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Vibrational Art: Physical and Spiritual Transformation

Vibrational Art is artwork that is created with a personal intention. The art work undergoes an energetic process that enables it to unlock healing or manifestation power around the intention that it was infused with.  Basically it is a blueprint for manifestation that activates healing for your body and soul on multidimensional levels When the artist gets in touch with his or her Higher Power and sends it to the artwork, holds a healing intention for it or does energy work on it during or after the painting process, the vibration has a profound effect due to the conscious intention it is imbued with.  It can influence a person having the image in their environment (prints, originals) or in their preferred method of receiving such as through drinking (mugs), food (fridge magnet) or wearing on their body (t-shirts and thongs).

During the Vibrational Art Sessions you can create "Guidance and Healing Art" designed to use for healing yourself  or to get you in touch with spiritual guides for answers to questions. Place the artwork on your fridge or in your environment when you need their energies for longer periods of time.  You will be designing art with very specific energies.   It is also possible to have them made into t-shirts or fridge magnets, mugs, depending on how you would like your healing energy delivered.

This workshop gives you a step-by-step guide to making Vibrational Art - a form of alchemy that brings you your heart's desire. All you need is a pencil and paper... so what are you waiting for?

The Agape Mystery School believes that Energy Transmutation & Manifestation is an unexplained science. This workshop will show you how to make and charge a Vibrational Art with archetypical energy by using:  sacred geometry, symbols and color. Vibrational Art create a powerful magnet for drawing in your spiritual teachers and guides, ancient wisdom, knowledge of your higher self or past/parallel lifes and universal healing energy.

So what exactly is a Vibrational Art?
Simply it's you writing a sentence expressing your deepest desire which you then turn into a symbolic picture, fill it with energy then forget about - and wait to see if your deepest wish comes true.

Vibrational Artwork is based on the belief that the world contains forces we play with and are subject to, but are not fully aware of. Some of these forces are archetypical energy, sacred geometry, flashing colors, planetary energy, and sacred alphabets. Working with Vibrational Art  is an attempt to understand these forces and use them in our lives in order to affect the world we live in.

Vibrational Art  is a tool - it's a shape you design that tricks your mind into manifesting a specific effect into your life. Creating vibrational artwork  means symbolizing your desire and giving it a form and allows it free passage to the sub-consciousness.

We believe that you create your world, because the world is built up of your perceptions. Energy follows thought. Today’s biggest problem is in co-creating a better world. People keep thinking about the negative…I have no money… I am sick… I will never find my soul mate.  The problem is your conscious mind! It's your psychic censor. 

Making vibrational art gets you PAST your conscious mind. The one thing more powerful than your conscious mind is your subconscious. Your subconscious will ALWAYS be more powerful. The reason is that your conscious mind only works when you tell it to, but your subconscious mind works ALL THE TIME.  Our subconscious understands images and symbols better than anything else, therefore it is best to send your wishes and desire in symbolic form.

To make our Vibrational Art , we're going to do five things:

  • Write down our desire as a statement of intent
  • Turn it into a picture using archetypical symbols
  •  Simplify that picture
  • Charge the picture up with universal energy
  • Ground ourselves.

Healing with Vibrational Art: How it works

  • You  tune into the person/situation whilst painting, this connects them to divine healing energy which heals them directly during the painting process.
  • The intention is to bring about the desired outcome by healing blockages, releasing traumas using distance healing and aligning the vibration of the painting with the vibration of that which is desired.
  • The picture continues to hold healing energy whilst in your environment and can work for others in the room who also need healing.
  • For manifestation- every time you look at the picture you are reminded of your intention.


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