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A City of Light Appears in The Sky

6th Dimensional Cities have been heralded for many centuries as the coming Age of Enlightenment.  The Tibetans prophesied the appearance of a great City of Light during future times called  "Shamballa" the Captial of Inner Earth manifesting in the physical. In the Bible's Book of Revelation, John the Beloved saw the descent of the "Holy City".  Other spiritual prophecies spoke of the great Cities of Light that will make their physical emergence as the vibration of the planet increases.  

New Age believers and Psychics report that there are a number of ethereal cities floating in the skies over energy power sites such as Mt. Shasta, Machu Picchu, Tor in Glastonbury England, Palenque, Mexico, Ulura Austrialia, Kilauea, Hawaii. Some cities are located at areas of physical spiritual temples. For example, the Marian Shrine at Fatima in Portugal has the ethereal city of Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael above it in the etheric. Likewise countless stories, myths, and legends are told about underground cities and subterranean civilizations that spread through a vast network of interconnected tunnels across the planet.  Inner Earth Cities include Telos located under Mt. Shasta and an ancient city under Lake Titicaca in Peru. The blueprints for the New Earth structure are detailed in all the Cities of Light with each City of Light having a special power and function. When all the Cities of Light are linked they begin to operate as one to create a powerful crystalline field of higher consciousness.

Recently hundreds have seen a  'floating city' and it was filmed in skies above China. Below is the News report of the Floating City in the Sky.

News Report

CHINESE TV news reports have told how thousands of residents in TWO areas reported separately seeing a huge city form in the skies. PUBLISHED: 09:28, Tue, Oct 27, 2015 | UPDATED: 18:10, Tue, Oct 27, 2015 ( See U tube)

Onlookers, some who are said to have videoed the bizarre event, were said to be mesmerised  as a towering city of sky scrapers appeared from the clouds.First thousands reportedly saw a ghostly alien city floating over Foshan in the Guangdong province of China. A few days later people in the province of Jiangxi, China, also reported seeing a similar cloud city. There were previous reports of a similar sighting in China in 2011. ( see picture Above ) YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible said in a video report: "The footage captured by a local resident appears to show a huge city floating in the clouds.  "The apparition, which was witnessed by hundreds of shocked residents, only lasted a few minutes before completely disappearing." The channel speculated it could be "the result of a project blue beam test."The Paranormal Crucible video added: "But added: "Or a temporal vortex, a possible parallel universe material briefly into our own reality."

First China: Now 'parallel universe floating city' appears over...

CHINESE TV news reports have told how thousands of residents in TWO areas reported separately seeing a huge city form in the skies.

Thousands of people were said to be stunned by the apparition

Thousands of people were said to be stunned by the apparition.


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