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  Transmission: Grounding And Centering

Grounding is an important practice to help you feel balanced, safe and connected. It is sometimes called Earthing, but means the same thing. If you are not grounded you may feel dizzy, a little 'spaced out', an 'unreal' feeling, off balance, or generally out of sorts. Grounding helps your body and root chakra connect with the energy of the Earth.

The vital energy known as “chi”  or "Fohat"  is increased using the following  exercises and also in exercises such as Tai Chi. This energy circulates through the acupuncture meridians of the body and can help with health, increasing your vitality and balancing emotions as well as opening you up more spiritually and creatively.

There are many situations in life that can throw you off-center and create imbalance. Some of these can include stress, alcohol, drugs (including medication), and if you are particularly sensitive, other people and large crowds.  One of the biggest ways to become ungrounded is to drink alcohol or use drugs regularly. Astral entitles can also attach themselves to you while under their influence, creating imbalance and emotional disturbances. Some crimes are committed this way, by an unbalanced individuals under the influence of dark astral entities, as a result of alcohol and drugs.

As we go through our individual and collective shift, and the light on the planet increases, it becomes more important for all of us to stay balanced and grounded.These Exercises use the power of the hebrew names of God and Enochain Angel names from the Watchtower of the Earth to ground and center your energy field.  By grounding yourself, you claim ownership of your energy. You feel balanced, centered and ready to accomplish any task.

Note: Hematite, Jet, Red Jasper, Apache tear, Blue Agate, Black Onyx, are good stones for grounding.

  Exercise 1: Qabalistic Cross

The Qabalistic Cross

The Qabalistic Cross is the most basic and fundamental practice in Qabalah. It is used to draw down the power of the spirit from above into the mind and body to centre, balance and to align ones Will with a higher purpose.  You should practice this exercise each day. 
The following Hebrew and Enochian words are part of the Lords Prayer and are recited to form the Qabalistic Cross.  They are part of the wisdom Jesus passed on to his followers.

ATEH ZAH = Thine is
VE-GEBURAH MIH= and the Power

VE-GEDULAH BUZD= and the Glory
= Forever

Vibrate the words slowly and strongly.


  • Stand facing East, with your feet together and your arms at your side. Take several deep breathes.
  • Visualize a glowing sphere of white fire, about ten inches in diameter, forming approximately 6 inches above the top of your head. Take time for this image to form clearly in your imagination.  This sphere symbolizes the Source of all Created Being.
  • With your thumb (Spirit), your Index finger( Fire) and the middle finger (Earth) together ... raise your hand, place the tips of your fingers into this sphere of light, pull the light downward and touch your forehead, and slowly intone the Hebrew and Enochian word 
    Ateh (ah-Toh) Zah  (Zod-ah) meaning "Thou art within us …" and acknowledges the Being of God. Give equal emphasis to each syllable and visualize the vibration going forth into the universe.
  • Drawing the hand with the joined thumb and fingers downward from your forehead, as if you are drawing down the light of God, draw down the light ... straight down through your body till it reaches the region of your feet. (Try to imagine that your body is semi-transparent and that you can see the line of light moving down through yourself.)
  • Visualize another sphere of radiant white light forming around your feet to the height of your ankles, 
  • Now touch your solar plexus  and vibrate the Hebrew and Enochian words
    Malkuth (Mahl-Kuth) Ondoh (oh-en-doh)  means "The Kingdom," and the sphere at your feet symbolizes you are the bridge between the Upper and Lower Worlds. Visualize the light extending downward to infinity
  • Place both hands at your sides while visualizing the vertical, upright line of the Cross. You have now created a beam of universal energy that extends through you in two directions to infinity. Above and Below
  • Bring your right hand with the thumb and fingers joined to the right shoulder and tone the Hebrew and Enochian words
    ve Geburah (Veh-Geh-Bur-Ah) MIH (mee-heh) "the Power." 
  • As you touch your shoulder see a crystalline ball of light form and send a ray of light into infinity at your right
  • Move the thumb and fingers from the right shoulder across the chest to see another crystalline ball of light form and send ray of light out to infinity on your left and intone the Hebrew and Enochian words
    ve Gedullah(Veh-Geh-Du-Lah) BUZD (booz-deh) "the Glory."
  • Visualize the horizontal line of light moving through your chest intersecting with the vertical line of the Cross right in the center of your chest.
  • At the point where the two lines intersect, visualize a glowing sphere of yellowish-golden light forming. This symbolizes Enlightened Consciousness, that perfectly balances influences from Above and Below, and from the left and right
  • This golden sphere is at the same level as your higher heart or Daath Energy Center on the Tree of Life. See this clearly and vividly in your imagination, and watch as its light radiates from within you to surround you and illumine the room in which you stand.
  • Focus on the golden Daath sphere at your higher heart and Envision and Chant the Name of the Christ within you, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey
  • At this point raise both arms to the side, palms upward. Bow the head and bring the hands to a folded position at the chest, fingers pointing upward and vibrate the Hebrew and Enochian words:
    la olam Amen (Leh-oh-Lahm) PAID (pah-ee-deh) Amen (Ah-men) which are variously translated as "unto all the ages" or "forever." 
  • At this point you should visualize yourself as radiating fire energy in the form of a cross that is running through you.
  Exercise 2: Middle Pillar

