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Visit Inner Earth via a Stargate
  Visit Inner Earth via a Stargate

The Hollow Earth or Inner Earth is a historical concept proposing that the Earth is a hollow planet with ancient entrances to the subterranean world scattered throughout it, including near both polar caps.  Countless stories, myths, and legends are told about underground cities and subterranean civilizations spread through a vast network of interconnected tunnels across the planet.There are many rumors surrounding these underground portals. We have only to remember the mysterious stories that revolve around the tunnels and galleries of the Cueva de los Tayos  in Ecuador, or stories about entrances to underground worlds, supposedly located in  the Andes the Himalayas the Gobi Desert Turkey, and even below the Sphinx of Giza .

This theory has been reported since ancient times and scientists such as  Edmund Halley  have defended it throughout history. From 1818-1826, the American  John C. Symmes  passionately supported the theory as well. According to him, there was a subterranean world inside our planet illuminated by a tiny sun, and that included mountains, forests, and lakes. Symmes launched a national campaign aiming to raise the necessary funds to send an expedition to the Arctic to search for an entrance to the subterranean world. He even sent a proposal to the United States Congress, with the intention of getting government assistance to find the entrance to the inner world.

Not surprisingly, there are reports that Adolf Hitler and many other post–World War II Germans believed in the Hohlweltehre (“hollow Earth doctrine”).  There was at least one expedition by the ​Nazi military to exploit that belief for strategic advantage during the war. Then there's the legend... that Hitler and many of his Nazi minions escaped Germany in the closing days of World War II and fled to Antarctica where at the South Pole they had discovered an entrance to the Earth's interior. According to the Hollow Earth Research Society in Ontario, Canada, they are still there. After the war, the organization claims, the Allies discovered that more than 2,000 scientists from Germany and Italy had vanished, along with almost a million people, to the land beyond the South Pole.

Admiral Byrd's Flight Into Inner Earth

Admiral Richard E. Byrd was an early-20th century adventurer and explorer. Byrd was a U.S. Navy officer and navigation expert. In 1926 he completed the first ever flight over the North Pole, though in more recent times some contest he never actually reached the pole. The next year he completed one of the first trans-Atlantic flights, only a few weeks after Charles Lindbergh’s record-setting adventure. In 1929 Byrd became the first pilot to fly to the south pole and back.

In 1947 Byrd allegedly undertook another flight over the North Pole. This time, in a diary that didn’t surface until years later, Byrd recorded events as he flew into the earth, and encountered the inhabitants who live there. He landed his craft, and spoke with a representative of the city of Agartha (referred to as Ariana in some accounts), who reprimanded him for humanity’s recent invention of the atomic bomb, and warned that a dark age is to come if humans don’t shape up. Byrd was sent on his way, with instructions to bring this message back to the surface people. Byrd was a decorated military man and public figure. It’s seems unlikely that he would lie about something he experienced on an expedition, but quite likely he would want to keep it a secret. There are few explorers who would be considered more reliable than Richard E. Byrd, so if Byrd did keep such a diary it probably happened.

Inner Earth Cities

Inner Earth is a whole new world, complete with its own sun and thriving bio-sphere.  The Inner Earth consists of all the area that is below the Earth's surface throughout the Globe, and includes the caverns within Earth's Crust along with a vast tunnel system.  Earth's Crust is 800 miles thick from the Earth's Surface to the inner hollow Surface within the interior. Thus the Hollow Inner Earth includes just the area that exists in the very centre core of the Earth which starts at 800 miles down. Once you are inside the hollow cavity of Earth, the diameter of open space is 6,400 miles. The diameter of the whole Earth is 8,000 miles.

Inner Earth consists of a group of over 120 Subterranean Cities called the Agartha Network within the Inner Earth.   Its capital and seat of government is Shamballa. The Atlantaen’s had to petition the Agartha Network to become a member. Because the 5th Dimensional People of the Inner Earth are spiritual evolved and non-violent, the Atlanta had to convince Agartha that it had learned from its mistakes and would embark upon a course of Peace. This was done.

The Earth's Interior is a a lush tropical paradise that the mirror image of the surface in many ways .  The Central Sun is dimmer than the Sun on the outside, and reflects the Light from the Heavens. There is plenty of sunshine and both animal and vegetable life abounds there.The atmosphere is crystal clear, as a rule there are at times clouds, but nothing like rain clouds. The temperature is a constant 73 degrees

Everything is much bigger in size compared to the surface. Just picture the interior foundation reflecting the exterior foundation; with Mountain ranges higher, and the Ocean currents swifter, and the green Land growth lush beyond compare. Plants are big, trees gigantic. Lemurians, Devas and Aliens who inhabit the interior are much larger than the Mortals on the outside.  All are on a vegetarian diet and do not hunt and kill other Lifeforms. All live in Harmony.

