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Starseed Activation
June 30, 2018

About the Arcturians

In this meditation you will be assisted by the Arcturians. Edgar Casey reported The Arcturus civilization is the most highly  evolved civilization in our galaxy. They have the most highly advanced technology and are totally dedicated  to serving humanity.

Starship Athena is an Arcturian Starship that has been said to be the most advanced and feared ship in the galaxy. For this reason, Arcturians have been able to protect and prevent any invasion of our planet Earth from Grey Aliens and Reptilian Aliens. It quietly resides between the planets Jupiter and Saturn awaiting any invading armada from the Greys or Reptilians. Grey aliens discovered the plentiful sources of negative energies throughout planet Earth and sent word so their entire race could find a new home.

As they entered the outer limits of our Solar System the Starship Athena waited patiently cloaked and ready to repel the unwanted race of Grey’s. Seen as an opportunity the Reptilians sent for a fleet of their own war ships to combat the Athena in hopes that an alliance with the Greys' ships would ensure victory, however, as fast as they came to fight, every Grey and Reptilian vessel was either repelled or destroyed by the powerful Athena and its ability to emit an immense defensive shield and surprised their enemies with counter offensive weaponry that can only be described as extraterrestrial.

This Starship  is fueled by crystals. These crystals have forces that can channel energy as massive as our Sun, and propel the ship for millennia. These crystals are found in a planet, in our Milky Way Galaxy, not discovered by modern man. It also has a special room, the size of a football stadium, which has the ability to take any crew member back to the Arcturian home planet in his etheric body.

Athena is also home to the most advanced databases of universal information. This database has information regarding Earth life and life throughout the other Milky Way Galaxy planets. Arcturians are able to ingest information by means of their telepathic abilities. This process is similar to ingesting food but it occurs on an energy level. They are able to assimilate information 100 times faster than the average human being on Earth and is the reason why they outgrew the need for using computers/electronics

The benevolent Arcturian beings have a specific mission to assist humanity into our next level of ascension.  With this goal is mind, they have created a soul room.  The soul room is connected to the healing power of the Holy Spirit. This room can be  thought of as a hospital in which Arcturians are able to assist the energy of souls in need. The soul room’s mission is to revitalize individuals for their next learning experience.  Here the Arcturians are able to assist those individuals who are ready to raise their vibrational frequencies into the next stage of development.



I open this session for cellular clearing, healing and rewiring of my original 8 cell blueprint. This meditation will remove any mutations and blocks within these cells and reestablish my original DNA encoding

I call for the restoration of the sacred geometry of my Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland and Thymus Gland. To help down step the energies coming into my body from other dimensions.

I ask my star master guides to place me in a Cellular Clearing and Wiring Pyramid of light.

I invoke my I AM Presence to come forth and be with me throughout this session. Merge with me and fill my 4 body system (Mental, emotional, spiritual & Physical) with my soul essence. I Decree that my I AM presence stays merged with me throughout the session.


Call in Guides
The SGT consist of 5 to 20 souls and/or Christed Centered ET's , Ascended Masters who you have some sort of connection . They are your Guardians that were with you at birth. They have been related to you in previous lifetimes, they have worked with you on the astral plane or in the Temple. In this lifetime they assist in manifesting situations that provide an opportunity to complete your personal and global service contract. You may want to call in a different SGT for each new Attunement or Healing depending on your intentions. 

Call in the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
Call in the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light 
Call in the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light
Call in the Orion Brotherhood of Light
Call in the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light and the Arcturian Temple workers 
Call in Ashtar Command and Archangel Michael
Call upon Jesus Christ  and all the  Brotherhood of the Ascended Ray of  Christ
Call upon Mother Mary and all the Sisterhood  of the Ascended Ray of Christ, 
Call in your own Pleiadian and Sirian Master Guides, your Guardian Angels  and all other Beings of Light that wish to join you in this sacred space 

Mystic Diamond
The mystic diamond is a master communication tool. It aligns with and opens the third eye, pineal gland and Goddess Charka, promoting higher level communication.

