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  Blue Fire

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Blue Fire: Clears a fogy mind, gives you  power, protection, faith, courage, and strength.  Influences the pituitary and entire  endocrine system, links to immune system, affects synopses of the brain and balances left and right hemispheres of the brain. Used to affect sinuses, eye, ears and face. Brings in  psychic abilities of clairaudience(inner hearing)  and clairvoyance (inner sight)  Assist in manifesting greater abundance. Eases respiratory problems. 

On the Mental level blue is used for Intuition, will, creativity, objectivity, introvert, leadership, clear thought process.

On the Emotional level use blue for feeling peaceful, patience, balanced,  calm, emotionally balanced and optimistic. You could become electro-magnetic more easily. You would also emit healing and soothing energies to others in your presence. Can solve

  •  a fear of the unknown,
  • abuse of  power in order to control one’s circumstances, including other people.
  • fear of engaging in activities where the outcome cannot be predicted or guaranteed, engaging  
  • protect the separate self and what it thinks it can own in this world.
  • sense of ownership over other people, which is one of the major sources of conflict on this planet.
  • fear of being creative and a sense of powerlessness, feeling that nothing really matters and that an individual cannot make a difference—thus, why even bother trying.

On the Physical Level blue fire is used for  Abscesses, arthritis, bleeding, inflamed bowels, burns, chicken pox, colic, coma, cuts, depression, diarrhea, dysentry, epilepsy, female problems, fever, goiter, headaches, heartburn, hoarseness, hysteria, indigestion, insecurity, insomnia, irritability, itches, laryngitis, leprosy, loss of appetite, lungs (collapsed or bleeding), measles, nausea, nervous disorders, nervousness, pain, piles, problems of the eyes, ears, nose, mouth & throat, prostrate trouble, rheumatism, sexual inadequacies, shock, stings, smallpox, sore throat, spasms, teething, toothache, tonsilitis, tumors, vomiting, whooping cough, jaundice, associated with a decrease of acetyl-choline (important to nerve transmission). For general healing, when in doubt, apply blue.

The Blue Fire represents power, protection, faith, courage, and strength. Archangel Michael,  the leader of all holy angels,  and the Elohom Astrea is in charge of the Blue Sacred Fire. Michael is known for his exceptional strength and courage. He’s a leader who fights for good to prevail over evil. He protects and defends people who love God. People sometimes ask for Michael's help to gain the courage they need to overcome their fears, obtain strength to resist temptations to sin and instead do what's right and stay safe in dangerous situations. Blue fire strengthens your faith and gives you freedom from fear and doubt.

The Blue Fire helps you to :

  • discover God’s will for your life and to find the courage to act on it. 
  • help you more clearly see God’s will for specific situations you’re facing, and inspire you to follow where God is leading you.
  • for the protection from evil that is interfering with you achieving your goals
  • for the faith and courage you need to take action to say or do something.
  • successfully deal with stressful  situations , meet challenges in your life, to stand up for your convictions, to fight injustice and work for justice, or to take the risks necessary to start a new project
  • develop leadership qualities ( integrity, creativity, compassion, decisiveness, listening skills, speaking skills, and the abilities to build teams, take risks, solve problems, and inspire others).

If negative thoughts are burdening you, you can also pray for blue ray angels to help you let go of those negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts that reflect the truth about God, yourself, and other people.

The Circle and Sword of Blue Flame

The circle and sword of blue flame is the tool of Archangel Michael's Legions of Blue Lightening Angels and Elohim Astrea. The circle of blue flame is a ring of spiritual fire that may be invoked around any person, place, condition or thing requiring a concentrated action of the Will of the Divine Spirit, of  pro­tection or of its purifying power. The circle is used to contain and to immobilize forces of evil. It will absorb the impurities of the soul and the psychic effluvia residual in the four lower bodies of man, which is often the cause of disease, accident, old age and death. By intensifying the activity of the Will of the Divine Spirit, it will restore to the consciousness and being of man the original pattern of his perfection and of his divine plan.


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