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For a Limited Time only we are offering Special
Crystal Light Pyramid Attunement Packages : 

All Packages come with a Aura and Chakra Imaging Session
Click here to learn more about Aura and Chakra Imaging Session

  • $120  Russian and Giza Crystral Light Pyramid with Full Energy Body, Chakra and Aura Balancing
    (1 to 2 hours) click here to learn more about 
  • $100 Russian and Giza Crystal Light Pyramid Galactic Attunements
    (2  to 3 hours) click here to learn more
  • $60 Introductory Private Session on "How to Open and Work with a Stargate" (1 to 2 hours)
    Click here to learn more...
  • $100 Crystal Light Pyramid Attunement Upgrades focus on the issues and problems that the Star Families and Angelic Host Network have deemed important at this time.  The purpose of these Transmissions are to teach you how to bring yourself into divine alignment, not only ethereally and spiritually but behaviorally and attitudinally in your daily life.
    Click here to learn more...

Just want to experiance a Crystal Light Pyramid try our $50 per 45 minute Crystal Light Pyramid Discovery Session under both Russian and Giza .Free Crystal Pyramid Energizing of your crystals and drinking water with each Session. Offer is limited so we recommend that you registrar early Call (956) 233-1629 or email us at


Your monetary gift gives us the ability to launch deeply impacting campaigns that support a World of Light, Love and Compassion.

Kabbala Transmission Aids

Need help on learning and using  the Fire Letters...Great website for all your needs.

Click here for Transmission Aids

Note: Hebrew letters are read Left to Right;

← Zayin Yod Yod ←

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