Now visualize two identically sized pyramids superimposed over each other surrounding your head.  The apex of the pyramids are at your soul star chakra 6’ above your head. The base of the pyramids connects and runs through your left temple, middle of your fore head(Third Eye Chakra) and right temple and third eye. Flip one of the pyramid downward  so that the two bases still overlap at your forehead however the apex of the flipped pyramid is now located at your throat chakra. This forms a sacred geometry of a diamond that receives a new  frequency.

Visualize your head inside this diamond structure.


Visualize an infinity symbol forming in  your head with the pineal gland in the center .The figure eight pattern is  horizontal . One edge  hits the third eye and the back edge hits the back of the head at the Alta Major chakra.

Imagine the infinity sign rotating in a counter clock wise directions. As it rotates it creates a vortex spinning around your  pineal gland .

Now rotate the two large pyramids in a shape of diamond in a clockwise direction. The pyramids and infinity symbol vortex create two energy fields, rotating in opposite directions . The vortex is inside your head and pyramid is outside your head.

Continue to focus on the rotating fields and see if they want to change direction . Notice what you feel throughout your body as they do. . Let the fields rotate back and forth in different  directions until your brain and body feel awakened, energized and balanced.

These rapidly spinning high vibrational light frequencies  assist in bringing you into vertical alignment with other dimensions and clears negative energies from your body that causes static in the communication line. It creates a two way communication line between you and your Star Guides

Pillar of light

I hereby call for an all-powerful tube of  cosmic light substance  to serve as an invincible shield of protection  throughout this meditation and this life in general. I ask that this tube of light  be absolutely  invulnerable and invincible to all that is not of God and Christ light. Beloved I Am presence bright seal me in your tube of light .

*Visualize yourself standing on the earth

*Breath in deeply and with each inhalation imagine cascading spirals of light descending into you, through and around you

*Visualize this energy filling and enveloping you as it descends into the Earth. See the light becoming a pillar of safety and healing

*Imagine this spiral coming from a specific source in the sky , a blue white star that represents your spiritual source and connection

*While suspended within this spiraling energy, invite spiritual guidance to be present with you for your highest and best good. Let the source in the star be your spiritual source-your star

*Breathe into this image and notice your feelings, sensations, emotions and thoughts

*Now focus on the feeling of peace, calmness, clarity and inner strength

*Radiate your inner energy outward to meet the circumference of the spiraling light

*Merge with the spiral pillar of light, coming into alignment with the higher frequency

DSL Line to other dimensions
Within this spiral pillar of Light I now decree that a smaller  tube of light  the circumference of my head is now moving upward  through all levels  and dimensions  and  runs downward out of your body between your legs into the center of the earth.

*Connect with the channel running between your legs and the top of your head. This is often called the Hara line and it connects your star in the sky to the center of the earth and vice versa.

*Focus on your crown chakra while inhaling. Imagine your breath is drawing light from the sky into your hara line, filling your body with love, light, freedom and air. Be free

*Exhale and send energy downward through your body, out between your legs into the ground sending roots deep into the earth .Feel the solidity, stability and safety of the earth. See yourself safe.

*Inhale and imagine pulling Earthlight up into your body through the space between your legs, bringing the stability and safety of the Earth into your Hara line. Feel yourself strong, safe and flexible

*Exhale sending the Earth energy out the top of your head sending branches into the sky and sending the strength of the earth into the heavens

*Repeat this alternating flow of energy. Send earth energy into the sky, bring sky energy into the earth

Open Dimensions in DSL Line
Now focus on your hara line to open activate dimensional portal to connect you with your Star guides.

Once again see the hara line as a tube of light streaming into the sky above your head and into the earth below your feet. Located along your hara line are dimensional portals covered by a round membrane .With your intention you will break open the membrane and let a tube of light flow thru . You are now ready to open and activate dimensional communication channels.

