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The Stargate Activation Process

All people have the ability to communicate with their spiritual guide. But sometimes it is necessary to have a “jump start “to restore the natural flow of energy to your communication lines. We have developed the “Stargate Activation Process"  for this very purpose. Stargate Activators are one of the most powerful means by which energy patterns, information, healings and abilities from higher dimensional beings can be translated and transferred to directly to you from a Stargate. We are offering 4 Stargate Activators with step by step instructions on how to use each of the components:

  • Fire Letter Transmissions
  • Fire Letter Transmitters and Decal
  • Crystal Transmitter Head Ring
  • Crystal Transmitter Hand Chakra Activators
  • Fire Letter Vial Pendulum
  • Fire Letter Transmission Aides: Candles, Incense & Oils, Baths, Washes and Cologne, Jewelry & Crystals,

When the 6  components are used together they allow the Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy, Christ Centered ET's, Archangels and Ascended Masters to communicate directly with you, take you through activations, give you healings and meditations to do, helps you to work through negative situations and assists you in downloading a higher quality of healing energy to clear out blockages that facilitates fast healing and manifesting of your intentions on all levels (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). They are like vibrational switchboard linking multiple dimensions, timelines and levels of consciousness to one another.  When one is using a Stargate Activation Process its like having a galactic radio in the room tuned to the “Higher Dimensional Channel”. They are attuned to the frequencies of the Angelic and Star Being Communication Networks. 

The Process bring in attributes, energy currents, forces and capacities that are involved in solving these difficult problems including:

1-health and healing, helps relieve pain and physical trauma
2- achieve courage, ambition and enthusiasm to fulfill your goals
3- fulfill all your desires and wishes
4- attract love and admiration, and find the right partner. Boosts harmony and fertility in marriage
5-open all the doors and locks and release you from any limiting situations
6- gain psychic gifts to help you on your life path
8- attract success and abundance, honor and prestige
9-contact a loved one who has past to the other side

The Stargate Activation Process helps you to develop your own personal channel so you may be in direct contact with your Spiritual Guidance Team .  This close contact is possible because you have a direct communication channel through the Stargate.  The Process works because it is based on the Vibrational Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Sacred Geometry of the Pyramid, the power of Sacred Words, the science of Morphic Fields and Energy Medicine.

The Transmissions, Transmitter Cards and Fire Letter Mantras will help you connect with the source of your internal wisdom and retrieve the relevant knowledge, quality or power for each challenging situation in your life. The sacred “72 names of God” opens your communication channels for healing, spiritual growth, and transformation in all areas of life. They are a direct connection to the Divine Energy that nourishes the soul.

Some of these  fire letter combinations are listed below :
Samech.Alef.Lamed - For abundance and prosperity, fortune, wealth and benedictions. To remove financial blockages, promote good livelihood, and eliminate debt.
He.He.He - Improves self-esteem: promotes personal growth, self-appreciation and expression, dispels over-dependency and a victimized feeling. Helps you take responsibility and listen to your inner voice.
Yod.Resh.Tav - Will help you cultivate your channels for the flow of abundance, success in your career and charitable giving. It provides you the spiritual tools to choose right from wrong.
Alef.Lamed.Yod - Protects from the evil eye. Defends against unseen causes of damage and trouble such as jealousy. Fills the soul with faith.
He.Alef.Alef - For Balance and harmony in life: Reorganizes priorities, helps you make the right decisions, removes doubts and boosts your capabilities.
Yod.Lamed.He - Will help you alleviate a harsh fate, smooth arguments and help with legal issues. Overcome resentment, and increase unconditional love.
Mem.Bet.He - Helps you fulfill your plans, overcome fear and find the courage to execute what you have started. It promotes creativity, momentum and the willingness to take risks.
Contain these letter combinations:
Yod.Lamed.Yod - Will take care of fatigue, recharge life energy, help rid of mood swings and helplessness, and induce clairvoyant ability.
Mem.He.Shin – For good health: Neutralizes all sorts of illness, brings healing for the body and soul, protects against pain, chronic fatigue and malfunction, induces cleansing and finding a cure.
He.Kof.Mem - Protects against depression, mental illness, powerlessness, dread and guilt. It induces optimism and new beginnings.
Kaf.He.Tav - Helps dismiss negative energies from your surroundings, relieves anger and resentment, sadness, depression, fear and worry. Balances energies and induces calmness.
Ayin.Mem.Mem - Induces enthusiasm, spirituality, devotion and inspiration. It reinforces nourishment from the root of the soul and helps dispel dullness.
He.Zayin.Yod - Will channel positive energies and remove bad luck. Connect you with divine providence, promote mental and spiritual wholeness and balance mood swings.
Mem.Nun.Dalet - Will help you get rid of fears, overcome bashfulness, turn darkness into light, and help you bypass obstacles.

Morphic Fields: Why Stargate Activators Work
Morphic Fields:  Why Stargate Activators Work


Stargate Activators (I.E. Manras,Transmitters, Head Rings, Empowerd Water) are  objects that are specifically made to achieve a particular purpose and they have an intrinsic power to give a person a specific power or quality. They generate a positive force to achieve their objective and repel negative energies. They are like self charging solar batteries and are constructed in such a way whick links you with the appropriate Divine energy concerned for the intention.

