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The Tarot

0 - The Fool
1 - The Magician
2 - The High Priestress
3 - The Empress
4 - The Emperor
5 - Hierophant
6 - The Lovers
7 - The Chariot
8 - Strength
9 - The Hermit
10 - Wheel of Fortune
11 - Justice
12 - Hanged Man
13 - Death
14 - Temperance
15 - The Devil
16 - The Tower
17 - The Star
18 - The Moon
19 - The Sun
20 - Judgement
21 - The World

The TAROT is a textbook of occult teachings. It is intended for the use of serious aspirants who are in search of spiritual enlightenment, and who are willing to devote a reasonable amount of time and thought to the discovery of the deeper meaning of life. To all such it will prove worthy of the most diligent study and careful investigation.

Those who seek to find in the TAROT an easy method of spiritual development will be disappointed. There is no easy method. Spiritual development is not brought about by external things. It is essentially an inner growth, and it is upon this principle that the TAROT is able to operate effectively. This will be explained more completely later.

The TAROT is not a plaything, nor is it only a pack of cards designed for purposes of fortune telling, although this use of it has been utilized to preserve it for serious aspirants through the vicissitudes of time and change.

Two main purposes are served by the TAROT. First, it preserves and transmits an Esoteric Teaching. Secondly, it evokes specific mystical, intellectual and emotional responses from the Inner Consciousness of the student who has been taught how to look at it. It is no longer a secret that there exist Occult Teachings that reveal the true nature of man, of the universe, and of their mutual relationship. Every aspirant who has delved very far into philosophy, psychology or religion has come upon evidences of such Teachings.
If he has the courage to take these dues seriously and the perseverance to investigate them, he is inevitably richly rewarded.

There are those who approach these teachings by the avenue of the intellect; others follow the way of emotion and intuition. The latter take the occult doctrines more upon faith than by the use of reason, and they are no less correct than their more intellectual fellows, because they can rely upon this phase of their nature to guide them aright. The TAROT serves both
classes by strengthening the emotional-intuitional nature of the one, and developing balanced intellectual qualities in the other. In this way the second function of TAROT, the evocation of creative states of consciousness, is of great importance.

Occult movements suffer greatly because of the lack of practical work. Members of these movements are held back from any kind of practical work largely by fear of incompetent or dangerous teachings. Their fears are not unfounded, but lack of discrimination has led them to an equally malefic impasse. They tend to allow their knowledge of occultism to be confined to such information as can be derived from the great multitude of texts upon occult subjects,  neglecting one of the greatest principles which they have been taught, that true knowledge and reliable Cosmic Consciousness comes only from Within. They forget that life is to be lived, not merely to be read about, and that true spiritual progress cannot be made without practical work.

TAROT is intensely practical. It is intended for use every day. Its principles are applicable to the problems which confront everyone in the course of everyday existence. Its function is to induce the powerful Expanded States of Consciousness in the individual aspirant that will enable him to cope with life efficiently, to understand the spiritual meaning and significance of his experience and environment and its relation to himself as an Eternal Being. Such understanding, and the activities consequent up on it, constitutes the purpose of man's existence in this plane.

Highlights of Tarot  (ISBN 0-938002-02-3)
Copyright 1931 by the School of Ageless Wisdom, Paul Case AA71739 
Copyright 1959 Builders of the Adytum R235814 
6th edition revised Copyright 1970 Builders of the Adytum A138325
13th edition revised Copyright 1989 Builders of the Adytum TX2801102 

B.O.T.A. 19 Av Italie, 75013 PARIS, FRANCE


Important Change

Originally the Emperor was associated with the letter Hey meaning 'window'. ...  It was channelled to Crowley to swap the Hebrew associations of the Emperor and The Star. In this Website:
Star Card = Hebrew Letter Hey
Emperor Card = Hebrew Letter Tzaddi

Crowley also swapped Strength and Justice. In this website:
Strength Card = Hebrew Letter Lamed
Justice Card =  Letter Teth


  Tarot Keys to Understand Fire Letters
Tarot Keys to Understand Fire Letters

The Tree of Life is built from ten sefirot (consciousness levels)  and 22 Paths of Wisdom. Each Path of Wisdom expresses the interaction between the pair of sefirot it connects.  The Paths combine different levels of consciousness from different serfirot in in order to manifest this level of awareness in our everyday life .  By meditating with a Fire Letter along with the appropriate Tarot symbolism triggers archetypal   energy  that will manifest into certain situations and experiences in our everyday life.  