Middle Pillar

The Middle Pillar ritual is a very powerful and effective magical exercise/, which allows you to activate and ground the five psychic centers within the Middle Pillar of the body.  It employs the sound in the form of ancient Hebrew God names, visualization and breathing to fill the aura with balanced energy.

  •  Stabilizes and Cleansing
  •  Keeps you grounded
  • Facilitates vision of the Holy Spirit, God, Jesus and your Spiritual Guidance Team
  • Brings in Green Fire from the Holy Spirit


EHEIEH — I Am-Crown Chakra and Soul Star Chakra

DALETH AYIN TAV— God Consciousness : Daath, Throat Chakra

YOD HEY VAV HEY ELOAH VAV DAATH — The Lord God of Knowledge: Tiphareth, Heart Chakra

SHADDAI EL CHAI — Almighty Living God: Yesod, Sacred Chakra

ADONAI HA ARETZ — The Lord of Earth: Malkuth, Feet Chakra

Vibrate each name at least 4 times each.



By the Authority of Yod Hey Vau Hey, in the name of the Christ within me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey
I decree that the Middle Pillar of Green Fire extends from the heavens through me to the heart of the Earth.  My inner centers of the Tree of Life are activated with Green Fire that strengthens and protects me along with awakening my spiritual gifts. All my senses are open to messages from the Divine Spirit, Holy Spirit, and the Heavenly Host

I have perfect control over all my energies and I pledge them in service of bring in the new Earth energies. I am protected by a Green Fire Bubble of Light that allows nothing to knock me off balance.  I never give my power away to other people or to my negative subconscious driven by predators.  I am 100% invulnerable to other people’s negative energies and astral predators.


  1. Pick a time when you know that you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes and attempt to keep this time as regularly as possible, preferably first thing in the morning but evening is also good. Centre yourself by standing with your arms to your sides and your feet forward. If you are sitting then make sure that your legs are at a right-angle with your back straight, your chin tucked comfortably looking straight ahead, and your arms resting on your knees.
  2. Focus on your breathing, allow it to settle into a rhythmic pattern, then breathe in for 3, hold for 3, breathe out for 3, hold for 3, and so on for a couple of minutes.
  3. Visualize a crystalline ball of Green Fire descending from the heavens which comes to rest at the crown of your head. Softly syllable-by-syllable intone the God-name. Inhale God name Silently. Exhale God Name aloud.
    Eheieh Asher Eheieh (Eh-hay-Yah) meaning I Am that I AM
    Repeat five times.
  4. From this ball of Green Fire let a ray of Green Fire descends to form a second ball of crystalline Green Fire in the throat area. Vibrate the God-name.
     Daleth (Dal-led)  Ayin(I-N) Tav(Tuf)  meaning God Consciousness.
    See and feel this sphere of Green Fire come to life with Radiating energy. Repeat five times.
  5. From this ball the ray of Green Fire descends to the heart area to form a third ball of Green Fire . It comes alive with each intoning of the God name.
    Jehovah aloha va daath (Yah-Hoh-Vah-A-loh-a-Vuh-Dahth) meaning God made manifest in the sphere of the mind.

