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What is the Qabala?

The Qabala is a simple system of understanding yourself and of reconnecting with the Divine Spirit. Many have called the Qabala… the Yoga of the West. Qabala is not a religion per se. Qabala is defined as the secret, mystical, magical, philosophical and religious teaching  developed by Jewish scholars. The way that you are enlightened is through gnosis and mystical illumination. Qabala— the world’s oldest body of spiritual wisdom — contains the long hidden keys to the secrets of the universe. It‘s mission is to lift the veil between worlds and bring clarity, understanding, and wisdom to our lives by tuning into our Creator.

According to Wikipedia's List of Celebrities who have studied some form of the Qabala:
  • Madonna.
  • Lindsay Lohan.
  • Britney Spears.
  • Roseanne Barr.
  • Sandra Bernhard.
  • Anthony Kiedis.
  • Ashton Kutcher.
  • Demi Moore.

The term Qabala refers to a particular variety of Jewish mysticism, which first emerged in the 12th-century CE in Provence and Catalonia. This is a type of Jewish mysticism which covers a range of theories regarding the use of divine and angelic names to gain special powers, cast magic, or even attain unification with God extending beyond the requirements of standard Judaism.

It was distinct from other magical traditions, which were primarily concerned with subduing supernatural powers and harnessing them to effect change in the physical world. What this strand of secret Jewish traditions share, however, is a belief in the supernatural power of language.

According to Jewish tradition, the Hebrew language has a divine origin. In Genesis 1, God creates the world by pronouncing his will; hence language has the ultimate creative potential.

It was believed that this system had the power to help one to merge with our Divine Self. These techiques were kept secret for many centuries by a selected group of Jewish Mystics. However,  it is an priceless tool for spiritual progress, now available to all seekers.

There are many myths about  were the Qabal came from:

  • Was given to Moses on Mt. Sinai during the burning brush 
  • Taught by God to the Angels in Heaven. When Man was expelled from the Garden of Eden, Ratziel, the Archangel of Wisdom was commissioned to communicate the teachings to Adam (first man) so mankind might use them to regain the Garden of Eden (Heaven on Earth)
  • Communicated to Abraham and passed down from one generation to the next through an ever-expanding oral tradition;
  • The teachings were transmitted to Moses at the same time that he was given the Torah and the other Oral Teachings that would eventually become the Talmud, or the codified Jewish Law;
  • The teachings were developed by Judaic mystics after the first millennium CE.
  • Archangel Metatron gave it to Adam, who in turn passed it down to Abraham. When Abraham emigrated to Egypt, some of it leaked out.  In this version Moses was first  initiated into it's use by the  Egyptians, and became well schooled in it during his 40 years in the desert.  During this time he receives more instruction from the angels..the manna from heaven was attributed to the knowledge of the Qabala. 
  • David and Solomon were the most knowledgeable about the Qabala.

The Qabala has been with us from the beginning of human history. These ancient teachings were brought out of Egypt by the Hebrews.  Over time, the Qabala was taught at the School of the Prophets at Mt. Carmel and at the Essene Center. There is a belief that Jesus received his training at this temple. In Western history, Qabalistic schools existed in Alexandria, Egypt, Fez, Morocco, and the South of Spain. However there were two great Qabala teaching centers.  One was in Florence under the protection of Cosmo de Medici. This center produced the scholars Marsilio Ficino, Pico de Mirandola, and Giorgi. These three men are called the Fathers of the Italian Renaissance. These three individuals were responsible for developing what became known as the Christian Cabala. 

The second center has been called the “Shangri-La of Kabbalah” and was located in a small town in Galilee called Safed. This town was almost completely dedicated to the study and practice of the mystical tradition of Qabala. It was said that on most evenings you could see the processions of young Qabalists dancing through the streets, on their way to the “secret” meetings. This center produced the Adepts Moses Cordevero and Isaac Luria.