  • On the first breath, inhale and exhale to the count of 7 and focus on your first dimensional portal, 2.4 feet beneath your feet and your connection to Mother Earth, the Crystalline Grid and Crystal Devas.
    I Decree: In the name of the Christ, that my first dimensional portal is open and I am a clear and present channel that feeds my crystalline body structure,
    Within your Hara Line see a portal with transparent membrane vibrate, shake and open.
  • On the second breath,  bring your focus to your second dimensional portal, your sacred chakra and your connection to  the realm of nature spirits, the fairy realm and my animal totems .
    I Decree: In the name of the Christ  that my second dimensional portal is open and I open and  I am a clear and present channel.  
    See a portal with transparent membrane vibrate, shake and open.
  • On the third breath, bring your focus to the third dimensional portal you’re crown chakra. This is your connection to the Spiritual hierarchy that have incarnated on earth as light workers,  ancestral guides, dolphin, whales, elephants,  bears.
    I Decree: In the name of the Christ  that my third dimensional communication  portal is open and I am now a clear and present channel. See the portal and membrane vibrate, shake and open. 
  • On the four breath, bring your focus to the four dimensional  portal found just above your crown chakra,  this is your connection to the Ascended masters, Saints  and Angels.
    I Decree : In the name of the Christ, my fourth dimensional communication portal  is open and I am a clear and present channel. See portal with transparent membrane vibrate, shake and open.
  • On the fifth breath bring your focus to one foot above your head, connecting you to the  Pleiades, Pleiadians Emissaries of Light, Arcturians,  Athena the Arcturian Mother Ship, The Galactic Federation of Light,  Ashtar Command.    
    I Decree: In the name of the Christ, that  my 5th dimensional communication portal  is open and I am a clear and present channel. See portal with transparent membrane vibrate, shake  and open.
  • On the sixth breath, bring your focus to your sixth dimensional portal two ½  feet  above your head connecting you to Sirius, the Sirian Archangelic League of Light including Golden and Crystalline Dolphins, Ashram of the White Lodge,  and your higher self.
    I Decree: In the name of the Christ, that my 6th dimensional communication portal  is open and I am a clear and present channel.  See portal with transparent membrane vibrate, shake  and open.
  • On your seventh breath bring your focus to your seventh dimensional portal  found  three feet above your head and your connection to  Andromeda, Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of Light.   
    I Decree: In the name of the Christ, that my 7th dimensional communication portal  is open and I am a clear and present channel.  See portal with transparent membrane vibrate, shake  and open.
  • On your eighth breath, bring your focus to attention to your eighth dimensional portal 5.4 feet above your head and your connection to Orion, Order of  Melchizedek, Brotherhood of Light , Dragons of the High Council of Orion.
    I Decree: In the name of the Christ, that my 8th dimensional communication portal  is open and I am a clear and present channel. See portal with transparent membrane vibrate, shake and open
  • On your ninth breath,  bring your focus to your ninth dimensional portal 24 feet above your head and your connection to your Christ self, Mahatma, and  the Divine Spirit.
    I Decree: In the name of the Christ, that my 9th dimensional communication portal  is open and I am a clear and present channel See portal with transparent membrane vibrate, shake and open

City of Light alignment

In the name of the Christ, I now call forth  the Arcturian Mother ship Athena  and the healing energy of the soul room to send a series of Golden Balls of Light into my chakras to align me with the South Texas Crystalline City of Light.

These Golden Balls of Light  are coming down from the soul room of the Arcturian Mothership  and moving down your chakra column, and entering your seven chakras.  This energy aligns me with the 6 dimensional Sirius City of Light floating above Port Isabel and South Padre Island.  

We call to the  Arcturian Advanced Technology, of Golden Balls of Light  to raise our  personal Light Quotient level up to the 98% Ascended Master requirement.

 We decree  that this process is started at the moment. We ask that this process continues at a speed  that is deemed safe for our  individual body system. We  request  that this process  does not stop  until we reach the 98% light quotient Level.

Now in your mind’s eye see Golden Balls of Light coming down from the soul room in Arcturian mothership  Athena.


