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Listen to The Essence of God  Mantra

Tetragrammaton Mantra:The Essence of God 

Some say that the Tetragammaton mantra reveals the inner essence of God.  Through the vibration of this mantra  the Divine Spirit works on programming and reprogramming rods of DNA and RNA according to the 72 qualities of the Divine Spirit .

The Jewish esoteric tradition of the Qabala, the name of God is deemed sacred and unpronounceable.  However a group of Jewish scholars, known as Masoretic, incorporated "inflections" and “intonations” that functioned as vowels, and, through them, made feasible the pronunciation of the “Tetragrammaton”.  The Christian mystic Jacob Boehme, using Qabala graphics known as the Tree of Life, found the 72 Names of God, which he published in 1652 in the book called Oedipus Aegypticus. All of 72 Names of God are made up of these four letters in the  Tetragrammaton. The Divine name is the 4-fold name of God expressed through the 4  elements of fire, water, air, and earth . We pronunce the name Yod Hey Vau Hey. 

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