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Listed below are some of the Group & Private Transmissions
We are now offering with the Crystal Light Pyramid

Transmission 1 : Grounding and Centering

This Transmissions should be done first thing in the morning and anytime you are feeling negativity is surrounding you. If you practice the Transmissions regularly you will experience new multi-dimensional energy patterns to help you to shift your perceptions and allows you to co-create a new reality.

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Transmission 2:  Daily Protection

Before you start to do any psychic work, it is important that protect yourself. This is to anchor you in the physical and to provide a shield from any negative energies that you may come into contact with. Even if you are not working with spirit, grounding and protection is recommended on a daily basis. We come into contact with other peoples energies all of the time, which could have a negative effect on us, and leave us feeling drained, emotionally exhausted, and even feeling the effects of someone else's depression or illness. Simple protection techniques as a daily part of your routine will help you throughout the day.

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Transmission 3 : Open Stargate Communication Command Center

This Transmission creates a Stargate Communication Command Center with a multi-dimensional DSL line to higher dimensional intelligence including Star Beings.  The Center is created by aligning and activating higher chakras including the Pineal Gland, Side Chakras, Third Eye, and Casual Chakra, thereby allowing for higher dimensional communication. It not only allows you to receive ideas from the spiritual plane but helps you to manifest them on the material plane.
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Transmission 4: Planetary Grid Alignment

During this Transmission you will upgrade your Crystalline Body Matrix to hold a 5th dimensional state of higher consciousness by connecting to the Earth's Grid System: Unity Grid and Crystalline Grid. This upgrade in consciousness allows you to transmit your goals and intentions directly from your body’s Crystalline Matrix thereby intensifying the energies you are sending out.  This intensified energy called "Fohat or Phoenix Fire"  helps you to manifest your vision on the material plane more quickly.

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Transmission 5: Connect to Higher Self

This Transmission uses the Pyramid of Light to allow you to consciously connect with your Higher Self in your body. Your Higher Self is a aspect of your self that exist beyond your body from the fourth through the ninth dimension. Once your Higher Self merges into you and you will be able to ask it questions and get advice. During the next 40 days you should begin to experience the unique gifts of your Higher Self.
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Transmission 6:  Fighting with the Whole Armor of God

Before moving  in and out of Dimensions it is important to know that you will not be entrapped in the  astral places and be effects by the dark forces of the fourth and fifth dimension.  In order to be assured of this, the Archangels will initiate you  into the use of the Armor of God. This Transmission gives you some pieces of the armor of God that can make you can make you impenetrable to Negative energy.

The Seven Fold Flame Helmet
The Diamond Shield of Detachment
The Winged Sandals of the True Path
The Crystalline Cup "Holy Grail"
The Blue Flame Sword of Archangel Michael
The Blue Lightening Wings of the Blue Lightening Angels from the Legion of Light

Furhtermore, this Transmission will teach you how to cancel and nullify all vows, agreements and contracts that you have made with any persons or entities in this or any other lifetime that is keeping you from accessing the Light of Universal Truth. Furthermore, to disconnect you to any persons and/or all negative entities that may be attempting to control or use your energy . 
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Transmissions 7: Violet Flame for Removing  Emotional Pain,
Negative Thinking Patterns and Bad Habits

The Violet  Flame is a Divine Spiritual Gift of the Holy Spirit given to humanity by Jesus Christ and re-initiated by the Ascended Master Saint Germain in order to transmute negative energy and negative karma.  During several Transmissions we are going to show you how to remove many problem issues through visualization, etheric images of problem issues and sacred violet fire along with the intoning of various Divine God Names. You will be invoking the Power of the Violet Flame  by intoning the Names of the Divine Spirit.
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Transmission 8 : Clear & Activate Chakras

This transmission affects the quality of Fohat flowing through your body and energy fields removing the negative electro-magnetic frequencies and aligning you with the fifth dimensional template generating the New Earth frequencies.   In this exercise you will be using the Hebrew God names in conjunction with the visualization of a series of Emerald Green Fire to awaken a higher consciousness. These large balls of Green Fire will be moving down your spinal column,  entering each of your chakras and spinning in a counter clockwise wise direction clearing all negativity. By intoning the Name of God from the Tree of Life you take in the Qualities of the Divine Spirit.

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Everyday Transmissions 9-13

Listing below are simple transmissions for everyday problems. This information and examples are intended to give you a better understanding of the purpose and possibilities of different types of Tranmissions that you can do at home.

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Transmission 14: Working with the Flame of Victory

This Transmission works with Mighty Victory, a cosmic being who is known as the tall master from Venus. He helps you to clear your life path in order to accomplish your goals. He teaches you how to bring in all of the Power in the Universe right within the framework of your being and use the Flame of Victory.

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Transmission 15: Diamond Light Grid Activation

The Golden and Crystalline Dolphins from The Sirian Archangelic League of the Light bring in higher dimensional healing tools and techniques to help us to assimbilate new light codes to build a higher Light Quotient and upgrade our Crystalline Matrix. This is a method of stabilizing our energy field, firing it up, supercharging it and strengthening it. 
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Transmission 17: 5th Dimensional  Chakra Attunement

This Transmission uses Energies from the Earth Grid System and Sacred Pyramids to bring in and  intune you with your fifth-dimensional chakra system .  This energy allows you work with the fifth dimensional chakras belonging to your Higher self or Christ Self . Higher Self energy connects and feeds into the regular chakras that are located within your body.  These 5th D chakras can connect you to energies from extremely high dimensions of reality. From the activation of these chakras you will eventually develop extremely powerful psychic powers, telepathy, and visions that  allows you to see into other cosmic dimensions and universes.

