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The Eighth Dimension is the Archetypal Realm,

The Eighth Dimension is the Archetypal Realm where Energetic templates for life on Earth are developed. Connecting to the Eighth Dimension allows you to work on the of re-patterning of the Templates that will be used for the Archetypes of New Earth.  These new templates draw on the Original Archetypal Templates that are recorded in the Crystalline Matrix of the Earth.  Elohim Creator Angels developed these original Archetypes templates that were used to create the original Paradise Matrix for the Paradise Earth.

Beings in the eighth dimension write evolutionary spiritual blueprints at the abstract energetic level. Eighth dimensional blueprint engineers develop treatment plans for the evolution of the soul. The eighth dimensional High Self strategies outline how its particular soul or the soul’s soul group will evolve. For example, your soul group may have a treatment plan that outlines how an individuals will evolve as a result of frustrated, then released unrequited love. Commonly Lightworkers are attracted to specific locations on the planet where they can connect with original Archetypal energies that is specific to their Angelic or Starseed family and clan. At these locations they begin their work of re-designing and re-pattering their Archetypal Template using the Eighth Dimensional Consciousness planes for the New Earth.

A person's physical body is directly connected into the eighth dimension through specific chakra locations. These locations vary depending on the spiritual lineage of the person. Most frequent connections are located:

  •  in the back of one of the shoulders
  • the back part of the brain in the occipital region
  • in the Alta Major Chakra
  • Working with the glial cell system in the brain
  • in the mitochondria in the cells and the subatomic particles called leptons. The eighth dimension transports raw energies through the mitochondria to help fuel and power the cells with primary energy.
  • Daath  Chakra

Egypt, the African country of Mali, South Texas and Mexico are major sites.

White Gold Mahatma, Green and Violet


  • Right use of spiritual powers and paranormal abilities
  • Right use of leadership abilities - many nationally prominent leaders emanate eighth chakra energies
  • Interest in the right management of global affairs - global businessman often carry this energy


  • One purpose of the eighth dimension centers on the regulation of all things physical or material in the galaxy. This includes regulation of matter for humans, stars, planets and all other galactic forms. The eighth dimension plays with material form for this galaxy and with the forces that create material form such as minerals, metals, ores and gases. Engineers of matter populate the eighth dimension.
  • It is in the eighth dimension where high level creations of sacred geometry initiate birthing of new forms of life. As a result, there are many experiments on behalf of the galaxy where matter is manipulated in the service of creating all things physical. For example, the very idea of a nuclear explosion originated in the eighth dimension. Because of this, the eighth dimensional guides oversee how physical structures, including our bodies, handle evolutionary energies.
  • As a corollary to its regulation of all things physical and material, the eighth is a high level creation dimension and is many octaves more powerful than fifth dimension manifestation energies.
  • Eighth dimensional engineers developed came up the idea that the treatment model that used pain and suffering to effect change in the third dimension. Likewise they  engineered the concept of karma. Blueprints are developed in the eighth dimension,and then sent to the seventh dimension for ascended masters from various spiritual lineages to customize blueprints depending on their specific lineage. There is an open communication channel between the seventh and the eighth dimensions during this process.
  • The archetypal image of humankind burning in the fires of hell is a distorted image from this realm. This is the dimension that holds some of the master frequencies that burn off karma. These energies are in some ways “crude,” so too many and too much of them descended all at once into the body through the human energy field, can cause pain and a burning sensation in the clearing process.
  • Another function of the eighth dimension relates to its service as mediator between earth and the galaxy. Galactic Councils reside here with powerful warring forces presiding, debating and often times battling over galactic territorial rights and governance issues. For me, the eighth dimension in this regard feels like one giant power struggle. Much of my work in this universe has been aimed at realigning the Galactic Councils with a unifying alliance back to the Universe.
  • Equator energies here on the earth resonate eighth and ninth dimensional energies.
  • Because of its preoccupation with matter, the eighth dimension does have bodily correlates in the third dimension. The glial cell connective tissue system whose function is integral body communication, is a human form variation of the eighth dimension.
  • Nonlinear transmission of parental survival imprints via affect, emotion and energy are encoded into the biology of the young child in their core, another eighth dimensional structure. The core translates the parental survival imprints and embeds them into the biology of the child where they guide drives and behavior for survival.
  • Angels (novice, but powerful nonetheless,) Devas (Nature spirits) and masterful healers are present in the eighth dimension.


  • Violations of Spiritual Law within the galaxy
  • Manipulation of spiritual power by galactic level beings

You can travel to the eighth dimension through the Halls of Ameniti and attend Galactic Council meetings, where new ways are pioneered to induce peaceful negotiations between planets, universes and galaxies. Furthermore, you can spend time working in the Hall's soul/matter creation laboratories designing evolutionary soul blueprints. Eighth dimensional blueprint engineers are always working on projects and experiments. The Eighth Dimensions represent the Solar and Galactic levels, your connections to the Temple of the Solar Council within the Sun/Solaris, and the Halls of Ameniti  and Temple of the Green Fire .

The eighth dimensional energies feel powerful, very concentrated, focused energy, immensely creative and have nearly immovable power.


  • Heal physical, emotional, mental and soul level issues.
  • Work with 8th D Guides to heal early family imprints.
  • 8th D Devas can be used to heal land energies and geopathic forces.
  • Working with the glial cell system that allows energy work to easily and quickly spread throughout the entire body. Glial cells increasingly gain importance as part of the brain's communication network.
  • Detoxify negative emotions,
  • Stabilize the pure vibration of metals and minerals in the body, so that they spin out the toxic emotions.
  • Useful for planetary healing
  • Deep work on the brain should be done with a minimum of eighth dimensional vibrations.


  • Elohims
  • Dragons: Masters of Matter for energy healing work.
  • Regional Devas and Master Devas for healing issues related to your house and the land on which you live.
  • Always ask that these guides be devoted to the preservation of the universe and Spiritual Law.


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