    Repeat God Name 5 times
  6. Pause and visualize the ray of Green Fire descending from the heart to a fourth sphere of Green Fire in the area of the groin. See it form with power and life with each intoning of the God name. 
    Shaddai El Chai (Shah-Dye-Ehl-Kye) meaning the Almighty Living God

    Repeat God Name 5 times
  7. Now pause and visualize the ray of green fire descending to form a fifth ball of Green Fire down at the feet. Let the Ray of Green Fire continue to move through the fifth ball into the heart of the Earth connecting you to the Crystalline Grid, grounding and balancing you. As you intone the God name
    Adonai Ha Aretz (Ah-Doh-Nye-Hah-Ah-retz)
    meaning Lord of Earth.

    Repeat God name 5 times


From the first ball of Green Fire at your Crown, using the cycles of rhythmic breathing, bring the Green Fire down one side of the body and up the other. Exhale and visualize the light descending the left side of the body. Inhale and imagine the light ascending the right side of the body. Inhale for a count of four and draw the Green Fire energy up the right side. Repeat four times. Think: Clear, clear, clear


Now the energy shifts. Imagine the ray of Green Fire descending from the top of your head, down the front of your body to your feet and rising up your back, returning again to the top of your head . As you exhale, see and feel the Green Fire energy stream down the front of the body for a count of four. As you inhale, allow it to rise up the back. Repeat four times. Think: Clear, clear, clear.


Still employing rhythmic breathing, visualize the sphere at your feet, then see the shaft of Green Fire rising up the Middle Pillar in the center of your body. When it reaches the top of your head, imagine a shower of Green Fire cascading down the outside of your body as it descends to your feet again. As you exhale the Green Fire energy is sprayed out the top of your head to fill your entire aura with strength and energy. Repeat this five times.

Recite the following Affirmations of Truth:

  1. The Green Fire flows within me and through me feeding my Light body with Love and Light 
  2. Green Fire touches my Crown. I unite with the Divine Wisdom of the Holy Spirit and the Ancient of Days .
  3. Green Fire flows into my forehead… My Mind is crystal clear with logic and reason that creates mind power
  4. Green Fire  flows within my throat …My Voice is true and magical and creates the power of the Word.
  5. Green Fire flows within my heart…My Heart has the power of the Love and Light of the Christ to re-create the Earth
  6. Green Fire flows within my stomach.....My Instincts are true and right and they manifest from my Higher Self
  7. Green Fire flows within my loins …My Desires are holy and are alined with the Divine Plan. 
  8. Green Fire flows within my legs ...My Travel is just and blessed and I follow the True Path of the Chosen Ones.
  9. Green Fire flows within my feet... My Footsteps are welcome in the Crystalline Cities of Light and I study at the Temples of the Ascended Masters.
  10. Green Fire flows within my hands ... My Work is a blessing to the Christ within me and the Divine Spirit.


  Flaming Sword or Lightening Flash and Serpent Path

Transmission of the Flaming Sword

The Transmission of “The Flashing Sword” is among one of the most common exercises known to Qabalists. It is commonly used for learning the basics of the Tree of Life and for releasing and grounding  the “Secret Fire” or Kundalini in each of us.

The Flashing Sword represents the descent of Divine energy during the act of creation. After this event  the energy begins to rise back again, to the Divine and is called “The Rising Serpent”. These two exercises are a symbolic glyph of the entire creative process and are well known to hermetic students.

When we visualize this process of creation, we become the creator and created. The Lightning Flash of creation runs through us and transmutes our energy field. When this energy returns to the Divine, are vibrational seed pattern is  lifted ever so slightly higher on the Path of Return. During this process our psychic centers, related to the spheres on the Tree, are awakened and brought into harmony with each other, and we become the Adam Kadmon, or Original Human, before the so-called “Fall”.


