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Dedicated to the Bruno Groening's Healing Methods

There is a Higher power which is fundamental to life and it can heal. Bruno Groening called this the divine Heilstrom or the divine power.  Bruno Groening (1906-1959), a simple German man, had very precise, intuitive knowledge of this energy and through his teachings made it freely available to everyone. This ancient knowledge has helped thousands of people. During Bruno Groening (1906-1959).  lifetime thousands of people were healed who had been considered “incurable”. The paralyzed left their wheelchairs, the blind could see again, and so on. And even today, although Bruno Groening no longer lives on earth, healings continue to occur based on his teaching.

Bruno Groening said, “There is no such thing as ’incurable’-God is the greatest Physician“.

The Medical Science Group (MWF), founded in 1992, verifies the healings now taking place in connection with the teaching of Bruno Groening. The around 6,000 doctors and other health professionals of the MWF worldwide have recognized and experience again and again that healings beyond the limits of orthodox medicine can occur.

The Bruno Groening Healing Circle is non-denominational and is not connected to any religion. People from all the great world religions belong to it. In accordance with Bruno Groening’s example, there is no diagnosis, therapy, examination or treatment in his methods. Medication is not recommended, prescribed or distributed, nor is anyone advised against visiting doctors or undergoing therapies or operations.

 According to Groening, every healing is an act of God’s grace, and therefore promises of healing are not given in the Meetings .  Worldwide Today  Bruno ‘s teachings  have spread throughout the entire world. There are communities on all continents and healings occur everywhere. The words of Bruno Groening in Herford in 1949 are becoming every more true: "It can’t be stopped; healing will take place all over the world."

Who was Bruno Groening?
Bruno was born in Germany 1906 and died in 1959. He was married and had two children. He was raised in a strict Catholic family, were no church service could be missed. Bruno started his healing ministry as a young boy and continued until he was 53 years old. His work peaked in 1949, when 30,000 people gathered in a city near Munich, Germany and received a mass healing through the power of God. Today thousands of people have experienced help and healing through his teachings. These healings are being documented by a group of medical professional called the Medical Scientific Group. You may read about these ongoing healings online under "Circle of Friends, Bruno Groening" on

What did Bruno Believe?

He was a Christian and believed that Jesus Christ was the son of God. Therefore he set the foundation of his healing ministry on two Christian laws....Love God above all else and love your neighbor as yourself. Like most Christian healers, he believed that he did not heal only God healed. His mission in life was to heal and reconnect  people. Bruno would say his destiny was to build a bridge over the abyss between God and Man and re-establish the instinctual connection with the creator that was  lost centuries ago. After his death, his techniques were used to start healing prayer circles across the world.

Although Bruno was Christian, he had a Buddhist connection with nature and animals. As a boy he retreated into the forest to connect with God.  In nature he stated he ,"experience God, in every shrub, in every tree, in every animal, even in the stones." He valued the life of all God’s creatures and would never harm any animal. He asked, "Do we know what kind of souls animal have? Have you given life to an animal? No, therefore you have no right to take an animal’s life." Like Saint Francis, it is documented that he helped heal all kinds of plants and animals with the divine life force.

Researchers have compared his healing techniques to that of an Indian Yogi. He talked about the power of breathing and working with a person’s life force energy sometimes called Chi or prana. Like today's Energy Workers and Reiki Masters, he described himself as a transformer of Divine Energy. He took in the Divine Energy into himself, transmuted it so others could receive the energy in a soother and gentler manner. In addition, he never touched the patient, he simply transmuted the life force and then sent it to them. This healing energy could be sent across distances. He used pieces of tin foil to store and conduct energy indicating a knowledge of the electromagnetic properties of the body and certain metals.

Bruno's Healing Method

Bruno believed in an all powerful healing energy that comes directly from God. 

The Spiritual Healing process is a means of re-charging our battery. By reconnecting with God, the life force will recharge our battery. Once the battery is recharged, the energy will start the healing and enlightenment process. This energy is natural and everyone has a supply of this energy within their body.  It is only because we have become blocked and separated from our power source that our batteries have run low. The re-charging of our battery can push people beyond the normal range of conscious into the transpersonal and spiritual realms where body, mind and spirit not only heals but they experience enhanced spiritual perception.



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