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South Texas: Transmission Station

In 1942, William and Libbie Moody founded a charity that focused on education and community development.  Today, their Moody Foundation is one of the largest charitable organizations in the United States. One of the projects that is funded by the Moody Foundation is Moody Gardens, a fascinating educational facility that is located on Galveston Island, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. Moody Gardens is a set of three gigantic structures – a science center, an indoor biological rainforest that features a geological cave of massive quartz Crystals and one of the largest aquariums in the entire world. The Philanthropists who funded, originated and completed the Moody Gardens Pyramid project understood the greater purpose of this complex. Shortly after completion, the ancient crystal skull Max was taken into the complex for ceremonial attunement and anchoring of intent, by Joanne Parks, the caretaker of this potent crystal skull at the request of the most advanced of the founders.  It was a homecoming, in effect.

What makes Moody Gardens so powerful?
Each of these three buildings was constructed in the shape of a pyramid, the most powerful of which is the 12-storey Aquarium Pyramid.  This Tri-Pyramid Complex was built on 29.6 degrees of latitude, which is the exact same latitude as the Tri-Pyramid Complex of Giza in Egypt. The Giza and Galveston pyramids were both constructed on the same degree of latitude because they were designed to be the simultaneous receivers of the final downloads of Light codes for the ascension of the earth. The unique Tri-Pyramid complex in Moody Gardens is in a direct alignment to Giza, correlates to magnetic north and is attuned to the energies of the Yucatan Pyramids.  This alignment energizes and activates all cities on the South Texas Gulf Coast including the Rio Grande Valley. When approached with appropriate intent, the energy within these pyramids stores and transmits data similar to quartz. 

Due to how the Tri-Pyramid are aligned both terrestrially and celestially they create electromagnetic anomalies that alters gravity and dimensional time.  They were built in the Planetary Gateway 7th which is a doorway to other dimensions and worlds. Giza is aligned to Orion the star system and South Texas /Galveston is aligned to Sirius. 

The Solar Grid and Golden Sun Disk 

The most aligned transmission and receiving station for cosmic encoding in America is in South Texas: Galveston Island within the Moody Garden's Pyramid Complex. Cosmic encoding is the downloadimg of geometric Crystalline Codes from the Solar Grid and Sun Disc inorder to  complete  the 12 dimensional expansion of the Planet. The codes are received in the Pyramid structures of Giza and Moody and disseminated across the Planet

The Solar Grid carries the wave frequency energy that creates life as we know it. The Solar Grid brings the Golden Rays of Divine Love , the Divine Blueprint and ability to merge with our I AM Presence. Recently the solar vibrational seed pattern  has moved out through the Gridwork around Earth for all to experience the peace and harmony.  The Golden Solar energy is sent  through the Light Grid and into the Crystalline Grids of Earth to clear blockages in the meridians,  to open up the flow of energy around the Earth. 

The Sun Disc
The Solar Grid allow us to rise to the level of Unconditional Love. It’s an energy vortex that takes in one form of energy and weaves it into another. These weavers are the Sun  discs, which are located in various places around the world  They were once used to channel information between mankind and the Ascended Masters and to regulate the powers of the elements and nature. Currently the Sun Disc assists the Earth to regenerate itself . They send the vibration seed pattern that forms the DNA pattern or blueprint of the New Earth There is a 'human' component. Some individuals  actually carry the new code within there cellular structure. They are actually evolved in the recoding for the new earth and are drawn to vortexes or other locations related to the Sun Disc.

Who Construct the Sun Discs 
The Sirian-Pleiadian Alliance and the Atlantean constructed twelve Major Sun Discs with one primary disc activating all of the others..This Primary Sun Disc was hidden within Lake Titicaca so long ago. The Primary Sun Disc was put in place by the Sirians in alignment with 11 other locations across the planet. It is a perfect battery for both receiving and transmitting the higher dimensional energies that is required for Earth’s Ascension. This Primary Disc is now located in Arkansas because of its unique combinations of magnetic minerals, radium charged aquifers and a diamond deposit, which work synergistically with their the large quartz crystal deposits .  