  • Visualize a Fiery Tranigle pointing upward above your head. See it radiating and growing brighter, hotter, and more intense with each breath.
  • Imagine a ray of fire like a lightening flash ; coming down from it piercing the top of your head, or crown area. Kether Feel the ray enter into the center of your head filling it with brilliant, intense fire. Intone the name of God:
    Eheieh (A-huh-yah)
  • Move the ray of fire over to the right temple, filling the entire right  side of your skull, brain, and face with holy fire. This is Chokmah . Intone the name of God:
    Jah (yah)
  • After a minute, see the ray of fire moving over to the left temple, filling it with fire. Meditate on this for a minute or two. This is  Binah . Intone the name of God:
    Jehovah Elohim (yah-ho-vah-a-lo-hem)
  • Now visualize these three brilliant spheres of light, the crown, left temple, and right temple, connected by three rays of fire from their center points, forming a triangle, with a brilliant point of light in their center. Let grow and fuse into a single sphere of brilliant light.
  • let this energy move into your throat. This is Daath.
    Yod Hey Vau Hey Elohim (El-oh-heem)
  • Let this ray of fire move now pass down to your right  shoulder. This is Chesed  Intone the name of God:
    El (ehl)
  • After a minute or so, let the ray of fire move over to your left  shoulder. This is Geburah. Intone the name of God:
    Elohim Gibor(A-lo-hem-gih-bor)
  • Then, to your heart area. This is Tiphareth. Intone the name of God:
    Jehavah Aloah va Daath (yah-ho-vah-a-lo-ah-vuh-dahth)
  • After a minute or so, to your right hip.This is Netzach.  Intone the name of God:
    Jehovah Tzabaoth (yah-ho-vah-tzah-bah-Oth)
  • The ray of fire continues move across to your left hip. This is Hod. Intone the name of God:
    Elohim Tzabaoth (eh-lo-hem-tzah-bah-oth)
  •  Then move the ray of fire to your pubic bone. This is Yesod. Intone the name of God:
    Shaddai El Chai (shah-di-ehl-ki)
  • Then down into your feet. This is Malkuth. Intone the name of God.
    Adonai ha Aretz (ah-do-ni-hah-ah-rehtz)
  • Imagine the energy continuing into the ground . And below your feet is  a downward pointing triangle.
  • Let the energy descend into this downward pointing triangle.
  • Hold it in the triangle for a moment  and feel this energy from above connected to the earth.

Each sphere should be brilliant, bright, warm, and vibrant. The lines connecting them should be a brilliant bluish-white color, with sharp, clear edges.


  • Feel the energy wanting to rise  from the downward pointing triangle.  Like a giant snake it slowly rises up from the inverted triangle moving into the bottom of your feet. Malkuth. It circles the soles of your feet, than rises up to your groin area, Yesod. Let the energy circle around your groin, moving slowly to the left hip-Hod. It circles the left hip and moves across the body to the right hip- Netzach.
  • Then it  moves upward to the center of the chest and circles around Tiphareth covering the  \solar plexus and the heart. 
  • Then moves upward circling the left shoulder- Geburah
  • It moves across the body and circles the right shoulder- Chesed
  • It moves upward to the throat- circling Daath
  • Now let the energy  move up to the left  side of the head-Binah -circles the left side of your brain and moves to the right side of your brain -circling Chokmah
  • It moves upward circling around your crown chakra- Kether.
  • Then it continues up to the upward pointing triangle above your head
  • Feel the intense heat, as you bring the serpent up through each sphere.  The serpent is bring in Mother Earth energy of power, protection, and wisdom.
  • You have now done the Lightening Flash and the Serpent's path.
  • Now picture that upward pointing  triangle floating above your head-this is the energy of heaven
  • Now picture the downward pointing triangle this is the energy of the earth.
  • Now, from above, pull the upward pointing triangle down into the top of your head...through your head, throat and into the center of your chest.
  • So now in the center of your chest you are visualizing an upward pointing triangle.
  • Now focus on the  downward pointed tringle below your feet and pull it up through your feet, legs, groin, abdomen and up into the center of the chest, Tiphareth.
  • The two triangles interlock and join. You now have the downward pointed triangle of the Earth, joining with the upward pointing  triangle of the heavens. It is inside your chest and forms a six pointed star uniting Earth and Heaven.
  • Feel the energy of heaven and earth combined in your heart chakra and let it radiant out into the world.
  • Try to keep this image as you go on with your day.
  Alignment with Earth Chakras

picture is from Robert Coon

Linking with Earth's Thirteen Chakras

During this transmissiom you will reground your Crystalline Body Matrix to Mother Earth's Chakras and send protective energy to her. Each of us have an energy connection to the Earth’s Chakra system. As we raise our consciousness and our vibration, we help the planet to download and hold more energy and information. This allows Mother Earth hold more energy and purify her planetary energy fields.


"By the Authority of In Eheieh Asher Eheieh( I AM that I AM)  and in the name of the Christ within me, Yod-Hey-Shin-Vau-Hey  I call upon the Guardians of the thirteen Chakras of Earth including the Elohims, Angels, Cosmic Beings, Metatron, Melchizdeck  and Mahatma . I call upon the Guardians of the Crystalline Cities of Light located at Earth's thirteen chakra sites, including the Sirian Archangelic League of Light to help me in aligning with the Earth's polarity, orbits, and electromagnetic field. 

