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City of Lights: Lost City Of Atlantis

The Rio Grande Valley Stargates are connect to an etheric 6D City of Lights and a Subterranean 5D City of Light  within Inner Earth. Some modern spiritualists claim that these two secret crystal-cities were one Atlantean City called “Seline" meaning "heavenly light" and Stargates in the Rio Grande Valley are the entrance points.

In ancient times the Atlantis City of Seline was primarily a Genetic DNA Re-Calibration and Research Facility.  The DNA Facilities was called the Temple of the Green Flame. The Temple drew its power from the Crystalline Grid within Inner Earth and was closely align with the Halls of Amenti. The Halls of Amenti holds the race Blueprint field that allows the fragmented Angelic Human souls to eventually re-evolve back into there original divine blueprint as a 12D crystal being.

The Temple of the Green Flame's  mission was to modify and create new DNA blueprints for species on this planet and new planets. For example, if a planet's inhabitants were not doing well they are taken to the Seline Temple of the Green Flame DNA Complex so their original 8 cell blueprint could be upgraded. We now call this mutation ...Darwin’s evolution.

Aside from the Research Facilities the City housed several  Communication Center, Healing Centers, Administration Buildings, a Library with Universal Akashic Records from the Golden Age timelines of Lemuria, Atlantis and ancient Egypt, and Educational Buildings. The entire administration, Healing and Educational Complex was called the Temple of the Blue Flame. Unlike the Temple of the Green Flame, this Temple drew its power from the Unity Grid that surrounded the Earth, allowing it to maintain a complex communication network between Atlantis Communities located within the 7th Planetary Gateway and between other star systems.

When Atlantis was on the verge of collapse, it is said that the Elders of Seline petitioned Inner Earth civilizations and the Galactic Federation to help create a city underground for the DNA Research Facilities and an Ethereal city for the Communication, Healing, Administration and Educational Facilities.  These two communities were built before the sinking of Atlantis as a survival strategy.

Formation of the South Texas Cities of Light

The history of Seline tells a story of Lemuria and Atlantis.  Twenty-five thousand years ago, there were two Major Civilizations on Earth. The first was a very Spiritual Civilization called the Lemuria. This Civilization was based on the Pacific Ocean Continent of Lemuria, or Mu, which included much of the Pacific Ocean, the Western United States, and parts of Asia. The other Civilization was more materialistic and technologically advanced. This was the Atlantis Civilization, that covered much of what is now the Atlantic Ocean and parts of Africa and Europe.

There had developed a disagreement between these two Civilizations concerning the Social and Political evolution of the rest of the less developed Human Races on Earth: Lemuria wanted the less Advanced Civilizations to remain free, and Atlantis wanted to govern or control all of them.  A lengthy War broke out between the two. These Wars became so severe – they included thermo-nuclear warheads.  Karmic energies were set in motion that would eventually sink both Continents. The Gobi desert and the Sahara desert was the result of these thermo-nuclear warheads.

After the War, many of the Melchizedek Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis foretold of the sinking of the Continent of Atlantis. The Elders began to look for a place to move. One geographic area chosen was the land around and between the three Sun Disks located in the Texas-Mexico Gulf Coast region.

  • One Sun Disk was located in the Gulf of Mexico off the coastline of Galveston Texas.  (Note: At this time this part of the Gulf was dry land.)
  • The second Disk was located in Mount Albon, Mexico and
  • The third in Chitzen Itza, Mexico. (See Map below)

    This area was understood to be a safe haven in the coming cataclysm.


Many Researchers have reported that an Atlantean Pyramid Complex was located approximately 5 miles off the Galveston, coastline in the Gulf of Mexico, extended to South Padre Island and covered what is now the Laguna Madre Bay. Today it is submerged in the Gulf and Bay waters and covered by silt and sand.

