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  Upgrade: Master Crystal Attunement

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Recite Decree:

By the Authority of Yod Hey Vau Hey

in the name of the Christ within me

I decree this circle is now open to receive the energies from the 9 Master Crystals and help to anchor ascension frequencies from  the 144 Crystalline Grid surrounding the earth into my body, mind, spirit and soul

Running Energy

Now focus your attention on your breathing. This breathing is done through the crown chakra, at the top of your head, down the spine to the base chakra and then to the perineum center. The perineum center is the flat piece of skin found just in front of the anus. As you exhale, bring the energy up the front of the body, down the arms and out the hands.

Next, you breathe through the feet chakras, found on the soles of the feet, and up the legs to the base chakra and then take the energy to the perineum center.  As you exhale, bring these energies from the perineum center up the front of the body, down the arms and out the hand chakras.

Get into a comfortable rhythm of gently inhaling these energies through the crown chakra and down the spine.... to the base chakra and then to the perineum center.

And exhale; bring these energies up the front of the body, down the arms and out the hands chakras.

On the next inhale, bring these earth and heaven energies down the spine and up the legs at the same time ...meeting the base chakra and
then move them to the perineum center.
Swirl these two energies together...
Send them up the front of your body down the arms and out the hand chakras.

Once again heaven energies down the energies up the legs, meeting at the base chakra and then mixing and swirling in the perineum center....up the front of the body down the arms and out the hands

Focus on creating a comfortable rhythm as the earth and heaven energies circulate and flow in and around every cell and molecule of your body, cleansing, clearing and healing.

Protective Bubble
Bring your focus to your energy field. You are now going to create a golden bubble of light within two or three feet around you in all directions. This golden bubble of light will fill your energy field with love and light and protect you from all negative or foreign energies. 

Now visualize this golden bubble of light surrounding your entire body to within two or three feet around you in every direction. See it forming two or three feet above your head.

 Now see or sense this golden bubble coming down the front of your body,
down the back of your body
down the left side of your body and
down the right side of your body.
See this golden bubble of light coming down your legs and gently tucking under your feet, and up the front of your body to just above the top of your head 8th chakra a complete circle.

  Feel you are guided, guarded and protected

Now push out your golden bubble of protection and encompass everyone sitting in this circle.
Join hand and feel everyone's bubble of protection is mending into one bubble of protect.

Call in Guides

We invite and we invoke all those who stand tall for the highest good, including the holiest angels, the great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood,
Ancestors from the Star gate of Orion and the Brotherhood of Light,
Ancestors from the Star gate of Sirius and the Siran Archangel League of Light,
Ancestors from the Star gate of the Pleiades and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light,
The Dragon people who created the Crystalline grid system, Ascended Masters, The Order of the Silver Star and Nature Spirits.

Who else.... Please call your favorite guides to come join us in this circle of friends ..

(All guides called in)

We ask for the blessing of this circle for the spiritual ascension of the earth, animals, fairies, dragons, nature spirits , angels, Ancestral  ET's, the plants, minerals  and all sentient beings(past, present and future).

We ask for the blessing of this circle for the ascension of our bodies, minds, spirits and souls. We decree that everything that needs to be known for ascension is known here today, and that we are guided, guarded and protected at all times through the process of integration with the 9 master crystals.

We decree that all messages we receive and we send are clear, precise, uplifting and helpful in our activation process for ascension. 

We decree that any signs, visions or intuitive hunches today are made easy for us to recognize and are given to us in such a way that they are unmistakable to us.

We ask that the Star seeded Divine Feminine help in manifesting our decrees but only if this will serve the highest and best good of the universe, our higher self and everyone everywhere.

And so be it and so it is done

Pillar of Light

To perform energy transformation of the physical body and to reprogram DNA we must use the breath, visualization , the Pillar of Light and  Ascension Tube to draw up Kundalini Life Force energy up from the earth and solar life force energy  down from the eighth  chakra.

You are now going to bring in a pillar of light and the ascension tube. This Pillar of Light is a very powerful transmitter of Love and Light coming directly from the ninth dimension (Mother/Father God, The Divine Spirit, The Source of all that is).  Stand with your feet about as far apart as the width of your head. Keep your knees slightly bent, as this allows energy to flow freely through the leg area. If the legs are locked, the muscle tension will block the energy flow.

