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Devas & Elementals at Findhorn
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Findhorn was an experimental spiritual community founded in 1962 on Findhorn Bay, located in northern Scotland near the Arctic Circle, and the site of a garden seemingly endowed with special powers.

At its peak in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Findhorn yielded eighteen-kilogram (40 lb.) cabbages and other plants and flowers that sometimes grew twice their normal size, despite the fact that the soil was nothing more than sand and gravel and the bitter climate of the North Sea made for abysmal growing conditions. Findhorn residents claimed that they received the directions for planting, cultivating, and managing their gardens from spirits that inhabit the natural world.

The Findhorn experiment has come to be viewed as a demonstration of the power and potential of human beings and the natural world living and working together in harmony.

Peter Caddy and coworker Dorothy Maclean, who established the first garden on the site claimed to have established contact with a spirit of the plant kingdom, called a deva, said to hold the archetypal pattern for each individual plant species. The devas provided specific information about every aspect of the garden: how far apart to plant seeds, how often to water, and how to remedy problems. Within a year Findhorn had been transformed with the gardens overflowing with life. Cabbages were over ten times their usual weight. Broccoli grew so large the plants were too heavy to lift from the ground

As word of the garden spread, it became a model community for proponents of the New Age movement. By the early 1970s, more than three hundred people lived, worked, and studied in Findhorn. Residents viewed themselves as the vanguard of a new society based on the principles of cooperation between people and the kingdom of nature.

By the 1980s the plants, fruits, and vegetables had returned to normal sizes and none of the present gardeners claim direct contact with the natural world. Nevertheless, newer members of the community preserve the original spirit and ideas of the founders. Findhorn has a democratic government, a garden school, and a company to help small businesses within the community.


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Devas and the Devic Realm
Devas are of angelic lineage. They are related to our Angelic hierarchy living in the Angelic Kingdom. The actual word Deva is from Sanskrit, which is one of the oldest and sacred languages on Earth. The actual translation of Deva from Sanskrit into English is the “shining ones”, a term often used to describe the presence of Angelic beings. The two words are practically interchangeable. The only real difference between Angels in the traditional sense and Devas is the type of work they are involved in.

Devas are a hierarchical order of Intelligences that oversee almost every aspect of creation. They are omnipresent and exist in a reality connected with but not part of our own. They interact and have mutual energetic impact with us every day.

The Devic Kingdom is quite immense and contains countless numbers of Intelligences. The Devas that we are working with are only a small part of the Kingdom. Traditionally, they have been responsible for creating and maintaining the blueprints for all natural forces, forms, laws and processes including solar, planetary and interplanetary. They create the architectural patterns that create order, organization, and vitality. Nothing can exist in this world of form without the direct supervision of a Deva and a Devic plan behind it. Their input is included as part of every template or form because they’re directly able to adjust the Devic plan associated with any work being done. They also insure that all work is balanced and in accordance with the natural laws of the physical dimension.

Devas are exceptionally beautiful and magnificent beings. Generally they are beyond gender although they may take a masculine or feminine form depending on their tasks and our human expectations of them. The Devic realm where the Devas live and work is quite immense. It is organized in a hierarchical system with many levels very similar to the Angelic realm. The Devic realm is organized like a large corporation with people operating within their own specialties. Generally there is only one Deva that oversees a given “team” and that Deva is called the Overlighting Deva. Healing, for example, is a fairly wide arena so within the part of the Devic Realm associated with healing there are many thousands Devas that work towards different forms of healing and would all collectively be known as the “Healing Devas.” Again more specialized, would be Overlighting Devas of specific forms of Emotional Healing, Physical Healing, or Energy Healing like the Overlighting Deva of Psychotherapy, Massage, or Reiki. The hierarchy is relatively arbitrary and just a convention for us. Every Deva knows and performs their individual tasks perfectly.

Devas and Nature Spirits are terms used to identify two different expressions and functions within the “nature consciousness." They "interface" with the human soul while in form. The Devic expression designs and actually IS the creation of the order, organization, and life vitality of that form. The Nature Spirit expression infuses the devic order and adds the dynamic of function and a working balance. It is the expert of form and is form itself.

The hierarchy is explained here as a guide to help you understand how Devas organize their realm.

Nature Spirits
Nature Spirits could be referred to as “cousins” to the Angelic realms. Nature Spirits traditionally work in close partnership with the Devas and are actually part of the Devic Kingdom. Nature Spirits are the beings that work closest to the physical plane. The Devas create the blueprint or the plan and the Nature Spirits take the plan and put it into action. The Devas provide the order and vitality. As a whole, the nature forces provide the form, action and energy of creation or involution. Between the Devas and Nature Spirits the whole of Nature’s creative power is represented. Nature Spirits are the workers and caretakers of form on this plane of existence. Their responsibilities within a form “template” include instigating any process outlined by the other “template” members and insuring that the proper amounts of form and energy are present as well as balancing all processes in terms of Nature and physical manifestation.

Historically many cultures have been aware of these beings. Some other names that Nature Spirits are known by include: elves, fairies, undines, salamanders, gnomes, sylphs, fauns, trolls, and elementals. Nature Spirits tend to be very regionally based. The Nature Spirits that live and work in Los Angeles are not the same ones that live and work in Vancouver. We have Rio Grande Valley Nature spirits attuned to Mexico and the Androgynous Chakra

The head Nature Spirit and guardian of that dimension is named Pan, The Overlighting Deva of the Nature Kingdom. The name Pan is from the Greek word pan meaning “all, everything, or all encompassing.” PAN (Volcan) is the traditional name for the Overseeing Spirit of the entire nature spirit level. Machaelle Wright of the Great White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program (MAP) calls Pan the "CEO" of the nature spirit level. This group creates and implements all of the blueprints for form. It also insures the integrity of the process of maintaining this original devic blueprint. In the MAP session, Pan aligns all physical elements of any process that might occur in a session to the devic healing blueprint. Pan is always included in a Spiritual Guidance Team . He is universal in his dynamic and does not have regional limitations. It is the nature spirit level, which is represented by Pan that makes the connection of our presence with the medical White Brotherhood team.

This aspect of the Devic level serves as the architectural force that creates the physical structures found within all human healing. The order, organization, and life vitality of the human body falls within the domain of the Deva of Healing.


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