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  The Process

Stargate Transmissions refers to the art of working within a Stargate to change and charge your consciousness with Multi-Dimensional energy that accelerates your ability to rebuild, repair, or maintain aspects of your life and self.  A Stargate will quickly bring you into vertical alignment with other dimensions and your Higher Self that acts as a conduit for a powerful Multi-Dimensional Energy called Fohat. Fohat is the key for clearing out all those issues that have become a personal stumbling block. By opening up a Stargate we can increase the Flow of this powerful  Life Force energy that actually burns away the thinking patterns that dictates problem behavior.

 When you are within a Stargate you are able to download Fohat with keys or codes for raising your Light Body Quotient .  Essentially, without the ability to increase one's Light Quotient, and stabilize it, no access is granted to the higher level of vibrational frequencies that are needed in the Ascension process. The result of you  "Awakening" usually brings to the surface attitudes, behavior or beliefs that are out of alignment with your "Higher Self" so that you can release them. 

These places hold incredible energy to activate and awaken your 'Higher Self’. The Higher Self is your direct conduit for Fohat Energy. It opens and clears your higher chakras to increase the flow of Fohat energy that brings in enhanced spiritual preception including - higher telepathy, higher clairvoyance, and higher clairaudience.When your spiritual perception is enhanced you can receive direct assistance and healings from Higher Dimensional Being through the "Overshadowing Process"  .

The Overshadowing Process is the Core of the Stargate Transmission Process.

The Overshadowing Process helps you to develop your own personal “channel” so you may be in direct contact with your God/source energy and your Spiritual Guidance Team. This leaves you “dependent” on no one but empowered in your own life.

What is Fohat?
  What is Fohat?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

This Bible  verse is from John 1:1. This  is the first verse in the opening chapter of the Gospel of John. In the Douay–Rheims, King James, New International, and other versions of the Bible.

The Word is composed of Fohat, which is a etheric, bio-electric consciousness from which all physical reality or matter is created. In effect Fohat is God consciousness that is the building material from which the tangible Universe was created. The entire Universe is simply  "Fohat materialized as a thoughtform" of the Divine Spirit. To bond with Fohat allows humanity to begin the process of consciously and intuitively understanding the power of the "Word"  so the can participate in the energy flow of Creation. This above Bible verse might read:

In the beginning was the Fohat  and the Fohat was with God, and the Fohat was God.

History of Fohat

The Eastern Esoteric Science taught in Theosophy, defined Fohat as cosmic or universal electricity, vitality, energy, and life force. Just as every living human being is nourished and powered by the principle of Chi within them,  so the Universe itself is powered from within by Chi on the macrocosmic level, i.e. Universal Chi …and this is Fohat.    FOHAT appears throughout “The Secret Doctrine” by H.P. Blavatsky – and especially in the first volume titled ... “Cosmogenesis".  Fohat is the link between spirit and matter because it contains the molecular formulas to release the energies of the chakras to bring about manifestation, for a specific action or challenge.

Fohat is a Living Entity

Fohat is not an impersonal energy force… it has a will and a mind of its own.  You may find it strange to think of an impersonal Universal Electricity as a type of Entity. But Fohat is not only the container for the Universal Force, but it is a living, thinking and feeling Entity. This Entity responds to the "Spoken Word" and imposes it's will upon beings of cosmic, human and terrestrial origin.  Fohat has a cosmic consciousness operating at every “level” of the cosmos and links each plane to the other; spirit to mind and mind to matter. Madame Blavatsky sums up the complex story of Fohat very well when she states that,

It is through Fohat that the Ideas of the Universal Mind are impressed upon matter” (SD I:85).

Some have compared the Fohat experience to receiving the Holy Spirit. Many of the qualities of Fohat and the Holy Spirit are similar. Learn more...