Now visualize a pillar of gold or white light surrounding your body. See this pillar of light rising far above your head and descending down into the earth

I invoke the Pillar of Light

It fills my whole being... worlds within worlds, dimensions within dimensions

I let the light shine through my crown and fill my entire body

I am the light. I change darkness into light

My aura is clear and shining with divine light

The light transforms all suffering...I am the light

I let go of all positive and negative thoughts... of all conflicts and frustrations

I am cleansed by the rosy light within

It grows and expands in my heart center

This light dispels all illusions, lies and confusion

I feel the light as a rosy inner sun within my heart center

I awaken to the love of the Divine Spirit

I am universal harmony

I am Universal peace

I am universal Love

I am universal Life

I am Universal light

I am all powerful and immortal

I am one with the infinite star fields of divine creation

Directions are within me for renewal and revitalization

I allow myself to recall, release and remember.

I change my blocks and amnesia to clear, lucid awareness of who I am and where I am going

I remember my essence and gifts and am applying them to my soul purpose

I no longer need a map of where I am going...a vibrational memory is within my cells I remember my vow, purpose and intense dedication

Remembering allows my energy and DNA to change in accordance with my true self

The pillar of light nourishes my cells and brings me into oneness

I relax and remember 

I am immortal, I am a pillar of light ...I am a Light being ...I am a Light Warrior...  I am a thunder being...I am the fifth element of storm

I take in the frequency beyond our solar system to create the silver shield protector for the earth

I confront the lower vibrations and teach by example

I clean out the old energy patterns and make room for the new

I have the ability to use and understand telepathy with ease. In this incarnation I am familiar with and communicate with other life forms such as angels, nature spirits and ET's

I have a telepathic connection with higher knowledge, I am learning through my own thoughts. I access knowledge and wisdom within myself. I receive revelation through the inner voice.

As we move toward Ascension  I adjust my physical body to the Higher Frequencies to make this communication possible in order to  Stabilize the Earth and the Co-Creation during the Ascension Process.

I take back the power of full enlightment it fills my whole body as a pillar of light

I cancel, nullify and dissolve any and all

Negative and undesirable energies or karma

I may have accumulated in this lifetime

Or any other lifetime

And I now activate and accept the Divine feminine /Christ Consciousness program for Ascension Within every cell of my being

I decree that all negative entities that may be attached to any of my bodies to leave now

I cancel, nullify and dissolve any and all curse, hexes, vows or agreements that I have made or that have been directed against me that is keeping me from accessing the Light of Universal Truth and Ascension.

Crystal Transmission

Take some deep breaths and as you breath feel the  Divine Spirit's love

Visualize diamond light energy coming in through the crown chakra.

Send it down through the spine, through each chakra and back to the heart

Flow the energy in a beam, a corridor of light energy into the core of the earth

From the core of the earth visualize a corridor of light feeding into the 144 Crystalline Grid surrounding the earth.

Experience the flow of energy as it flows from the grid thru you, allow the frequency of your body and mind to meld into & adjust the frequency of the 144 Crystal Grids.

Visualize receiving and connecting this energy through your heart.

Visualize you are Breathing in the new energy codes from the Grid the codes for the new earth...the codes for the Crystalline Era and the Global Awakening .You are remembering the codes

This new earth has been planned since the dawn of time by the ancient ones..from first earth..." you are remembering the codes

These codes from the grid are now being activated in you by the 9 Master Crystals...

Visualize the 9 crystals surrounding you in a circle...feeding you energy

Let the power of the crystals flow through your body

Feeding your DNA... lighting up your cells  

Each cell is changing and rearranging,
activating parts of yourself that have been dormant since you came to the earth...
Visualize or Sense:

 The Emerald Green Crystal increasing and clearing your healing channels (Arkansas)

The White Om Crystal opening all 8 chakras to the 4th and 5th dimensions frequencies (Shasta)

The Yellow Sun Moon Crystal of Light strengthens and feeds your light body or higher self  (Bolivia)

The Pink Crystal of Thoth encoding you with the emerald tablet so you now understand and can apply the 12 Universal Laws for transmutation and manifestation (Bolivia)

The Blue Crystal of Knowledge, you now understand your soul path (Arkansas)

The Ruby Fire Crystal of Energy, you burn with the power of unconditional love   (Bimini Bank)

The Platinum Crystal of Communication you can clearly communicate with nature spirits, angels and space brothers and sisters  (Bio Plasmic Interface)

Gold Crystal of Healing regeneration, you now are encoded to co-create a new earth (Brazil)

Violet Crystal of Sound you are a clear channel for the new frequencies of divine love that will hold the planet together during the ascension process (Brazil)

You may feel strange movements within yourself...let it go.

These are the new codes moving around...Open to receive.

There will be long pauses...just receive the energy...breath it in

The codes are taking effect...

Feel them flow through you and out of you

Open to receive


All your stored codes are waking up

The new world starts here



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