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  Transmission 14: Mighty Victory

This Transmission works with Mighty Victory, a cosmic being who is known as the tall master from Venus. He helps you to clear your life path in order to accomplish your goals. He teaches you how to bring in all of the Power in the Universe right within the framework of your being and use the Light.

His devotion to the Flame of Victory for more than a hundred thousand years has given him the authority over that flame through vast reaches of cosmos. During the 1930s, he announced, in answer to Saint Germain's call, a stupendous dispensation of cosmic assistance to the Earth from the Lords of Karma whereby the old occult laws were set aside. This made it possible for individuals to ascend with only 51 percent of their karma balanced, to enter the etheric retreats while their bodies sleep at night and to release the teachings of the I AM and the Violet Flame to the World at large.

Twelve Masters serve with Mighty Victory, as well as many Legions of Angels of Victory. Mighty Victory's symbol is the six-pointed star made with interlacing triangles, which is a glyph of God's threefold flame of love, wisdom and power, fully balanced in our heart as above, so below.

Mighty Victory serves with his twin flame Justina, who anchors the Victory of the Feminine Ray. Together with Mighty Victory, Justina delivers us from the non-victory consciousness. When we call upon her, she will help us to anchor the flame of divine determination for the full momentum of our victory now made manifest in every area of life.

  Calls for Victory

Mighty Victory Transform life's hardships into blessings

← Ayin Hey Resh ←

Tarot Key Meditation Aids:

Tarot Key : Sun (Resh )

Tarot Key: Star (Hey)

Tarot Key: Devil (Ayin)

Call in Guides from the City of Light of Seline

I call in the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light from the City of Light,Seline
I call in the Sirian Archangelic  League of the Light from the City of Light, Seline
I call in the Andromedian Intergalactic Beings of Light from the City of Light, Seline
I call in the Arcturian Emissaries of the light, City of Light, Seline
I call in the High Council of Orion Including the Draconians, the winged dragons from the Royal House of Aln.
I ask the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedians, Arcturians, Orions and Draconians to bring in a multi-dimensional  cone of love and light above my aura for the total alignment with my  stellar, galactic, cosmic,  star  family through all 12 dimensions.


By the authority of Resh Hey Ayin (I-N),rho

in the name of the Christ within me , ihwvh

and I decree that the Beloved Mighty Victory now assist me to transform all my life's hardships, obstacles, limitations, and every human condition in my experience upside down and bring an Ascended Master Miracle of your Victory out of them, so they all turn into blessings.

I now claim Mighty Victory's Ascended Master Consciousness. I have one focus the Attainment of Victory and Perfection, this is the only Governing Presence in my mind, my body, my feeling world, and every particle of my spiritual, personal, financial, business, legal affairs, and the affairs of every Child of the Light throughout America and the world.

Beloved Resh Hey Ayin rhoand Beloved Mighty Victory! Hold all these conditions purified, beautified, and free from every discord. Let the full Glory of the Fohat White  Fire of Victory pour forth and bless all mankind with whom I come in contact.

Victory Transmission: Version

  • Mighty Victory charge me with the power to acknowledge Cosmic Victory in everything I do. I Call forth the Cosmic Victory and Authority of the Light. Today I call forth the Cosmic Healing Flame of Victory. I have all the power to bring anything and everything I need to complete the divine plan. And I manifest, manifest, manifest.
  • I see Mighty Victory projecting a Light Ray to me that carries a Substance called Cosmic Victory.
  • This Light Ray enfolds me in it and anything not of perfect victory dissolves. I absorb this substance by getting into my vibration of my I AM Presence. This is my indiviudalize Fohat, the divine spark that created my Christ Self, my immortal self.
  • Mighty Victory gives me every assistance to become Victorious in everything I do but first I must have my attention on the “Mighty I AM” Resh Hey Ayin then afterwards Mighty Victory sends all the assistance I need thru the Rays.
  • The great Strength, Energy and Power comes from my I AM presence, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey,  because it is the Pure sacred fire…pure Fohat .  My  I Am Presence is above me,  around me... I now bring it down and I bring it into me . I Call to the I Am Presence, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey  to release mighty currents and I let the Ascended Masters take this energy up, amplify it and hold it focused on the objective until the thing is done for which I  call for.
  • Releases the infinite power of the universe into action, to produces the exact results for which I have called.
  • There is a great deal of substance in my bodies, which does not belong to my Life Stream . I decree that the Mighty Victory and the legion of Victory Angels … take it away from me.  Burn up  all the substance that does not belong to my life stream in the white fire of Victory.
  • I decree that I have the victory over the world conditions and or business success. 
  • I decree that  Mighty Victory's white fire of purity  has dissolved all my physical, mental, emotional  and spiritual addictions. This Victory of Healing  is as important as the Victory of Wealth or any other Victory.
  • Mighty Victory shows me what the Victory of forgiveness can do for my bodies and my affairs. He Shows me what the Victory of Love can do in my bodies in a few hours.