I let the first golden ball of light enter my root chakra. I now fully  open my first chakra and align with the energies of the Crystalline City of Light . I Am that I Am . Ehieh Ashar Ehieh Aum

I let the second golden ball of light enter my sacred chakra. I now fully  open my sacred chakra and align with the energies of the Crystalline City of Light. I Am that I Am . Ehieh Asher Ehieh Aum

I let the third golden ball of light enter my solar plexus chakra. I now fully  open and align with the energies of the Crystalline City of Light  . I Am that I Am . Ehieh Asher Ehieh Aum

I let the fourth golden ball of light enter my heart chakra. I now fully  open and align with the energies of the Crystalline City of Light . I Am that I Am . Enieh Asher Eheih Aum

I let the fifth golden ball of light enter my throat  chakra. I now fully  open and align with the energies of the Crystalline City of Light . I Am that I Am . Ehieah Asher Eheih Aum

I let the sixth golden ball of light enter my third eye chakra. I now fully  open and align with the energies of the Crystalline City of Light . I Am that I Am . Ehieh Asher Eheih Aum

I let the seventh golden ball  of light enter my crown chakra. I now fully  open and align with the energies of the City of Light. I Am that I Am . Ehieh Asher Ehieh Aum

Now we call forth the Arcturian temple workers to enter each chakra and perfectly balance and attune them  removing any  unwanted energy or cords that are not of your highest good. Take about 15 seconds  for each chakra


  •  To see if you are connected think:
    Golden Ball Arcturians Lights on…
    Golden Ball Acturians  lights 10% light Boost please.
    Golden Ball Arcturians Lights off.

Enter the City of Light
Visualize an 6th Dimensional Ancient Kingdom, a kingdom of God; a Crystalline City of Light , floating in the astral ….about 500 feet above Port Isabel and South Padre Island off the coast of Texas . This City of Light is called the Golden Dolphin Temple of Green Fire and connects you with the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light.   

Now in your mind’s eye see this Crystalline City of Light. The City is made entirely of crystals and the streets are made of gemstones…  you see the most incredible array of symbols, colors, sounds,  sacred shapes  and geometry all around you as you stand within the City of Light..all converging together to create  a loving feeling of Oneness. 

In the Crystalline City you can hear the birds singing , and you can feel the flowers are smiling, and sending an array of scents .You are greeted by the Star Masters of the Sirian Archangelic League of Light. Some of these beings can be seen as Blue White Light Beings that do not possess a dense physical body. They are Blue Ray Beings of the I AM RACE. You are also greeted by the members of the sacred Blue Lodge of Sirius composed of the race of the Lion Beings and Feline Cat race. These are the teachers in the Higher Universities of Learning that are located in Crystalline  City of Light .

In center of the City is a 50 foot crystalline  pyramid.  Inside the pyramid you can see hundreds of crystalline dolphins swimming in a counter clock direction creating a vortex of informational light packets in the form of tiny pyramids. The apex of the pyramid is drawing in the star energies of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiadians that is feeding these light packets with new DNA keys and codes.  These crystalline dolphins are members of the Sirian Archangelic  League of the Sea.  These dolphins carry the Violet Fire in their aura and are powerful alchemists that are constantly transmuting the star energies to create these light packets.

Release Light Packets

Now you are going to activate the Dolphin Pyramid by focusing on the apex and sending your intention into it.

See the Pyramid and the crystalline dolphins inside light up. See a powerful beam of light shooting out through the top of pyramid. This beam of light is traveling up through the heavens and releasing  thousands of Light Packets shaped like tiny violet pyramids.

See these tiny violet pyramids floating throughout the heavens above you.  These high vibrational pyramids are the light packets that carry the mapping, remembrance, and restoration of the cosmic codes for our multi-dimensional bodies of Light.

Now look inside one of these floating pyramids. Within the tiny violet pyramids are the keys and codes for activating your new DNA .  You may see these keys and codes as geometrical shapes, colors, numbers, formulas, secret alphabets such as Egyptian, Runic, Enochian, or many other things that contain your New DNA .

Now we want to create a large Pyramid to bring in these tiny violet Pyramid Light  Packets into your body.

Now imagine a large four sided pyramid with the apex above your head at the level of your soul star chakra 6 ‘ above your crown.

The base of the pyramid sits on the Earth  and the pyramid may be any color or multicolored. What color is it for you?

Activate the pyramid by focusing on the apex while holding your intention to active and open the pyramid energy centers.

Allow the outline of the pyramid  to light up with energy.

