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  Pyramid of Light and Healing Cocoon

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In this Transmission you will work with the Sirian Archangelic Leaque of Light. You will ask to be placed nside a Healing and Cellular Clearing Cocoon.  This Energetic Cocoon serves as a protective container and as a generator to draw in your Higher Self vibrational wave pattern that allows for self healing. After the Session you will ask to be placed in a protective and healing Crystalline Cocoon for the next 24 hours while you are integrating the experience.

Step One: Install circuitry for 6th Dimensional Communication.

Below is the Fire Letter Mantra you will use to install the framework to communicate with Sirian Archangelic Leaque of Light in the 6th Dimension


Fire Letter Mantra: ← Mem Ayin Chet ←
Mantra for installing the Cosmic Circuitry for receiving energy for the sake of sharing

Recite Decree and envision Fire Letters:
By the Authority and Power of:
Chet Ayin Mem 
in the name of the Christ within me,
Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey, 

Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey

I decree that I am downloading the "Cosmic Circuitry"  from the Unity Grid that allows me to receive messages and healing energy from the Sirian Archangelic Leaque of Light.  This Cosmic Circuitry enables me to be placed in a Sirian Healing and Cellular Clearing Cocoon. 

  Decrees for Creating a Healing Cocoon:



Fire Letter Mantra← Shin Hey Mem ←


By the Authority and Power of Mem Hey Shin

in the name of the Christ within me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey


  • I decree that the Sirian Archangelic League of Light now places me inside a Healing and Cellular Clearing Cocoon.  
  • I decree that the Christ,  the Golden and Crystalline Dolphins from Sirian Archangelic League of the Light assist in my healing and attunement while I am in the Cocoon and my Aftercare.
  • I decree that I am ready and willing to activate and remember my stellar and galactic origins and experience a personal healing relationship with my starseed family.
  • I ask that the sacred geometry of my pineal gland be restored to whatever degree is possible at this time.
  • I decree that a clearing of all mutations and blocks within my original eight cell matrix that contains my original DNA encodings is done while I am inside this Cocoon.
  • I decree my Cocoon functions like a large scale antenna or a sending and receiving device. I activate it to spin around and amplify whatever frequencies the Sirian Archangelic League of Light sends out.
  • I decree that the cosmic fohat fire purifies and cleanses my consciousness.
  • I decree that the Cocoon cleanse my energy field and transmute any and all negative energy .
  • I infuse my four body system on a permanent basis with Fohat  life force energy to completely electrify and energize my entire etheric body system.
  • I decree that my 10th Dimensional Higher Self merges within me, to create a soulbraid, the weaving together   other soul extensions of my oversoul into my present state of consciousness

Create the Pyramid of Light

1. Sit comfortably and activate spiral pillar of light to establish sacred ground.

2. Extended your awareness above your head to see that you have a Tube of Light about 2" in diameter extending from the top of your head at your crown chakra. This Tube of Light connects you to two higher energy chakra centers in your Aura: The Soul Star Chakra and the Stellar Chakra. These two chakras  link you with your higher dimensional self and are linked into multi-dimensional planes. Their function is to tune you into Multi-Dimensional  reality.

The Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star is located 6-8 inches above the head, the Soul Star.  This is where your soul energy is stored, including your ancestral and family karma. The Soul Star chakra center is the gateway to your Self as it expands past the planet. Because of this, this chakra is the last energy center that holds anything human within it. It becomes the temple of human cleansing and the releasing of patterns that are lifetimes old and outdated. These patterns are the last of what holds you to the reincarnation system and your humanness that keep you from uniting with higher powers, beings, and ideas.

Archangel Mariel works with this magenta chakra to enable you to understand your soul more deeply. The 8th chakra is an energy transference chakra. It is the chakra that is the interface for our relationship with the Universe. It captures and filters Cosmic energy received from the Stellar Gateway. The energies of the Stellar Chakra,  are purified and refined, so they can be assimilated into the energetic fields of the human consciousness.

