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Most Common Questions

How can I Benefit from a Stargate Transmission?

As the energy of the planet and humanity quickly heightens their vibration, we now have the ability to access the potential to live as a galactic being. The Stargate Transmissions are designed to prepare us for our return to our divine state of being by the activation of the Star Codes (spiritual DNA). The activation of these codes result in the manifestation of the Adam Kadmon, the God-like human being in the physical.

Stargate Transmissions amplifies your personal connection to your higher self, and  increase your connection to your soul. By activating these higher aspects of your energy bodies, you are switching-on the Godling system that exists within everyone. This is the potential to perform miracles and the opportunity to optimize our own divinity.

These sessions involves awakening the Pituitary and Pineal glands, which: 

  • Unblock channels of awareness in the body
  • Enhance the nervous system and sensory interface to the physical
  • Intensify your physical and spiritual senses
  • Help you feel more ALIVE
  • Boost your connection to life, nature and the people around you
  • Fill you with a sense of JOY
  • Help to provide clarity in your life purpose and path of service
  • Elevate your relationship to divinity and source
  • And so much more…

What Are Fire Letters in General?

Fire Letters are a technique derived from magical uses of the Judeo-Christian Qabala.  The Hebrew Alphabet called Fire Letters are combined to form the 72 Names of God, the Names of Divine Power in the Qabala Tree of Life and Archangelic Names. Each name carries unique qualities, designed to help us restore and cure the ills of the soul, body and mind, overcome crises, achieve abundance, joy and happiness. According to believers, all you need to do is to look at a certain name and assimilate it in your consciousness, in order to be blessed with its mighty power.  

These fire letter combinations represent the connection between the spiritual world and the physical world. Every fire letter combination is a pipeline that connects us to a source of divine power.  We can use Transmissions to discover our Spirit Animal and our Spiritual Guidance Team. When we consciously connect to these sacred names and assimilate them in our system, we can gain control over all aspects of our lives and change them for the better. This technique refers to the art of changing and charging your consciousness to rebuild, repair, or maintain aspects of your Crystalline Body Matrix.

How do Transmission effect Our Crystalline Body Matrix?  

Like a computer hard drive your Crystalline Matrix is a data storage unit –  containing information passed down through past lifes and parallel lifetimes in this world. However like a computer hard drive it has a data storage limit and can be expanded and enhanced. Your current Crystalline Matrix data storage unit level can take you to a certain point. Beyond that level of consciousness, if you want to integrate higher dimensional information, and eventually make a transition to a higher plane of existence, you need to have a foundation that can support that new level of information.

We use Stargate Transmissions to upgrade our Crystralline Matrix, think of upgrading your computer from 20 GB to 1 TB. This upgrade allows us to take in more cosmic information, our energy body become stronger, and the physical body can maintain a much higher vibration. You now can download  more complex, expansive 5th dimenisional programs  – programs that you couldn’t access before. In general, our crystalline structure get strongers allowing us to hold more light and multidimensional information.

Transmissions upgrade your Crystalline Matrix by :

  • Release non-beneficial, harmful or limiting programs and information that you have stored in your body.
  • Release stored trauma, pain, shame, guilt and betrayal that has happened in your lifetime or in your ancestry.
  • Release deep core crystal memory blocks that prevent you from achieving your highest purpose and the highest level of your consciousness.
  • Harmonize the points of your connection to earth’s crystalline grid, enhancing your energy field with the energy of creation.
  • Begin a process to open up memories of other timelines of your soul-journey and unlock your potential.
  • Deep cleanse and harmonize the crystals in your head, hands, heart, feet, chakras and meridians for health, vitality and spiritual alignment.
  • Raise your crystalline vibration to hold a 5th dimensional light matrix to operate from a state of higher consciousness and design a joyful life.

What is the difference between intoning letters inwardly & intoning them aloud?

During a Transmission you intone the Name of God aloud and silently. When you intone the fire letters aloud, the energy is grounded on the physical plane. If you intone the fire letters inwardly you are anchoring them to the higher level dimensions and if you think and envision them, you place the energies on the higher mental plane.