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Transmission Water is now available.

Transmission Water is water, which changes its structure under the influence of the Crystal Light Pyramid, Crystals Skull Grids, and Hebrew Fire Letters .The Water is infused with the energy from  Head of the Dove” Earth Leyline (HODL)  and the Crystalline Grid. The Grid and  HODL  channels    Mahatma White Gold Fire Energy, Crystalline Dolphin Green and Violet Transmutation Flame   and Platinum Fire .  This leyline draws energy from South Texas, Mexico and Central American newly awakened Atlantean and Lemurian Temples  that once existed along the Gulf of Mexico Coastline.

The Water is programmed with information that relates specifically to a decree,  which are worked on within the Transmission Program. As there are eighteen  Transmissions, there are eighteen related Waters.

In most cases when you use the Water,   you take a 1/2 or 1 cup two of a water which corresponds to the Transmission you are working on, either prior to opening a Transmission or just after opening the Transmission


  Monthly Transmission Group

The Christ said in Palestine:
"Where two or three are gathered together in My name, there I am". 
That is literally true in the energetic sense.   Where two or three are gathered together to decree the Divine Spirit's power, than Christ Consciousness will transmit energy to the group... that energy will flow.  We use this synergy in our Group Transmissions to activate our Divine Energy with the Hebrew name of God written in Fire Letters and Creative Visualization

Power of the Group
There is a powerful energy force that can happen when you combine the power of individuals into a“Transmission Group”.   Individually you can manifest your wishes and desires, but the advantage of the group is that more energy can be funneled through a group than through separate individuals. The “Grid” is why working with Transmission Group energy is so effective.  The Grid receives thoughts of the group more readily than if a mere individual were to send out an intention.   The Grid amplifies this group energy, thereby giving the healing energy an extra boost. This makes the energy more effective.  Plus by doing Group Transmissions at our  Crystal Light Pyramid we amplify our thoughts and powers.

A synergistic group can raise a greater amount of energy and affect change on a larger geographic area … such as a city  … or on a serious health issue such as a  tumor. Dowsers and meditation groups often find that their influence is expanded by working together. Likewise, those who practice reiki or energy medicine may have greater results when working as a team or as part of a healing circle.

The Group Transmission Experience is a learning process which helps us understand new ways of perceiving reality. We are learning directly from the Divine Source. Transmissions work upon humans on many different levels. The Transmissions provide the keys and codes to allow you to fulfill your mission on Earth and opens portals of time/space. Your neural pathways are activated which allows you to experience psychic awareness and work with the forces of higher dimensional energy.  Activating these pathways can be compared to loading programs into a computer: it is a type of rapid learning.  It is also a de-programming process, a letting go of negative thought patterns and reclaiming  who and what you were before you incarnated in this lifetime. 

Increase Psychic Abilities
Most Energy Healing Sessions help with your psychic abilities but our Transmission Sessions works specially to increase and fine tune your ESP Abilities. The Transmission Session helps you to be aware of what is going on in your life on all levels: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The Session opens, clears and expands our natural psychic abilities.

These Session don't give you instant supper powers, but it does expand the natural abilities that everyone has laying dormant. For example, if you are clairvoyant, a person who can see or feel the future events, you will receive stronger, clearer messages after the Transmission Sessions. If you receive messages in dreams, after the Session you will experience more informative and clearer dreams. 

Open Higher Chakras

The Transmissions are a powerful tool that increase your abilities for several weeks after the session. Most of the time there is a gradual shift in your psychic abilities. On occasion a person will take a session once every three to four weeks to jump start their abilities. Transmissions focus on teaching you how to open and activate your Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra , Throat Chakra, Goddess Chakra (back of the Head) and Pineal Gland. This is the first step to working with personal, planetary, and universal energy to expand your consciousness and heal yourself and the World around you.

Each time you use these exercises, your energy changes and rearranges as a result of your experience. The more work you do, the more you upgrade your energy system. This upgraded energy systems results in: clear perception; aligning with our life missions; easier manifestation of physical needs; personal health; improved relationships based on attracting others with similar vibrations; adaptation to our changing external environment; and ability to experience the Fifth Dimension.

You will also be learning to send love and light energy towards your friends who need healing. This is a great option for those on a budget or for those desiring healing energy for good health. I suggest a private transmisson session for more intense removal of energy .

We are going to try to have regular weekly Transmissions. We would like to have at least Three to Seven people for a regular group.  I look forward to seeing you and email your intentions to me before this class at  eldersamano@gmail. com.

You are invited to a 2 hour (1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.) , the first and fourth Saturday and the second and third Sunday  of Every Month. Love Donation. Advanced registration is suggested as space is limited, call (956) 233-1629 or

  After the Transmission

It is advisable to drink several glasses of water over the next 24 hours to help rid the body of any toxins or waste products which tend to be released through the cleansing action of the CLP Session . Pay attention to your dreams over the next week they may have additional messages. When you go home take a hot bath. Hot water aids in cellular and emotional release, especially if you have  access to mineral water or use Epsom salt or bentonite clay in the bath. A hot shower is okay but it is not as effective. It also can be helpful to write down the experiences and guidance which can occur during the session, to help integrate and ground the experience into your life.

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