The Stellar Gateway

The Stellar Gateway is situated approximately 12 inches above the head.  The Stellar Gateway’s function is to receive, filter and harmonize you with the energy from the stars, planets, universes or other dimensions. It holds your monadic energy and contains the sum total of all your experiences. Your monad is your original divine spark and is  he true essence of who you are. Two Archangels oversee this chakra – Archangel Metatron who is helping humanity to rise in frequency and Seraphina, a Seraphim, who is forming the link with your monad and Divine Spirit.  This point is intimately connected with our Body of Light and with the Divine I AM Presence. Its symbol is the star of six points, which encompasses and condenses all the higher and sacred energies of the 12 Cosmic Rays

  • Imagine yourself sitting or standing inside a body size four sided 3D Pyramid with the top of the pyramid at the level of the Soul Star Chakra (6" above your head)
  • The base of the Pyramid sits on the Earth and the Pyramid may be one color or multi-colored. What color is it for you?
  • The base of the Pyramid is energetically connected to the Crystalline Grid that runs under the surface of the Earth.   Imagine this Grid as a pathway of crystalline energy traveling underneath the surface of the Earth.
  • See this Grid energy flowing around the Planet joining specific Stargates and Pyramids of Egypt, South Texas-Mexico-Central America and South America that existed at the time of Lemuria and Atlantis . This Grid carries an upgraded form of White Fire Energy that once existed in Atlantis called Mahatma.  
  • Focus on the base of the Pyramid. Imagine rays of light energy generating from the Base of the Pyramid.... see these rays of light like the roots of a Tree ...pushing and weaving through the ground to meet this underground Grid.
  • Now activate the Pyramid by focusing on the Base while visualizing a spiraling stream of White Gold Mahatma Fire coming up from the Crystalline Earth Grid through the roots that connect to the Pyramid Base.
  • See this white gold fire flowing into the Base and flowing up the four sides to the top of the Pyramid. 
  • In your mind's eye see the entire Pyramid lighting up with White Gold Fohat Fire.
  • Breathe in and chant silently Fire Letter Mantra :
    Mem Hey Shin 

    My Pyramid of Light is drawing in Fohat Energy from Crystalline Grid for healing and alignment

    Exhale and Chant out loud Fire Letter Mantra:
    Mem Hey Shin 

    My Pyramid of Light is drawing in Fohat Energy from Crystalline Grid for healing and alignment
  • Now imagine rays of light streaming out  from the Top(apex)  of your Pyramid.... see these rays of light like the Branches of a Tree ...pushing and weaving up to the sky to connect to your Stellar Gateway Chakra and then traveling upward to connect with the Sparkling Diamond Unity Grid that surrounds the Earth. 
  • Now activate the Pyramid once again by focusing on the Apex of the Pyramid while visualizing a spiraling stream of White Gold Mahatma Fire coming down from the Unity Grid through the Branches that connect to the Stellar Gateway chakra and then to the Pyramid Apex.
  • See this white gold fire flowing into your Stellar Gateway chakra (12" above your head). See your Stellar Chakra light up with  Multi-Dimensional Higher Self energy. This chakra is now drawing in the energy from your higher dimensional chakras. Your Stellar Gateway Chakra is funnelling this energy downward.
  • This energy is flowing into the apex of the Pyramid down its Top, Sides and into the Base.  Once again see the entire outline of the Pyramid lighting up even brighter than before with white gold fohat fire .

Breathe in and chant silently Fire Letter Mantra :
Mem Hey Shin

My Pyramid of Light is drawing in Fohat Energy from my Higher Self and the Unity Grid for healing and alignment

  • Exhale and Chant out loud Fire Letter Mantra:

Mem Hey Shin

My Pyramid of Light is drawing in Fohat  from my Higher Self and the Unity Grid  for healing and alignment

Merge 10th Dimensional Higher Self

  •  Now inside the glowing white gold Pyramid imagine your 10th dimensional Higher Self in a radiant shining light body.
  • Ask your 10th Dimensional Higher Self to come and stand in front of you.
  • When your 10th D Higher Self is standing in front of you, extend your hands with you’re palms facing away from your body and invite your higher self to connect with you palm to palm.
  • Allow Fohat fire energy from Higher Self hands to enter your body through your arms and hands. Give this energy a color. Just choose a color that feels right at this time .  Let the colored energy flow into your heart and fill up your 4 body system. Emotional, mental, physical, spiritual. This is the energy of your Divine Spark...the original you ..when the Divine Spirit first created your spirit.
  • Now visualize the fire energy of Higher Self flowing up into your third eye forming Triangle at your third eye.
  • Imagine this Triangle as the same color as the higher self energy that is now running through your body. However the energy of the Triangle is intensified and electrified .  See this electric energy pulsing along the edges of the Triangle.  