Fohat and Quantum Physics
Fohat has been called the Fire of the Phoenix. The Phoenix burns as it dies and out of the ashes, a new Phoenix is born. This is one of the purpose of Fohat Fire... to burn away the old Lower Self Consciousness to make way for the birth the new Higher Self Consciousness. The flow of Fohat Fire through our neural pathways acts like Drain-o  or Liquid Plummer in a plugged up kitchen sink.  Fohat opens your neural pathways so you can start the Overshadowing Process with your Spiritual Guidance Team.  As this happens, your "view" of things changes dramatically.  You start to discover more of your Higher Self gifts and gain access of your true power to influence your realities. Why can we use Fohat to transmute our negative energy and open Multi-Dimensional Communication Channels?  Because the human body is an energy system. This allows different energy frequencies of Fohat to interact with the functions of our physical system. Quantum Physics has helped us to understand the phenomenon of Life Force Energy. This research has found that Human existence is comprised of more than just physical energies and processes.  We know that our body is a bio-chemical, electro-magnetic energy system but our Life Force energy is the basic building block. The bio-chemical and the electro-magnetic processes are the physical expressions of our Life Force or Fohat .

  How do we Direct Fohat ?

Vocalization + Visualization + Sensation = Manifestation

Fohat Fire is a powerful force capable of bring about real changes in your life, if you use it the right way and do it consistently. After working with Fohat, you will see positive changes that will begin at the spiritual level, and from there will affect the mental, emotional and physical levels. Changes take place on the deepest level, in the cellular DNA. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday life.  At STAR you will learn how to direct Fohat through a  Stargate Transmission Process so that you can take the ideal image in your mind and reproduce it as a concrete form.

Click here to learn more about your  Lightbody

The key element in directing Fohat energy for healing is programming.  In fact, did you know that the most dysfunctional behavior is the result of inappropriate programming. And that 80% of all illnesses are psychosomatic and can be healed with Creative Visualization and Transmission Scripts or self-talk. By speaking aloud and creative visualization, you cause a chemical reaction in the body that allows you to  bypass the critical, conscious mind and deals with the emotional, subconscious mind.  The Stargate Transmission Process uses a combination of three procedures to direct Fohat to manifest your expected outcome:

  • The Spoken Word:  Fire Letter Mantras. Decrees, Re-Framing Scripts
  • Feeling  and Moving Energy:  Energy Meditation
  • Creative Visualization

Intoning and Vocalization:.Fire Letter Mantras are Intoned (Chanted)  and Decrees in the form of a Transmission Script are spoken to open a Stargate that will establish a constant flow of Fohat/Sacred Fire in the vibration seed pattern of the Divine Name that corresponds to your desired outcome. In summary, this process directs the Higher Self to manifest the intentions or qualities reflected in the Fire Letter Mantra. The Higher Self directs the re-organized Fohat to specific problem areas in your 4 body system (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual).  Fohat fire burns the negative disturbances, thoughts, emotions, entanglements and entity attachments, then is directed by Transmission Script to generate the positive energy, thoughts, emotions, harmony and freedom.

Energy Meditation: Energy Meditation techniques are used to focus on your breathing, your body, and your feelings and/or physical sensations as you move Fohat energy through your 4 body system (Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual). Sensations are an indicator of whether the process is working properly and support the  Manifestation Process. Energy Meditation lets you take your decree and spend time every day sitting in the feeling of what it is that you desire. You let the thought inform the feeling and let the feeling take over your energy. The more you feel the feeling of what you desire, the more you believe it is on the way. From a metaphysical perspective, if you believe it then it is already here. So make time for contemplating, thinking, feeling and believing.

Creative Visualization is used to focus on specific images intended to bring about a specific result – this is is popular with the New Agers. The technique uses a Guided Meditation Script and is very similar to Contemplation, which is used to mentally focus on the qualities of the Divine Spirit , virtues of your Higher Self or your desired  outcome.  This technique is used in  Christianity, but was also advocated by Plato. Examples of contemplation include contemplative prayer and centering prayer.

The Spoken Word: Voice Consciousness

We always hear "Ask and You shall Receive", but how you ask is very important. Speaking Decrees, Mantras and Reframing Scripts that use the "Power of the Name of God  "  to ask the Divine for certain favors are a special form of asking.  All images, names and words have their own power, if we know how to use them.

Christianity has an old tradition for using the power of the spoken word to invoke spiritual power. You are using the power of the word spoken when you give the "Our Father" , say the "Rosary"or sing many Christian songs. The same happens through the Gregorian chants, the reading of Scripture out loud or the recitation of other Christian prayers and ritual."