The Earth-Keeper Chronicles - February 4, 2009

"Now, approximately 5 miles from the area of Galveston Island, Texas an ancient ceremonial Pyramid complex existed in a coastal region, now submerged and covered in the sedimentary silt and slime of the ages below Gulf waters. The Crystal Skull now called Max was among the 13 skulls located within it. The Moody Gardens Pyramids have taken on the multidimensional energies of the submerged Atlantean complex and were formatted to play a major role in the Cosmic Trigger. This energy transferral was completed when the ancient skull Max was taken into the Moody Pyramids for the opening ceremony!" From

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Why did they move Seline underground and into the etheric?
After the re-location, and before the sinking of Atlantis the Tex-Mex community flourished. However, shockwaves were still being felt throughout the land. Atlantis leaders were unsure of the level of shockwaves that would result from the sinking of two Continents. More important some of the Leaders feared that the original atmospheric mantle of Earth might vanish, subjecting life on the surface to harmful ultra-violet rays.

Before Atlantis was about to be destroyed the Galactic Federation of Light Ships were brought in as a response from the   Ashtar Command, the Airborne Division of the Great White Brotherhood to relocate individuals once again: 

The DNA Facilities were to be relocated to Inner Earth adjacent to the Halls of Amenti .This location was chosen because it allowed the DNA facilities to coordinate directly with the Halls of Amenti. 

It was decided that Seline's Temple of Blue Fire including the Communication Center, Healing Administration Buildings, Library, Education Centers would be removed from the physical plane into the 6th D ethereal plane to protect and save guard their knowledge. This allowed the ethereal city to link into other Cities of Light that had previous been established forming a communication network between Atlantis Communities.

Note: New Age believers and Psychics report that there are a number of ethereal cities floating in the skies over energy power sites such as Mt. Shasta, Machu Picchu, Tor in Glastonbury England, Palenque, Mexico, Ulura Austrialia, Kilauea, Hawaii. Some cities are located at areas of physical spiritual temples.

New Location
Seline's "Temple of the Blue Flame"  is now hoovering about 500 feet above Laguna Madre Bay and Gulf of Mexico in South Texas covering the cities of Bayview, Laguna Vista, Laguna Heights, South Padre Island  and Port Isabel.

The DNA Re-Calibration and Research Facilities called the Temple of the Green Flame were moved to 5th D Inner Earth located about 800 miles under the Earth's surface covering the same area.

Click here to learn more about DNA Re-Coding....

Re-activation & Re-anchoring of the Atlantean Temple
In 2015 the City of Seline in the 6th Dimensional Etheric and 5th Dimensioal Inner Earth were energetically re-connected back to original sunken Atlantean City Complex that once existed within the Texas Gulf Coast Region. During the Head of the Dove Power Shift in 2015 the sacred Atlantean sites that once existed along the Texas Gulf coastline were re-energized .  At this time the original Atlantean City was re-activated and the two divisions of Seline :  one located in Inner Earth and one floating etheric were re-anchored back to the submerged Atlantean Complex .

This was an important event. The re- anchoring of a Temple of the Blue Flame and the Temple of the Green Flame back to the original 3D City site of Seline allows the Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy, Christ Centered ET's, Archangels and  Ascended Masters to directly communicate with you, take you through activations, give you healings and meditations to do, or just send you love. This close contact is possible because they have a direct communication channel, they are able to focus light and higher energies to help you awaken and to make the transition into a new earth cycle smother and easier.  At this time, Mt. Shasta in  California,  Palenque in Mexico, South Texas Coastal Cities and Lake Titicaca, South America are the only areas where Cities of Light are anchored at ground level. 

Anyone can connect with these Cities of Light through transmissions, visualization, intention and decree. For centuries individuals have had a direct connection to these crystalline cities in meditation, or lucid dream. Many people are now reporting they are seeing, experiencing and receiving a great deal of information on the Cities of Light. They would suddenly find him/herself walking, out-of-body, up a flight of crystal steps toward a beautiful, light-filled, crystal temple or through a doorway in a Tree, and down a flight of stairs that opened into a  tri-crystalline pyramid surrounded by tropical planets and bloom flowers.   When the visit is completed the person would return to waking consciousness still feeling the energy and Light flowing through the body. The entrance point or Doorways to these two Cities of Light are quickly accessed when you are meditating at a dimensional portal called a Stargate.