  • The Third Eye Triangle is now fully activated and charged with 10th Dimensional Higher Self Fohat Energy. The Electrified Third Eye Triangle allows you to be open to 10th D Higher Self inspiration, communication, and heightened perception and so on. 

  • Drop the hand connection with your Higher Self .  And ask it to merge with you.  At this point you should feel a wave or surge of energy move from in front of you through your body to your back. You may feel more expansive, light, peaceful, joyful, filled with love, or just a general sense of wellbeing. 
  • If there is any part of your body in which the blending seems not to be occurring. Breathe into the area and relax it until you feel an energy shift as your Higher Self is able to blend with you there.
  •  Now you are going to activate the Healing Cocoon with energy from the large pyramid you are standing in.

Create the Cocoon 

  • Imagine the Pyramid you are standing in starts to beam out rays of white gold fire towards your body.
  • Using your breath, intention and imagination draw this white gold fire energy out from the top, sides and base  of the Pyramid towards your body and forming a Cocoon of White Gold Fire around you. 
  • See the Cocoon forming over the top of your head under the bottom of your feet...spreading out 12 body lengths to completely enfold your aura in an energy Cocoon of White Gold Fire .
  • Let the White Gold flames from the Pyramid, fill the Cocoon. 
  •  To see if you are Cocoon is working think:
    Cocoon Lights on…
    Cocoon 10% Light Boost please (Cocoon grows Brighter)
    Cocoon Lights off.(Cocoon Lights Dim)
  • Now see the White Gold Cocoon start to spin in a clockwise direction. As the Cocoon spins around your body it forms a small whirlwind. See this whirl wind throwing out all the negative energy from your body. This spinning tornado is clearing all physical, mental and emotional negative states of mind and troubling emotions. You become clear and peaceful.
  • With your breathe, intention and imagination inhale and bring in part of the Cocoon's fire into your physical body, then your etheric body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. Visualize each of your 7 chakras as being empty, then each one filling up with the healing, loving White Gold Energy
  •  See a vortex of Fohat fire forming inside of you along your hara line (central energy path way through your body)
  • Now think of the Fohat color that you wish to work with for this healing  or transmutation session. See the Cocoon change to the color of a Fohat fire. Each Fohat fire color heals a specific area of your body, protects you from negative harmful energy, strengthens an internal quality and helps you to develop a special ability.  . The color of the fire represents a specific healing energy or a quality of the enlighten mind such as - peace, abundance, power, precision, and helps you to develop these powers in yourself and others.
    Click here to review Cocoon Colors for Health

Recite Decree:
By the Authority of Mem Hey Shin 

in the name of the Christ within me

I decree the Cocoon radiates ________  (Name of color) Fohat for my healing or quality of ________(your intention)

  • See the spinning Cocoon surrounding you change to the desired color of your intention.

For a Physical Healing

  • With your breath send healing fohat fire while in your Cocoon to an area that you have a problem such as a sprained wrist, back pain.  Let all the cells in that area of your body bathe in this life force energy. See   written over the area.
  • See the area glowing and healthy... totally healed. See it operating perfectly, if it is a sprained wrist ,see yourself throwing a baseball, back pain...see your self bending over picking up things, being  pain free.
  • Maintain your awareness of your intention and allow the Cocoon to spin faster and faster. Start to intone
    "Make it so.  Mem Hey Shin  

    and let the intoning to become faster and faster intune with the speed of the Cocoon. Continue to intone and spin cocoon until you feel your body area has been totally infused with Cocoon Energy.

For a Desired Quality, Mental or Emotional Problem:

  • Focus an the Electrified Triangle in your Third Eye. Let Triangle radiate with the color of Fohat that corresponds to the desired quality.  Now place your intention in the Electrified Triangle in your Third Eye. Visualize your intention as if it is already. For example in your mind's eye see and feel yourself  as being successful or in a soulmate relationship or whatever is the outcome of your intention.   Visualize the outcome in detail: time, place, color, smell, action and more. Just like a mental movie. See these images appear inside the Thrid Eye Triangle.
  • The Triangle is pulsating with the vibration of your intention and sending beams of fohat energy into the Cocoon spinning around you. See the Cocoon change color to match your intention. The power of your 10th D Higher Self is now working with the energy of the Unity and Crystalline Grid to manifests your decree.
  • Maintain your awareness of your intention and allow the Cocoon to spin faster and faster. Allow your chanting of 
    "Make it so.  Mem Hey Shin  

    to become faster and faster intune with the speed of the Cocoon.
  • Now you are going to activate your intention by sending it into the Unity Grid that surrounds the Earth.  Focus on your the Triangle in your Third Eye and see the Triangle move up through your Crown Chakra,  the Cocoon surrounding your body and out the apex of the Pyramid of Light. See the electrified Triangle moving through the sky up to the Unity Grid that surrounds the Earth.