See the Apex of the Large Pyramid pulling in the tiny violet pyramid light packets.  Let these encoded pyramids descend over you… infusing your entire auric field.

Your auric field outside of your body is infused with encoded Pyramids .

Now pull the pyramids into the crown of your head and let them slowly descends through your body, bring in this coded information into your body. Feel these pyramids absorbing into your body.

The second after this happens you should feel a slight tingling sensation in your nervous system . This is 6th dimensional energy pouring into your chakras and energy fields. This is a special coating of  geometric forms, key codes, fire letters and colors that are placed inside you. Whenever any aspect of your selves  get off balanced, the Pyramids activate and  begin to spin activating the keys and codes and automatically put’s your whole program back in balance

See the tiny violet pyramids begin to spin and release the keys and codes throughout your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

See yourself enveloped in a spiral whirlwind of rotating keys and codes ... See the keys and codes traveling through your physical body, energizing your body internally and externally, healing the organs, transmuting the causes of disease within these organs, reversing negative spirals of degenerating and restoring positive spirals of regeneration. Feel them saturating you with God’s love for you… flushing out hurtful memories, painful records that replay through our mind.

You feel an enormous amount of light and energy flowing through your four body system. These keys and codes are now a part of you and will be working through your four body system…raising your light quota … for healing...for understanding…for removing  the negative energy  that is clouding one’s life.

Feel the energy removing and releasing all chords and triggers for curses , hexes and spells directed at you in this lifetime or any other lifetime .  Releasing any implant mechanisms, veils ,  memory loss , psychic seeds, any voodoo programming of any kind,  along with programmed viruses, parasites, drug induction triggers, and any other mechanisms or program that influences me to accept a counterfeit of My I am Presence  

Visualize rotating tiny violet Pyramids moving through your system ….encasing each cell with a unique set of keys and codes

You can direct these pyramids …..Look at your cells in each part of your body. Start at your head and work downward…throat…chest…arms…hands... stomach all the way down to your feet and below to your Earth Chakra.

Do you see any dark spots, milky patches, little holes, tears of discolorations?

If you see any of this in your cells send the spinning pyramids to infuse the area with keys and codes to clear them and dissolve or heal each cell. Visualize these codes clearing all the dark spots, milky patches, repairing little holes and tears of discolorations

 Look at the cells in your head… encase the cells with a pyramid … think I  activate the keys and codes to clear the cells

Next throat …chest… stomach, go through your body

The keys and codes are reweaving your cell structure into a crystalline matrix. Weaving together the damage fibers of light in any cell with a tear or hole. Look for Milky colored areas in your cells are beliefs, judgments, memories or programming that has formed blocks in your mental body.

Look at each of these milky areas and see if you can see a picture of the person or event that is discoloring the cell.  Remove this discolors by forming a pyramid over the cell  sending in the cosmic energy of the codes until the discolored area is gone and the area is clear. Pause

Now go down  to your sacred chakra where you will find  a set of cells that says “Original  Eight Cell Divine Blueprint’ and decree that one of the Pyramids activates your the original eight divine cell  blue print.

Now see one of the Pyramids  expand and encase your original eight cell the Blueprint.

See this pyramid begin to spin releasing a unique code in the eight cells . These cells start to radiate with electrical impulses, they are sending electrical messages throughout your body...

You see every cell in your body taking in these electromagnetic encodings. See all the cells in your body lightening up with this new encoding… returning to their original divine blueprint

The new encoding is establishing your original blueprint ….this blueprint  is unique for you and is  in the center of each cell.

I would like you to see all the pyramids  in your body spinning  it doesn’t matter if they are  spinning clockwise or counter clock wise. Let them spin, releasing keys and codes for  healing  …….for cleansing …. Let them spin ….encoding you with perfect health, complete balance, your cells become a perfect encoding of your I Am Presence. Feel the divine you …the godling...the Christ self now encoded in your cellular structure.

You now request a divine dispensation. That your keys and codes work on you during sleep and waking hours, during mediations, walks, relaxing time and when we watch television or participate in any other recreational activities without even having to ask.

I now give my permission to clear all belief systems back to the core of my being through the use of this clearing and my light level in all dimensions and through all layers and levels to the present time.


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