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  Stargate Transmissions
Stargate Transmissions

Co-Creating with the Divine Spirit
Stargate Transmissions refers to the art of working within a Stargate
to change and charge your consciousness in order to accelerate your ability to rebuild, repair, or maintain aspects of your life and self.

Stargate Transmissions are very unique. Transmissions are a method of teaching you how to use your personal, planetary, and universal energy from a Stargate for healing and evolution.  All energy follows thought. When we give those thoughts in vocalization and visualization during a Transmission, that energy is given greater thrust toward manifesting. The more we link our mind and voice the greater our own power in life. All of these Transmission can be done at your home or for greater transfer of enrgy under the Crystal Light Pyramid. Some are marked only for the  "Crystal Light Pyramid" .

You learn the ancient Hebrew God names and words of power that can open higher levels of consciousness. Transmissions carry the sound of the Consciousness of God, through a Fire Letter Mantra. Fire Letter Mantras establish the Pattern of Divine Order in your body, mind and spirit. The pattern of the Divine Order is found in everything in nature, every word we create, every sound that is manifested has a Divine order to it.  When you learn how to be in the Pattern of the Divine Order,  you let go of thinking about what to do next. You just intuitively know what to do to solve a problem situation. This is called the Overshadowing Process.

Basically the Overshadowing Process allows you to tap into the Divine Spirit's Mind and strengthen the relationship of the You with your Higher Self or God Self. Transmissions teach you how to create a geometric pattern in your mind that allows you to activate the Overshadowing Process .  In the Overshadowing Process you learn how to set up a telepathic connection between YOU and the Angelic and Star Being Multi Dimensional Communication Network. This connection allows you to easily and swiftly manifest through a process called Co-Creation.  Co-Creation is part of the Divine Plan for helping humanity to work with the Spiritual and Cosmic Beings to heal itself and the Planet. This requires a higher level of spiritual understanding and that needs to be awoken. This Awakening Process is done through Fire Letter Mantras and Creative Visualization that bring in Multi-Dimensional energy called fohat through a Stargate.

Each time you use a Stargate Transmission your energy changes and rearranges as a result of your experience. The more work you do, the more you upgrade your energy system. This upgraded energy systems results in:

  • opening energy channels and  basic energy pathways of the pineal gland, aura and chakras;
  • shifting your perceptions to dissolve frozen blocks of energy and speeding up the healing process;
  • clear perception;
  • aligning with our life missions;
  • easier manifestation of physical needs;
  • personal health;
  • improved relationships based on attracting others with similar vibrations;
  • adaptation to our changing external environment;
  • and ability to experience the Fifth Dimension.

Each Stage of the Stargate Process has specific information and Transmissions that help you to learn how to open and work with Stargate energy.  Click on the links below to review these FREE Stargate Transmissions that are  covered in the How it Works section.  By understanding and working with each of these Stages you will be opening up your individual consciousness into Divine Spirit Consciousness that allows you to co-create a new reality.

Click here to learn more about the Stargate Process...

Listed below are some of the Transmission you will be learning how to use in Stages 1 - 13

Preparing for Opening Stargate

Progressive Relaxation Transmission
We need to be calm and relaxed to connect with your Spiritual Guidance Team (SGT) and open a Stargate. If you are worried or preoccupied with something, you need to resolve the situation or put it out of your mind before starting.  We need a relaxed, calm and peaceful environment to work-in. Start by finding a time and place where you will be undisturbed. Ensure that the room is warm or cover yourself with a blanket. Turn off you cell phone. Once your comfortable you will allow your muscles to relax. This is normally done with a Progressive Relaxation Technique. You might find it helpful to tape the following script so you can simply close your eyes and listen. Doing a Transmission under the Crystal Light Pyramid drops you faster ito a Meditative State and makes it easier to connect with your SGT.
Click on here see a  Progressive Relaxation Induction

Stage 3A: Decrees

1. Supercharge Decree Transmission
During some Transmissions you will be looking at a large number of factors. Before the desired physical results can manifest we will need to supercharge ourselves up so the decrees, fire letter mantras and words that we recite in the Transmission Reframing Script manifest on the physical plane quickly and with superpower. You can do this by using the creative visualization in the Upgrade Transmission of  Crystal Cup  for the Power of the Word or you will learn to supercharge your words and Decrees the help of a Fire Letter Grid.
Click here to learn how to Supercharging of Decrees, Intention and Words

Stage 5: Protection Transmissions

Before you start your Transmission you should do some form of protection. In our daily life we take in energies and thoughts that belong to someone else. Sometimes  lower astral entities, or lost souls, may be attached to you. These energies can create blockages and emotional, physical and mental imbalances. In a Protection Transmission you learn how to form a protective shield that prevents negative energy from attaching to you.  Click on the Links below to learn how to do the following Protection Transmissions. Pick two or three of these to practice daily. **The Star next to a Transmission means it is an important exercise .