  • See your Triangle connect to the Unity Grid and light up with White Gold Cosmic Energy of the Divine Spirit. See thousands of other Triangles attached to the Grid that have been sent by other Lightworkers. All of these Triangles are glowing with same Divine White Gold energy. Each Triangle is sending out beams of white gold energy down to the Earth that will change the events on the Time Space Continuum to manifest the intentions that they hold.

Ending Session

When your Transmission is complete, ask to be placed in a protective and healing Crystalline Cocoon for the next 24 hours while you are integrating the experience. This Cocoon will naturally dissipate. When you feel complete. Close the activation by sending energy down to Mother Earth thru the soles of your feet to ground yourself.


There are many available Cocoons of Light, each with its own unique energy grid and specific purpose.  

  • The Cocoon of  Green and Violet  fire  called a "Transformation Cocoon" runs Fohat Fire frequencies through your entire 4 body system  (emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual)  to recalibrate consciousness,  strengthen and energize your life support system.
  • The Platinum Fire  Cocoon brings in a multi-universal ray which synthesizes all life into Divine Union. This highly potent and highly transformative metallic platinum frequency is the consciousness energy fields that we refer to as Melchizedek/Metatron/Mahatma. The Platinum Cocoon helps you to embrace divine qualities. Divine qualities are states of Christ Consciousness that re-program your attitudes, emotions  and identity with your Higher Self or I Am Presence. Examples of Divine Qualities include faith, hope,  charity, compassion, understanding,  forgiveness, inspiration, clarity, courage, strength, tenderness, love, humor, sincerity, patience, generosity, honesty, acceptance, harmony, balance, devotion, playfulness, confidence, surrender, receptivity, discernment, detachment, bliss, lightness, humility, peace, harmlessness and willingness to align with the Divine Will. 
  • When you are feeling emotional vulnerable or having an emotionally traumatic experience in your life such as a relationship ending or a loved one dying use the same Cocoon process with minor changes. Say your Decree: I decree that I am placed inside a Blue and Gold protective and healing Cocoon for the next 24 hours while I am integrating and strengthening from this emotional experience. Sit or lie down with eyes closed as long as it takes for you to feel the energy shift that occurs when the Cocoon is brought around you .Then proceed as you like with your day.
  • Also send healing rose gold fire while your in a Cocoon to an area that you have a problem such as a sprained wrist, back pain.
  Review of Cocoon Colors for Emotional Problems

Listed below are most frquently used Cocoon colors for Emotional Problems. After Transmission use the colour of your Healing Cocoon to help influence your mental wellbeing, by:

  • Wearing colour
  • Drinking or eating colour
  • Visualising or meditating with colour (e.g. colour breathing)
  • Surrounding ourselves with colour (green garden, blue sky etc)

Colour Wheel


Promotes:   Energy, strength, motivation, confidence, will-power, courage, initiative, focussing on attention to detail

Good for  Depression, negativity, shyness (avoid in anger, irritability)


Promotes:   Stimulates body and mind, self-esteem, optimism, inner strength, creativity, self-expression, happiness, opens mind to new ideas and perspectives, revitalising

Good for:    Depression, negativity, trauma, stress, bereavement and loss


Promotes:   Enthusiasm, balancing thoughts and feelings, wisdom

Good for:   Depression (especially during menopause), stress, anxiety


Promotes:  Uplifting, cleansing, self-respect, self-confidence, self-control, ability to rationalise and reason, contentment, mentally stimulating

Good for  Depression, despair, fatigue, negativity, sensitivity to criticism, lack of confidence (avoid in insomnia, hyperactivity)


Promotes:   Balance, harmony, personal development, self-acceptance, compassion for self and others, renewal

