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  What is Fohat?
What is Fohat?

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Fohat is a etheric, bio-electric consciousness from which all physical reality or matter is created. In effect Fohat is God consciousness that is the building material from which the tangible Universe is created. The entire Universe is simply  "Fohat materialized as a thoughtform" of the Divine Spirit. Fohat Energy is a powerful part of God Consciousness that provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.  How can Fohat help you? Some of its attributes include:

  • Once you connect to it, fohat will continue to work on resolving issues and healing problem areas spontaneously without you having to do anything
  • Healing is gentle and you hardly know it is happening
  • Works with relationship issues to bring harmony where there is conflict
  • Releases stress and brings in the sense of being loved
  • Spontaneously provides wisdom, knowledge and guidance to help you on your life path
  • Provides comfort and feelings of peace
  • It stabilizes a person's energy system and gives it an overall boost.
  • Awakens creativity. It can be used to correct a negative self image, lack of imagination, and an inability to initiate new things.  
  • Helps you to understand God’s messages that clears away confusion,  make the right life choices, and obtain the confidence you need to act on those choices including  communicating your choices effectively to other people.
  • Burns away addiction, negative attitudes such as arrogance or shame or unhealthy habits such as spending too much money and getting into debt or gossiping about others that are slowing down your spiritual growth.
  • Helps you develop the communication skills you need to speak,  write, and listen successfully. The result is that your personal relationships and your work on the job gets better because you can better understand what people are trying to communicate to you and they can better understand you .
  • If you’re working on an artistic project, fohat White Fire can motivate you  to create something that resonates in people’s souls when they see it.
  • If you’re trying to become a better parent, Fohat can bring in the wisdom and strength that you need to have to raise your children well.

History of Fohat

The  rishis, who sang the Vedic Hymns 5,000 to 7,000 years ago, devoted themselves to the Divine Fire... Agni.  Here is a quote from the book "On the way to Supermanhood" by Satprem that describes the fire: 
"Man has a self of fire in the center of his being, a little flame, a pure cry of being under the ruins of the machine. This fire is the one that clarifies. This fire is the one that sees. For it is a fire of truth in the center of the being, and there is one and the same fire everywhere, in all  beings and all things and all movements of the world and the stars, in this pebble beside the path and the winged seed wafted by the wind."

The rishis called this fire the "Third Fire' , the one that is neither in flame nor in lightening: saura agni, the solar fire.

The Eastern Esoteric Science taught in Theosophy, defined Fohat as cosmic or universal electricity, vitality, energy, and life force. Just as every living human being is nourished and powered by the principle of Chi within them,  so the Universe itself is powered from within by Chi on the macrocosmic level, i.e. Universal Chi …and this is Fohat.    FOHAT appears throughout “The Secret Doctrine” by H.P. Blavatsky – and especially in the first volume titled ... “Cosmogenesis".  Fohat is the link between spirit and matter because it contains the molecular formulas to release the energies of the chakras to bring about manifestation, for a specific action or challenge.

Fohat and Quantum Physics
Fohat has been called the Fire of the Phoenix. The Phoenix burns as it dies and out of the ashes, a new Phoenix is born. This is one of the purpose of Fohat Fire... to burn away the old Lower Self Consciousness to make way for the birth the new Higher Self Consciousness. The flow of Fohat Fire through our neural pathways acts like Drain-o  or Liquid Plummer in a plugged up kitchen sink.  Fohat opens your neural pathways so you can start the Overshadowing Process with your Spiritual Guidance Team.  As this happens, your "view" of things changes dramatically.  You start to re-discover more of your Higher Self gifts and gain access of your true power to influence your realities.

Why can we use Fohat to transmute our negative energy and open Multi-Dimensional Communication Channels?  Because the human body is an energy system. This allows different energy frequencies of Fohat to interact with the functions of our physical system. Quantum Physics has helped us to understand the phenomenon of Life Force Energy. This research has found that Human existence is comprised of more than just physical energies and processes.  We know that our body is a bio-chemical, electro-magnetic energy system but our Life Force energy is the basic building block. The bio-chemical and the electro-magnetic processes are the physical expressions of our Life Force or Fohat .

Fohat is not an impersonal energy force…

Fohat is not an impersonal energy force… it has a will and a mind of its own.  You may find it strange to think of an impersonal Universal Electricity as a type of Entity. But Fohat is not only the container for the Universal Force, but it is a living, thinking and feeling Entity. This Entity responds to the "Spoken Word" and imposes it's will upon beings of cosmic, human and terrestrial origin.  Fohat has a cosmic consciousness operating at every “level” of the cosmos and links each plane to the other; spirit to mind and mind to matter. Madame Blavatsky sums up the complex story of Fohat very well when she states that,

It is through Fohat that the Ideas of the Universal Mind are impressed upon matter” (SD I:85).

Some have compared the Fohat experience to receiving the Holy Spirit. Many of the qualities of Fohat and the Holy Spirit are similar.

Not Reiki Energy
Fohat energy is different from Reiki energy or Christ Consciousness energy.  Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy is called  "Christ Consciousness energy". This is a personal energy, a personal realization, "I Am One with the God Force." "I Am Godling”. This is Stage One of Ascension Process. After you become "Christ Consciousness' you can receive 'The Fohat Consciousness or God Consciousness".

The Fohat  Energy uses the energy from the I AM that I AM. It is one step beyond Christ Consciousness  that realizes that all life is interconnected.  Its the step beyond the thinking  that you are a part of the whole. It is the realization that you are the Whole, you are the Earth, you are Jesus Christ, you are God. The Tibetan Lamas and the tribes in the Serra Nevada  know this and they show it by how they care for the Planet.  We are not all connected, we are one.  You understand the "Force of One". None of us are going to ascended unless all of us ascended. What ever I do to you I do to my self.  Your inner self becomes your outer self and your outer self becomes your inner self.  You become  "community service oriented"  and use the awareness to assist others.

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