 Let Mighty Victory's flames burn away anything that is a blockage to me attaining total Cosmic Victory in all areas of my life.  I  say to my Life Force “Mighty I Am” Awaken, merge with me and I call out to the Ascended Masters, including Sanat Kumara and Serapis Bey ,  I ask for the Cosmic Victory for success in business, justice in legal affairs, abundance in all parts of my life and spiritual success to complete my part of the Divine plan and be free from physical me

I know that Temporary release from distressing conditions is not Victory. I decree that I now have permanent Victory which comes from a Charge from Mighty Victory's flame from the Temple of Victory. The charge from the Victory Flame gives me permanent perfection in my world, I have had a certain amount of Harmony and certain amount of Happiness and a certain amount of Comfort and Accomplishment in my world, and something took it away from me again, didn’t it

Now the  cosmic Flame of Victory will Charge all the substance and energy of my world and I decree that it to glow and become self-luminous, command it to expand without limits….expand into the universe...

I feel the energy. I feel it manifesting in my body…I seize it and say “You are mine forever” Then I hear Mighty Victory say
“I know you I recognize your I Am presence and I now empower it."

From this point on, whenever I see mistakes in the physical world around me- I will call to the “I AM”  and call in the  Cosmic Force of Victory’s Victory  and Power of Light which compels everything to perfection. And I decree that Mighty Victory assists me in commanding all negative thoughtforms in myself and the world around me into the Violet Consuming Flame. The Cosmic Violet Flame burns away all destructive qualities.I throw all those negative things into the Violet Flame and Say "Never again do you touch my life".

I go into the Violet Flame... I  feel it ... Blaze and Blaze and Blaze. The Violet flame dissolves and consumes every record of the same quality in the consciousness of the whole world. The violet flames sends it into the Ascended Master's astral plane, where they will hold it contained forever. I take command of everything in my life that is wrong…. I Merge with my  I AM presence, then use the cosmic force of the I AM presence to take command and bring in the Cosmic Flame of the Victory, of the Light. Anything that I see that is less than perfect… I use the cosmic power and Authority of my own life force energy and my  I Am presence to take possession and change all that is less than perfect into Perfection.

Every thought, every feeling, every spoken word that is not constructive is a shadow—therefore not the power of Mighty Victory. In order for light to release. Light must be accepted. Light must be acknowledged. Light must be loved and Light must be spoken into the atmosphere of the Earth. I cannot produce a manifestation of Light by discussing darkness.  Mighty Victory now brings me a great source of fohat energy to help me to bring in the light.

 Mighty Victory send me the Cosmic Action Sphere of White Fire. Mighty Victory surrounds me  with the Protection of White Fire and the blue lightening of Divine Love which was about me in the beginning...when I was first created before I  came to Earth.

Note: In the beginning every individual walked within a Blazing sphere of white fire, the outer edges were of the blue lightening of Divine Love. This was a natural, protecting, enfolding power and focus of the fire element. But over the ages the light receded due to negative thoughts and actions of mankind hence their own creations destroyed the light... Mighty Victory now once again offers you this light, he offers it to all who will recognize it and accept it.

Whenever you think of the light, you walk as it was there, you walk within  the Heart center of this Sphere of Blazing white fire and blue lightening of Divine Love. It Enfolds your body, you feel its dazzling Presence about you. Now decree for Victory of healing , love,  justice, forgiveness, abundance and decree for manifestation with the powerhouse of Victory's fire. Feel its mighty Love and protecting care.

See yourself enfolded in a  sphere of White Fire and Blue Lightening of Divine Love, amplifies my power. 

I decree that I do everything through the sphere of White Fire and Blue Lightening of Divine Love. And when things come up that are negative I just command : “Go away to the end of time and stay there " and see a flash of blue lightening shoot right into them with enough force to shatter their hold on me or upon the conditions of other individuals I want to help.

