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“The word “Deva” is Sanskrit, meaning the “shining ones,” often referenced to the Angelic Realm. Devas are a hierarchical order of Intelligences that oversee almost every aspect of creation. They exist in a separate dimensions that is connected with us but not part of our own dimension . They interact and have an  energetic impact with us every day.  They are responsible for creating and maintaining the DNA blueprints for all natural life,  forces, forms, laws and processes including solar, planetary and interplanetary. Nothing can exist in this world of form without the direct supervision of a Deva and a Devic plan behind it.

The Devic Realm is organized like a large corporation with people operating within their own specialties. The The office of  "Overlighting Deva"  iover sees a given “team” .  There are thousands Devas that work with different forms of healing and would all collectively be known as the “Healing Devas.” The Healing Deavs are divide into teams by thier specialities and overseen by the  Overlighting Devas of specific forms of healing like the Overlighting Deva of Psychotherapy, Massage, or Reiki.

Nature Spirits are “cousins” to the Angelic realms and are part of the Devic Kingdomd.   Nature Spirits are the Devic beings that work closest to the physical plane. The Devas create the blueprint or the plan and the Nature Spirits take the plan and put it into action. The Devas provide the order and vitality.  Nature Spirits are the workers and caretakers of form on this plane of existence.
Historically many cultures have been aware of these beings. Some other names that Nature Spirits are known by include: elves, fairies, undines, salamanders, gnomes, sylphs, fauns, trolls, and elementals. Nature Spirits tend to be very regionally based. The Nature Spirits that live and work in Los Angeles are not the same ones that live and work in Vancouver. The head Nature Spirit and guardian of that dimension is named Pan, The Overlighting Deva of the Nature Kingdom. The name Pan is from the Greek word pan meaning “all, everything, or all encompassing.



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