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Presenter Network 

The Network  will connect you with dynamic speakers on topics related to holistic and alternative health and wellness.It is our mission to provide the  most comprehensive guide for speakers on the topics of Body, Mind and Spirit enrichment and health. Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker, a speaker for your conference or for your group meetings, The Wellness Networker Directory has a wide range of speakers that can meet your needs.

Below are some dynamic speakers who would love to present at your next conference.


Douglas McKee CRNA, author of Mental Mechanics: A Repair Manual, has discovered the key to really
 decreasing stress and emotional pain in our lives. “Imagine what you would be doing if you could regain all that energy you are currently wasting in worry and stress.”

“We think just like we add, one bit of information at a time. It may happen very rapidly, but the process can
 be interrupted and we can avoid the negative emotions it normally would have produced. Not only
 can we avoid the negative emotions, we can be making much better decisions than ever before.”

The techniques are not difficult. All of us already do them thousands of times a day. The secret lies in how our brain creates habits. We all have a lot of very good habits that work and we all created those habits the same way.

Douglas has identified the ten ways we are thinking whenever we are successful. It doesn’t matter if the processes are used in our individual life, relationships, family, or business, the same techniques apply. Successful thinking techniques yield quicker, more accurate, and better decisions with less stress and fewer negative emotions.

In the business world, this means higher productivity. Studies show it decreases costs due to absenteeism. It can also decrease the costs of presenteeism due to stress (the worker shows up for work but their productivity is impaired).

Let Douglas share with you how to think like a pro in all the areas of your lives. “We all would like to be wise because we would make the very best choices. Well, Wisdom isn’t something we need to wait to get old to develop. It is a thinking process we can begin to learn today and start enjoying a life with more happiness, peace, and contentment.”

To find out more, or to download the poster with the ten “C.O.O.L.” thinking habits, please visit The poster is under the link on the left titled “Free Tools.”

Contact him by email at


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