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Upgrade of Transmissions


Fohat Clears the Neural Pathways?

Got an Unsolvable Problem or Issue?
Learn to think out of the BOX

Discover Stargate Transmitters for Activation & Re-Alignment
Communicate with your Guides…
Experience Rapid Healing within a high-vibrational energy field…
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This website is constantly under construction.  Changing,  Re-arranging and Downloading Never Stops...

At the Stargate Training for Activation and Re-Alignment (STAR) we look at your plan for achieving goals and removing challenges a little different.    All the Self Help articles, tell us that with enough will power, we can solve all of our problem issues. This seems logical. However, everyday we try very hard to make changes in our life.  But despite all our hard work, our efforts fail. Take a common problem like losing 10 pounds. You go on every known diet plan, trying so hard and yet the pounds keep coming back.

Maybe your a person who wants to meet your perfect mate... your Soul Mate. You are a loving, smart and even tempered person but always seem to wind up with the wrong person, who either hurts you or just doesn't click.

Let's look at a more serious problem of the Alcoholic. Every Alcoholic in Recovery has tried to stop drinking... we write in drinking journals recording the number of drinks consumed,  we only drink beer, we alternate one glass of water for every cocktail, going cold turkey and nothing works.

It is common for most people to have at least one issue that is a personal stumbling block. This is an issue that is immune to all of our best efforts to change it.  These issues are immune because your consciousness has been fixed on a set of thinking patterns that dictates a certain problem behavior.

As we age these thinking patterns become fixed into the neural pathways of our brain. Research suggests that our thinking patterns become set after age 25. These fixed thinking patterns are now stuck and deeply embedded within our  subconscious mind and it’s hard to break free of them. Many people try visualization and affirmations, to affect the subconscious mind with no success.  In order for you to change a problem issue these pathways must first be cleared, opened and then new programs can be installed . 

Open Stargates to Clear Neural Pathways

At the STAR we teach you how to open Stargates with Transmitters that assist in clearing these neural pathways. Why is the Stargate Transmitter work considered to be ‘cutting edge’ in the world of Energy Medicine?  A Stargate acts as an inter-dimensional doorway, emitting a powerful, high-vibrational energy field, that attracts a powerful life force energy called Fohat. Transmitters work with Stargate energy to organize the vibrational seed pattern of Fohat into a frequency that facilitate fast healing and manifesting of your intentions on all levels (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

Furthermore, Stargate energy combined with Transmitters allow the Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy, Christ Centered ET's, Archangels and Ascended Masters to communicate directly with you, take you through activations, give you healings and meditations to do, or just send you love and light. This close contact is possible because they have a direct communication channel through the Stargate.

Communicating with our Star Friends or Guardian Angels on a daily basis is now available to all who feel this calling. Now, is the time for interplanetary communication- not tomorrow, or someday, way off in the future but now! This Website takes you step by step to learn how to tune into your star friends and then simply thinking about the message bring it down from the fifth dimension into the third dimensional reality. Plus you can be matched up to your Star Family, meet your Pleiadian or Sirius brother or sister for a purpose.

The Stargate Transmitter Process helps you to develop your own personal channel so you may be in direct contact with your Spiritual Guidance Team . This leaves you “dependent” on no one but empowered in your own life. In "Conference Calls" your Spiritual Guidance Team helps you to work through negative situations and to understand that these are opportunities for you to evolve. In addition, during these Calls they can assists you in downloading a higher quality of healing energy .

STAR provides step by step practical guidance to prepare you for opening and working with Stargate Energy; it sets out instructions on how to create and use Stargate energy that will have precisely the desired outcome.    The complete Stargate Activation and Re-Alignment Process is offered FREE on line so you can develop and use the Process in the comfort of your own home.  We are also offering monthly hands-on "How it Works... " Classes starting in Feb. 2020 at  St. Michael's Grove in Bayview,Texas. 

How to Open a Stargate
How to Open a Stargate

The Stargate Activation and Re-Alignment Process has 11 steps with Creative Visualizations, Decrees and Fire Letter Mantras. All you need to do to open a Stargate is follow the Script and Visualization to achieve the results. These 11 steps deal with the 4 body system upgrades and healing processes that the Star Family and Angelic Host Network have deemed important at this time.  The purpose of these techniques are to bring you into divine alignment, not only ethereally and spiritually but behaviorally and attitudinally in your daily life. They will accelerate not only your spiritual growth and expand your consciousness, they will release triggers that accelerate the surfacing of karmic patterns, thoughts and beliefs that need clearing.  During Stargate Training  you learn to use multi-dimensional energy to:

  • activate and awaken your Higher Self.
  • quickly bring yourself into vertical alignment with other dimensions so you can receive messages and energy from Angelic Guides, Ascended Masters, Star Beings and your Spiritual Guidance Team
  • download keys or codes by raising your Light Body Quotient  ,so you can assimulate higher level of vibrational frequencies that are needed in the Ascension process
  • bring in a powerful Multi-Dimensional Energy called Fohat to resolve and issues that are negatively effecting your 4 body system
  • quickly release attitudes, behavior or beliefs that are out of alignment with your "Higher Self"

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Crystal Light Pyramid Attunements

All over the world people are practicing meditation in a Pyramid to improve telepathic communication, and improve all other aspects of personal life: relationships become deeper, the personality is released from negative attitudes and behavior patterns and other members of the family and those connected with you benefit.