The combination of these influences came to be called the Hermetic Qabala.  The term “Hermetic” is a reference to the teachings of the ancient Egyptian Master of Masters, Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes is credited with founding astrology and discovering alchemy. The theory behind the Hermetic Quabala became the mainstream of the Western Mystery Tradition. There are many systems of Qabala Hermetic tradition like that of the Order of the Golden Dawn and B.O.T.A.   These teachings include non-Judaic mystics and spiritualists including Franz Bardon, Madame Blavatsky, Dion Fortune,  A. E. Waite, Israel Regardie, and Paul Foster Case.

Tree of Life and Chakra System

Locate and harmonize the 12 spheres and chakras that correspond to the planetary 12 Tree grid points in our body for perfect integration within our divine blueprint. Fire Mantras resonates with one of the Spheres known as Sephirot on the Tree of Life. Each Sephirot is a divine quality that can be developed and is located on the physical body corresponding to the Chakra system.

  • SOUL STAR-Three Fold Flame - 8th Chakra
  • KETHER - The Crown Chakra. 
  • CHOKMAH - Third Eye Chakra  
  • BINAH - Third Eye Chakra 
  • CHESED -Higher Heart Chakra 
  • GEBURAH - Higher Heart  
  • TIPHARETH – Heart Chakra. 
  • NETZACH - Solar Pleux Chakra  
  • HOD – Solar Pleux 
  • YESOD – Sacred Root Chakra .
  • MALKUTH - Feet Chakra
  • DA'ATH – Thymus Chakra . 

Below is a brief definition of each Archangel and Shekinah within the Tree of Life.



 Metatron lives in KETER

 1 KETER - The Crown

 Raziel lives in CHOKMAH

 2 CHOKMAH - Wisdom

 Tzaphqiel lives in BINAH

 3 BINAH - Understanding

 Tzadkiel lives in CHESED

 4 CHESED - Mercy/Love/Abundance

 Kamael lives in GEBURAH

 5 GEBURAH - Severity/Justice/Judgement

 Michael (Raphael) lives in TIPHARETH

 6 TIPHARETH - Beauty

 Haniel lives in NETZACH

 7 NETZACH - Victory/Eternity

 Raphael (Michael) lives in HOD

 8 HOD - Glory/Reverberation/Splendor

 Gabriel lives in YESOD

 9 YESOD - The Foundation

 Sandalphon lives in MALKUTH
(and Shekinah can also live in MALKUTH)

 10 MALKUTH - The Kingdom

 Shekinah lives in DA'ATH
(not an Archangel)

 DA'ATH - Knowledge/Void/Abyss/Voice of Shekinah

 ALL Archangels together are called:

 HOLY HOST of Archangels

Metatron - The highest Archangel who presides over all the other Archangels. The tall Archangel. Guards the Divine Throne. The "Angel of Presence" who faces Divinity directly. Records good deeds and serves the Divine Merkabah (chariot). Assists in personal ascension. Twin brother of Archangel Sandalphon. Metatron lived as a human man, the prophet and scribe known as Enoch. Lives in the sephira KETER.

Raziel - Means "Secret of God". Reveals the secret Divine mysteries of mankind and the Universe. Brings intuition, insight and heightened awareness allowing deep understanding of esoteric spiritual ideas by opening the Third Eye chakra. Wrote the Book of Wisdom revealing all earthly and cosmic secrets, which Raziel gave to Adam as he left the Garden of Eden. Lives in the sephira CHOKMAH.

Tzaphqiel - Means "Knowledge of God". Tzaphqiel is the beholder of God. The Feminine aspect of Creation, emanating unconditional love, forgiveness, non-judgement and compassion. The Great Cosmic Mother. Lives in the sephira BINAH.

Tzadkiel - Means "Righteouness or Justice of God". The Angel of Mercy. The Great Alchemist. Invokes the violet flame of purification and transmutation. Assists with the alchemical process. Brings joy, benevolence, justice, liberation and freedom. Brings ability to perceive many things at the same time. Helps in matters of prosperity and money. Lives in the sephira CHESED.