Good for:   Stress, anxiety, self-pity, confusion


   Promotes Calm, cleansing, healing, personal relationships, sharing, friendship, resilience

  Good for  Stress, anxiety, anger


Promotes:   Calm, peace, relaxation, slowing down, steadying, self-expression, intuition, honesty, truth, creativity

Good for:   Insomnia, stress, anxiety, over-excitement, anger



Promotes:   Wisdom, intuition, understanding, spirituality, peace, calm, inspiration

Good for:   Anger, obsessions, psychoses, insomnia, anxiety (avoid in depression, loneliness)


Promotes:   Inspiration, imagination, empathy, sense of belonging, helping others, self-respect, dignity

Good for:   Stress, anxiety, obsessions, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, severe depression



Promotes:   Letting go of the past or anxiety-provoking thoughts, moving on, spirtual understanding

Good for:   Reduces aggression


Promotes:   Calm, clarity of thought, affection, compassion, nurturing, kindness, resolving

Good for:   Difficult relationships, insomnia, anger, aggression, over-sensitivity

Black contains no colour

white contains all colours

Brown contains red, blue and yellow

  Use Cocoon for Addictions


Strengthen Spirituality for Victory over addictions

Fire Letter Mantra = ← Lamed Hey Peh ←

Tarot Keys for Meditation:
Tower Card (Peh) 


Star Card (Hey)


Strength Card (Lamed)


What colors are best for coping with addiction? Here’s an overview of the top choices:


  • Green encourages balance, harmony, self-acceptance, compassion for others, renewal and personal development.
  • This color is good for dealing with stress, anxiety, self-pity and confusion.


  • Yellow is uplifting and cleansing. It promotes self-respect, self-confidence and self-control. It is mentally stimulating and encourages reason and contentment.
  • Yellow is helpful for depression, fatigue, negativity and lack of confidence. Avoid this color if struggling with insomnia.


  • This color is calming, healing and cleansing. It encourages sharing, friendship and resilience.
  • Turquoise is good for dealing with stress, anxiety and anger.


  • Blue promotes peace, relaxation and slowing down. It encourages honesty, self-expression and creativity.
  • This shade is helpful for insomnia, stress, anger and over-excitement.


  • Magenta helps us let go of the past or anxiety-producing thoughts.
  • Magenta is good for reducing aggression.


  • Purple promotes imagination, empathy, self-respect and sense of belonging.
  • This color is helpful for stress, anxiety, obsessions, low self-esteem and severe depression.


  • Pink encourages calm, compassion, nurturing, affection and clarity of thought.
  • Pink is good for difficult relationships, anger, insomnia and over-sensitivity.
  How to Breath in Color from Coccon

Choose the colour relating what you feel you need.

 Place the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth, just behind your front teeth.  Inhale slowly through the nostrils for a count of five or six. Hold that breath for a slow count of 12. Then exhale slowly through the mouth for a slow count of five or six. Establish a slow rhythm.

Now, as you breathe in, see and feel the air coming in as a particular color. See and feel it filling your whole body. See and feel it balancing and healing whatever condition  you are wanting to correct.

As you slowly breathe, become aware of breathing in your colour, into your nose, your throat, your chest and abdomen. Imagine now that colour spreading out within you, into every part of your body, and notice the effects that it has.

Notice the sensations in your body, as this coloured light or mist, flows into and spreads throughout your body and mind.

Notice how the colour is affecting your body, and your mind, as you allow it to gently flow and infuse your body and mind.

Continue to notice the colour and the sensations that it brings.

If you are unsure of the color, breathe in pure, crystalline white light.

Anytime that other thoughts, images, sounds or sensations come to mind, just notice them, and then gently bring your attention back to your breathing, and your colour.

During breathing imagine that you have a balloon in your belly, and notice how the balloon inflates as you breathe in, and deflates as you breathe out. Notice the sensations in your abdomen as your belly rises as the balloon inflates on the in-breath, and falls as the balloon deflates on the out-breath.

To visualise your colour, perhaps in the form of light, or mist. If it’s difficult to visualise that colour, just imagine, in your mind’s eye, something that is that colour – for instance green grass, or blue sea or sky, orange sunset, pink dawn. See it in front of you, over you, surrounding you, enveloping you.

  Quote for Today

“"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."   - Jesus Gospel of Thomas




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