  • Take a few seconds to breathe deeply as this alignment is being made
  • Now bring your focus to the chakra at the bottommost point of your aura, your Earth Portal Chakra. From that chakra send a golden infinity symbol of light to the center of the vortex of Lake and Mountain Batur in Bali, Indonesia.

I decree that I am connected and aligned with this earth chakra. Eheieh Asher Eheieh Aum
I decree that this Earth Chakra be place in a protective blue flame of Archangel Michael and the Pillar of Light shield from Jesus Christ from this point forth.
I decree that all black magic and negative control energies be permanently removed from this sacred site.

  • Continue sending golden infinity symbols to each of the Earth chakras from your chakras in the following order. Repeat the decree at each Earth Chakra once the infinity symbol link has been made. Link to:

a. Table Mountain, South Africa from the Earth Star chakra beneath your feet.
b. Uluru, formerly Ayer's Rock, Australia from your root chakra at the base of your spine.
c. Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii from your sacral chakra.
d. Delphi, Greece from your navel chakra.
e. Mt. Fuji, Japan from your solar plexus.
f. The Tor in Glastonbury, England from your heart chakra.
g. Palenque, Mexico from your throat chakra.
h. The Great Pyramid of Giza from your third eye.
i. Mt. Denali, formerly Mt. McKinley, Alaska from your crown chakra.
j. Mt. Shasta, California from your  Soul Star Chakra 6 inches above your head
k. Machu Picchu, Peru, South America from your Stellar Gateway at the topmost part of your aura.
l. Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia, South America from just above your aura.

  Grounding Cords

Grounding cords are energetic tubes of energy that connect us to the center of the Earth. These are our energetic feed tubes to Mother Earth's energy of love and light . We have grounding cords that extend from our first chakra at the base of the spine and falls like a plum line down to the center of the planet. You can imagine it as an extended tail. At the arch of each foot where our main feet chakras are located we also cord to the center of the planet. These grounding cords run straight down and fall with gravity from the center of our feet. Grounding cords on our feet give us stability and permission to walk our path and know our truths in the world.

Your grounding cords tap into  Mother Earth's own chakra system just as we do. These are the meridians, or the lines known across the planet as axiational lines, or Earth’s lei lines. Wherever the lines intersect is called a “tsu-bo” which is a pressure point. At these powerful energy points, there are intense electromagnetic fields you can tap into with your grounding cords.

By the Authority of Hey Resh Cheth,  in the name of  the Christ within me,Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey, I decree that my crystalline body matrix is connected to Mother Earth's Crystalline Grid and chakra sysstem by energertic grounding cords that act as an umbilical cord bring me love and light .


Divine umbilical cord to remove spiritual darkness

← Cheth Resh Hey ←

Tarot Keys for Meditation:
Tarot Key: Star Card  (Hey) Violet

Link :

Tarot Key: Sun (Resh) Red


Tarot Key Chariot (Cheth) Amber


  • Sit with your back straight and feet flat on ground. Then focus on your breathing and start to breathe in and out, in a steady rhythm. It doesn't matter whether you breathe in for a count of three and out for a count of three or in for a count of seven and out for a count of seven. That depends on your own lung capacity and what feels conformable for you. What is important is that you find your own natural steady rhythm and breathe consciously with a steady breath cycle.
  • During this Transmission think about the Tarot Key of each letter. Envision each letter in it's Fire Color and Chant: 
    Breathe in and chant silently
    Hey Resh Cheth

