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In this Transmission we will be working with the Sirius Stargate that recently opened and was activated in 2015. During the Final Blood Moon on September 27, 2015 all the South Texas, Mexico and Central American newly awakened Atlantean and Lemurian Temple sites that were located on the Feathered Serpent Leyline were connected vertically and horizontally. This event formed one South Texas-Mexico-Central America energetic current of Mahatma White Gold Fohat Fire Energy . This is called the "Head of the Dove Power Shift". A new energetic current was formed by this power shift called the Head of the Dove Leyline. This leyline runs from Lake Titicaca, Peru  to Tikal  Ruins, Guatemala  to Palenque,  Mexico to the East Cameron County in Rio Grande Valley,Texas  and ends at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas. Fohat energy running through the leyline has opened Stargates along its path from South Texas to Central America.

The Stargates in East Cameron County, Texas  allow you to quickly draw in Multi-Dimensional energies from other dimensions, other universes or/and the cosmic fire that flows around and through the Ancient Atlantean and Lemurian Temples that were once located here.   This Stargate opens a clear channel for the Spiritual Hierarchy, Christ Centered ET's, Archangels and Ascended Masters to communicate directly with you, take you through activations, give you healings and meditations to do, or just send you love. This close contact is possible because the Stargate is pulling massive power from the Mexico-South American Temple Complexes once located on the "Head of the Dove Leyline" that feeds the Stargate.  This energy generates a higher frequency that allows a direct physical communication channel. In the past individuals would have to spend long hours learning how to open up higher chakras and projecting their energy bodies into an etheric Ascension Seat. Ascended Masters had only limited abilities to manifest directly on to the 3rd dimensional Plane.  This Stargate allow your spiritual guides to focus light and higher energies directly into your everyday consciousness called "Over Shadowing"  to help you awaken and to make the transition into a new earth cycle smother and easier. Higher dimensions are now merging into 3rd dimensional reality in a blink of the eye.

Each time you do a Transmission within this Stargate Energy Field your energy frequency changes and rearranges as a result of your experience. The more work you do, the more you upgrade your energy system. This upgraded energy systems results in: clear perception; aligning with our life missions; easier manifestation of physical needs; personal health; improved relationships based on attracting others with similar vibrations; adaptation to our changing external environment; and ability to experience the Fifth Dimension. After you open and activate the Stargate you can do several alignments with Stars Systems that are hard wired into the Stargate. This means you do not have to create your Communication Command Center to receive energy from them. Below are links to these systems:
Align with the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades
Align with Planetary Souls

Align with 5th Dimensional Chakra Template

Step 1: Building the Antakarana

The first step in opening the Stargate is to create a stream of consciousness referred to as the Antakarana.This  bridges your personal energy with the Divine energy and merges them into one. The building of the Antakarana is a process of consciousness fusion. When this bridge is fully activated, you experience an unimpeded flow of consciousness to and from other dimensions and your Spiritual Source.

You create the Antakarana by visualizing a Tube of Light that connects you to the Unity Grid, Dimensional Portals and the Crystalline Grid. This Tube of Light creates a two-way communication line between you and the Earth's Grid System . Along this two-way communication line are Portals or Doorways that open into different dimensions that are the home to various spiritual guides and star beings. These Dimensional Portals allow you to receive messages and healing from your Spiritual Guidance Team  that exists in other dimensions. To begin the creation of your Antakarana recite the following decree and intone and visualize the Fire Letter Mantra below:
27Fire Letter Mantra: Tav(Indigo) Resh(Red)  Yod(Lime Green)

Meaning: I am a Partner with Light to create abundance

By the Power and Authority Yod Resh Tav
in the name  of Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey , the Christ within me
I decree that I am connected to the Earth's Grid System by my Tube of Light. This Tube of Light allows me to now merge my Light Force with the Divine Spirit and Mother Earth's Light Force. I am now a partner with the Light  to create abundance. 

