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  Upgrade: Cocoon Colors for Health

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After the Transmission continue to use the color to help influence our mental wellbeing, by:

  • Wearing colour
  • Drinking or eating colour
  • Visualising or meditating with colour
  • Surrounding ourselves with colour (green garden, blue sky etc)

Colour Wheel


Promotes:   Energy, strength, motivation, confidence, will-power, courage, initiative, focussing on attention to detail

Good for:   Depression, negativity, shyness (avoid in anger, irritability)


Promotes:   Stimulates body and mind, self-esteem, optimism, inner strength, creativity, self-expression, happiness, opens mind to new ideas and perspectives, revitalising

Good for:    Depression, negativity, trauma, stress, bereavement and loss


Promotes:   Enthusiasm, balancing thoughts and feelings, wisdom

Good for:   Depression (especially during menopause), stress, anxiety


Promotes:  Uplifting, cleansing, self-respect, self-confidence, self-control, ability to rationalise and reason, contentment, mentally stimulating

Good for:   Depression, despair, fatigue, negativity, sensitivity to criticism, lack of confidence (avoid in insomnia, hyperactivity)


Promotes:   Balance, harmony, personal development, self-acceptance, compassion for self and others, renewal

Good for:   Stress, anxiety, self-pity, confusion


Promotes:  Calm, cleansing, healing, personal relationships, sharing, friendship, resilience

Good for:   Stress, anxiety, anger


Promotes:   Calm, peace, relaxation, slowing down, steadying, self-expression, intuition, honesty, truth, creativity

Good for:   Insomnia, stress, anxiety, over-excitement, anger


Promotes:   Wisdom, intuition, understanding, spirituality, peace, calm, inspiration

Good for:   Anger, obsessions, psychoses, insomnia, anxiety (avoid in depression, loneliness)


Promotes:   Inspiration, imagination, empathy, sense of belonging, helping others, self-respect, dignity

Good for:   Stress, anxiety, obsessions, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, severe depression


Promotes:   Letting go of the past or anxiety-provoking thoughts, moving on, spirtual understanding

Good for:   Reduces aggression


Promotes:   Calm, clarity of thought, affection, compassion, nurturing, kindness, resolving

Good for:   Difficult relationships, insomnia, anger, aggression, over-sensitivity

Black contains no colour

white contains all colours

Brown contains red, blue and yellow


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