I will enter into the sphere of White fire before I give my commands and decrees.  I AM the only presence acting, I Am, I AM, I Am the Victory of Light  then Mighty Victory sends energy into the sphere to answer my call with speed and force of action. The energy Charges my hands and feet and radiates my bodies with the white fire from the sphere. I now have the power to bless everything.  I  touch and l find it easier to keep everything in perfect divine order. I  have the power to purify and move things to go where I want them to go. I hold the protection of the white fire sphere around my  physical body and  become a focus of power and action of the fire element, right here on the physical plane.

I remember this does not take the place my mighty Pillar of Light.   I abide within this just the same. I am in the Pillar of Light with the Blue flames from St. Michael’s sword.  The Violet consuming Flame are contained within the White sphere of Fire and the blue lightening of divine love.

I decree that I stop remembering anything that is negative or in the shadows. I  have been struggling under the habit of letting old things come forward to hold my attention—things that were mistakes in the past and yet which came forward into my mind. These things ruin today’s energy with things that took place years or months ago. When anything comes to my mind that did not produce Perfection in the past, I take my stand right then and say

“No you don’t. My Mighty I Am presence is my eternal Divine Memory and knows you not. I Am the Cosmic Electrifying Presence of the blue lightening which annihilates you in my memory. I replace you by the Victory’s Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory. Never again do you touch any part of my life. Go into the Violet Flame. Blaze and Blaze and Blaze. Dissolve and consume every record and memory. I call forth POWER, Power, and Power of the Light, Power, Power, and Power of Victory."

I Charge myself  with the Ascended Masters Cosmic Flame of determination to accept nothing but the light. Let no more of my attention rest on the shadows. I decree that the light takes the place of every shadow. I acknowledge the Victory of the light in everything I contact and on my  life path I will know no struggle and no problems.

I decree that every negative thought form is released by the Power and the Victory of the Light. I Command all things to become self-luminous with Miracles upon Miracles.

Now I feel the presence of the light increasing hourly as I accept it and call it forth. I take a stand within the Light. In this light will blaze the power to control everything in my life. Mighty Victory stands guard and render every assistance through radiation as well as instruction to bring me to a point where I feel the power of my own light and I can watch it go forth and perform according to my command.

Today I see the light and feel the light...and know that the White Fire and Blue Lightening of Divine Love stands around me—know that I have authority of my life stream and my energy …I have victory over everything I touch,.

I Command every thing in my life to become the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory… I Command it to bless everything in creation with Mighty Victory and that I may move forward. The shadows shall flee at my approach and light claims all into its heart- The heart of Mighty Victory forever.

  Call for Victory Version 2

Dreamweave Induction
I want you to take three deep breaths. That’s right.  Three very deep breaths. (Pause and give yourself time to take three deep breaths)  Good. Now I want you to stretch. Yes stretch every muscle. (Pause, giving yourself time to stretch).

Now, close your eyes. That’s right, let your eyelids drift down gently, and relax those muscles around the eyes. Feel your forehead relaxing. Feel yourself beginning to relax…yes…you are letting yourself relax. Relax those muscles around the eyes. Let yourself feel loose and limp. Safe and secure.

I would like you to envision a large and beautiful white snowflake at the top of your head. See it hanging there, this beautiful snowflake.  It gently sparkles in the air, filled with the white light of the Universe. It is a big snowflake, turning slowly, revolving easily, very big, yet light as a feather. This is beautiful snowflake stands for cosmic wholeness.   See the snowflake; watch it glisten in the light.  Good.

Now this snowflake is going to travel down through your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. As it travels down through your body, it is going to relax you more and more. It will bring the cosmic wholeness into your body. It will relax every muscle in your body. It will enable you to touch the oneness of the universal spirit.

So, just begin to relax as this snowflake   enters the top of your head. Feel it’s light travel down past your forehead… your eyes and ears… relaxing all the muscles around your eyes… down past your nose and your mouth… surrounding your teeth. 

Loose and limp… safe and secure… feel the relaxation filter down through your body. Just relax, and begin to notice how very comfortable you feel. You are supported, so you can just let go and relax. Inhale and exhale. Feel the lovely snowflake  travel down your neck… down into your upper arms and your lower arms…  your wrists and your fingers.  Feel your muscles relax.