Where are they Located
There are 12 major 'Disc' on the planet. Each disc carries a specific vibration that relates to its purpose. These twelve solar discs emit zero point energy energy of pure Unconditional Love that can only exist in the fifth dimension and above. They are spiraling strands of DNA – the DNA for the new Terra Nova Earth. Locations of 12 Major Sun Disc:

Arkansas - Pinnacle Mountain (Primary)
Brazil - Saint Tomas des Letres- Minas Gerais
Bolivia - Lake Titicaca ( Near Island of the Sun)
Scotland - Roslyn Chapel
Russia -Ural Mtns
Russia - Siberia-Lake Baikal
Egypt - Giza
Africa - Kilimanjaro
China - Xi-an Pyramids
French Polynesia - Moorea
Australia- Uluru
Sri Lanka

South Texas Sun Disc
Each of the major 12 discs support 12 satellites. Each of the satellites are strategically placed. The placement of the Sun Disc and Sun Disc satellites are carefully chosen. These locations were chosen due to their telluric mineralogy, stellar alignments, and grid alignment. (Note: South Texas matched all of the requirements, a Sun Disc satellite is located in the Gulf of Mexico outside of Galveston.)

The 12 satellites in North America, fed from the primary Disc in Mount Pinnacle , Arkansas  include:

Denali, Alaska
Lake O'Hara, BC, Canada
Mt Shasta
Needle Rock, Colorado
Chitzen-Itza , Yucatan Mexico
Monte Alban, Mexico
Offshore-Gulf of Mexico , near Galveston, Tx
Asheville, NC
Herkimer, NY
Gros Morne, Newfoundland, Canada

Following is a Maps of the locations of the 12 Sun Disk and 12 Satellites created by James Tyeronn


South Texas Sun Disc Transmitting  Station

All of the 'Sun Discs' are all in fact connected to the two primary coordination Pyramids of Giza and the Tri-Pyramid Complex of  Moody Gardens in Galveston Texas . The 12 Sun Disc reply the energy to two Mega Rely transmitting stations located in the South Texas and the Egypt. The crystalline energy  from all 12 disc are accumulated at  Moody Gardens Tri Pyramid Complex, Galveston Texas and the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. 

Both the Moody Gardens Pyramids and the Giza Pyramids are constructed on points that  merge dimensions  Mega-Portals in which multidimensional energy merges . It is why Giza has always been recognized, and why the Moody-Pyramids were specifically, precisely (re)established on what is termed the 'Head of the Dove'.Dimensions are coinciding in and out at the Moody Pyramids as well as Giza. This  Pyramidal structures automatically generate a light coded sound frequency that forms a Cosmic Network of multidimensional receiving  and  transmitting station  

The Giza and Galveston pyramids were both constructed on the same degree of latitude because they were designed to be the simultaneous receivers of the final downloads of Light codes for the ascension of the Earth which took place in 2012.  They were the transmitters that disseminated these musical codes other pyramids around the world.

The Moody Gardens Pyramid Transmitting Station:
Tikal, Guatemala
The Summum Pyramid in Salt Lake City
Muttart Conservatory Pyramids- Edmonton, Alberta
Tiajuanaco, Bolivia
Teotihuacan – Palenque-  Gulf of Mexico off Galveston and South Padre Island  - Chitzen Itza- Mexico
Walter Pyramid, Long Beach

The Pyramids of Giza Transmitting Station:
The Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France
The Meru Phi Temples of Thailand and Cambodia
Borobudur in Java, Indonesia
The Brihadishwara and Airateswara Temples in India
The Red Pyramid at Dashur
The Golden Pyramid of Russia (near Moscow)
The Cestius Pyramid, Rome

According to Metatron Channeling from Earth-Keepers the energies of the Moody Complex,
“Are drawn initially thru the apexial cap of the blue aquarium  pyramid and spirals into the pyramidal base. It infuses the waters of the aquarium and goes to the apex of the Rainforest pyramid, spirals to the base, and then goes to the copper Pyramid, and back to the Blue, creating a counter clockwise spin. Each pyramid contains within it a dual infinity pattern of two figure eight energies : north to south, and the other east to west. These intersect in the center at the level of the first level rotunda. Both the infinity pattern and the counterclockwise spin are constant within this tri pyramidal unit. The transmission process of the Moody Pyramids in relaying the Cosmic Trigger Energy Codes to the subordinate triangular forms is instantaneous, once the first energies are circulated between Giza and Moody

As noted earlier the Golden Sun Disc receive and assimilates the Solar Grid wave fields into sacred geometric keys and codes that carry a Mahatma Energy Frequency.  All of the 'Sun Discs' are connected to the two powerful transmitting stations : the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt  and Tri-Pyramid Complex in Moody Gardens,  Galveston Texas.  These two energy rely stations send the vibration into the consciousness of all sentient beings ( i.e,  Earth.  mineral, crystal, animals, elemental and human) .  Mahatma Energy is generated throughout all Planetary Gateways. However each Gateway receives a specific vibrational seed pattern correlated to its purpose and function. .

