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   Energy Guided Meditations
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What is a Guided Meditation?  Guided imagery or creative visualization is a powerful mind body tool that uses relaxation and personalized suggestions to promote healing and feelings of calmness. With the use of guided imagery you will use the power of “your” mind to actualize the healing suggestions that your body will respond to and become more active in your healing process.  Guided imagery has many uses. You can use it to promote relaxation, which can lower blood pressure and reduce other problems related to stress. You can also use it to help reach goals (such as losing weight or quitting smoking), manage pain and promote healing. 

Traditional unguided meditation techniques, while helpful in their own way, you are require to do some work. You must keep your mind clear and focused . But with guided meditation, you are guided into a state of meditation by spoken word guidance. Your guide will literally walk you through the process step by step all you have to do is listen

During these guided meditations you utilize the power of your imagination and the power of visualization to effect positive personal changes. This is the main benefit of guided meditation, and it makes these meditations more powerful than traditional passive meditation. Visualization techniques are now used in the fields of  the arts, sports, business, alternative medicine, religious practices, psychotherapy and self-improvement.
 Guided meditations can be tailored to achieve specific outcomes such as:

• Improving clarity in life
• Spiritual development 
• Experiencing elation, freedom and expanded awareness
• Emotional and physical healing
• Enhancing creativity
• Profoundly deep relaxation
• Increasing confidence and personal empowerment
• Opening the heart and healing relationships
• Curing negativity or self defeating behaviours
• Improving performance in business or sports
• Resolving psychological difficulties


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