You can be aware of normal sounds around you. These sounds are unimportant, discard them; whatever you hear from now on will only help to relax you.

 As you exhale, release any tension, any stress from any part of your body, mind and spirit; just let that stress go. Feel this beautiful snowflake travel down your back… down your chest and stomach. Loose and limp. Safe and secure. Just feel any stressful thoughts rushing through your mind, feel them begin to wind down… wind down… wind down, and relax.

 As you relax, you are becoming more and more aware of the presence of universal love, and you are aware that the Divine Spirit  has sent guardians to protect and comfort you. Feel the light and healings of your celestial guardians as they touch you as the white light of the snowflake travels into your upper legs, into your knees and calves. Relax and let go. Let go and feel the universal healing all around you. Just feel your body drifting… floating… down deeper… down deeper… down deeper into total relaxation.

Let your muscles go, relaxing more and more. Down…down… down… the snowflake now moves down into your ankles, your heels, your arches and your toes. Safe and secure… loose and limp. And now the light moves out of the bottom of your feet.

Visualize the snowflake  once again in front of you. I want you to take hold of the snowflake , like you would a balloon. It is surprisingly sturdy. This snowflake ball  is going to allow you to drift down, deeper and deeper ….into deeper levels of your mind.  So take hold of it now, yes that’s right.

 Now it begins to float downward, and so do you. I’m going to count backwards from 10 to 1, as you imagine yourself floating down to your sacred space, one level at a time. Just drift down and relax even deeper. Ten…relax even deeper. Nine…down, down, down, deeper, deeper, and deeper. Eight…down, down, down. Seven. Deeper, deeper. Six…down, down, down.  Five…deeper, deeper, and deeper. Four ... down, down. Three …deeper, deeper. Two… One…deeper. Deeper, Just let go and relax.

And now imagine you are in a peaceful and special place; a place that is just for you. You can come here anytime you like, whether you are tired, or if you just want to relax, if you feel ill, or if you want to improve yourself. This is your special place. The place that is made just for you. You can feel this special place. Allow the peace of the Universe  to flow through you. Positive feelings grow within you; a sense of well-being surrounds you. In your mind’s eye, I’d like you to look up to the sky now. That’s right …look up and see the beautiful baby blue sky. The sky has a few clouds in it, they are puffy and white. These puffy white clouds now move together to form your name. See your name in the sky now, see your name, and (pause)

 Good. Now a bit of wind comes and blows away your name. It is all gone. ..All gone, let it go…all gone, that’s right.

Deepening Suggestions (Repeat Twice)

In a moment I am going to count backwards from ten to one. In your mind’s eyes see a path.   Along the path you walk will be primal ice and fire. On your right …will be fire, but it will not burn you… nor will you feel heat. On your left will be ice… but you will not feel cold. You will walk down the path of manifestation, the unity of fire and ice.

As you walk down the path, you will feel your body relax, more and more… feel yourself just drift down… down with each number, and relax even deeper…drifting down now at the number ten.

 Relax even deeper, past number nine.  Deeper, deeper down, down…

Eight. Deeper and deeper…seven… deeper and deeper.

 Six…down, down, down, just let go;

Five …down, down, down;

Four… deeper and deeper;

 Three…down, down;

 Two…deeper and deeper; down, down;

 One... deeper, deeper… relaxed.

Meeting the Cosmic Being Mighty Victory

When you’re ready, invite the Cosmic Being Master Victory to join you in this special place…. Remember the Master Victory has been labeled the tall Ascended Master from Venus, he is a cosmic being.

Today you will see the light of Victory…. and feel the light of Victory ...and know you have victory over everything you touch.

Now I would like you to sense the presence of Mighty Victory drawing closer and closer to you. You feel warmth around you.  A gentle touch on your body.  You feel a tingling and you can sense its presence. As you inhale and exhale slowly, feel or sense the presence of the Ascended Master Victory reaching out to you.

Now imagine Victory before you…See him, feel him and know that he is real…

Feel or sense Mighty Victory moving towards you. He is 8 feet tall dressed in flowing silver robes. His skin glows with a radiant blue white light. His eyes flash with a violet flame and his hair is as white as the snow. Lightly he lays one hand on your shoulder, strokes your back and the side of your face .  As he does this,  you feel his powerful blue white light begin to fill your body.

