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Many people like to use crystals  for both physical healing and spiritual enlightenment . Whether you're working with crystals for a specific purpose, such as health or love, or for a general well-being ritual, you may find that placing your crystals in a grid-style Fire Letter layout can amplify their metaphysical power. Let's take a look at what a crystal fire letter grid and how to use it.

Key Takeaways

  • Fire Letter Crystal grids are used in many metaphysical disciplines to bring about healing, spiritual well-being, and transformation.
  • The kind of crystal in the grid, has the properties correspond to your intent and purpose of the Fire Letter in the  transmission
  • By using Fire Letters and crystals you can enhance and boost the power and energy of the crystals and your intention

The principle of a Crystal Fire Letter Grid is a simple one: crystals are chosen based on the purpose of the Tranmission and then laid out in a geometric pattern of the Fire Letter Transmitter. Once they are spread out, they are programmed or charged with energy to bring about healing or other desired outcomes.  The key is to select a Grid that resonates with you spiritually. 

Crystal grids can be created to amplify the power of the crystals, to protect or cleanse spaces, or to direct healing towards someone else. The center stone is typically larger than the rest, with smaller stones in a geometric pattern of the Fire Letter Tranmitter around the center stone.

It is believed that by placing your crystals in a distinct and intentional pattern, you can manifest results more quickly and efficiently than you would if you used a single crystal in a working or ritual.

  • For Healing Transmitter, we use a combination of rose quartz, tourmaline, jasper, agate, and amethyst crystals to represent the seven chakra or a general overall wellness working.
  • For for Personal Empowerment Transmitter, we mix carnelian, sunstone, and clear quartz.
  • To Banish someone or something negative from your life, we incorporate onyx, jade, obsidian, and hematite into the Fire Letter design.
  • All Grids are empowered under the Russian and Giza Crystal Light Pyramids’ for 48 hours
Clear Channels Fire Letter Mat


Open Stargate- Return to creation - time travel "back to the future"

← Vav Hey Vav ←


Contact to the angelic and Star Being Communication Network to bring order

← Yud Zayin Hey ←


Remove static/ego so prayers are answered

← Vav Vav Lamed ←


Power of correct words to transform reality

← Zayin Yud Yud ←


Circuitry of receiving for sake of sharing

← Mem Ayin Chet ←

52Correct consciousness in prayer

← Mem Mem Ayin ←


Drawing down the light to do battle for us

← Lamed Yud Yud ←


Prophecy and intuition to transform consciousness

← Yud Yud Hey ←

Fire Letter Crystal Grid for Healing



← Shin Hey Mem ←


Priestly blessing for wellness & removing negativity

←Yud Yud Yud ←


Strength to go the extra mile & eliminate sickness

← Kaf Lamed Nun ←


Priestly blessing for wellness & spirituality wholeness

← Hey Hey Hey ←

Banish Negative Energy


Remove negative energy - from yourself or others

← Tav Hey Kaf ←


Removal of negative thoughs

← Mem Lamed Ayin ←


Protection from evil eye & bad dreams
helps rebirthing process

← Daled Lamed Aleph ←

16Removing depression after a personal setback

← Mem Kuf Hey ←

28Breaking judgment

← Hey Aleph Shin ←


Conquer your fears/ incapacitate panic attack

← Daled Nun Mem ←


Remove and sweeten the judgments against us

← Hey Lamed Yud ←

39Transform life's hardships into blessings

← Ayin Hey Resh ←


Remove limitations to cross your personal Red Sea

← Mem Mem Nun ←

Prosperity and Abundance


Remove blockages for financial success

← Mem Bet Yud ←


Control ego to summons the forces of prosperity

← Lamed Aleph Samech ←


Commitment to achive your goals

← Hey Bet Mem ←


Grasping the big picture behind our obstacles

← Yud Nun Aleph ←


Become partner with light to create abundance

← Tav Resh Yud ←


Create appreciation, humility, and gratitude

← Vav Nun Ayin ←


Spiritual cleansing improves negotiations

← Mem Vav Mem ←


Finish what you start/overcome obsticles

← Bet Kaf Lamed ←

Love Relationships


Project positive aspects of yourself to others

← Yud Chet Mem ←


Delivery from emotional bondage/negative patterns

← Resh Zadik Mem ←


Overcome disappointment from expectations

← Ayin Yud Aleph ←


Reveal your dark side removes self centered nature

← Vav Chet Yud ←


Breaking cycle of repetious mistakes

← Resh Shin Vav ←


Unity through sensitivity and tolerance

← Hey Yud Mem ←


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Kabbala Transmission Aids

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Note: Hebrew letters are read Left to Right;

← Zayin Yod Yod ←