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  Spiritual Guidance Team

Spiritual Guidance Team

Each Transmission Session is over lighted by a Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT)  of Ascended Masters or by great Beings of Lights who will assist you in specific areas of your growth. These sessions release Sacred Fire composed of rapidly spinning high vibrational light frequencies that assist in bringing you into vertical alignment with other dimensions . The light frequencies for the sacred fires vibrate at different electromagnetic frequencies, attracting the cosmic beings, ascended masters, angels that have similar kinds of energy. We call this your Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT). The concept of working with a Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT)  for healing was first developed by Machaelle Small Wright and described in detail in her book "The Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program". These teachings are in line with the belief system of Alice Bailey and later expanded upon by Dr. Joshua David Stone.  

Everyone has a team of Spirit Guides standing by to support them. You chose your team of Guides before incarnating into the physical. You chose Guides who could best serve you in accomplishing your life purpose, learning your life's lessons and fulfilling your mission in life. You also strategically align with Guides who could offer you protection. 

The SGT consist of 5 to 20 souls and/or Christed Centered ET's , Ascended Masters who you have some sort of connection . They are your Guardians that were with you at birth. They have been related to you in previous lifetimes, they have worked with you on the astral plane or in the Temple. In this lifetime they assist in manifesting situations that provide an opportunity to complete your personal and global service contract. You may want to call in a different SGT for each new Sacred Fire Transmission  depending on your intentions.  Some people call in the following Guides:

Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
Sirian Archangelic League of the Light 
Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light
Orion Brotherhood of Light
Arcturian Emissaries of the Light and the Arcturian Temple workers 
Ashtar Command and Archangel Michael
Jesus Christ  and all the  Brotherhood of the Ascended Ray of  Christ
Mother Mary and all the Sisterhood  of the Ascended Ray of Christ, 
Guardian Angels   

Note:  Every Archangel oversees a certain color of Sacred Fire and can be called forth with specific problem issues related to color.

  • Blue Fire: Michael, leader of all the holy angels
  • Gold Fire: Jophiel, the angel of beautiful thoughts
  • Pink Fire: Chamuel the angel of peaceful relationships
  • White Fire: Gabriel, the angel of revelation; White Gold Fire: Metatron, recording angel 
  • Green Fire: Raphael, the angel of healing; Sandalphon angel of the earth 
  • Red Fire: Uriel, the angel of wisdom
  • Purple Fire: Zadkiel, the angel of mercy
  • Platinum: Metatron,Angel of knowledge

Click here to see how to find out who is on your SGT.

Overshadowing Process
The Divine Spirit, Archangels and other Cosmic Beings used to speak directly with human beings. Is it possible for us to talk with them today?   In the Bible, the Divine Spirit used talking animals, a flaming bush, angels, visions, and a “still small voice” to speak to it's people.

The Divine Spirit has many ways to communicate when your ready to hear. There is one communication method which the Divine Spirit often uses. The Bible describes the Divine Spirit speaking in a ‘still small voice.’  The still small voice can be a thought in your mind, a clear and simple response to your problem. This practice is called Overshadowing.  

Overshadowing is about learning to listen to the "still , small voice" that Elisha heard in the Old testament.  Our conversations with the Divine Spirit are not monologues but dialogues that contain specific instructions for solving life's problems. The vibration of Sacred Fire Transmissions sets up the communication line for the "Overshadowing Process".

Overshadowing is part of the Science of Impression,  whereby the Divine Spirit or a manifestation of the Divine Spirit can manifest some (or all) of it's consciousness through you or me. Most examples of Overshadowing can be seen in the life of the Saints. These Disciples were Overshadowed with the consciousness of Jesus. The Christ remained in the Heaven while a small part of His consciousness took over and worked through the body of his Disciples. The Mother Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and Archangel Gabriel. Through the Overshadowing  Process Noah received ancient knowledge of ship building that helped all the animals during the Great Flood. The Divine Spirit saved all the animals because like man they were created in the image of God with the Divine Spirit  located within their souls. 

During the Overshadowing Process a part of the Divine Spirit's  extraordinary consciousness overshadows you - comes into your consciousness. When the messages are originally given, The Divine Spirit or a member of your SGT  thinks the message and the message will automatically enter your mind. During the Overshadowing process you can tell the Divine Spirit about your problem or situation . Be specific and go into a great deal.  Listen to what Spirit says or the images that it sends to you. This is a way for you to precisely list all those little aches, and pains, emotional setbacks, fatigue, what ever - and watch how you are transformed!

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