Now Victory whispers to you “ I have seen a need to project a Light ray to you… this ray carries a Substance called Cosmic Victory...this light ray will enfold you in it and anything that is not of perfect victory will be dissolved. MY cosmic Flame of Victory will Charge all the energy of your world … I give you victory over the health, love, or world conditions.  I now send you my light….. in a of Cosmic Sphere of Blazing White Fire and Blue Lightening.

  • Visual a large sphere of white fire outlined in blue lightening. This sphere is large enough to surround your entire body….…it is moving towards you.
  • It is shining and brilliant, warm and beautiful.  This sphere of radiant white fire surrounds and engulfs you, and as it does you feel a lightness in your body.
  • You hear Mighty Victory say:“ I Let my power merge with yours and bring the Victory of Light to everything in your world not in harmony" .
  • Let this white fire glow within your body and feel the light. It pours through your blood stream, entering every single cell in your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Spend some time with this white and blue light - follow it as it follow through your body
  • Feel and sense your Mental Strength …your Physical Strength… Spiritual Strength

Envision and Say to yourself….
I will be more powerful from this moment forward than I have ever been before in my entire Life.
Inhale Silently: Resh Hey Ayin (I-N)
Exhale Out Loud: Resh Hey Ayin (I-N)

I am Power, I am a Master,  I am Invincible,
Inhale Silently: Resh Hey Ayin (I-N)
Exhale Out Loud: Resh Hey Ayin (I-N)

  • Feel the white fire Charge your body. Know that you have the power to bless everything you touch and you find it easier to keep everything in perfect divine order.
  • You now have the power to purify and move things to go where you want them to go.

Now if there is something negative or out of balance in your world  …see it in your mind eye, visualize this condition or thing outside your sphere of white fire and blue lightening.  In your mind say

By the Authority of Resh Hey Ayin, by the Power of Mighty Victory,  Go away to the end of time and stay there. I am the Power, power, power of the light,  power, power of Victory. ”…

  • See a flash of blue lightening shoot right out of the sphere into the conditions with enough force to shatter their hold on you or upon the conditions of other individuals you want to help. 

And in your mind you hear Victory say…
"Whenever you need my help just think of the light of Victory, walk into the center of this Sphere of Blazing white fire and blue lightening of Divine Love. Let it enfold your body, and then speak your commands for manifestation within this powerhouse of fire. This sphere of White fire and blue lightening of Divine Love amplifies your power. "  

Remember your power comes from entering into the sphere of White fire before you give your commands and decrees. Call to my Mighty Victory of Light and I will send energy into your sphere of white fire to answer your call with speed and force of action.Now you are charged with the Ascended Masters determination to accept nothing but the light.

  • Now Inhale this white fire of Victory and  feel the power of the fire . 
  • Breathe it into all your chakras. Notice your shift in frequency.
  • I decree that I stop my attention from resting on the negative. Today I decree that the light takes the place of every shadow. I acknowledge the Victory of the light in everything I contact and on my pathway I  will know no struggle and no problems. I decree the presence of the light to increase hourly.

 Hear Victory say :
 I stand guard and render every assistance through radiation as well as instruction to bring you to a point where YOU feel the power of your own light and you can watch it go forth and perform according to your command.


Enjoy this sphere of white fire and blue lightening for another moment, and now you need to come back to this reality. Upon leaving the realm, really affirm and know that the sphere of white fire and blue lightening is always available to you upon command. Know the Light of Victory is manifesting inside of you. Carry the Light of Victory in your heart, and know it will be with you. Whenever you see mistakes in your world just call to Mighty Victory and he will send the Power of his  Light to let you change things.

And now it is time to return to your everyday life.  I will begin to count from one to five. As I count from one to five you can begin to come back to full consciousness, and will come back feeling refreshed… as if you have had a long rest.

You will come back feeling wide awake and fully alert… better than you did before and your psychic senses will be improved and your connection to your Mighty Victory will be strong and intact.

Tonight you will sleep well, have beautiful dreams and awake refreshed and well in the morning.

You will come back now; One…Two…coming up.

Three…Remember you will feel wonderful and refreshed; you will have no negative side effects from this session and your physical health… Emotional well-being and psychic senses will be positive and improved.

Four… begin to open your eyes…

Five…open your eyes… wide awake and fully alert…feeling better than you did before, your health, emotions and psychic senses are improved. Wide Awake.


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