Our Crystal Light Pyramid (CLP) Sessions use a form of guided meditation called "Transmissions".  When Transmissions are done under a 10 foot Giza or Russian Pyramid with Crystal Lights the sessions stimulate more synoptic activity and activates a larger amount of the brain. It helps to balance the pituitary and pineal glands as well as the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This naturally balances and aligns the chakras and meridians and increases vitality.

Reported benefits are many including a peaceful, quiet mind, pain relief and as an aid to surgical healing. Plus during a Transmission you can energize a gallon of your drinking water or bring a picture of a loved one for long distance healing. 

Click here to learn more about our Crystal Light Pyramid

Chakra and Aura Attunements
Chakra and Aura Attunements

Our Chakra and Aura Attunements work to cleanse and heal your energy field (the Aura, Chakras and Sephira) from old issues and negative energies. These sessions are like a super-charged healing session and are a very powerful way to make changes in your life quickly. The energy centers can be balanced and cleansed using many methods, but nothing has been found to be more effective than our unique combination of cutting edge technologies... Vibrational Therapies, Pyramid Energy, Crystal Therapy and Guided Imagery.

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Aura & Chakra Imaging
 Aura & Chakra Imaging

Do this program when ever you feel out of balanced. You can now see and understand where you have emotional, mental and physical blockages that is limiting the flow of Fohat Fire and what you need to do to fix it.  Our resonant field sensor(RFI) decodes the health of your aura, chakras and energy body. This machine will show you on a screen what the aura and chakra conditions look like. We will demonstrate and discuss the overall health and balance of the energy in terms of bio-energetic science and can show you where there may be future emotional, mental and physical health difficulties. RFI Provides:  Full color images and detailed interpretations of the Psychological Profile, Health Profile and Brain Waves. Medical Quality Brain mapping which prints color images of the Brain and detailed interpretation of right brain bioenergies, left brain bioenergies and integrated.
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Boosting the Power of the Brain
Boosting the Power of the Brain

Mind Sync Table

An individual's level of skill in activating a Stargate is based upon learning to use the abilities of the Right Brain for Imagination  and Left Hemisphere of your Brain for the Science of the Spoken Word. The Mind Sync Table  "teaches" the brain to use both sides equally-unleashing abilities you may not have known you had. The confirmed benefits include increased pyschic abilities, better memory, relaxation, stress reduction, improved hand-eye coordination and reflex response, increased concentration, deepened meditative and sleep states, and brain hemispheric synchronization.  Plus it expands your consciousness so it is easier to absorb higher energy vibrations coming from Higher dimensions.
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How to Work with Archangel Michael
How to Work with Archangel Michael

These Transmissions show you how to use the Light Warrior Armor of the Divine Spirit that can make you impenetrable to Negative energy in your daily life and during your energy work. The Transmissions work directly with the Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Elohims, Archangel Michael and the Legion of Light to create 6 energy shields that directly connect into your 4 body system. In these Transmissions you will learn how to use the Armor to disconnect yourself from any persons, place, objects, events and/or all negative entities that may be attempting to control or use your energy.

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Labyrinth Walking Transmissions

Tap into the Power of New Atlantis 

Labyrinths are like great batteries of pure electronic force drawing in and holding in reserve Fohat Fire from the Earth.  At our Center we have built two crystal labyrinths: 1) seven circuit design and 2) five circuit dragon spiral. These labyrinths were constructed on earth power spots that were located by using Dowsing rods to identify the ley lines or energy streams from Leylines.  Tap into this Earth Fire from these leylines to manifest your dreams and create a protective shield against negative energies and thoughtforms. 

Click here to read more about our Labyrinths

How to Upgrade into the 5th Dimension Energy
How to Upgrade into the 5th Dimension Energy

There is a massive shift in consciousness occurring moving us from a 3rd Dimensional being into a 5th dimensional being. As we move into this new consciousness, we upgrade our spiritual frequency but our physical body needs be upgraded to hold all that new light.  If we don't upgrade then the new light integrating within your spiritual body has a hard time being in our physical body. It's like trying to plug a 100 watt bulb into a 10-watt socket. All your energy centers, your nervous system, cells and biological processes should be upgraded so you can integrate more and more light with ease. During several Transmissions we are going to show you how to upgrade into 5th dimensional consciousness through visualization, etheric images of the sacred fire along with the intoning of various Divine God Names.

