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  Bayview Stargate

Bayview Connection to the Crystalline Grid 

The Bayview Center is fed by a 5 Powerful Earth Grid Energies:

  1.  Mega Vortex called the 7th Planetary Gateway for World Inner Balance and Androgyny.
  2. Head of the Dove Leyline
  3. Return of the Dove vibrational wave field coming from  the Bermuda Triangle.
  4. Golden Sun Disc frequencies transmitted by Moody Gardens Tri-Pyramid Complex in Galveston, Texas
  5. Energy tornadoes created from Wind Turbines Farm creating a protective dome over Stargate 

The convergence of the 5 Vibrational Wave Fields has created a unique sacred geometry within the area called Metatronic Cube .This energy field contains all the sacred geometric codes:  the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. The Metatronic Cube can take negative multi-dimensional energy that would have an imbalancing effect on the Earth Grid and immediately make a counter balancing adjustment that will maintain perfect symmetry.  This softens any negative energy that is streaming into the Planet from other dimensions. 

In addition, it has the effect of quickening  'higher' thought manifestation for group meditations or intention circles conducted in the Bayview  area. Higher thoughts are transformed into the geometric cube vector and immediate healing and transformation can occur here. Likewise negative thoughts are laid dormant within this field. This ability to negate negative energy is because negative energy has a dense vibrational frequency that lacks the appropriate geometric frequency to achieve a reaction within the Vector, so it remains dormant. Metatronic Cube creates a zero point...a place that is neutral, above positive, above negative, a place of complete Neutrality.

This energy allows an individual to remain within a higher frequency wave field  without auric depletion. For the past three decades, individuals have been called to experience and align to power-sites of sacred higher dimensional energy across the planet.  After a few days of downloading the energy they have an overwhelming feeling that it is ‘time to go’. This is due to a vibrational frequency that cannot be stabilized into the human aura.  However, within the Metatronic Cube the aura not only stabilizes the energy but continually recharges despite the vibrational differential aspect. This is due to the unique overlay of sacred geometry. The Metatronic Cube has allowed Archangel Michael to anchor and sustain his personal energy in the surrounding geographic area and allows for individuals to have a clearer channel to Archangel Michael.   

Expand Your Consciousness at a Bayview Stargate

Bayview is part of The South Texas Stargates  that are directly interfaced with Sirius. In other words, you have a DSL line for fast and easy communication with the Ascended Masters headquarters "The White Lodge"  located on Sirius  during Meditations at the Center. Stargates are multi-dimensional doorways linked to the Crystalline Grid which connect directly to each other, other dimensions and star systems. When you are within a Stargate you are able to download information, key or codes for assisting you on your spiritual path. Stargates are locations where energy spirals and flows like a faucet. If you meditate in these energy fields you will find that your own physical electromagnetic field will become in tune and aligned with other dimensions and star systems. These places hold incredible energy to activate and awaken your 'Higher Self’. The result of "awakening" usually brings to the surface attitudes, behavior or beliefs that are out of alignment with your "Higher Self" so that you can release them.

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Powerful Connection to the Deva and Nature Spirit Realm 

What is unique about the Bayview Stargate is that it is directly connected to the Devic Realm. This Stargate brings in an energy field to assist the Water Devas to perform their tasks of releasing negative Planetary Energy with greater efficiency. The Water Devas are directing Viriditas or Green Fire  into the waters surrounding South Texas Stargates. The Water Devas are targeting  the Resacas of Bayview and the Laguna Madre Bay for the infusion of Green Fire. This crystalline energy gives us life force energy and enables us to have a personal, dynamic, growing and flowing relationship with the Divine Spirit.

The Water Devas have transform these two bodies of Water into powerful receiving and transmitting stations that can be utilized by individuals. These natural Relay Stations will play a vital role in the re-calibrating and awakening of Individuals  If you meditate by these Waters, you can make contact with inner-terrestrial and inner earth beings and other dimensional beings that reside in the Deva dimension, such as dragons, unicorns, elves and faeries. However, your strongest contact will be with Water Devas.

This energy has created a portal that has allowed a very special Sacred Deva to make her home in these waters . This feminine presence is sometimes called the Lady of the Lake is very similar in nature to the Water Deva.  The Lady of the Lake has rooted herself most powerfully in the Bayview’s Resaca de los Cuates. She is of the Elohim, Sacred Fae, Devic in nature. However she is of the highest level of the elemental consciousness, very close in frequency to the angelic. Her mission is to help and guide seekers to establish a healing and enlightening relationship with Mother Earth.

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