Each Path of Wisdom is linked to the Tarot Major Arcana and Hebrew Alphabet.

There are 22 paths on the Tree of Life, one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet . There are also 22 cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and each of these corresponds to a Hebrew letter and a path on the Tree of Life. The usual attributions of the Trumps to the paths is shown in the diagram, but some occultist offer slightly different assignments. Aleister Crowley transposes the Star and the Emperor, so that the Emperor corresponds to the Hebrew letter tzaddi, and the Star to heh. 
There are basically four systems that define how to make the Hebrew letter correlations to the Major Arcana.

Levi - where the letters follow, sequentially, the order of the Major Arcana, except that the un-numbered Fool is placed as penultimate card;

Golden Dawn - where the letters follow again the order of the Major Arcana, save that the Fool has been numbered zero (thereby placed at the beginning), and Justice and Strength interchanged in their position and numbering;

Crowley - in terms of Hebrew letter allocations, same as the Golden Dawn, save that the Emperor and Star cards inverse their Golden Dawn letter allocations

Filipas - the letters follow the order of the cards, with the Fool, un-numbered, placed at the end of the sequence (as twenty-second card).

Visualization of Fire Letters with The Keys of the Tarot

Sometimes it hard to understand and visualize the meaning of Fire Letters that spell out the Divine Names. Unlike the English Alphabet, each Hebrew letter generates a specific quality of the Divine Spirit. The Tarot has been used as a aid to understand each of the hebrew letters unique attributes. Many Jewish scholars have used the Tarot Keys to spell out words in the Hebrew (Fire Letter) to reveal the deeper meaning of divine and angelic names. This means by understanding how a Tarot Trump correlates to a Hebrew Letter, we have a better understanding of how the Divine Spirit manifests on Earth.

The Tarot Major Arcade gives us a pictorial representation of the many Divine Qualities that the Hebrew letter is sending into us. Just as all words are made up of letters, so many of the Tarot Keys (Trump)  may be arranged to form a number of Divine Names using pictorial symbolism. The Tarot was developed centuries ago(1200 A.D.)  for just this purpose by Adepts that gathered at the city of Fez to exchange scientific ideas.  Because of the difference in language and philosophical terminology they developed a book of pictures that embodied the Universal Laws and Ancient Wisdom that was taught in the mystery schools of China, Tibet and India . The skeleton for their pictorial communication device was based on the Qabala or Secret Wisdom of Israel. 

Eliphas Levi believed that the Tarot pictures were the keys to liberation. Eliphas Levi was a French occultist and author whose works greatly influenced the growing numbers of esoteric and magical Orders of the 19th century, most particularly groups such as the S.R.I.A. (Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia), the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society.   Behind each of these pictures are specific powers that can be gained through meditation on them.  The aim of the following  analysis is to show you how to use the Tarot Trump Pictures for understanding that qualities that are reflected within each of the Divine Names of God. Let's look at the Christ Mantra, letter by letter. Each letter is related to a Tarot Picture that helps you to understand the power of the Fire Letter.

How to Meditate with a Tarot Key

Bring your attention to the Tarot card in front of you. Gaze softly at the Tarot card and take in five deep breaths. Again, if you notice any thoughts coming into your mind, just observe them and then imagine them floating away like clouds. Bring your attention back to your breath and the Tarot card in front of you.

Imagine the card growing larger and larger until the figures and the imagery are almost life-size. See yourself stepping into the card. Look around you. What do you see? Who is in the card with you? What objects are present? What colours stand out to you?

Take a moment to touch an object in the card and feel its texture. What do you hear? Take a deep breath in and smell the air. Is there something edible in the card? Taste it.