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Energize with Transmission T'ai Chi
Energize with Transmission T'ai Chi

The ultimate purpose of T'ai Chi is help Cosmic Fohat within us to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body. The practive of T'ai Chi combined with intoning the hebrew fire letters mantras provides the total harmony of the inner and outer self and the integration of mind and body.

Transmission T'ai Chi 
The practice of Transmission Energy T'ai Chi is a upgrade from of T'ai Chi Chih originated by Justin Stone and based on the ancient art of T'ai Chi Chuan. This T'ai Chi gives you all the health benefits of traditional Tai Chi as well as attracting positive spiritual energy that can change a persons energy field for the better.   During Transmissions T'ai Chi  you combine the Traditional Tai Chi Chih movements with the intoning of individual Fire Letters Mantras and the visualization of specific chakra colors. One of the most effective way to restore balance to your body, mind and spirit is through the use of Color. Individual chakras and related organs and body systems will respond to specific colors of Live Force Energy.  If their is an imbalance in your body, visualization of certain color of energy will restore homeostasis (balance) to the chakra thereby effecting all the systems related to it. This applies also to emotional and mental imbalances that cause physical problems. 

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Life Path Readings
Life Path Readings

We provides Intuitive Counseling and Life Path Readings (Crystal Runes, I Ching, Dragon Cards) to anyone who struggles with issues of Relationships, Health, Family, Life Path, Career or Life Transitions. These techniques allow you to connect with your inner knowing and strengthen your core self. It often allows one to become more aware of his or her own intuition and make empowering choices to achieve one's goals.These sessions are designed to help you control your destiny, learn how to create a happy, prosperous, abundant, and fulfilling life, and help you make wise personal choices.

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Is South Texas the New Atlantis?
Is South Texas the New Atlantis?

The Rio Grande Valley of South Texas has been called the New Atlantis and many believe it is one of the most important locations for bring in the New Jerusalem energy that will help Mother Earth and Humanity Ascend into the 5th Dimension.  

Learn more...

the waters.’

Translators have recognised this single Hebrew word ruah can variously be translated, wind, breath and spirit .

An Early Version of Pentecost
We find this same spirit of Yahweh makes an appearance in a more familiar role alongside the prophet Moses. But it is not Moses who starts prophesying with this inspiration :

‘Yahweh descended in the cloud. He (Moses) spoke to him and took some of the spirit that was on him and put it on the seventy elders. When the spirit came on them they prophesied and could not stop.

Joshua said, ‘My lord Moses, stop them !’ Moses replied, ‘Are you jealous on my account ? If only all Yahweh’s people were prophets, and Yahweh had given them his spirit !’
Numbers Ch.11 v. 25,29.

Spirit is always described by a term which signifies the ‘air’ : in Hebrew ruah, in Greek pneuma, both signify wind, breath, spirit. It is for the same reason the Holy Spirit is portrayed as a dove, the purest creature of the element of the air.

 Prophesying Christian Baptism
In the previous chapter this spirit takes on an even more familiar role, in terms which later became formalised as the ritual of baptism (Ez. 36 v.25,26) :

‘I shall pour clean water over you and you will be cleansed; …. I shall give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I shall remove the heart of stone from your bodies…’

A century and a half after Ezekiel, Nehemiah (9 v.20,30) has not forgotten this Spirit and her character is clearly recognisable :

‘You gave them your good spirit to instruct them…
‘You warned them by your spirit through the prophets.’

It is generally recognised we find the Holy Spirit again acknowledged in Psalms (51 v.11 and 143 v.10) :

‘do not take away from me your spirit of holiness.’ 
‘may your generous spirit lead me on even ground.’

In the later prophets this Spirit is still known, in terms quite like those used of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (Haggai 2 v.5) :

‘my spirit is present among you’

Prophesying Pentecost
This trend towards a popular inspiration reaches a full flowering in Joel (3 v.1-2), written over a century after the Jews’ return from the Exile in Babylon. It promises a fulfilment of Moses’ fervent wish for the spirit of God to reach every heart and give prophetic inspiration to every tongue. It looks forward to Isaiah’s new age and Pentecost with exactly this outpouring of the Spirit.

 The effects of the Pentecost descent of the Holy Spirit :

‘I shall pour out my spirit on all humanity.
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
your old people shall dream dreams 
and your young people shall see visions.
Even on the slaves, men and women,
shall I pour out my spirit in those days.’

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