    Exhale and Chant aloud

    Hey Resh Cheth


  • Now let your attention shift to a place on Earth that you feel is the most beautiful place in the world. It could be anywhere- a mountain scene with trees, lakes, rivers or an arid desert with almost no life. See all the animals-deer, elk, little rabbits and squirrels. Feel the love you have for this place and for all of nature. Let this love grow in your heart until you feel it in your whole body.
  • Say” hello” to Gaia,  Mother Earth. Let the Divine Mother, the elementals, devas, nature spirits, know how much you love them for creating the crystals, minerals, flowers, trees, and all the plants that give us nourishment.
  • Thank her for all she gives to sustain your life: food, shelter, clothing, car, warmth from fuel, sources in the winter, water to drink, and bath in, flowers and trees for beauty and the creation of the air we breathe and anything else that sustains us and enhances your physical life and nurtures your spirit. 
  • Let your Divine Mother know how much you love her. Let her feel your love. Then tell Mother Earth that you promise to always take care of her and respect her in every way you can. Tell her that you will only take what you need from her and give her gratitude and love in return.  Find your own sincere way of expressing these things.
  • When the time is right, take your love and put it into a small round sphere and with your intention send it down deep into the Earth, to the very center of the Earth into the Crystalline Grid.  Send your energy by thinking of the rooting system of a Tree.
  • Now use your visualization to imagine roots coming out from your feet, going down into the planet and spreading out. Just like the roots of a Tree.
  • As this happens imagine your main taproot as something to a tail coming out of the base of your spine. Your roots are now the drawing and sending mechanism that will allow you to send and receive positive vibrations or frequencies from the Crystalline Grid .
  • Let both your tap root and side feet roots go down, down, down, down through the Earth crust to the very core of the Planet.
  • Now focus your attention on the Crystalline Grid at the center of the planet. …running for miles and miles covering the heart of Mother Earth …feel the energy of 1000's of sparkling radiating diamond like crystals. Feel how each crystal connected to other crystals through this beautiful crystal grid. These are Master Crystals containing Sacred Fire . They act as our teachers... transmitting crystalline energy frequencies…linking all dimensions...worlds within worlds. They are in perfect alignment to our Crystalline Body Matrix and will open doorways to the higher dimensions.
  • Now center your attention on the one Emerald Green  Master Crystal . This crystral is 12 feet tall and inside this Crystal are thousands of Flames of  Sacred Green Fire sparkling, radiating and sending out streams of love and light. This sacred fire represent love, healing and the subtle Earth Energy & Power.
  • Ask your Mother to fill you with her loving and nurturing green fire light. Open your foot chakra and base chakra by inhaling through them and using your clear intent to receive what she gives you. Request that the Green Fire be brought in through your main tap root and your side roots at the soles of your feet. 
  • Breathe in deeply and suck in the Green Fire from the Crystalline Grid up your main tap root and the side roots from the soles of your feet. Feel it, Sense it, and Taste it .
    Envision and Chant:  Hey Resh Cheth Nanta (nah-en-tah)
  • As you start to draw the Sacred Green Fire up into your roots, visualize tiny green flames spirling in a counterclockwise direction flowing freely up into your roots. You can use your breath to draw the Green Fire up from the Crystalline Grid.
  • Bring the healing Green Fire energy up through your roots, into your toes and feet; feel the sense of harmony and health as the Green Fire energy flows into your feet.
  • Allow the Green Fire to flow up your legs and visualize it filling the lower part of your body.
  • Now feel this crystalline green fire energy rising….Like sap rising through a tree trunk…up through your roots into the base of the spine ... and feel the power rise up your spine… feel yourself becoming more and more alive…with each breath…
  • Visualize the Green Fire flowing into all the major organs of your lower body: sexual organs, intestines, kidneys.
  • As the Green Fire flows up your body- visualize any aches, pains, any problems of a physical or emotional nature –as ice cubes.  If you have implants picture them as a computer board with 6 red "on and off" switches.  Visualize all the switches set in the "on" position. Turn all 6 switches to the off position. Encase the entire computer board in the ice cube ...
    Envision and Chant: Hey Resh Cheth Nanta
  • Each time the Green Fire energy comes to an ice cube, focus on the cube, allowing the warm Green Fire energy to wash over it, wave after wave and see the melted ice and the negative energy inside the ice being absorbed into the Green flames.
  • Then continue to draw the Green Fire energy higher up your body with your in-breaths.  Dissolving all your ice cubes as you go.
  • Let the Green Fire flow up through your upper body, into your spleen, liver, lungs and heart.
  • See the Green Fire flowing up into your shoulders, and then down your arms and fingers, let it flow up into your head.
  • Let it fill your entire being every hair on your head and even your finger nails . You are glowing with Green Fire energy. It is moving through you like a healing river of fire. 
  • Let this energy fill your heart and form a glowing green fire four sided pyramid outlined in violet fire
  • See this Green Fire Pyramid spinning in a counter clockwise direction spinning out all negative energy
  • Now visualize Green Fire flowing out of the pores of your skin, into your aura that surrounds your body

You should do this on a regular basis, and the last thing at night with practice this should take 20 seconds. Do it throughout the day. Even when your checking out at the supermarket.


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