The higher level dimensions are always more powerful than the lower physical plane.  Many people believe that you manifest on the physical plane, but actually the physical plane is the least powerful plane on which these energies operate. The Fire letters sounded inwardly are more powerful than when said aloud. They have more effect at a higher level.

At the beginning of a Transmission, you may chant the Name of God aloud. This will immediately raise the vibration of the room. When you are vibrating a three letter combination, the first letter is vibrating at the spine, the second letter is vibrating at the heart center and third letter is vibrating at the head. The inward sounding the name is not used to ground energy, but to send energy into the world. The three letters combinations help to place your attention at the mental plane level where the energy can then go out.

Do Transmissions Strengthens Intuition?

All Transmissions link you to the Higher Self and strengthens intuition. The alignment between the physical brain and the Higher Self through the Antahkarana makes it easier for the Higher Self to enhance the intuitive abilities of the individual. Also, you get inspiration and ideas that are dropped down form the higher dimensions into your mind. Many people have solved problems or come up with very good ideas during Transmissions. However this was not there objective.

What is the Antahkarana?

The goal of higher consciousness is to align the physical brain with the Higher Self. This is what Transmissions do. In the Transmission Process you strengthen and widen the channel called the Antakarana. This is a channel of light that extends from the physical plane to the Higher Selves in other dimensions. This channel forms a two way communication line. This is the link whereby a person becomes at-one with their Higher Self. The Higher Self links into the physical self and reflects itself back through it.  By use of the Fire Letters of God’s Name and holding the attention to the third eye chakra between the eyebrows, an alignment is created between the brain and Higher Self. The alignment between the brain and the higher self is very important. This alignment  allows Fohat flowing from higher dimensions to channel through you.

The antahkarana is defined as the link between the body and the spirit.  In Eastern philosophy it is the bridge that connects the lower mind with the higher mind (mind of the soul). Through it, an individual is able to realize the Divine Love and Wisdom. In this way the antahkarana is a communication conduit. The conduit allows for the realization of wisdom,  guidance and gives inspirational insight into things that the personality cannot fathom on its own. As such, it is the medium used by the Divine Spirit to communicate its love and purpose into the human mind. However, this rainbow bridge (colloquial term for the antahkarana) does not exist naturally within the human psyche. Instead it must be built over time. Through various spiritual disciplines, its construction is made possible.

Difference between Transmission and Meditation?

Transmission is different from Meditation. During a Meditation you focus on your breathing, your body, or your feelings; it does not usually involve visualizing. It is designed to increase the awareness of your body. Meditation is a controlled and  focused state of mind where you experience profound physical relaxation! Typically, meditation techniques are drawn from Taoism or Buddhism.

Unlike Transmissions that bring in thoughforms, Meditation is designed to remove thoughtforms.  However, Higher Self thoughtforms are given to us by the Divine Spirit as a means to create and transform our reality. These Higher Self thought forms include intuition and creative inspirations for achieving the impossible. During the Transmission process the antahkarana is created and strengthened thereby allowing the Higher Self and the Divine Spirit’s thoughtforms to enter into the mind and physical body.  These thoughtforms are not the ones you want to clear away. They are a form of the higher psychic energy of the Christ, the Angelic Network and the Ascended Masters. Higher psychic energies include-higher telepathy, higher clairvoyance, higher clairaudience, that uses the Higher Self to transmit thoughtforms to the higher centers of physical brain, throat and heart.

The thoughtforms you need to destroy are the negative emotional ones that inhibit the down flowing of Higher Self Energy. Lower negative psychic energies uses astral energies which are basically anything out of the 4th Dimension. You will never get hard facts about the Divine Plan or your mission from the astral plane because the Christ, Ascended Masters and Angelic Network do not work at that level. The Masters do not place the facts of the Plan at this level. However, there are guides on the sixth and seventh level of the astral plane who communicate valuable information of a general nature. 

These astral energies can be removed only by a gradual shift that is brought about by constantly focusing and intoning on the release of Fohat energies with the name of God in Fire Letters when the negative thoughtform begins to manifest. This basically starves the emotional entity that is nourishing the negative thoughtform. During Transmissions these lower astral energies cannot influence you because the energies you are taking in are under the complete control, of the Divine Spirit, its group of Ascended Masters and the Angelic Legion of Light. The name of God blocks all transmits from the astral plane.