Kamael - Means "He who sees God". Helps in all matters of the heart. Assists in the healing of the heart. Helps to develop our heart chakra and bring through the attributes of compassion, balanced love of Self and the unconditional extension of that Love for oneself to others. Assists with all mental activities. Brings concentration and focus resulting in breakthroughs in understanding. Assists with the healing of family relationships and friendships and reuniting twin flames. Helps you find missing items. Lives in the sephira GEBURAH.

Michael - Means "He who is like God". The Great Teacher of humanity. Brings expansion, leadership, courage, protection, faith, power and strength. Cuts away what is discordant, unwanted or no longer needed using his sword. Also cuts psychic ties to another. Call on Michael before you go to sleep. Lives in the sephira TIPHARETH. Note: some Kabbalist scholars place Michael in HOD.

Haniel - Means "Glory, Grace or Love of God". The Great Nurturer. Seals the love between humanity and God. Helps to enhance psychic powers and how to use crystals and natural healing remedies. Haniel is the master of the lessons of polarity and duality and of synchronicity, who brings together friends and lovers and then supports them in their relationships. Lives in the sephira NETZACH.

Raphael - Means "Healing of God". The Great Healer. Heals, balances and makes whole both humankind, animals and Mother Gaia. Assists with healing your soul of present difficulties or past traumas. Warns of dangers ahead. Encourages devotion to causes. Inspires musicians, singers and composers. Lives in the sephira HOD. Note: some Kabbalist scholars place Raphael in TIPHARETH.

Gabriel - Means "Strength of God". Bringer of Light. Brings mercy, love, hope, comfort, calmness, gentleness, empathy, forgiveness and strength. Assists the path of ascension. Brings fertility and reproduction. Assists mothers at conception, throughout pregnancy, and at birth. Instructs souls for the nine months before they enter the world. Aids the process of adoption. Helps children and an adult's inner child. The Great Messenger. Assists artists and those involved with communication, particularly writers. Lives in the sephira YESOD.

Sandalphon - Means "Brother" referring to his twin brother Metatron. Metatron and Sandalphon are the only Archangels who had incarnations as human beings. Protects those in the physical world. Weaves garlands out of human prayers and sends them to Heaven where Metatron receives them and gives them to God. Lives in the sephira MALKUTH.

Shekinah - Divine Presence or the presence of God whose voice is heard in Da'ath. The feminine indwelling presence of God that hovers in Malkuth. The presence of God in matter.

The Tree of Life is built from ten sefirot (consciousness levels)  and 22 Paths of Wisdom. Each Path of Wisdom expresses the interaction between the pair of sefirot it connects.  The Paths combine different levels of consciousness from different serfirot in in order to manifest this level of awareness in our everyday life .  By meditating with a Fire Letter along with the appropriate Tarot symbolism triggers archetypal energy that will manifest into certain situations and experiences in our everyday life.  Each Path of Wisdom is linked to the Tarot Major Arcana and Hebrew Alphabet.

There are 22 paths on the Tree of Life, one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet . There are also 22 cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and each of these corresponds to a Hebrew letter and a path on the Tree of Life. The usual attributions of the Trumps to the paths is shown in the diagram, but some occultist offer slightly different assignments. Aleister Crowley transposes the Star and the Emperor, so that the Emperor corresponds to the Hebrew letter tzaddi, and the Star to heh. 
There are basically four systems that define how to make the Hebrew letter correlations to the Major Arcana.

Levi - where the letters follow, sequentially, the order of the Major Arcana, except that the un-numbered Fool is placed as penultimate card;

Golden Dawn - where the letters follow again the order of the Major Arcana, save that the Fool has been numbered zero (thereby placed at the beginning), and Justice and Strength interchanged in their position and numbering;

Crowley - in terms of Hebrew letter allocations, same as the Golden Dawn, save that the Emperor and Star cards inverse their Golden Dawn letter allocations

Filipas - the letters follow the order of the cards, with the Fool, un-numbered, placed at the end of the sequence (as twenty-second card).