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City of Light: Star Family Connection
  City of Light: Star Family Connection

Is the City of Light just a New Age Myth? 6th Dimensional Cities have been heralded for many centuries as the coming Age of Enlightenment.  The Tibetans prophesied the appearance of a great City of Light during future times called  "Shamballa" the Captial of Inner Earth manifesting in the physical. In the Bible's Book of Revelation, John the Beloved saw the descent of the "Holy City".  Other spiritual prophecies spoke of the great Cities of Light that will make their physical emergence as the vibration of the planet increases.  

New Age believers and Psychics report that there are a number of ethereal cities floating in the skies over energy power sites such as Mt. Shasta, Machu Picchu, Tor in Glastonbury England, Palenque, Mexico, Ulura Austrialia, Kilauea, Hawaii. Some cities are located at areas of physical spiritual temples. For example, the Marian Shrine at Fatima in Portugal has the ethereal city of Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael above it in the etheric. Likewise countless stories, myths, and legends are told about underground cities and subterranean civilizations that spread through a vast network of interconnected tunnels across the planet.  Inner Earth Cities include Telos located under Mt. Shasta and an ancient city under Lake Titicaca in Peru. The blueprints for the New Earth structure are detailed in all the Cities of Light with each City of Light having a special power and function. When all the Cities of Light are linked they begin to operate as one to create a powerful crystalline field of higher consciousness.

Recently hundreds have seen a  'floating city' and it was filmed in skies above China. Below is the News report of the Floating City in the Sky.

News Report

CHINESE TV news reports have told how thousands of residents in TWO areas reported separately seeing a huge city form in the skies. PUBLISHED: 09:28, Tue, Oct 27, 2015 | UPDATED: 18:10, Tue, Oct 27, 2015 ( See U tube)

Onlookers, some who are said to have videoed the bizarre event, were said to be mesmerised  as a towering city of sky scrapers appeared from the clouds.First thousands reportedly saw a ghostly alien city floating over Foshan in the Guangdong province of China. A few days later people in the province of Jiangxi, China, also reported seeing a similar cloud city. There were previous reports of a similar sighting in China in 2011. ( see picture Above ) YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible said in a video report: "The footage captured by a local resident appears to show a huge city floating in the clouds.  "The apparition, which was witnessed by hundreds of shocked residents, only lasted a few minutes before completely disappearing." The channel speculated it could be "the result of a project blue beam test."The Paranormal Crucible video added: "But added: "Or a temporal vortex, a possible parallel universe material briefly into our own reality."

First China: Now 'parallel universe floating city' appears over...

CHINESE TV news reports have told how thousands of residents in TWO areas reported separately seeing a huge city form in the skies.

Thousands of people were said to be stunned by the apparition

Thousands of people were said to be stunned by the apparition.

The energetic connection with these two Cities of Light allows the clients to have a clear communication channel to the Love and Light energies of:

the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light,
the Arcturians,
the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light,
the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light,
the Brotherhood of the Light,
the Christed One,
Ascended Master Serapis Bey and DK
Sanat Kumara
the Elohims,
the Overlighting Deva of Healing, Pan, the Overlighting Deva of Planet Earth, the Overlighting Deva of South Texas, the Deva of City of Light Seline,
Archangel Michael and the Blue Lightening Angels ,
the Lady of the Lake, the fairies and other nature spirits intelligence from the four elements of air, earth, fire and water.

This connection brings in a fast transference of energy that specializes in raising your light quotient allowing you to:

  • access ancient wisdom and knowledge,
  • increase your abilities to connect to Ascended Masters and Spiritual Network for guidance,
  • shield against negative energy
  • revitalize your molecules, heal physical, emotional and mental disorder and
  • accelerate your ascension.


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