Everyday in commercials and advertisements, we experiance the power of words and language . Wall Street and the advertising industry has created a new form of power  "Word Magic".  Language is used to manipulate our energies, emotions, and ideas. They have learned to penetrate any mental defectors we have put up. We are obsessed with being young and thin... we are convinced that material gain is the only way to happiness. Individuals in the Advertising business have learned to use the power of ordinary words to create tremendous effects. Imagine what you could do with the ancient mystical words of power to better the world.

Language is a magical power and speech is its delivery system.  The more we link the mind and the voice the greater the power we have to manifest our desires in the World. The subconscious mind controls 90 percent of our actions.  It also responds literally to  every thought and word.  The more we think something and the more we expression the same thought in words, the stronger the effect will be.

Just as music is played externally, but felt within us, it is the same with words and language. Words and their sounds vibrate in different parts of the body, , different chakras, different organs, different emotions, different mental process.  The power of the word depends on the meaning, how it is expressed, how we feel when we express it, and how illuminated the person is who expresses it.  Every word we speak creates a thoughtform in the etheric and astral plane. The more powerful the words the stronger the thought form and the more powerful the effect. Mantras that comprise the seventh school of yoga have this power.

Mantras have a creative power to attract positive spiritual energy that can change a persons energy field for the better.  They also have the destructive power of being able to shatter or repel negative energy. Mantras use the power of words, phrases and/or sounds which carry power to effect changes in the mind, body, emotions or spirit of the individual.  It stimulates the energy inside of us and the energy that surrounds us. Bring them into harmony on all levels. The vibrational seed pattern of a mantra can purify your energy field and expel negative energy that is being sent to you by other people. 

Mantras power are based on four things:

  • A person's faith that the Mantra will work
  • The ability of the person to associate definite ideas with the sounds or words which intensifies our feelings and emotions
  • What the words mean and how this defination creates a mental thought for the individual
  • The sound alone, without reference to its meaning. For example the sound vibration of hebrew names of God or Sanscrit God names create changes in the function of the chakra system thereby affects the entire energy system.

The use of God names in rituals, prayers, affirmationz and mantraz have been practiced for centuries.  They can be used to attune to a specific energy of a divine quality. If we are in a crowd and we call out "Hey, You" anyone may turn around. If we call out "Hey Mary Jones"  we get the one special person we want to talk with. This is the same with energy. Generic words can bring in all sorts of energy, some maybe helpful ... others may not.

All names and words have their own magic. God names and words of power can open up higher levels of consciousness that give us the power to manifest our hearts desire.  These words link us to thought form of similar energies that we can use. By the Law of Attraction, Like attracts Like. This compounds the effects of the original words and sounds. These ancient divine names and words invoke and awaken fohat energies within us that are associated with them. Even though the energies maybe inherent, they still must be  manifested and directed. When we intone the names of God in a mantra, we are aligning ourselves to that aspect of the divine quality  represented by the name. When the name vibrates throughout our body and our consciousness, we bring our energy into harmony with the fohat of the name and it awakes Fohat within us and attracts similar Fohat outside of us that can use and direct. You can now direct the flow of Fohat to problem areas by reciting power words in the form of:

  1. Decrees
  2. Re-Framing scripts
  3. Inscribing and intoning a certain Hebrew letters combinations for the Name of God (Fire Letter Mantras)

What is a Fire Letter Mantra?

Fire Letter Mantras are a very specific type of Mantra that resonate strongly for individuals with a Judeo Christian Background.  This Mantra involves the visualization and chanting of the Name of God using letters from the Hebrew Alphabet . The ancient Hebrew Names of God have been used throughout the ages in rituals and ceremonies.  Mantras can be used to attune to the specific Fohat energy represented by the Name. When chanted with the proper visualization. feeling and a specific intention called a decree, they will yield good results for healing and empowerment.

What are Fire Letters?

Stargate Transmission works with a specific kind of Fohat energy that is generated by Hebrew Fire Letters in the Name of God. According to the Qabala, the Hebrew letters were created before the formation of the Universe, and participated in the creation of each and every living thing. The Hebrew letters constitute the DNA of the universe. Certain letter combinations carry higher energetic frequencies of Fohat than others, but they are all composed of the same basic ingredients - Fohat Fire...the sacred fire of the Divine Spirit...the Holy Spirit. Below is a picture of the Hebrew Fire Letters.