No student will ever make any progress in spiritual development who flits from system to system; first using some New Thought affirmations, then some Yoga breathing exercises and meditation-postures, and following these by an attempt at the mystical methods of prayer. Each of these systems has its value, but that value can only be realized if the system is carried out in its entirety. They are the calisthenics of consciousness, and aim at gradually developing the powers of the mind. The value does not lie in the prescribed exercises as ends in themselves, but in the powers that will be developed if they are persevered with. If we intend to take our occult studies seriously and make of them anything more than desultory light reading, we must choose our system and carry it out faithfully until we arrive, if not at its ultimate goal, at any rate at definite practical results and a permanent enhancement of consciousness. After this has been achieved we may, not without advantage, experiment with the methods that have been developed upon other Paths, and build up an eclectic technique and philosophy therefrom; but the student who sets out to be an eclectic before he has made himself an expert will never be anything more than a dabbler.

Dion Fortune – Mystical Qabalah – Chapter 2 “The Choice of a Path”

Of course, Ms. Fortune’s words here apply to all practices, you might even compare it with exercise; if you exercise one time and then never again, you’ll experience minimal results. If you exercise daily, just watch where that road takes you. We encourage you to pay careful mind to those words above as you move forward; whatever path you end up choosing, commit to it and see where it takes you.

What is the Hermetic Qabala (Kabbalah)?
Many people who study Qabala are not Jewish. This has been happening for 500 years or so. It is difficult to know what to call this variant of Qabala. "Non-Jewish" is inaccurate, as I have personally known several Jews who opted for Hermetic Qabal a in preference to the traditional variety! At one time it was called "Christian" Qabala, but this is also very misleading.

The origin of this variant can be placed in Renaissance Italy in the last decade of the 15th. century. It was an amazing decade. In 1492 Christopher Columbus set sail for America. In that same year the King of Spain expelled all Jews from Spain on pain of death, bringing to an end centuries of Jewish culture in Spain, and causing a huge migration of dispossessed Jews through Europe, many of whom were welcomed by the Turkish sultan, who is reputed to have observed that the King of Spain had enriched Turkey by beggaring his own country.

At around the same time, at the court of the great banking family of the Medicis in Florence, Marcelio Ficino had established the Platonic Academy under the patronage of the Medicis and was translating the works of Plato. A bundle of manuscripts, lost for centuries and dating back to the 1st. and 2nd. centuries A.D. was discovered; this was the Corpus Hermeticum, a series of documents relating to Hermes Trimegistus, identical with the Egyptian god Thoth, god of wisdom. Cosimo de Medici told Ficino to stop translating Plato and to concentrate on the Corpus instead.

At the time it was believed that the Corpus really was the religion of the ancient Egyptians, and that Hermes was a kind of Egyptian Moses. The fact that they were written much later, and heavily influenced by Neoplatonism, had the effect of convincing readers at that time that Greek philosophy was founded on much older, Egyptian religious philosophy - this had a huge influence on liberal religious and philosophical thinking at the time. Into this environment came the Kabbalah, brought in part by fleeing Spanish Jews, and it was seized upon as another lost tradition, the inner, initiated key to the Bible.

Two figures stand out. One was Giovanni Pico, Count of Mirandola, who commissioned several translations of Kabbalistic works, and did much to publicise Kabbalah among the intellectuals of the day. The other was Johannes Reuchlin, who learned to read Hebrew and became deeply immersed in Kabbalistic literature. It must be said that Jews were suspicious of this activity, finding that Christian scholars were using the Kabbalah as a bludgeon to persuade them to convert to Christianity.

It was out of this eclectic mixture of Christianity, Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, Kabbalah and Renaissance humanism that Hermetic Kabbalah was born. Over the centuries it has developed in many directions, with strong influences from Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, but continued input from Jewish Kabbalah has meant that many variants are not so different in spirit from the original. Its greatest strength continues to be a strong element of religious humanism - it does not attempt to define God and does not define what an individual should believe, but it does assume that some level of direct experience of God is possible and there are practical methods for achieving this. In a modern world of compartmentalised knowledge, scientific materialism, and widespread cultural and historical illiteracy, it provides a bridge between the spirit of enquiry of the Renaissance (the homo universalis or - in Hebrew - hakham kolel) and the emergence of a similar spirit of enquiry in our own time.


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