Difference Between Transmissions and Prayer?

There is little difference between the energies transmitted through a Transmission and those that come in from rituals of the Church or other Temple Services. There is a difference in the methods used.  Many people are engaged in exoteric religious services may have no idea that they are experiencing a Transmission. If you go to any of the Great Cathedrals of the World, if you are sensitive to energy, you can feel the tremendous vibration of the buildings. They are energized and empowered by the “Word” of God and are meant to be a center for force and healing, although they are seldom used this way by Christian groups.  In the Transmission divine energy is downloaded more purposely and individuals feel the energy more directly. The Transmission is much more consciously and deliberately invoking specific energies to affect very specific problem areas.

How does Transmission relate to the New Earth or Second Coming?

Transmissions are overshadowed by the Christ. The Christ guides and teaches each person during the session.  At this time each person is automatically linked into the Network of Light Workers and Light Warriors which the Christ is creating in the World.  After this Transmission every time you sit down to do a Transmission you are automatically linked back into this Network on the inner plane which is strengthened by the Christ for the work that is needed in this coming Age.

The Christ has not come to change the World... but to show us how We can change the world. He is here to inspire us, to guide us,  to help us to unleash our own Christ Power that is already within us.  Transmissions create a pool of energy that nourishes the Christ within each of us and invokes Christ Consciousness into the affairs of the World.  This enables the Christ to begin his mission of opening the world to God Consciousness or Mahatma Energy.

All those who actively take part in the process of reprogramming their consciousness during a Transmission will directly contribute to the evolution of the human race.   Research suggests that by virtue of the Hundredth Monkey Principle, each time someone upgrades a section of his or her consciousness, this process benefits all of humanity.  The Hundredth Monkey Theory came from scientist observing a colony of monkeys that lived on an island in Japan.  In 1952, on the island of Koshima, scientists provided monkeys with sweet potatoes dropped in sand.  One day an adult female (just like Eve?) discovered she could eat the potatoes without sand covering them, by simply washing them off in water.  This female showed her new trick to her close friends and family, who in turn showed it to their acquaintances.  Gradually, the whole colony had learned the "potatoes washing technique".   And then a strange phenomenon occurred.  Let us say 99 monkeys had learned this technique. Once the 100th monkey learned how to wash potatoes, all the rest of the monkeys on the island suddenly knew how to do it an instant. They did not learn the technique. They just knew it.

Scientists were surprised to see monkeys from other colonies, living far away on other islands, with no contact to this first colony of monkeys, were washing their potatoes.  The theory of the “Hundredth Monkey “ was formulated to try to explain this behavior.  We can summarize this theory in the following way: as soon as something new has been developed and integrated by the critical mass of subjects, this knowledge becomes accessible to the race as a whole.  In other words, each time a small part of the big picture is understood, it becomes available to the rest of the community, and there is no further need of pioneering work to access it. The Hundredth Monkey theory has been used to explain why important discoveries that have happened simultaneously in two separate areas without any contact between inventors.

 For us, the principle of the Hundredth Monkey means that anyone working on raising his/her consciousness and releasing negative programming adds to the critical mass that will allow humanity as a whole to finally hit ascension. Whenever people reprogram their consciousness, they automatically transmit the knowledge of this potential to others.  Each time one of us examines a section of our own consciousness, asks appropriate questions, lets go of negative programming, the results of this work becomes available to the entire community.  Only a few have to go through the entire process. This is how one person's work can move things forward for humanity .

How are Transmission Comparable to Kriya Yoga?

Transmissions are a basic form of Kriya Yoga, but the work is done by the Fohat energy released from the Name of God.  Kriya Yoga is working on the chakras and power centers, where you mentally guide the energies around the chakras over and over again.  Something similar is done in Transmissions, however it is done with the energy from the Name of God.

How does Transmission effect my DNA?
The Fire Letters are the triggering mechanisms that can awaken the cellular memory in your DNA, by activating Star Codes thereby allowing you to perceive who you really are and why you are here.  Transmissions work with your Star Codes in your Junk DNA. Star codes are inherent, yet dormant in your DNA.  A Star Code is a particular and specialized DNA strand. Star Codes carry the start up keys for the awakening your latent DNA Activation Process. Once Star Codes are activated you start the DNA awakening process.