Now, imagine yourself as one of the figures in the card. Become that person or that archetype. What does it feel like, being this person? What does this character think and feel? How do they move and behave? What is their attitude towards the present circumstances?

Begin to speak as if you are that character. What do you have to say? What is your message? What advice do you have to offer?

Take another look around you. What makes you feel good? What gives you energy?

What, if anything, makes you feel anxious, concerned or upset? Notice any sensations in your body at this point and release any tension that may have formed.

Look for the different objects and symbols in the card now. How can they be used? What are they here for? What is their symbolic meaning?

Look around you one last time. What do you see now that you didn’t see before?

Your work, now, is almost complete. Step out of the figure and then step out of the Tarot card. Watch as the card becomes smaller and smaller, returning to its normal size.

The Christ Mantra Yod-Hey-Shin-Vau-Hey  message from the Tarot Pictures
Let's look at the Christ Mantra, letter by letter. Each letter is related to a Tarot Picture that helps you to understand the power of the Fire Letter.Below are the Tarot Cards with the corresponding Hebrew Letters of the Christ Mantra . This is not a complete interpretation of the symbolism in the Tarot Cards,  but it will give you a basic idea of how the Cards combine with the Hebrew Letters. Click on the links below to read about each Key.

Hebrew Letter: Yod

Tarot Card: Hermit 

Image: hand
Fire Color: Lime Green
Key Words: Spiritual guidance, ancient teachings, commitment, helpfulness, service and guidance to others, acceptance of change and of the spiritual,  Intelligence of Divine Will, Union with Divine, Isolation, Personal consciousness with Divine Will Foundation of all things manifested, 6 point star lights the way for yourself and others.

Message: You need to have a Union with your Higher Self,  I AM presence  and experience the Intelligence of Will of Higher Self. Picture represents the Mystic experience, the man is standing alone on a mountain top, far above and he is holding the lateran to light the way for other seekers. Be alone and go within your physical body and connect to your I Am Presence Light and then help others to find their way to Universal truth.

Hebrew Letter: Hey

Tarot Card:  The Star


Image: Fish Hook
Fire Color: Violet
Key Words: Renewed life, vision of the Divine, devotion to the great work, spirit contact, strengthens connection to cosmic forces, release the rigidity of your mind and outlook, draw out of your consciousness, personal experience, meditation,  feeling ones way or fishing for truth, imagination, natural Intelligence, hidden qualities of Mother Earth, connect to Cosmic Beings of the Seven Stars of Pleiades, Sirius Dog Star for inspiration.

Message: Use steady mental concentration to draw out what you need to know.  Connect with Mother Earth's Grid System to draw in energy from the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades and the large  star of Sirius . Bring in the Natural Intelligence of Mother Nature (Naked Women)  to experience the Pool of Universal Consciousness. The water being poured on the Earth is telling you to connect with your Natural Intelligence to gain the higher sense experience of Telepathy, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis.  Bird in Tree represents human consciousness coming to rest and feeding on the Tree of Life. Mountain in background represent the "Great Work", your cosmic contract.

Hebrew Letter: Shin

Tarot Card: Judgement

link :
Image: Tooth"  as serpent fang
Fire Color: Orange Scarlet

Key Words: Energy for transformation, clarification of relationships, idealism, truths revealed, bring in fire to our life, life breathe, Holy Spirit,  tears down limitations, the power to kill the false personality and its sense of separateness, expand personal consciousness, cosmic memory, sound vibration, seven tones of the Pleiades, relationship between sub, self, and super consciousness.

Message: This picture represents the Life Breath of the Holy Spirit. The picture is telling you to increase your vibration by the use of Sound which will regenerate your self consciousness (the Man) , subconscious (the Woman) and Super consciousness   (the child) . The angel is Gabriel and the trumpet represent the Divine Breath and the seven tones represents the seven sisters of the Pleiades.   Holy Spirit is being activated by sound vibration.

