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Stage 7: New Blueprint

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Stargates that have recently opened up all over our globe are drawing in a higher light frequency that is now streaming across our planet. We are receiving a new set of instructions basically overnight through these dimensional doorways.  Being lifted from one blue print and set down into another. A new morphogenetic field or Blueprint is anchoring in.  Most people today are feeling the effects of this super amplified energy field that is now entering our everyday lives.  In the physical body we are feeling non-stop 'downloads' resulting in the development of new abilities, the intensity of the upgrade is undeniable. We are experiencing a shift in consciousness that is happening at a mind boggling pace. 

Furthermore, our sun is generating cosmic rays that are also increasing our vibrational rate.  The result is that we are becoming less dense, this increases our ability to transform a greater spectrum of light frequency allowing us to experience Multi Dimensional Communication. This is the beginning of us transitioning out of our carbon based communication circuitry into a multi-dimensional crystalline matrix circuitry.

What is a Blueprint ?
A Blueprint is a manifestation template that holds the instruction of what you are here to do.Everything in creation has an instruction set, or a Blueprint. All conscious creation, from micro to macro, is manifested through a blueprint. The Blueprint stores information for how a consciousness will manifest. It encodes our energy to form in certain ways, to allow our consciousness to see reality in a different way.   The old Blueprint encoded our consciousness in terms of  duality, separation, fear, herd instinct, death and survival instinct. The new Blueprint is generating a vibrational seed pattern of timeliness, Love, Unity, Regeneration, and Immortality.

This new blueprint holds the encoding for a type of 'superhuman'. Basically,  this is the Blueprint for the "Future You" .  Being able to benefit from this encoding is based on whether or not we can upgrade our circuitry so that we can hold and use this higher frequency energy. Everyone needs a new communication circuitry that can receive and convert the higher energy frequency. Todays children our born with it.

The Problem with Our Communication System

Just like an new electrical system in your house, the incoming  Blueprint needs a bigger, more effective transformer (brain) and lots more connecting conduits (neural pathways and strong synapsis). For the new blueprint to effectively connect, your four body energy system needs a gradual 're-wiring' process to make it ready to receive and translate the higher light frequencies.   The process will be different for everyone depending on the level of light frequency that you can assimilate. This is happening on an etheric level and it will take some time to integrate into the physical.

The Angelic and Star Being Networks have deemed the Diamond Light Grid Activation  important for getting the new Blueprint up and running.   The purpose of this technique is to bring you into alignment with the new Blueprint, not only ethereally and spiritually but behaviorally and attitudinally in your daily life. They will accelerate not only your spiritual growth and expand your consciousness.  They will release triggers that accelerate the surfacing of karmic patterns, thoughts and beliefs that create the flip flop from one blueprint to the other.


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