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Council of Nine

What is the Council of Nine

Councils 9 offers us a unique opportunity to experience and receive energies and information concealed since the time of Lemuria. In addition to creating profound clearing and restructuring of the participants' energetic fields ("the subtle bodies"), The Council presents new, highly effective healing modalities for humankind. Preparing us for the refined energies making their way onto the planet, an Initiation into The High Councils always promises to be a life-changing event.

~ Receive attunements, teachings, and infusions to repattern our physical blueprints with   

~ Upgrade your emotional bodies

~ Discover previously unknown healing modalities

~ Experience an expansive shift in consciousness through your spiritual bodie.

The Purpose of the Council of Nine 
The purpose of The Nine is to assist individuals in connecting to their higher self which is close to the Divine Spirit . This process helps us to merge the higher with the lower self (the one that lives on earth); this merger is known as one's multidimensional self. This allows one to live in the "now," but the goal is to be able to experience life outside of time.

The goals of The Nine is to help you develop a thought system without a specific hierarchy or doctrine. The Council of Nine emphasizes correct thinking and knowledge, feeling good, universal toleration, and moral relativism. Its goal is to reunite humans with their "I AM Presence" .  This will happen as individuals become more enlightened. The Nine are not equated with God. God is comprised of all people, including The Nine.  Some characteristics of the Council Nine that have been reported over the years: 

  • Council of Nine is sometimes referred to as the collective consciousness of our galaxy known as the World Spirit.
  • Another reference refers to the Council of Nine as part of the Great Blue Lodge of the Great Blue Light. The Great Blue Light is comprised of all the holy places, where the Divine Spirit is illuminated throughout the galaxy. The Council of Nine refers to its messengers, who carry its light to creation. They are given the task of making sure that the Divine Plan unfolds as it was meant to be.
  • Still other researchers call them simply  "The Nine." Here, "The Nine" refers to the nine principles of the universe. Work on this premise began over 50 years ago with researchers interested in paranormal activity.
  • Others say the Council Nine is the collective Conscious of the World Spirit of our planet Gaia.  The World Spirit is a collective of consciousness which is representative of your entire Solar System which generally goes by the nomenclature of the Council of Nine, as a symbolic archetype of the way that consciousness has arranged itself and how it presents itself in your particular paradigm of experience.
  • Over the years many groups have received messages from The Nine . When they are not on starships, they mostly inhabit the Pleiades Star System and, hence, are oftentimes referred to as the Pleiadian Council of Nine. There, a planet (Erra) has become their communication hub. Most communication is done through telepathy.

The one who wishes to connect with The Nine simply states the request: "I connect with the Pleiadian Council, please connect with me." The Nine will reveal themselves (or at least one of them will). They act to promote the Good of All, and are happy to help with whatever issue is needed – physical or emotional healing or spiritual growth. All communication occurs through telepathy, and one's goal is to "see" while in a meditative state.

Note: Some believe that The Council of Nine is actually Atum, the Egyptian creator-god and the eight others form the Great Ennead (collection of nine) of Heliopolis (City of the Sun). Heliopolis was the center of worship for the sun god Ra, and Atum was closely related to Ra.  This connection to Egypt extends into the Theory of New Atlantis . Dr. Hurtak of the Keys of Enoch believes that:

Orion Council

The Council which regulates the laws administered in this part of the Universe. This is the Highest governing body for this quadrant of the universe and is subject to no laws of its own, except to the Great Divine Director. This council regulates many different star systems and planets. Why are new Atlantean centers being activated by Orion?

Technologies of Light are coming from the Galactic Command in Orion with instructions to help the Adamic race bring peace to the Earth.”

Egyptian mythology actually suggests that the gods descended from the belt stars of Orion and Sirius  in the form of humans, they called them Osiris and Isis, and they created the human race. Maybe the Council of Nine that help built the Great Pyramid in Giza are back to participate in an Upgrade.  


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