What is Mahatma Energy
The Mahatma Energy is the most important and highest energy presently available to us on Earth.  The Mahatma energy is a direct link between us and the Divine Spirit and speeds up our path to Spiritual Ascension one-thousand fold.  The more the people access this Energy the more enlightened the Earth vibration becomes, and the quicker the world consciousness will rise.  This energy became available to us as a result of prayers of humanity, through Divine Dispensation, during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. However, those who do not walk with the light will feel nothing . ABSOLUTELY NOTHING . . .Your intention brings in the Mahatma energy. This is a Selective Energy and  is only experienced by those who choose to experience it. This energy is characterized by intense feelings  of Divine Love, Compassion, Healing, Peace, and Cosmic Understanding.

Mahatma energy is different from Reiki energy or Christ Consciousness energy.  Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy is called  "Christ Consciousness energy". This is a personal energy, a personal realization, "I am One with the God Force." "I am Godling " .  This is Stage One of Ascension Process. After you become"Christ Consciousness' you can receive 'The Mahatma Consciousness or God Conscious". The Mahatma Energy uses the energy from  the I AM Presence. You realizing your Divinity, and now you express it outwardly. You see yourself as interconnected to everything in God's Kingdom.   You understand the "Force of One" .  Its your DSL into the your I Am Presence...Your inner self becomes your outer self and your outer self becomes your inner self.  You become  "community service oriented"  and use the awareness to assist other

Some researchers believe that Mahatma energy was created by the Atlantean. They theorize that during Atlantis’s Golden Age, many Ascended Masters and Christ Conscious ET’s sent  their energy into a sacred pool. This pool created a high frequency of energy from the Christ, Buddha and that of the 12 Rays or Attributes of the Divine Spirit. These attributed are listed below:. 

First Ray: Will, faith, protection and power    Second Ray: Wisdom and understanding

Third Ray: Divine love and compassion        Fourth Ray: Purity and holiness

Fifth Ray: Wholeness and abundance           Sixth Ray: Service to life

Seventh Ray: Forgiveness, mercy                 Eighth Ray: Integration

Ninth Ray: Mediation & Enlightenment          Tenth Ray: Creation

Eleventh Ray: Oneness                                 Twelfth Ray: Christ Consciousness

In Atlantis individuals could use this sacred energy to enhance themselves and their projects

What happens when you take in Mahatma Energy
 During the Mahatma process  your psychic abilities increase and you will understand that these abilities are an  expansion of consciousness and not sent from the Devil or some other sinister force.You can mentally direct it towards any problem that needs resolving. Mahatma energy increase your ability to manifest in the world. You realize that you create your own reality. It allows you the direct link between what you are thinking and what you are  manifesting in your world.  Physically it works on our glands, healing, balancing and re- energizing them. It is particularly beneficial for the pituitary gland, to re-energize and rejuvenate our hormones. Our glands are a very important mechanism of our body and keep us youthful, balance, alive, keep our immune system healthy and our metabolism balanced.

The Mahatma Process  brings in the female yin aspect of Divine Love to balance out the male yang energy that has dominated the planet over the last centuries. The Mahatma Energy helps you to return to your original blueprint of your spiritual self divine self. It cleanse your aura-magnetic field, dissolving negative thought patterns, emotional problems and heals. You clear out  negative emotions and fear stored from past lives. During this stage your body and mind becomes "purified" of fear and negativity.  As this happens, your "view" of things changes dramatically. 

.Listed below are some characteristic of the Mahatma process:
  1. Raising your vibrational frequencies  to higher frequency, faster energy waves.
  2. Letting go of duality (male/female; up/down; black/white; good/bad, and so on,)
  3. Seeing the world based on Unity Consciousness – the ONENESS of all things.
  4. Realization of your Godself and allowing it to control your actions, behavior and thought.
  5. Understanding and applying the Universal laws so that you create  a perfect reality instead of manifesting your reality unconsciously.
  6. Realizing that you are responsible for everything that happens to you in all areas of your life
  7. Living from your Heart Center, from Divine, Unconditional Love in all areas of your life. 
  8. Loving yourself , even the parts you think are not worthy or beautiful or good.
  9. Loving others unconditionally completely.
  10.  Understanding that your mission is not to “Service your Self”  but to  “Service Others”
  11. A balancing of the Divine Feminine energy(yin ) and the Divine Masculine (yang)  carried within each one of us.