Visualization and Energy Pattern:

  • Sit or stand. Take a few deep breaths, and calm your mind and body.  Bring your awareness to your Crown Chakra at the top of your head.
  • Visualize a small tube of light the circumference of your head connected to the Crown Chakra.    See this Tube extending upward connecting you to other dimensional portals above you, and connecting to the Unity Grid running all the way up to the Divine Spirit.  
  • Now visualize this same Tube of Light that connects to your Crown Chakra running downward through the center of your body,  through your 7 chakras and out your perineum. See the Tube of Light running between your legs downward, into the Earth  into the Crystalline Grid and the core of Mother Earth.
  • Bring this energy back up your Tube of Light. Visualize the energy flowing  through the Tube of Light, see the energy flowing up from the core of Mother Earth, through the Crystalline Grid,  through the layers of the Earth into your perineum center, up the front of your body, out your Crown Chakra, up through the Dimensional Portals, connecting to the Unity Grid and extending up to the Divine Spirit.
  • Repeat this cycle two or three times. When you feel the energy is flowing smoothly in and out your Crown Chakra imagine a Gauge that says "Low Flow" and  "High Flow'.  Turn the Gauge to "High Flow". The Low Flow is for normal daily activity. When you turn the Gauge to "High Flow"  you have the power to manifest.

Step 2: Create Pyramid of Light to Open Stargate

After you have created a two way energy flow beween your Spiriual Source and Mother Earth, you need to raise your frequency to match the Stargates. The Pyramid of Light is a unique energy amplifier and master alignment tool.  As higher frequencies are drawn up from the base or down from the Apex of the Pyramid the Aura begins to vibrate.  Thought forms, limiting beliefs and old emotional patterns cannot maintain their structure. Negative low frequency energy is dispersed, allowing higher frequency energy to come in. Higher frequencies are drawn in from the "Head of the Dove Leyline" enhancing and strengthens the Stargate vibrational seed pattern, promoting faster opening of the Stargate. While in the Pyramid your body is constantly pulling in energy from this leyline to align you with the Stargate Vibrational Seed Pattern. To completely merge with the Stargate frequency you will be intoning and envisioning the Fire Letter Mantra:

Fire Letter Mantra: Vav Hey Vav
Meaning:  Open Stargate- Return to Creation - Time Travel

In this Transmission you will also be working with two higher energy chakra centers in your Aura: The Soul Star Chakra and the Stellar Chakra. These two chakras link you with your higher dimensional self and their function is to tune you into Multi-Dimensional reality.

The Soul Star Chakra
The Soul Star is located 6-8 inches above the head. This is where your soul energy is stored, including your ancestral and family karma. The Soul Star chakra center is the gateway to your Self as it expands past the planet. Because of this, this chakra is the last energy center that holds anything human within it. It becomes the temple of human cleansing and the releasing of patterns that are lifetimes old and outdated. These patterns are the last of what holds you to the reincarnation system and your humanness that keep you from uniting with higher powers, beings, and ideas.  The 8th chakra is an energy transference chakra. It is the chakra that is the interface for our relationship with the Universe. It captures and filters Cosmic energy received from the Stellar Gateway.

The Stellar Gateway
The Stellar Gateway is situated approximately 12 inches above the head.  The Stellar Gateway’s function is to receive, filter and harmonize you with the energy from the stars, planets, universes or other dimensions. It holds your monadic energy and contains the sum total of all your experiences. Your monad is your original divine spark and is  the true essence of who you are. Two Archangels oversee this chakra – Archangel Metatron who is helping humanity to rise in frequency and Seraphina, a Seraphim, who is forming the link with your monad and Divine Spirit.  This point is intimately connected with our Body of Light and with the Divine I AM Presence.

Energy Flow Pattern:

  • Sit or stand with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Feel the weight of your feet on the floor and relax your body. Activate Spiral Pillar of Light to establish sacred ground.
  • Imagine yourself standing inside a body size four sided 3D Pyramid. The top of the Pyramid is at the level of the Stellar Gateway (12" above your head). The floor to which you have your feet grounded now becomes the square which is the Base of the Pyramid connecting to four adjacent triangular walls.
  • The base of the Pyramid sits on the Earth and the Pyramid may be one color or multi-colored. What color is it for you?