Each hebrew letter has a vibrational seed pattern that affects your physical blueprint or DNA structure. Collectively all the Fire Letters correspond to the 12 DNA strand matrix which is the original genetic blueprint of the human species. Every genetic cell in your body understands this language. Fire letters essentially help to reprogram and alter our DNA, for a higher purpose.

Dr. Hurtak ( the Director of the Academy of Future Sciences) with other fellow researchers, spent several decades studying DNA structure and makeup. They found that our DNA is composed of these fire letters. These letters are an alphabet that is stored in every cell and part of our human genetic code. The usage of fire letters helps to speed up the chemistry of the human body-the DNA/RNA Matrix- allowing to operate on a higher resonance of vibration. Fire letters essentially help to reprogram and alter our DNA, for a higher purpose.

Dr. J.J. Hurtak author of "The Keys of Enoch", and "Pistis Sophia" describes mantras of divine names as:

A set of sound patterns and thought forms which can code consciousness into the consciousness of light.”  

The Fire Letters help to create our lightbody that allows us to travel into other dimensions.  The sound of the Letters create a cosmic vibration that opens dimensional portals and create a protective energy field.  You form vibrational frequencies that react with one another to form a type of vortex-energy field-called the Merkabah, also known as the Star of David.  This is like a ‘ladder’ or a vehicle for inter-dimensional travel and communication with the Angelic Realm.
Click here to learn more about Star codes

What is Overshadowing?

Stargate Transmissions sets up the communication line for Overshadowing process. You are actually setting up a conference call with your Spiritual Guidance Team where you ask questions and get answers by the Overshadowing process.  Overshadowing is part of the Science of Impression, whereby your  Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT) can manifest some (or all) of it's consciousness through you or me. Most examples of Overshadowing can be seen in the life of the Saints. These Disciples were Overshadowed with the consciousness of Jesus. The Christ remained in the Heaven while a small part of His consciousness took over and worked through the body of his Disciples. The Mother Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and Archangel Gabriel. Through the Overshadowing  Process Noah received ancient knowledge of ship building that helped all the animals during the Great Flood. The Divine Spirit saved all the animals because like man they were created in the image of God with the Divine Spirit  located within their souls. 

During a Stargate Transmission a part of the SGT extraordinary consciousness overshadows you - comes into your consciousness. When the messages are originally given, a member of your SGT  thinks the message and the message will automatically enter your mind. During the Overshadowing process you can tell your SGT about any  problem or situation . Listen to what the SGT says or the images that it sends to you. This is a way for you to precisely list all those little aches, and pains, emotional setbacks, fatigue, what ever - and watch how you are transformed!

Overshadowing Process helps you to develop your own personal “channel” so you may be in direct contact with your God/source energy. This leaves you “dependent” on no one but empowered in your own life. The SGT helps you to work through negative situations and to understand that these are opportunities for you to evolve. In addition, it will assists you in downloading  a higher quality of healing energy . 

Difference between Overshadowing and Demonic Possession?

Demonic Possession is the direct opposite of Transmission Overshadowing. There are Masters of the Black Lodge and there are Masters of the Legion Light.  The Legion of Light  include the Angelic Host, Ascended Masters, the Christ that work in the Light of the Divine Spirit.  They work through the consciousness levels of the Higher Self.... through the Science of Impression, the impression of ideas and energy. This process ranges from the subtlest kind of mental suggestion to overshadowing where a Master can manifest  some of its consciousness through you. A clear example is when the Saints were overshadowed by Christ or Mother Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. They gave permission, had fully knowledge and cooperated with the Christ. Overshadowing takes place at the Higher Self level and never takes complete control over your physical body or mind. You are always in control . Basically all people would like to meet and work with the Divine Spirit and Spiritual Hierarchy –whether they are ready to or not.  Overshadowing is the simplest and safest way to do this.

During Overshadowing, the Christ, Ascended Masters are in complete control of the energetic process and everyone taking part is totally protected. An Overshadowing Session is a portal that opens directly into the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is part of the Divine Plan whereby the individual can work in co-operative fashion with the Masters and Divine Spirit. Note:  A similar technique called contemplation is used in both Christianity and Islam, but was also advocated by Plato. Examples of contemplation include contemplative prayer, centering prayer, and lectio divina. 

