned to noram blood pressure plus headaches have gone away and has more energy, Additionally, it's been a beautiful way for him to connect with all the friends and families he has across the world who can't physically be with her. And it allows those friends and family Energy healing circle meets the first Saturday of the month from 11; oo to 2;00 Monthly ornery healing cycle 

Uses five types of healing energies are used into during an energy circle

1. Vibrational energy tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls

learn  to work with your spiritual guidance team

the prense of the holy spirit Jesus

and  Father God

galactic call in acturians, call in the in the pleian emissaies of light

 call in the sirian archangelic lpledsirian archaglic league of light,

 2 the healing power o the power of the bloodand name  of Jesus power of visualization

3.  the power of the word Hebrew healing mantraswith fire letters  and prayers from rabbi in Israel

crystal light theray


The purpse of the energy manifestation ircles is to help uouto heal your self and others

Flexibenrgy healing circle
Flexibenrgy healing circle


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