  • The Base of the Pyramid is energetically connected to the "Head of Dove Leyline" that runs under the surface of the Earth.   Imagine the Leyline flowing from Lake Titicaca, Peru to the Tikal Ruins, Guatemala  to Palenque Mexico to East Cameron County in Rio Grande Valley, Texas and ends at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas.
  • See sparkling White Gold Liquid Fire flowing in a stream through the Leyline.  Imagine this Leyline as a pathway of crystalline White Gold Fire traveling underneath the surface of the Earth.
  • Focus on the Base of the Pyramid. Imagine Rays of light generating from the Base of the Pyramid.  See these Rays like the Roots of a Tree ...pushing through the ground to meet the "Head of the Dove Leyline"  underground.
  •  See the Roots sifting through the soil, creating a pathway to the Base of the Pyramid. You might see the Roots go straight down or you might want to turn them to the right or to the left to find the Leyline. 
  • Once the Roots have found the Leyline, send the Roots into the Leyline.  You will know that the Roots have connected to the Leyline when you suddenly feel "Plugged In" or intuitively know they are rooted in.  You may feel a surge of energy, some heat, tingling or pulsating in your body.
  • Send Love and Light into the Leyline and ask the Deva of the Leyline for help in bring up the White Gold Fire of the Sirius Stargate.
  • With your breath, pull the White Gold Fire up into the Roots. In your mind's eye see the Fire flowing up through the layers of the Earth.
  • Imagine the White Gold Fire of Unconditional Love flowing up into the Base of the Pyramid.  As the Fire hits the Base see it lighting it up with White Gold Fire
  • Let the White Gold Fire flow up the four sides to the top of the Pyramid.  Each of the walls of your Pyramid is radiating with divine power, charging up your Pyramid in a force field of ancient power and protection . In your mind's eye see the entire Pyramid lighting up with White Gold Fire.
  • Imagine the Pyramid you are standing in starts to beam out rays of White Gold Liquid Fire towards your body.

  • Using your breath, intention and imagination draw the fire energy out from the top, sides and base of the Pyramid towards your body.
  • See the White Gold Fire forming  a Cocoon over the top of your head, under the bottom of your feet...spreading out 12 body lengths to completely enfold your aura in an energy Cocoon of swirling White Gold sparkling energy . Let the Cocoon spin around your body for 30 sec.
  •  To see if your Cocoon is working think:
    Cocoon Lights on…
    Cocoon 10% Light Boost please (Cocoon grows Brighter)
    Cocoon Lights off (Cocoon Lights Dim)
  • If your Cocoon isn't working, let it spin longer and faster
  • With your breathe, intention and imagination inhale and bring in part of the Cocoon's fire into your physical body, then your etheric body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body.
  • The Cocoon's Fire is forming a Vortex within you.  See a Vortex of white gold fire forming along your Hara line. The Hara line is a golden tube extending downward from the Soul Star above the head, through the Higher Heart in the upper chest, through the Sacred Chakra  in the lower abdomen, and into the core of the earth.
  • This Vortex is drawing the White Gold Fire energy up through your chakras
  • Inhale and draw the White Gold Fire from the Vortex into your the Soul Star located 6-8 inches above the head. See your Soul Star Chakra light up with  Multi-Dimensional White Gold Fire energy.
  • Focus on your Stellar Gateway Chakra(12 ' above your head). Inhale and see this White Gold energy filling this chakra. This chakra is now sending this energy up into your higher dimensional chakras.
  • Visualize each of your 7 chakras as being empty, then each one filling up with the healing, loving White Gold Energy. Feel your body getting lighter and lighter as the White Gold frequency fills your Body.
  • Now see the White Gold fire start to spin in a counter clockwise direction inside and around your body.
  • Start to intone the Fire Letter Mantra  Vau Hey Vau, as the Cocoon spins faster and faster.
  •  Feel this Vortex spinning around you and through you. This spinning tornado is clearing all the physical, mental and emotional negative states of mind and troubling emotions that are not intune with the Stargate vibrational seed pattern.
  • See this whirlwind throwing out all the negative energy from your 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical). Visualize this negative energy as black smoke being lifted out of your body and aura. The negative energy is going up out of the top of the Pyramid into the Sky and up into the Unity Grid surrounding the Earth where it is transmuted back into positive energy.
  • Now let the White Gold Vortex change directions to spin in a clockwise direction around and through your body.
  • While continuously intoning  Vau Hey Vau bring in the White Gold Fire into your 4 body system. See and feel your body filling up with a higher frequency of White Gold Fire energy . 
  • Focus on your Crown Chakra, inhale and draw in the White Gold Fire into the top of your head and let it fill your Pineal Gland attuning it to the frequency of the Stargate . 
  • See your Pineal Gland light up with Multi-Dimensional White Gold Fire Energy
  • Intone Vau Hey Vau and envision the Three Fire Letters written over the top of your Pineal Gland
  • Now let the White Gold Fire spread to the rest of your brain. Focus on your Brain and see your Brain lighting  up with  Multi-Dimensional White Gold Fire energy.
  • Inhale and draw the White Gold Fire down from your Brain into the top of your Spine. Let the White Gold Fire flow down your spine stopping at the bottom three vertebrae.
  • Imagine the White Gold Fire flowing through and around the bottom three vertebra, opening your Spinal Pathway to the frequency of the Stargate.  See the three vertebra lightening up with Multi-Dimensional White Gold Fire
  • Intone Vau Hey Vau and envision the Three Fire Letters written over the top of the three vertebra at the bottom of your spine.