Fire Letters are composed of specific frequencies and vibrations that assists in RAPID consciousness expansion that allows Fohat to flow freely.  The sound of the Letters create a cosmic vibration that opens Stargates and intensifies the flow of Fohat.   Fohat allows you to travel into other dimensions to connect with your Higher Self.Stan Tenen, physicist, states that,

the ancient Hebrew alphabet is far more than an everyday toll for everyday communication or the transmission of sacred texts, the letter forms themselves have intrinsic geometric and mathematical properties that point us to a profound knowledge of life and the nature of human consciousness.”

We must keep in mind the fact that Fohat is not that which manifests, but the invisible electricity behind that manifested form.  Fohat is the Horse and Higher Self is the Rider. Fire Letter Mantras are the Road Map leading you to your destinations. Like a horse Fohat will transport you from one place to another...from one dimension to another. Your Road Map is written in an inter-dimensional language of a higher consciousness called the "Language of Light."  Fire Letters can be thought of as a computer software program for connecting with your Higher Self or Christ Self. They are NOT simply words, they are energy triggers of Light.  Dr. J.J. Hurtak author of "The Keys of Enoch", and "Pistis Sophia" describes mantras of divine names as:

A set of sound patterns and thought forms which can code consciousness into the consciousness of light.”  

A quotation in Dr J.J. Hurtak’s book ‘The Keys of Enoch’™ proposes that it is the frequency of the sacred words themselves that carries the power:

The energy words are to be used to code your body directly into the Light. They also provide the sound vibrations of greeting and protection…To place these ancient energy words into English, modern Indo-European languages or some other language, would deprive consciousness of a direct experience with the power of the sacred language. Transposing these words would cause them to lose their energy pulse, which is similar to the symphonic song of a musical masterpiece transposed out of its original key into a strange cacophony.”           

When the names of God is written in Fire Letters, they affect and activate every subatomic particle. This Language of Light carries with it a power to go from Human Intelligence to Higher Intelligence.  They activate our Light Body that allows us to travel into other dimensions to connect with our Higher Self. Each God Name carries unique qualities, designed to help us restore and cure the ills of the soul, body and mind, overcome crises, achieve abundance, joy and happiness.

What are the 72 Names of God?

 Fire Letters Mantras are derived from magical uses of the Judeo-Christian Qabala.  The Qabala is a simple system of understanding yourself and of reconnecting with the Divine Spirit. Many have called the Qabala… the Yoga of the West. Qabala is not a religion per se. Qabala is defined as the secret, mystical, magical, philosophical and religious teachings developed by Jewish scholars.These sacred fire letter combinations of the 72 names of God are a direct link between the spiritual world and the physical world. Each one of the 72 God names opens a different channel that connects you to a specific quality of the Divine Spirit. The "72 names of God" are encrypted in the book of Exodus, Chapter XIV, in the verses that tell the story of the parting of Red Sea. This Biblical story demonstrates the tremendous power of God and its capacity to perform miracles and wonders for his chosen people. In verses 19,20,21,  are encrypted with 72 letters in each verse. When written in three lines, one under the other, (verse 20 is written backwards), and read from top to bottom, they create 72 3-letter combinations. These are the 72 sacred names ascribed to the Creator. Assimilating the “72 Names” into your whole being - body, mind and spirit on a daily basis by using Fire Letter Mantras will create a deep transformation in your life. The high frequencies of the 72 Names will penetrate each cell of your body and create changes at the DNA level. All you need is to tune in and practice the assimilation process with full intent.

Why does chanting God's name in Fire Letter work in manifesting our wishes ?
It is important to remember that sound is a major contributing factor in our state of consciousness.  Fire Letters are specific signals to call upon qualities or aspects of the one Divine force in the Universe. During Fire Letter chanting, we vibrate at higher and purer frequency that draws in Fohat that can unstick and release negative energy. This allows the frequency of Fire Letters to return us to our natural state of resonance, effecting a cure.

