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  Golden Bubble of Light for Protection

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The Inner Bubble

Developing Personal Power and
the functioning of the conscious and subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is the reasoning mind the key board.

The subconscious mind is the no reasoning mind... the habit mind it stores information takes 21 days to establish a habit in the subconscious mind.  This is where the law of attraction operates. Attracting things and repelling things from you according to what has been programmed into it.

Carl Jung talked about the collective unconsciousness. The subconscious mind is interconnected with all the other subconscious minds. You might say that all the sons and daughters of god are connected to one great subconscious mind.

The subconscious has ability to sense energy… is the seat of your physic abilities

The super conscious is the all-knowing mind

The subconscious is the soil and the conscious mind is the gardener, our thoughts are the seeds.  The soil grows whatever is planted

Working together:

The subconscious is meant to a servant to the consciousness when a thought, feeling or impulse arises in the subconscious mind it is the job of the conscious mind to check that thought at the gate. If the thought or impulse is positive and spiritual, you let it in your mind. If it is negative you push it out by pushing negative thoughts out you are refusing them energy. This is much like a plant that is not being watered it dies.

The second step is to affirm a positive thought.  This is called positive thinking and the use of affirmations.  By continually disregarding negative thoughts and affirming positive thoughts, a new habit is formed in the subconsciousness mind. The subconscious is filled with many old programs that you accepted when you were young , if the conscious mind isn’t making choices, and then all this old programming from early childhood is affecting your present life.

The Development of Personal Power

Personal power is an attitude. You can choose to hold an attitude of weakness or strength. Your power gives you the focus and energy to carry out your decisions. Your power programs your subconsciousness mind...

You know that Divine Spirt has power and the Divine Spirit is within you as the individualized I Am Presence... so you have power to. If you don’t own your power you are not going to be able to maintaining your bubble of protection. When you are attacked you need to realize that you have your power and the Divine Spirit's power can be tapped into. Your power allows you to have self-discipline.  Owning your power is what lets the conscious mind program you stay  subconsciousness.   When you don’t own your power you become depressed. Edgar Cayce said” There is no force in the universe more powerful than your will or power.

How to claim your power

You claim your power by choosing every morning to affirm that you have it. Edgar Cayce says it is important to develop positive anger that is not directed at other people or yourself but at the dark force that is trying to push you down. The idea is to channel this power constructively. As Jesus said “Satan get behind me". You need to have real emotion behind power.

When you say affirmations you must have real emotions behind them or they won’t work. As soon as you mean business the subconscious will become your servant. You have to make it serve you, not ask it to serve you. God is not going to control your subconscious totally. We will get help from the Ascended masters and the violet flames every morning get up and claim your power and commit yourself to become the master of your life. You must realize the power that is available to you.


I am 100% invulnerable to other people’s negative energy. Other people’s negative energy slides off of me like water off a ducks back.

Express Thankfulness I am thankful for all that is
The vibration of gratitude raises our vibration and increases our capacity to receive. When we envision a greater personal reality... we plug our visions into the universal field of unconditional love by declaring what we want to experience in our lives as though it is already in existence. We see it with our mind’s eye or declare it with words .Vision statements are about self in present tense. stated in a positive way.

Envision our personal healing expanding to others

See your personal healing contributing to a World of unconditional Love, harmony, wholeness Abundance and joy

Surrender Outcome to the love of the universe

Let go let god…you still work on it but don’t worry about it. Willing to accept the divine will no matter what form it takes

Expect Positive Outcomes
This is the faith part KNOWING that our prayers will be answers. You must understand that there is a universal law of cause and effect operating though you. It is called the law of attraction. The law is actually a creative force. It is the Divine Force Fohat  flowing though you, the Light of the Spirit, a power that is constantly and forever flowing though you, picking up the particular vibrations of your consciousness and expressing those vibrations  invisible form , experience and circumstance.

Development of the bubble, or shield to protect you from other people’s energy.

Just as it is essential to form an inner bubble to protect yourself from your subconscious mind it is necessary to form an outer bubble to or shield to protect you from other people negative energy. If you don’t do this your subconscious mind and other people are running your life. The idea is be the master of our own life.


Someone is criticizing you or judging you. The ideal is to be surrounded by an imaginary bubble, shield or light so when criticism comes toward you, it hits the bubble or shield and slides off like water off a duck back. .You make a conscious choice as to whether to let it into your subconscious mind. We let in positive and reject negative with the shield

I decree that I am I now attune myself to the presence of God and fire of the Christ with in me. 

See Rose Gold Fire spiraling in a clockwise direction flowing down this Pillar of Fire .  Take a deep breath in through your nose, and exhale out through your mouth. Do this three times. Now visualize a rain shower made of rose gold colored liquid fire pouring down on you and through your tube of light. Let it rain on you for at least on minute, Bathe in the energy of Christ Consciousness of the 12th Ray. Let it fill you with the unconditional love of your best friend Jesus Christ. Just sit comfortably for 15 or 30 seconds Say I invoke the healing and protective light of Jesus Christ.

Call forth from the Divine Spirit a golden light called Mahatma which is now flowing down your antakarana and your tube of protection. Let this light first fill your physical body, your etheric body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual bodies.  Let it fill every then physical organ with cosmic light. Let it fill your pineal gland, your pituitary gland,  your thyroid gland, your thymus gland, your adrenal gland and your sexual gland . Let the Mahatma energy fill your seven bodies with cosmic light. The Mahatma energy is the highest cosmic energy that is available on Earth. Let this energy form a Golden Bubble of Protection that surrounds your aura and physical body, about three feet in all directions.


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