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Pyramid Research Studies

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The pyramid is a sacred geometric shape that has been utilized for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egypt.  Ancient Egyptians had knowledge of this pyramid power and that was part the motivation for their building the Great Pyramids of Giza. Recent pyramid research has shown that pyramid structures bring in energy forces that benefits,  both man and the environment.This ancient structure has become very popular in Russia. Recently Alexander Golod, a Ukrainian former defense contractor and current scientist and alternative healer, has constructed over twenty pyramids across Russia and former Soviet satellites made out of fiberglass and other materials. The largest of these structures is 44 meters high and weighs roughly 55 tons. Golod pyramid research suggest that the pyramid shape channels Earth's magnetic fields and creates positive energy fields that can be harnessed and controlled for man's use. Inside the largest pyramid he has placed a number of benches and large globes – geographical, topographical, and astronomical - for tourists to enjoy.

Among the many benefits that Golod has claimed is the result of pyramids energy include:

  • A boost in immune system strength in fighting pathogens;. He has claimed that persons who enter the pyramid “will not become ill with cancer, AIDS, Alzheimers disease, or other sicknesses.”
  • Medicines becoming more effective after exposure to the pyramids;
  • Greater crop yield to seeds exposed to the pyramids;
  • Presence of an ion column that reportedly repairs Ozone layer;
  • Effects of radioactivity are lessened;
  • Cure impotence;
  • Moderate weather.
  • Improving sleep and libido/sex drive,
  • Enhanced meditation
  • Quicker healing times.

Some examples of Golad experiments are listed below:

  • Prisoners were fed food that had been exposed to the pyramid. The prison reported that acts of violence diminished significantly.
  • In two different tests mice were healed from an viruses  using nothing more than water that had been stored in pyramid, resulting in a 10x greater survival rate of the mice. Likewise,  Dr. Yegorova at the Mechnikov Vaccine Research Institute injected mice with a deadly bacterium called S.typhimurium. A control group was injected and left out of the pyramid, while the other was placed in a pyramid and observed. All the mice in the control group died within 25 days, but the survival rate of the group place inside the pyramid was approximately 40%.
  • Another study used two groups of mice injected with carcinogens. One group was given water that was placed in the pyramid, while the control group was offered regular water. Lumps and swellings were four times greater in the control group which drank regular water.
  • Mature babies who were close to death were given an IV with pyramid charged water, and had a rapid recovery.
  • Russian astronauts were also reported to have taken objects and water from the pyramid on board the International Space Station to keep themselves healthy.
  • Athletes are reported to visit the pyramid to receive a boost of energy and strength from its powers.
  • Distilled water in bottles within the pyramid were vibrating so rapidly that even in -38 degrees C, the water did not freeze .
  • Research found that the Pyramid created an ionization effect that stretched 500 m wide and 2000 m tall. This resulted in cleaning the atmosphere of toxic pollutants by breaking apart the heavy metal ions right out of the air! 
  • Complex of pyramids were installed on an oil field in Bashkiriya, Russia, within a few days the oil wells produced oil that was 30% less viscous (meaning it flowed more easily), and therefore increased yield of the same percentage.
  • Seeds stored for just a few days had 20 % - 100 % greater yield as well as increased resistance to drought and a removal of toxiferous matters within the crop.
  • Surrounding plants with a ring of pyramid charged crystals had the same effect.

The list actually continues. A number of tourists have claimed they experienced positive results after visiting the pyramid. Success stories range from barren women being able to conceive after exposure, to the ozone layer above Russia being repaired. One might wonder, why is it that the specific pyramid shape has the ability to create, and/or channel this energy that scientists are calling torsion fields? As of yet, it is unknown. There is one possibility, which involves a concept called “sacred geometry.”


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