Hebrew Letter: Vau
Tarot Card : Hierophant Pope  (Revealer of Sacred Things) 
Image: Nail  


Key Words: Initiation into mysteries, obedience to the higher, devotion, uncovering life purpose, reveal hidden talents, fertility, Something that joins the parts of a building, something that other things depend on,  language and thought, assistance,  personal consciousness nailed to universal consciousness, inner hearing, listening to the word of God, the power of overshadowing.
Fire Color: Red Orange

Message: Hierophant means the revealer of Sacred Things. Marriage of Lower and Higher Self. Tells you to live by your truths and defend our beliefs.The priests kneeling before the Hierophant robes are ornamented with lilies (your thoughts) and roses (your desires) . Hanging from his crown is a yellow yoke that goes behind the ears to call attention to hearing. This message is that your thoughts and desires should be in line with the Divine Will to obtain the power of attentive listening or "Overshadowing' to receive revelation from the Inner Voice and Intuition to enable you to solve particular problems and intuition. The crosses on Hierophant shoes represent the union of male and female energy.

Hebrew Letter: Hey
Tarot Card : Star

Image: Fish Hook

Fire Color: Violet
Message: The last stage of this Mantra is that you take the insight and knowledge gained from the Fire Letters Yod Shin Vau and put it into back into the Universal Consciousness to draw out a plan of action and gain a better understanding of the Great Work or your mission as it applies to the Divine Plan. It is written 

"When you have found the beginning of the way, the star of your soul will show its light" 

Tarot Correspondence Tables

by Bill Heidrick

Copyright © 1976 and 1989 by Bill Heidrick

Value of
Meaning of
Letter Name:
Aleph Aleph 1 The Fool Ox 11
Bet Bet 2 The Magician House 12
Gimel Gimel 3 The High Priestess Camel 13
Dalet Dalet 4 The Empress Door 14
Heh Hay 5 The Emperor1 Window 15
Vau Vau 6 The Hierophant Nail 16
Zain Zain 7 The Lovers Sword 17
Chet Chet 8 The Chariot Fence 18
Tet Tet 9 Strength Serpent 19
Yod Yod 10 The Hermit Hand 20
Koph Kaf 20 The Wheel of Fortune Closed Hand 21
Lamed Lamed 30 Justice Ox Goad 22
Mem Mem 40 The Hanged Man Water 23
Nun Nun 50 Death Fish 24
Samekh Samekh 60 Temperance Prop 25
Ayin Ayin 70 The Devil Eye 26
Peh Peh 80 The Tower Mouth 27
Tzaddi Tzaddi 90 The Star2 Fish Hook 28
Qof Qof 100 The Moon Back of Head 29
Resh Resh 200 The Sun Head 30
Shin Shin 300 Judgment Tooth 31
Taw Taw 400 The World Cross or Mark 32
1. Crowley sometimes used the Star in this place in the Thoth Deck
2. Crowley sometimes used the Emperor in this place in the Thoth Deck

Tarot Trump
from the
Sepher Yetzirah
(0) Aleph The Fool Above to Below
I Bet The Magician Above
II Gimel The High Priestess Below
III Dalet The Empress East
IV Heh The Emperor (var: Star) Northeast
V Vau The Hierophant Southeast
VI Zain The Lovers East-above
VII Chet The Chariot East-below
VIII (XI) Tet Strength North-above
IX Yod The Hermit North-below
X Kaph The Wheel of Fortune West
XI (VIII) Lamed Justice Northwest
XII Mem The Hanged Man East to West
XIII Nun Death Southwest
XIV Samekh Temperance West-above
XV Ayin The Devil West-below
XVI Peh The Tower North
XVII Tzaddi The Star (var: Emperor) South-above
XVIII Qof The Moon South-below
XIX Resh The Sun South
XX Shin Judgment North to South
XI Taw The World Central point