Stargate Activators  work because they use "Morphic Fields"

The Stargate Activation Process keeps on working after you stop doing Transmission because it connects you  "into the "Multi-dimensional Communication Morphic Field" . What is a Morphic Field?
Morphic fields (‘morphic’ means ‘coming into form’) are basically fields of energy that come into form as bits of information that resonate at similar levels of frequency that are attracted together. Whenever we think or act or feel a certain way, we emit energy waves. They resonate at a particular frequency. When enough of these energy waves collect and resonate together  (Law of Attraction) they in turn, have an influencing effect on our bodies, thoughts and emotions.  It becomes the organizing field. If enough people, act or feel in a similar way to each other then they become part of collective resonance of Morphogenetic Field.  Countless New Agers,  Moslems, Jews and Christians have the shared belief that other dimensional beings or a higher power can directly influence your life and that you can have a conversation and visions with these beings. That the Holy Spirit or Christ can come to you and heal you. There is a common picture of where these Spiritual Beings reside, such as heaven.  All traditional religious doctrines that I know of have recognized something of this kind. This is a powerful morphogenetic field that our Transmissions tap into.  The Transmission simply get's  you in sync with this Morphic Field. Transmission Products allow you to step into the "Other Dimensional Communication Morphic Field" and resonate with its vibrations and characteristics, that easily put's you in the right frequency for Multi-Dimensional Communication. 

Morphic fields are part of our individual and collective mind. They can spread out over immense distances (as, for instance, gravitational fields do), so that if I were sending an intention to a friend in Australia from my home in Texas,  the morphic field would carry the information and the intention could work. But my mental field wouldn't usually spread out to Mars, for example, because there is nothing connecting me to someone on that planet. If someone I knew had traveled there on a spaceship, then there would be a mental link. For morphic fields to work they must have a "mental connection"... there has to be something that links you to the other person. Even if you have never met the other person, just knowing their name or something about them seems to be enough to establish a connection, though this connection is likely to be weaker than that between people who know each other well.

Our Activation Process helps you to establish this Mental Connection to your Spiritual Guidance Team. You could understand the way this works as something like this: When a person and a Spiritual Being comes into contact during a Transmission and establishes some mental connection (perhaps experienced as affection, love, security, protection) their morphic fields in effect becomes part of a larger, inclusive field. Then, if they separate from each other it is as if their particular portions of the morphic field is stretched elasticity, so that there remains a "mental tension" or connection between them. The Transmission establishes this connection, so that when a Transmission is over your Spiritual Guides can still affect your well being and your life in general.

Who are our Customers?

Who are our customers?
- A spiritual seeker
- Looking for help to both daily and essential issues in all areas of your life.
- Willing to connect with your own inner wisdom and your spiritual guides,
- Seeking to find your soul mate
- Want to know what the future holds for you,
- Excited to own an extensive self-growth toolbox,
- Curious to learn and experience the cosmic influences on your life events.
- Want to attract abundance good fortune into your life.
- Psychics, counselors, spiritual teachers and coaches of all types, who deal with their clients' issues on a daily basis.
- Metaphysical and new age stores.
- Online book, gift, and new age stores
- Holistic healing and spiritual development centers.
- People who are interested in mysticism, Kabbalah, esotericism, and working with their spiritual guides
- People who are on their path to spiritual growth and self improvement.
-All our tools were tested for their accuracy and reliability prior to their production, and won enthusiastic reviews with sampling groups consisting of professional counselors, and psychics.
- All the  products are accompanied by booklets that contain Transmission Scripts, Mantras, Tarot Key Visionary Transmitter Cards, Transmitter Decals,  information, and instructions.
- The products are designed to be used by everyone: It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge in Kabbalah. 

Why our Transmitter Cards use Tarot Card Art work?

Transmitter Cards show each fire letter of the God name with the corresponding tarot card.
When you place them in your vicinity, meditate on the visual tarot image and say the God name  out loud , they shift your energy field and create changes in any area of life that they were destined to change.
The powers of the sacred letter combinations from the "72 Names of God" called Fire Letters with the archatype energy of the Tarot card constitute powerful magnets that attract abundance and transform any area of life that you want to change.

Sometimes it hard to understand and visualize the meaning of Fire Letters that spells out the Divine Names. Unlike the English Alphabet, each Hebrew letter generates a specific quality of the Divine Spirit. Nevertheless, we can express some generalities about how to work with Fire Letters. Most methods for understanding Fire Letters use the Wisdom Paths of the Qabala Tree of Life; and the Tarot Trumps . This is because Fire Letters Mantra and Re-Framing Scripts  are a visual exercise, and need some sort of visual focus. This visual focus is provided by the images of the Tarot Trumps

The powers of the Archetype energies of Tarot Cards of the Major Arcade are very extensive. An archetype is a very typical example of a certain thing or person that appear in stories from many different cultures, as these types of characters are typical.  Archetypes are like magnets beneath a sheet of paper – the shapes and patterns draws in  energy that provides an opportunity for personal transformation by connecting with our soul and our divine potential. An tarot archetype draws in an emotion, character type, or event that is notably recurrent across the human experience. The archetype creates an immediate sense of familiarity, allowing you to understand and relate to the power of the individual Fire Letter without having to necessarily ponder why you relate. Click here to learn more

Together with sacred letter combinations from the "72 Names of God", they constitute powerful magnets that attract abundance and transform any area of life that you want to change.


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Kabbala Transmission Aids

Need help on learning and using  the Fire Letters...Great website for all your needs.

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Note: Hebrew letters are read Left to Right;

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