Fire Letters Mantras are part of vibrational medicine that is based on the theory that everything is made of a vibration... this has been shown by a physics concept called the  "Superstring theory". Everything is in a state of vibration and when we are in a natural, resonant vibration, we are in a state of health. But if some part of the body begins to vibrate at a counter frequency, the energy becomes stuck and disease sets in.

Recent research has shown that sound has a powerful effect. Masuru Emoto of Japan demonstrated that water molecules are actually affected by sound and our intentions. Emoto had photographs of polluted water, which at first look like mud. After a priest chanted over this water, it is photographed again. This time, the water looks like a snowflake—the sound and intentionality had restored it to its natural pristine harmonious shape.

How does the Reframing Script Work with Fire Letter Mantras?

The Reframing Transmission Script directs your conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind to re-organize Fohat into the Fire Letter Vibrational Seed Pattern and then draws this energy into your personal energy field or into the energy field of the planet.  The Script directs your Higher Self to channel the Fire Letter Fohat to create a vibrational change in your thinking patterns that changes the space outside and inside of you. This vibrational change activates the Pineal Gland and Third Eye chakra that results in new neural pathways in your brain that connects you to other dimensions and allows multi-dimensional messages or healing energy to flow more easily into your brain or into your physical body. The Script and Mantras can direct your Higher Self to channel Fohat to form a high-frequency wave field around your physical body to give you spiritual protection. Or it can invoke a color of Fohat that will transform negative energy into a higher vibration.

Below is an example of a Decree with a Fire Letter Mantra used in the Re-framing Transmission Script . This script is read out loud  for Accessing Angelic and Star Family Network. Hebrew Letters are read backwards from Right to Left.← Yod Zain Hey ←
By the Authority of (God Name) Hey Zain Yodi zh
in the name of the Christ within me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey, hvwhI
(These two lines are essential in a decree)
I decree that my connection with the Divine Spirit and my Higher Self  is restored and I remember my angelic, stellar and galactic family. I now activate my ability as a light worker and open a clear channel for Spiritual Healing and Guidance.  I allow this energy to flow into my four body system (mental, spiritual, emotional and physical) . 

Christ Consciousness is now the base for all the messages I receive and send. All the messages that I receive and send are clear, precise, uplifting and helpful.  The energy of Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey, hvwhIthe Christ within me, intervenes for me, transmuting any signs, visions or intuitive hunches that I receive so that they are easy for me to recognize and are given in such a way that they are unmistakable to me. This energy transmutes all my thoughts, words and deeds so that they serve the highest and best good of the Universe, my Higher Self and the World with and around me.


An individual's level of skill in  directing Fohat is based upon learning to use the abilities of the right hemisphere of your brain. Inside each of our skulls we have a double brain with two ways of learning.  On the left side (dominant in western culture) we do analysis, count, mark time, plan and view the world in a logical step by step process. It verbalizes, makes statements and draws conclusions based upon logic, using a linear approach to life.

The right hemisphere of your brain allows you to see an image or picture in your mind’s eye, hold it and work with it.  We see how things go together as a whole. We understand metaphors, dreams, create new combination of ideas tapping into our intuition and experiencing leaps of insight. The right brain is intuitive, subjective, and holistic in thinking.  Because of it's faculty to understand symbols and create powerful, visualization it has the power to create.

The success of Stargate Transmission Process is dependent on learning the three basic Right Brain Skills of Creative Visualization:

  • Visualization: Your ability to create a clear mental picture that is as lifelike (color, texture, fragrance) as possible in your mind’s eye .
  • Concentration: Your ability to concentrate and focus on an image for a long period of time without your mind wandering off on other thoughts.
  • Imagination: Your ability to use controlled creative imagination to create images and scenes. This is similar to concentrated day-dreams or lucid night dreams.

Creative Visualization is an intended or purposeful daydream in which all your senses are used: sights, sounds, tastes, smells and feeling.  During a Stargate Transmission  you will feel, see and sense various colours of the purifying flame of the Fohat Fire in, through and around you and everywhere else. Research has shown that imagery can heighten your immune system, lower fatigue, increase energy, alleviate depression, lower blood pressure, increase relaxation and reduce the perception of pain. This research suggests that our mind and body are not separate. The energy of images, thoughts and emotions can change the biochemistry of our bodies.