Yetziratic Intelligence
(Golden Dawn Version):
Musical Note
(Paul Case Version):
Aleph Fiery Intelligence E Natural
Bet Intelligence of Transparency E Natural
Gimel Uniting Intelligence G Sharp
Dalet Luminous Intelligence F Sharp
Heh Constituting Intelligence C Natural
Vau Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence C Sharp
Zain Disposing Intelligence D Natural
Chet Intelligence of the House of Influence D Sharp
Tet Intelligence of the Secret of all
Spiritual Activities
E Natural
Yod Intelligence of Will F Natural
Koph Rewarding Intelligence A Sharp
Lamed Faithful Intelligence G Sharp
Mem Stable Intelligence G Sharp
Nun Imaginative Intelligence G Natural
Samekh Intelligence of Probation G Sharp
Ayin Renewing Intelligence A Natural
Peh Exciting Intelligence C Natural
Tzaddi Natural Intelligence A Sharp
Qof Corporeal Intelligence B Natural
Resh Collecting Intelligence D Natural
Shin Perpetual Intelligence C Natural
Taw Administrative Intelligence A Natural

The musical correspondences developed by Case associate the Hebrew letters with the black and white keys of the piano in the same order as the King Scale colors.

Atributes from the Sepher
 (Golden Dawn version):
Traditional Tarot
Trump Title:
Aleph Elemental AirUranus Breath of life, Spirit Fool
Bet Mercury Attention, Life and Death Magician
Gimel Moon Memory, Peace and Strife High Priestess
Dalet Venus Imagination, Wisdom and Folly Empress
Heh Aries Reason, Sight Emperor (or Star)
Vau Taurus Intuition, Hearing Hierophant
Zain Gemini Discrimination, Smell Lovers
Chet Cancer Receptive Will, Speech Chariot
Tet Leo Suggestion, Digestion Strength
Yod Virgo Response and Union of
Opposites, Touch
Koph Jupiter Rotation, Wealth and Poverty Wheel of Fortune
Lamed Libra Equilibrium, Action-work Justice
Mem Elemental WaterNeptune Reversal, Suspended Mind Hanged Man
Nun Scorpio Transformation, Motion Death
Samekh Sagittarius Verification, Wrath Temperance
Ayin Capricorn Bondage, Mirth Devil
Peh Mars Awakening, Grace and Sin Tower
Tzaddi Aquarius Revelation, Meditation Star (or Emperor)
Qof Pisces Organization, Sleep Moon
Resh Sun Regeneration, Fertility and
Shin Elemental Fire, P Realization, Decision Judgment
Taw Elemental EarthSaturn Universal Consciousness,
Dominion and Slavery

King Scale
Queen Scale
Emperor Scale
Empress Scale
Aleph Yellow Sky Blue Blue Emerald Green Emerald flecked Gold
Bet Yellow Purple Gray Indigo rayed Violet.
Gimel Blue Silver Cold Pale Blue Silver rayed Sky Blue.
Dalet Emerald Green Sky Blue Early Spring Green Bright Rose rayed Pale Green
Heh Scarlet Red Brilliant Flame Glowing Red
Vau Red-Orange Deep Indigo Deep Warm Olive Rich Brown
Zain Orange Pale Mauve New Yellow Leather Redish Gray inclined to Mauve
Chet Orange-Yellow Maroon Rich Bright Russet Dark Greenish Brown
Tet Yellow Deep Purple Gray Reddish Amber
Yod Yellow-Green Slate Gray Green-Gray Plum
Koph Violet Blue Rich Purple Blue rayed Yellow
Lamed Emerald Green Blue Deep Blue-Green Pale Green
Mem Blue Sea Green Deep Olive Green White flecked Purple
Nun Green-Blue Dull Brown Very Dark Brown Livid Indigo Brown
Samekh Blue Yellow Green Dark vivid Blue
Ayin Blue-Violet Black Blue Black Cold Dark Gray
Peh Scarlet Red Venetian Red Bright Red rayed Emerald
Tzaddi Violet Sky Blue Bluish Mauve White tinged Purple
Qof Red-Violet Buff flecked Silver-White Light translucent Pinkish Brown Stone Color
Resh Orange Gold Yellow Rich Amber Amber rayed Red
Shin Red Vermilion Scarlet flecked Gold Vermilion flecked Crimson & Emerald
Taw Indigo Black Blue Black Black rayed Blue

Some of the more unusual color names derive from the labels on Winsor & Newton Designer Gouche opaque water colors. That was the brand used by the Order of the Golden Dawn, still available.


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