Many Animals live here, that no longer exist on the surface such as the Saber-tooth Tiger, the Mastodon and the Do-Do Bird. They have been saved and brought down to Inner Earth.The Stargates act as doorways for entrance or exit to the Inner Hollow  Earth. These doorways allow animals from the Interior to come out and in such as the Sasquatch, LochNess...etc.

Oceans and Beaches - Water is Alive with Consciousness  

The Inner Earth's Oceans contain all of the Life that's in the upper oceans, and more. Oceans are large in comparison to the surface. The waves are larger in size and stronger in force. The Oceans flow swiftly around our Inner Globe, and ebb and flow in tides affected by the Earth's outer Moon just as surface tides are. For the magnetic pull of the Moon is felt inside the Earth as well.  The water in the oceans and rivers is composed of living consciousness and talks to indiviudals while they are we immersed in it.  Shorelines are packed with the purest and softest pink sand. Walking on sandy beaches is akin to having the best foot massage possible.  All the Marine Life is very evolved compared to the Life in the surface oceans. Residents communicate directly to the Cetaceans and fish, and live cooperatively and in peace with one another.

Where do people live?
Most of the people of the Temple of Green Fire live within semi-caverns, composed of crystals and gemstones. and crystal arches radiating full-spectrum colored rainbows of sparkling light into the cavern atmosphere.  The walls are lined with natural rainbow-hued waterfalls, humidifying the air. The waterfall is alive and its water cascading down the walls actually sings. The vibration brings your body cells into harmony and energizes you. Your body is being intuned to the natural rhythm of Mother Earth herself. When you are tuned like a tuning fork, to carry the full Life Force of our Mother, and your battery never runs down.

What about air? How does residents get oxygen?

Residents depend on an Eco-system design. The oxygen comes from the plants and trees that grow on the land. However there are  some vents that go to the Earth’s surface. Water in some areas moves at high speeds, circulating air and negative ions.

How can people live under the Earth? Do they have light?

Light is generated by crystrals. The Crystalline matrix of the stone creates a polarity that allows the stone to pull in invisible Rays and re-emit them as visible, full-spectrum light. The stone becomes like a small Sun, for about 500,000 years. They are dimmed  at night to stay on the same 24-hour day as you have on the Surface.

How many people live in Temple of the Green Flame Now?

One and a half million. It began with only 25,000 people, who were evacuated by the Galactic Federation of Light Ship about 100 years before Atlantis sank. Very few Atlantis  residents on the surface survived the earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic activity that accompanied the sinking. Devas, Nature Spirits, Elementals, Evles and the Fae Race are also members of this community.  Sometimes they resurface into the 3rd plane around the Bayview Stargate . These wondrous little people, often referred to as "The Little People of Magic Valley",  they are very often seen visually around the Rescas. They have the ability to make themselves visible and invisible at will.  

Temple of the Green Flame is a technologically advanced civilization. They have a remarkable transportation system. The inner-city transportation system is composed of telaportation chambers  of  electromagnetic fields that allow residents to travel between other underground cities and other planets.Their computer system is amino acid based and is linked to other underground cities and galactic civilizations. Each family and individual has its own computer.

Do residents of the Temple of the Green Flame exist physically?

The Temple of the Green Flame does exist in the Third Dimension, and it also exists in the Fifth Dimension. It actually does physically exist below South Texas in the Third Dimension. There are no differences in the Altantean's physical body and surface dwellers. They look exactly like you. They exist in Third Dimensional body forms which they can move in and out of at will. They have evolved to the point where they can raise and lower our energy fields and move in and out of embodiment.

If you are visiting the Temple of the Green Flame in your Third Dimensional form, you can see the Residents. However, when Temple residents come up to the surface they modify their energy field and move up to the Fifth Dimension and are “shielded” from physical eyes.

The Temple of the Green Flame is a member of the Confederation of Planets, and they possess inter-dimensional spacecraft. Plus spacecrafts come and go constantly from a Inner Earth spaceport deep located under the Gulf, Bay and Resaca area. The Temple is not only a home for the Atlantians, but it is also an inter-planetary and inter-galactic multi-dimensional portal.



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