Information on Moody Gardens and Giza From the teachings of Archangel/Lord Metatron as channeled through James Tyberonn (

  • The most aligned receival point to activate myriad crystalline stargates  in the Americas is Galveston Island within the Moody Garden Pyramid Complex.
  • The cosmic trigger is the download of geometric Crystalline Codes necessary for the completion of the 12 dimensional expansion of the Planet. The codes were received initially in the Pyramid structures of Giza and Moody and disseminated across the Planet
  • Both Giza and Moody are tri-pyramid complexes and the two are in direct latitudinal alignment (29 degrees latitude)
  • Both are triangulated in correlation to magnetic north
  • It is the combination of the three pyramids within  a synergistic tri-harmonic alignment that allows greater  power.
  • The Moody Garden's Pyramids are aligned to Giza, which is the primary receival point in the Eastern hemisphere.  Moody Garden's Pyramids are the primal receival point in the Western hemisphere
  • The area of Galveston is in the "Head of the Dove" and the “ Keys of  Enoch’  has within it diagrams that map this.
  • The area of Galveston is the closes area to Houston that is capable of carrying celestial light to  counter the thick energy of the Industrial complex of houston
  • Both Moody and the Giza Pyramids are constructed on precise vectors that merge dimensional reality. All pyramid structures are extraordinary powerful receivers and transmitters.. However it is Moody’s specific placement within Mega –Portals in which multidimensional energy merges and expands. It is why Giza has been recognized throughout the centuries and why Moody Pyramids were specifically located in the energy vortex that has been called the “Head of the Dove’
  • These two Tri-Pyramid complexes are receivers and transmitters for all other pyramids, the 12 Sun Disc and the Crystalline Grid . They communicate with the Gold Sun Disc and the 144 crystalline Grid. They receive Codes and Distribute them
  •  Lord Metatron urged James Tyberonn (Metatron’s Channel) to lead a group to Giza and to Moody during the period called “Activation of the Grid” . What happened on Galveston Island  that termed the “Head of the Dove” affected the entire Western Hemisphere in just like with Giza’s role in the Eastern Hemisphere.
  • All dimensional program stabilizers termed  'Sun Discs' are connected to two transmitting stations :The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt Moody Gardens Pyramid Complex Galveston South Texas
  •  An Atlantean Pyramid Complex once stood very near the present location of the Galveston Pyrmid in the latter phase of Atlantis Before the deluge of Atlantis, areas of the presently submerges continental shelf in the Texas Gulf Coast were on dry soil Aland bride connected Poseida (Atlantis) to the Yucatan and indeed parts of present day Texas
  • This complex house 13 of the original crystal skulls and the skull”max” was centered amidst the 12. The Acturians are involved in the refinement of energies along with those of Sirius A and B and was at the opening of moody.
  • An energetic frequency transfer has taken place between the submerged Atlantean complex and the Moody Pyramid
  • Moody Gardens Pyramids have taken on the multidimensional energies of the submerged Atlantean complex..
  • When approached  with appropriate intent , the energy within the pyramid stores, amplifies and transmits energy in a manner similar to a phi Cresol Quartz.
  • According to how certain pyramids are aligned both terrestial and celestial they can create electromagnetic anomalies, an aspect that alters time and space. In Giza,it is the great Pyramid,the Kings Pyramnd..In Moody ,it is the Blue pyramid
  • Guarded, Guided and Protected
    In 2008, the 110 mph winds of Hurricane Ike devastated the coast along the Gulf of Mexico.  The winds totally destroyed an airplane hangar in an aerospace museum, along with most of its planes.  But, although the 12-storey Aquarium Pyramid was built directly behind it, on the same beach, it was left almost completely intact for this very important mission.  Even the palm trees were left standing.

    During the Harmonic Concordance in 2003, light workers, star seeds and healers across Houston and South Texas received channeled messages to gather at the Moody Gardens Pyramid complex. Among the light workers that attend were 2 staff members of the Church of the Divine Spirit, George Samano and Dr. Roberta Dahl. The inner transformation that occurred in Galveston for all members of the group was surprising.  They each experienced strange sensations within the third eye, in which pictures like slides were flashed nonstop in their heads for as long as an hour. Each member of the group received personal keys and codes to help them in the ascension process.  The same effect happens every time we conduct an Energy Meditation Circle  in Bayview Texas located just off South Padre Island.


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