  • Next see White Gold Fire entering your heart, open your heart to the frequency of the Stargate
  • Focus on your Heart and see your Heart lighting up with Multi-Dimensional White Gold Fire energy.
  • Intone Vau Hey Vau and envision the Three Fire Letters written over the top of your Heart
  •  Now let the Vortex  absorb and disappear into your physical body.
  • Imagine the White Gold Fire from the Cocoon surrounding the outside of your body is being absorbed into all your chakras and aura and disappearing .
  • Take a few moments to feel the energy within you.
  •  Now inside your glowing white gold Pyramid imagine your Higher Self in a radiant shining light body.
  • Ask your Higher Self to come and stand in front of you.
  • When your Higher Self is standing in front of you, extend your hands with you’re palms facing away from your body and invite your higher self to connect with you palm to palm.
  • Allow energy from your Higher Self  to enter your body through the palms of your hands and arms. Give this energy a color. Just choose a color that feels right at this time .  Let the colored energy flow into your heart and fill up your 4 body system. Emotional, mental, physical, spiritual.
  • Now visualize the energy of Higher Self flowing up into your Third Eye Chakra and forming Triangle inside of it.
  • Imagine this Triangle as the same color as your Higher Self energy that is now running through your body. However the energy of the Triangle is intensified and electrified .  See this electric energy pulsing along the edges of the Triangle.  

  • The Third Eye Triangle is now fully activated and charged with Higher Self Energy. The Electrified Third Eye Triangle allows you to be open to Higher Self inspiration, communication, and heightened perception and so on. 

  • Drop the hand connection with your Higher Self .  And ask it to merge with you.  At this point you should feel a wave or surge of energy move from in front of you through your body to your back. You may feel more expansive, light, peaceful, joyful, filled with love, or just a general sense of wellbeing. 
  • If there is any part of your body in which the blending seems not to be occurring. Breathe into the area and relax it until you feel an energy shift as your Higher Self is able to blend with you there.
  Step 3: Opening Stagate

To open the Stargate you will recite the Decree,  intone and visualize the three Fire Letters in your Body.

Fire Letter Mantra: Vav Hey Vav
Meaning:  Open Stargate- Return to Creation - Time Travel

See the Fire Letter Vau(Red) written over your Third Eye
See the Fire Letter Hey(Violet) written over your Heart
See the Letter Vau (Red) witten over your Sacred Chakra

See the Letter Vau (Red) in Left Hand Palm
See the Fire Letter Hey(Violet) written over your Heart
See the Letter Vau (Red) in Right Hand Palm
This forms a Cross with "Hey(Violet)" as the center point.
Fold both hands over Heart.

Give Decree:
By the Authority of Vau Hey Vau,

in the name of the Christ within me, Yod Hey Shin Vau Hey,

I decree that the Sirius Stargate is open and activated through which all my higher self energy enters and leaves my Universe.   The Christ, Archangel Michael, the Sirian Council of Light and the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light including the Golden and Crystalline Dolphins are my guardians and the protectors into this Multi-Dimensional realm.  I feel their energy flowing around me and through me.


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