Transmission Pillar of Light**

Transmission Rings of Protection**

 Transmission All Seeing Eye of God

Transmission Golden Bubble of Light

Transmission Platinum Net*

Transmission Tetragrammaton

Stage 6: Alignment Transmissions

Alignment is an important practice in all the work that is done within a Stargate. Alignment helps your body connect with the multi-dimensional energy. The vital energy known as "Fohat"  is increased when your body, mind and spirit are aligned with the Planetary, Angelic and Star Family Vibrational Seed Pattern.  In  the Alignment Transmissions you learn how to raise your frequencies to closely match the vibrational seed pattern of Multi-dimensional energy. This allows Multi-dimensional energy to be easily absorbed into our four body system (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

Alignement Transmissions show you how to move energy through the acupuncture meridians of the body and can help with health, increasing your vitality and balancing emotions as well as opening you up more spiritually and creatively. When you are Grounded and Centered within this energy, you feel balanced, safe and connected.  If you are not grounded and centered Multi-Dimensional energy can make you feel dizzy, a little 'spaced out', an 'unreal' feeling, off balance, or generally out of sorts. Pick two or three of these to practice daily. **The Star next to a Transmission means it is an important exercise .
Click on the learn below to learn how to Align, Ground and Center your energy fields yourself:

Transmission Six Pointed Star Clearing

Transmission Clearing Aura**

Transmission Grounding Cords**

Stage 8: Learn How to Open a Stargate

To connect with Multi-Dimensional Guides we need to have a clear communication channel in your higher chakras called your Stargate  Communication Command Center. This Transmission teaches you how to create your Stargate Communication Command Center by:

  • Creating an Alignment with other Dimensions and Universes
  • Opening 9 Dimensional Communication Portals along your Tube of Light that is connected to the Crown Chakra.  You can now receive and transmit automatically to these dimensions
  • Blending the energy of your higher chakras to form a DSL line into other dimensions.
  • Connecting into the Unity Grid Communication Network
  • Creates a Stargate portal to higher planes
  • Connects with Angelic and Star Being Multi-Dimensional Communication Network
  • Activates pineal gland, third eye  and channeling chakra in the back of head.

Click on the links below to learn how to open a Stargate

Transmission Create Stargate Communication Command Center

Transmission Open Stargate and connect to Angelic and Stargate Communication Network

Mind Sync Table Sessions: To increase functioning of Stargate Communication Command Center

Stage 9: Learn a Fire Letter Mantra Attunement

To connect with the Name of God expressed in Fire Letters you have to be able to closely match the high vibrational frequency. Thus, the more you increase your frequency, the clearer your connection will be. It is very similar to tuning your radio dial. You have to match your frequency with the desired radio station frequency or you will only hear static until the frequencies comes within range. This Transmissions teaches you two ways to raise your vibration called a Fire Letter Attunement and a Labyrinth Walking Fire Letter Attunement. Also you may listen to the intonement of several of the most powerful Fire Letter Mantra.

Click on the link below to do learn how to do a Fire Letter Attunement:

Transmission Fire Letter Attunement

Listen to Protection Mantra

Listen to Christ Mantra

Listen to Divine Spirit Mantra

Stage 12: Transmissions Upgrades

Transmissions Upgrades teach you how to deal with the issues and problems that the Star Families and Angelic Host Network have deemed important at this time.  The purpose of these Transmissions are to teach you how to bring yourself into divine alignment, not only ethereally and spiritually but behaviorally and attitudinally in your daily life. You will learn how to accelerate not only your spiritual growth and expand your consciousness, you will learn how to release triggers that accelerate the surfacing of karmic patterns, thoughts and beliefs that need clearing.  Transmissions work directly with Star Family and Angelic Host Communication Network.

Click here to review the Transmission Upgrades

Stage 13 After Care Program:
Transmission T'ai Chi

Transmission T'ai Chi 
The practice of Transmission Energy T'ai Chi is a upgrade from of T'ai Chi Chih originated by Justin Stone and based on the ancient art of T'ai Chi Chuan. This T'ai Chi gives you all the health benefits of traditional Tai Chi as well as attracting positive spiritual energy that can change a persons energy field for the better.   During Transmissions T'ai Chi  you combine the Traditional Tai Chi Chih movements with the intoning of individual Fire Letters Mantras and the visualization of specific colors. One of the most effective way to restore balance to your body, mind and spirit is through the use of Color. Individual chakras and related organs and body systems will respond to specific colors of Live Force Energy.  If their is an imbalance in your body, visualization of certain color of energy will restore homeostasis (balance) to the chakra thereby effecting all the systems related to it. This applies also to emotional and mental imbalances that cause physical problems.

Intoning of Fire Letter Mantras have the destructive power of being able to shatter or repel negative energy. Mantras use the power of hebrew names of the Divine Spirit which carry power to effect changes in the mind, body, emotions or spirit of the individual.  It stimulates the energy inside of us and the energy that surrounds us. Bring them into harmony on all levels. The vibrational seed pattern of a mantra can purify your energy field and expel negative energy that is being sent to you by other people.  Visual Aids are used during the Sessions and Flash cards are provided that can be used during your home sessions... so you don't have to have a good memory.

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Group & Private Transmissions Available
Private Transmission with the Crystal Light Pyramid Available

  Quote for Today

“When the warrior learns to stop the internal dialogue, everything becomes possible, the most far fetched schemes become attainable” -  Carlos Castaneda


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