This is not the case with the Black Lodge. The method is totally unconscious; there is no permission given, and  is an infringement of free will of the individual.  The best defense against the forces of darkness is to keep your motives pure and focus on the name of God. The forces of darkness cannot work or influence where the light and love dominate the Higher Self.  You should always proceed with your life as if they did not exist and thus give them no energy.

Do Transmissions work even when I don't feel the energy?

If you are in alignment they are working. The Transmissions come from the higher dimensions and are stepped down for us by the fire letters and then the alignment steps it down further.

Who should attend a Transmission Session?

Only by experiencing a Transmission will you know if it is right for you. It is a process of self-selection. You go a few times to a group or do it at home alone and either you are attracted to it and find it useful, satisfying, pleasant or you are bored to death and never want to do it again. There is no glamour, no gurus, no devotion. Many people want to do an act of service. You do not have to go further than to a Transmission to service the Divine Sprit. It’s the easiest form of service that exist.

What will I Experience during a Transmission?

Everybody experiences something different during a Transmission. Most people have a strong physical sensation of the energy.  During a Transmission the work is being done for you by the Divine Spirit.  Gradually you will feel a shift from working through the astral or emotional plane into the mental plane. This change will be seen in your outlook on life, and on the World. Many people say they feel they are a better person and can do their work better,  that they are mentally more  focused, more articulate, that they can bring ideas together quicker.  This all happens as a result of Transmission Sessions, because it is being done by the Divine Spirit.  It is a deeply spiritual process and the Divine Spirit is controlling the energy. What you might achieve in 20 years of meditation, will probably be achieved in one year of continual Transmission work.  

List below are some things that people have reported experiencing:

  • You become more raditory, You radiate a higher frequency of energy and therefore you have more impact on your environment. That impact can be for either good or evil depending on your intention.
  • You will notice a buildup in any room that you do a Transmission Session.
  • You experience energy in the heart or throat chakra
  • Some say they don’t feel the energies but know it is there.
  • Hear the energies or see the energy as changing waves of color
  • Coughing means there is a blockage to incoming energy (drink water)
  • Feel if you have a cap on your head that comes right down to above your eyebrows. It is like a heavy band all around your head, but on the inside. When this happens, you know it is your Higher Self.
  • You learn to feel the difference in vibrations. There are three different vibrations:
    - the Higher Self vibration
    -the Ascended Master and Christ vibration
    - the City of Light Vibration or Ashram Vibration.
    You may feel the each of the energies a little different in your mental, emotional and physical body.  As you become more in tune in the Transmission process you learn to discern the difference.

What is the difference between Fohat and Psychic Energy?

There are many different levels of Psychic energy including lower and higher psychism. Higher psychic energy uses spiritual energies of the Divine Spirit or Fohat energy. Lower psychic energies uses astral energies which is basically anything out of the  4th Dimension.  The Christ, the Angelic Network and the Ascended Masters only use Fohat psychic energies. Fohat energies bring in -higher telepathy, higher clairvoyance, higher clairaudience, and uses the Higher Self to transmit thoughtforms to the higher centers of physical brain, throat and heart.  Lower psychic energy transmits thoughtforms into the Solar Plexus region and has only to do with the emotional plane.

There are many entities who live on the astral plane. Some of them communicate with mediums around the world. Some mediums believe that they are receiving guidance of a superior kind through these entities. Just because it comes from a non-physical level does not guarantee that it is correct. However, there are guides on the sixth and seventh astral plane who communicate valuable information of a general nature. You will never get hard facts about the Divine Plan or your mission from the astral plane because the Christ, Ascended Masters and Angelic Network do not work at that level. The Masters do not place the facts of the Plan at this level.

During Transmission these lower astral energies cannot influence you because the energies you are taking in are under the complete control, of the Divine Spirit, its group of Ascended Masters and the Angelic Legion of Light. Without exception you should not take notice of any of these lower astral entities. Remember people have free will. True higher psychism or overshadowing during a Transmission is the direct communication between three fully conscious minds – Higher Self- Lower Self and the Divine Spirit.  It is really the demonstration of the Higher Self’s ability.


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