How to use Creative Visualization with Colors

Click here to see color chart  

During Transmissions you will combine the individual Fire Letters with their specific colors. After you have visualized and chanted the Fire Letters in color for several minutes, you will be able to send out any color of Fohat fire to assist with different body, mind and spirit health factors. One of the most effective way to restore balance to your body, mind and spirit is through the use of Color . Individual chakras and related organs and body systems will respond to specific colors of Fohat.  If their is an imbalance in your body, a certain color of Fohat fire will restore homeostasis (balance) to the chakra thereby effecting all the systems related to it.This applies also to emotional and mental imbalances that cause physical problems.

The colors of Fohat Fire can create a unique field of high vibrational energy around any area of pain, stress, inflammation, or disease, and allows the body to entrain to the higher frequency, thus amplifying the body's ability to heal itself. You can also direct this energy into your home or loved ones. If there is an emotional or physical upset in your life, you can call upon a specific color of Fohat Fire to enter right into those conditions to purify and heal them from your life.

The most frustrating aspect of working with the Fohat Fire is deciding what color to use. The key to is to determine which colors are needed. But if you understand the corresponding colors of the Tarot Keys with the Hebrew Fire Letters and how the color of the Letters match the Chakras colors you can easily discern which color of Fohat Fire will be most beneficial.This website provides you with a chart and detailed description of the function of each of the most commonly used colors of Fohat Fire to help you with the selection process. When in doubt use a Gold White that contains all the Fire Colors.

White Fire, Learn More...
Red Fire, Learn More...
Pink Fire, Learn More...
Blue Fire, Learn More...
Green Fire, Learn More...
Gold Fire, Learn More...
Orange Fire, Learn More...
Violet Fire, Learn More...
Three Fold Flame, Learn More...
Platinum Fire, Learn More...
Green and Violet Transmutation Flame, Learn More...

Each of the Fohat Fire's colors are an aspect of the God Consciousness and have a specific purpose. You can visualize varying shades depending upon the purification, healing or information required.  Each Color of Fire works with an Archangel or Ascended Master that will support the healing process.


As Fohat energy flows through your thought patterns,  you must let the Idea of your Expected Outcome be established as a Master Thoughtform.  You must feed this thoughtform with the Light…the mighty I AM presence… you do this with the power of your imagination, body sensations and emotion.  With the proper use of imagination and sensation you “lock in” the idea. Let's take Job Satisfaction as an outcome.  In your mind, see yourself truly in enjoying your work. Being of service… Sketch it in every detail. Add color to it. Now feel it in your heart... Love it. Sense the joy of being in the Job you always wanted... let the waves of contentment roll over you. And it’s all here now. Don’t think about it happening at some later date.

The Love Force
Most people practice visualizing the energy before they actually learn to feel it.
During the Transmission you should feel and think about the energy that is coming into your body and/or images that are flowing into your mind. Fire Letter Mantras and Decrees work best when they are combined with feelings of the heart. We need to get into our heart center when we send out our Decrees and intentions. Love is what makes the decree process work. The major  force for manifesting what we want is the " Love Force". The stronger the love force within a person the stronger the power of manifestation. 

Body Sensations

During a Stargate Transmission your attention shifts from the physical sensations to more inward energies, especially in the spine. Stargate Transmissions focuses on cultivating this energy.  Energy can be felt in many ways, and is felt differently by each person.  Sometimes you feel tingling in your hands, heat, and encircled with a flowing energy field, like a soft, warm wind is swirling around you in an oval or circular pattern. You may  feel magnetism between your hands. You can also smell or taste foods, drinks, smell flowers…something familiar that you would recognize as being associated with a certain spirit. This is especially common with friends or family members that have crossed over.

Sensations can help you to validate whether you have fully connected with your Spiritual Guidance Team. When you are connected you may feel a buzzing in your head or goose bumps on your arms.  Sensations also tell you if the Transmission is working. For example, if your doing a Transmission to Lift your Depression you should feel lighter and happier after the Transmission.

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Note: Hebrew letters are read Left to Right;

← Zayin Yod Yod ←


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